Room Service New Girl


The question instantly made Salumeh's panties stained. She knew full well what she wanted to do to this room service beauty. She had all sorts of naughty thoughts. Thoughts which were sacrilegious in her culture. But she was only human and she had her needs and desires.

"I want to kiss you on the lips," Salumeh answered awkwardly. In spite of her literary accomplishments, she felt totally out of her element and her speech patterns had descended. "And I also want to rub you. I want to slip two fingers inside you and rub."

Erin licked her lips and reached down. Despite sitting uncomfortably on the cart, she managed to pull her panties away, flinging them to the floor, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy.

The sight made Salumeh's heart skip a beat.

"Your next gift is to kiss me," Erin said.

"I... I can't..." Salumeh stammered.

"The curtains are closed. The door is locked. I won't tell anyone. Will you?"


"Then kiss me," Erin said.

Salumeh threw caution to the wind and bent down to kiss Erin full on the lips. She pressed her luscious lips on Erin's and it was everything a good kiss should be: wet, warm, and passionate. Their tongues quickly came out and wrestled in the taboo girl-on-girl embrace. But Salumeh didn't dare take it further than that. She let her hands behave.

The kiss ended and Salumeh caught her breath. "That was intense."

"I agree," Erin replied with bubbly eyes.

"Have you ever been with another woman before?"

"No, I never have. I swear I haven't. That was my first kiss with a woman. You taste good."

"You as well," Salumeh said.

In response, Erin reached to pull up the upper part of her own blouse, the part that was still buttoned, along with her bra. Her bare breasts were exposed. They were perky with soft, light pink nipples. The sight of them made Salumeh's eyes light up.

"Well?" Erin said. "Your gift awaits. Go for it."

Salumeh bent down for another kiss. While their lips were locked again, she reached below to squeeze a breast. It was her first time touching another woman's breast. She even played with the pink nipple by pinching it, which produced an audible reaction from Erin.

She reached lower to complete her naughty fantasy, which was to play with Erin's pussy. She rubbed the outer part cautiously at first, feeling like an intruder for touching another woman's most intimate area. But that feeling was brushed aside as Erin placed her hand on top of Salumeh's, encouraging a harder rub.

Taking the cue, Salumeh rubbed the pussy harder before slipping two of her fingers inside, making Erin groan loudly while they still swapped saliva with their tongues. Her fingers went deep, feeling the heat and wetness of Erin's soaked pussy.

"You know I'm going to cum soon, right?" Erin whispered when their kiss broke.

Salumeh kept on rubbing. "I know."

Both of them smiled at each other, knowing where this was headed. As Salumeh kept on rubbing her fingers inside Erin's pussy, their breathing became deeper and more labored. Salumeh rubbed the way she liked to rub herself. Women often have different methods of self pleasure, and she was glad Erin seemed to like the same movement of fingers.

When Erin's eyes lit up, Salumeh knew the hotel girl was about to orgasm. Erin's ejaculate gushed from her pussy, making a mess of Salumeh's fingers and leaving a series of wet stains on the cloth. Erin's body tensed as she tried to maintain position on the cart. When her orgasm was done, a beaming smile appeared on her face but Salumeh seemed slightly embarrassed, pulling her fingers away.

"Did you like doing that to me?" Erin asked with a devilish smile.

"It was interesting."

"I have another gift in mind. Are you glad we're doing this?"

Salumeh raised an eyebrow. "My panties are soaked. I can't believe I did that to you. But I'm glad I did."

"Now for your next gift," Erin smiled.

Erin cradled the back of Salumeh's head with one hand, intertwining her fingers within that dark, silky black hair. Then she pulled Salumeh's head down and further down. Salulmeh resisted a little bit, before eventually relenting.

Despite being totally inexperienced, Salumeh did her best when confronted with her newest gift, sticking her tongue out to lick the wet pussy clean. The first lick made her feel dirty and she wanted to pull her tongue back. But she was so aroused she forced herself to lick Erin's cum, and as she quickly learned, the taste was lovely and she enjoyed it. She licked along the soft labia, stroking her tongue up and down. When she licked Erin's clitoris in circles, it elicited a loud moan, and Salumeh wondered if Erin wanted to cum again.

While she kept on licking, she felt Erin pulling at her blouse, untucking it so it became loose. Erin pulled it upwards, revealing Salumeh's brown-skinned body and curvy midsection. Her bra was exposed too.

Salumeh pulled her tongue away. "What are you doing?"

"Ms. Parsa, good customer service dictates that guests must be treated with the utmost care. It's my duty and pleasure to serve you to the height of my capabilities."

Somehow, Erin's professional tone managed to turn Salumeh on even further. She simply stood there and allowed Erin to pull her blouse and bra all the way up and off, revealing her curvaceous breasts with their soft brown nipples.

"Now tell me," Erin said, holding both of Salumeh's breasts in her hands. "Before I can permit myself to give the final gift, have I succeeded in providing inspiration for anything? Will you think of our encounter in the future? I expect a full and honest answer."

Erin bent forward, while still sitting on the service cart, and sucked each of Salumeh's brown nipples. She squeezed the tits hard and took turns equally pleasuring each breast with her mouth.

"Depends on what my gift will be," Salumeh moaned, enjoying the pleasure of her tits being sucked.

Erin kissed each nipple and rubbed her face against the breasts, very much like an adoring cat. "I'll make you cum with my mouth. I've never done that before. But I really want to try it with you."

Those words sent a shiver down Salumeh's spine, especially as Erin went back to sucking her nipples.

"Yes, I will most definitely use this inspiration," Salumeh answered, watching Erin nurse from her breasts. "You've opened a new door for me and my sexuality. Consider my writer's block cured. I have you to thank. I'm going to write something nasty and naughty for people to read online, and it will be about you. As matter of fact I'll be writing lots of naughty things about you, although nobody will ever know."

There was a glimmer in Erin's eyes as she looked up while sucking a nipple. She was more than satisfied with the answer, and now it was time for her to present the final gift.

She unlatched her lips from Salumeh's nipple, then got back to her feet. She took charge, pressing Salumeh's back against the couch while also undoing her pants.

"You don't have to," Salumeh whispered, as Erin pulled down her pants and panties.

Erin smiled, "That's right, I don't. But I dearly want to. Are you nervous about this?"


Salumeh was a bundle of nerves as Erin dropped to her knees, wasting no time admiring the pussy. Salumeh hadn't shaved in a while. Her labia were thick and dark. But the insides were pink and glistening with clear fluids.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of," Erin said, licking her lips. "I was also really nervous presenting myself to you. Let me show you why you made the right decision."

Erin's nervous lips pressed against the wet entrance and she licked it, making Salumeh squirm with pleasure and shame. She knew it had an exciting effect, so she did it again. And again. She stroked her tongue the way a painter would with a brush. She pressed her lips hard against Salumeh's labia and darted her tongue inside the wet hole, which brought out the most audible reaction.

"My goodness," Salumeh moaned, clenching her eyes shut. "Yes, do it like that. Lick me there. I'm close."

Being a true practitioner of great customer service, Erin returned the favor, slipping two of her own fingers inside Salumeh's pussy, and giving the same strokes that had sent her over the top earlier. It instantly made Salumeh squirm and pant. The deeper the fingers went, the more they probed around inside the hot little hole, the more Salumeh vocalized her pleasures.

"Fuck," Salumeh cursed, and she was a woman who never cursed. "I'm going to make a mess inside your mouth unless you stop."

Erin looked up, with those wide eyes of lust. What Salumeh didn't realize was the fangirl inside Erin was desperate for a taste of her hero. And so she licked and sucked harder, and placed more effort into her fingers to produce an intense, tasty climax.

It wasn't long until the pressure built and Salumeh snapped her head back, causing her silky black hair to flail around and she exhaled deeply. She came inside Erin's mouth without holding back. One of the reasons Salumeh was so apprehensive about this was because she had a tendency to make a real mess if she was aroused enough. Knowing herself, she had a flood inside of her waiting to be released with potentially shameful consequences. Especially since she'd been so busy traveling that her carnal needs had been neglected. Sure, she had cum a few times while on the book tour, but nothing groundbreaking. She had been too exhausted to put in the effort.

As her flood cascaded down into Erin's throat, the room service girl was relentless. Erin kept on sucking and working her fingers, swallowing everything Salumeh had to give. She kept at it until Salumeh was drained and hunched forward, breathing heavily from the overwhelming orgasm.

"I can't believe we did that," Salumeh sighed, tossing her hair back.

Erin licked her coated lips and wiped her messy chin. "But you don't regret it, do you?"

"How can I?"

"Come here."

Erin stood up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Then she kissed Salumeh on the lips and they swapped tongues again. After the experience they had shared, they'd become closer to each other than they could ever understand.

Salumeh smiled, "You know I'll never forget this, right?"

Erin licked across Salumeh's lower lip. "Follow me back on Twitter. We'll keep in touch, Ms. Parsa. I look forward to reading more of your work."

They continued kissing for a long while before giving each other an oral clean up, then properly drying themselves with a bathroom towel. After wearing her hotel uniform and smoothing it as neatly as possible, Erin pushed the service cart to the door, which was now being returned with a wet spot on it.

They said their good nights while Salumeh was naked except for stockings. If she ever returned to this city, she knew exactly which hotel to stay.

The End

Editing by Tex Beethoven.

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by Anonymous

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by sandiebiF03/13/18

Oh my goodness! I will never look at room service the same way again, unless in my
Thank you for a delightfully delicious tale.

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by Anonymous01/10/18

pure sexual joy

This is the first of your stories I have read and I was delighted with the pleasure it gave me. I shall look for other works of yours and hope to read new ones by you.

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by GiovanniBruscato12/03/17

Well written

I'll be honest with you. There are times when I feel your stories are a little rushed. I've also never been a fan of lesbian stories. I've been following your stories for a long time and this was one ofmore...

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by Thumper334012/01/17

Superb story

And when will the author be back in town....part 2 please!

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by Anonymous11/30/17

This story made me strip down naked and play with myself. So fucking hot, I am soaked.

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