tagErotic CouplingsRoom Service Writ Large

Room Service Writ Large

byJulia K©

Julia had never seen a hotel suite quite like it. The President's Suite -- hers for the week due to an over-booking -- was beautiful: two levels; spacious; luxurious; with modernist d¨¦cor, a silk-sheeted king-size bed, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city skyline, and several adjoining rooms.

When her firm booked her into a five star hotel for an out-of-town convention, she knew her room would be lovely, but this was far beyond her expectations.

Having kicked off her stylish but slightly uncomfortable open-toed heels, she nursed a glass of chilled white wine from the en suite bar and admired the dazzling view of the night-lit city.

In her late thirties, Julia was a handsome woman by any standard: straight, black, shoulder-length hair; sparkling green eyes; sensual lips; and a fecund, curvaceous figure that bordered on Rubenesque. She was admired by her friends - both female and male -- for her chic sense of style and understated charm. Her looks and personality had always been a draw to men, yet her relationships with the opposite sex -- unlike her professional life -- had sometimes been a source of frustration. Though she had a romantic soul and was very highly-sexed, she had become somewhat shy of commitment since her divorce the previous year. In that time, she had seldom dated; preferring to enjoy a period of solitude. That said, her physical desires were strong, and abstinence was not a happy state for her. She craved the passion, excitement, and physical fulfillment of the bedroom. She yearned to be made love to by a man, yet she was not ready for emotional attachment of a long-term relationship just yet.

She sipped her wine and scanned the business card she held between her manicured fingers. It had been given to her by a girlfriend, a woman of means, who had quietly yet forcefully encouraged her to call the number on the card some night when she found herself alone for the evening. That particular evening was just such a night. The card was simply but tastefully designed and presented only the following information: "Eve's - Uncompromising pleasures for the discerning woman". There was also a local telephone number to call.

Julia poured herself another glass of wine and continued to flip the card between her fingers, staring at the number. Twice she picked up the suite's telephone receiver, her hand trembling ever so slightly, before putting it down again. The wine eventually helped steel her nerves - she took a deep breath and dialled the number.

A very professional-sounding woman answered. Julia tried her best to mask the nervousness she felt, but her stammers betrayed her. She soon opted to be forthright, confessing to the woman that she had "never done this sort of thing before". The woman was instantly reassuring; the tone of her voice warm and supportive.

"What kind of gentleman were you looking for," she asked.

"Oh, you know," answered Julia, her voice still quavering, "your average gorgeous, charming, sexy and urbane ladies' man -- nothing special".

The woman laughed softly on the other end of the line.

"I think I have just the man for you," she said. "Evan. Picture Daniel Craig's James Bond: piercing blue eyes, sexy jaw line, short-cropped blond hair, and a body to take a girl's breath away; all that plus charm and brains to spare".

"That sounds lovely," replied Julia.

Julia felt her heart beating in her chest and her hand shaking as she summoned the courage to make an additional query.

"Can you tell me ... I mean ... Um ...," stammered Julia.

"Yes? Please don't be embarrassed or afraid to ask anything at all," the woman responded gently. Julia felt her face go flush.

"Is he ... 'big'" she asked timidly.

"Oh, you shouldn't be embarrassed to inquire about that," she said. "You don't have to hide the fact that size is important to you. And yes, to answer your question, Evan is actually extremely well endowed. Some women find him quite intimidating, actually, so I'm glad you asked, though we've never had any complaints. I usually warn clients that he's eight inches soft; eleven inches long and seven and a quarter inches around when erect," she added matter-of-factly.

Julia's eyes widened as she silently mouthed an 'Oh my god'. "Is he married?" she blurted jokingly without thinking.

"I beg your pardon?" asked the woman.

Julia suddenly felt embarrassed. "Just kidding ... Sorry. That's, um, well, HUGE!".

Though she judged Evan's vital statistic to be prohibitive in any practical sense, she had to admit that his alleged size appealed to her at the level of fantasy. She had decided in advance to go no further than a massage, but felt that a little visual turn on might not be so bad, especially when the man in question possessed something that spectacular.

"Would Evan be free this evening, perhaps nine o'clock?" she inquired.

"Yes, he would," answered the woman. "Perhaps I should explain the fee structure," she added. "A basic out-call massage is two hundred and fifty dollars. If you like, Evan can perform the massage while in the nude for an additional two hundred and fifty dollars. 'Full service', which you are not required to commit to now, is an additional one thousand dollars".

"I see," replied Julia, her voice still betraying her bashfulness. "I think I'd like to book the five hundred dollar massage".

"Wonderful. You'll love it, and he'll pamper you, I promise". The women took down the details and out-call information and hung up.

Julia checked her purse for the stack of crisp one hundred dollar bills - her fingers still trembling -- and checked the time: just past seven o'clock.

She sipped her wine and decided to ready herself for her appointment. Jazz played softly over the suite's sound system as she stood before the floor-length mirror in the marble-appointed bathroom. She stripped off her cocktail dress and silk stockings and appraised herself in her lacy bra and panties. Though she was fleshier than she had been ten years ago, she remained happy with most of what she saw. Her conspicuously large breasts were still fairly firm with little sag; her waist slim; her legs still shapely. She adjusted her 34DDD bra and brief panties and slipped on one of the large, terry-cloth robes provided by the hotel. Last, she put her long black hair up and touched up her makeup.

As nine o'clock approached, her nervousness intensified. Though it was too late to back out now, she wondered if she was still up for her private little adventure. She calmed her nerves by rationalizing to herself that it was simply a massage, nothing more. She was pouring herself another glass of wine when she heard a knock at the door. She felt her heart beating in her chest as she opened the door. Standing in the doorway, a large leather bag strung over his shoulder and a large, portable massage table case at his side, was an extremely good-looking man in his late twenties. He was just as the woman from the agency had described: slim and tightly muscled in his form-fitting back t-shirt and pants; perhaps 6' 1". He also had a gentle but dazzling smile.

"Julia?" he asked in a voice deep enough to induce a little shiver in his client.

"You must be Evan," she replied with a shy smile. "Please some in".

"This is beautiful," observed Evan as set down his equipment and marvelled at the spacious suite. He sensed Julia's nervousness and put his charm to work immediately; chatting amiably with her and trying his best to put her at ease. He had experience dealing with women who had never hired the services of someone like him before, though it was rare that they were attractive as the woman who stood before him in her terry-cloth robe. He was knew how to put women like Julia at ease, and she began to relax a little. She found him genuinely charming and polite; his looks more than satisfactory. She offered him a glass of wine, and the two of them continued to small talk while he set up the surprisingly sturdy-looking leather massage table and laid out towels, scented candles, and massage oils.

"This is for you," offered Julia as she placed five one hundred dollar bills on the table next to the large floral bouquet. Evan smiled at her and nodded. The flasks of massage oil were soon warmed to the appropriate temperature in the portable heating units. Evan adjusted the dimmer switch. The soft lighting, ambient music, and scented candles combined to create a warm, romantic, and relaxing atmosphere.

"Is this your first time?" he asked in a gentle tone of voice.

"Is it that obvious?" replied Julia, blushing once again.

"Not at all," said Evan. "But just in case it was, I wanted you to know that I'm here for YOU. My job is to get you to relax and enjoy this as much as possible, okay? This is about your pleasure. I'm going to take very good care of you, Julia. I'm just going to slip into the bathroom for a moment - why don't you remove your robe and get comfortable face down on the massage table ..."

Evan closed the bathroom door behind him and Julia quickly removed her robe and lay down on the table, still in her bra and panties. With her head turned to the side, she watched as Evan emerged from the bathroom. He had obviously stripped down as was wearing only a small white towel around his waist. The towel was slung low, exposing his taut lower abdomen. But despite that, only covered to about mid thigh. She felt her chest beat once again as she stole quick glances at his impressive frame. His body was deliciously tanned and toned; with strong, broad shoulders; a sexy chest with a smattering of chest hair; narrow waist; and a flat, washboard tummy. She became dry-mouthed at the thought of the alleged (and sizeable) charms concealed by the towel.

Evan approached and leaned in close enough for the scent of his cologne to fill her nostrils. "Julia, can I get you to remove your bra and panties?"

"Oh, of course," she answered dutifully; trying her best to seem non-plussed about taking off her clothes in front of a man she'd only just met. Evan tried not to smile. His clients were often not especially attractive, but Julia was different. Her body was delicate yet voluptuous: comely legs; curvy derriere; very large, buoyant breasts. Although he busied himself with his oils and towels while she finished disrobing, hers was a body he looked forward to pleasing.

Julia sat up - her heavy breasts undulating in her lacy bra -- and reached back, fumbling with the clasp. Released from their confines, her firm but formidable breasts jutted out atop her rib cage; disproportionately large for her smallish frame; the saucer-size, rose-coloured areolas already slightly aroused and puffy. Evan thought her breasts exquisite. Next, she quickly slid off the table, slipped her fingers inside the lacy string waistband of her panties and stripped them off; exposing her shaped and neatly-trimmed maidenhead. She climbed back on the table and assumed her previous position; her breasts pressed against the warm, espresso blown leather.

Evan stood at her side and poured warm oil into his strong hands. "You have a very beautiful body, Julia". His compliment prompted a modest smile. "So do you," she countered.

Evan began working her neck and upper back; eliciting sighs from Julia as her tension and nervousness slowly began to evaporate. He lovingly massaged her shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Occasionally, she would open her eyes and observe how his taut stomach muscles tightened while he worked over her; how his thighs would flex. Evan poured oil along her legs; working it in until the smooth, soft skin glistened. He paid special attention to her feet and toes. His admiring eyes and strong hands roamed the surface of her body.

He remembered that she had only requested a massage -- albeit with him in the nude - and found that fact genuinely disappointing. The work's monetary compensation was beyond what he had hoped, and the sex - more often than not with older, married women - was not joyless, but instances of genuine sexual interest on his part came few and far between. Again, Julia was an exception and he hoped she would eventually opt for more. He sensed her inhibitions were abating, but he couldn't be sure that that would be enough. It was time for him to remove his towel; a moment he enjoyed, except in those instances where the woman became so frightened or intimidated that she declined to go further; or worse, when it simply wouldn't fit. Still, he never tired of the reactions; the look on women's' faces when they first caught sight of the fleshy monster between his legs; wrist-thick and trunk-like in its flaccid form. His size was such that even the most eager of women were humbled at the sight of it; Julia would be no different.

Evan poured a liberal amount of oil across the pleasantly-shaped arcs of her behind -- oil collecting in the beautiful crevice between - and began a slow caress. Julia responded with a soft exhalation of breath followed by a gentle moan.

"I was wondering ..." she began.

"Yes?" said Evan.

"Would you mind, um ..."

"Removing my towel?" he interjected, anticipating the question. "I would be happy to". Evan stepped over to his bag, gave his towel a gentle tug and tossed it aside.

Julia's temples throbbed as she tilted her head. From her sideways vantage point, she caught sight of his now unveiled manhood. A slight grin formed on Evan's lips as he heard her stifle a gasp. Indeed, she had never seen anything like it. Though she had been forewarned, the size of it still took her breath away. Impressively thick and impossibly long even in its dormant state; it swung heavily between his strong thighs like some baby elephant's trunk; enormous, vascular, and capped with a huge, beautifully-shaped head.

"You have the biggest penis I've ever seen," she gushed, red-faced.

Julia turned out to fit a particular sub-category of the typical client: outwardly bashful yet enormously curious; the type who felt compelled to query him, almost clinically, about his size and his sex life outside of work, for instance: could women, in general, accommodate it (his response: most to a degree, though none had managed all of it); did women say that it hurt (not if he were careful, and if so, only in the initial stages); could he achieve a full erection (11" by 7+", rock hard); did women often offer oral stimulation (yes, though few could manage more than a few inches without gagging); did his size garner jealous reactions from other males (he generally avoided locker rooms and communal showers, though husbands and boyfriends didn't seem to appreciate his presence at nude beaches); had a woman ever approached him for sex based purely on the size of his penis (in a short stint as an exotic dancer, he had once collected seven phone numbers after a single performance).

"Why don't you turn over on your back, Julia?" suggested Evan. She rolled over, stealing another brief glimpse at his now swelling manhood, and lay on her back. Her large breasts bobbed to her sides and she noticed that a dampness had formed between her legs.

He resumed by pouring oil along her thighs, across her tummy, and between her breasts. The warm oil pooled in her navel and trickled down between her slightly parted thighs. She closed her eyes as Evan continued to work his magic; shivers of excitement and arousal making her tingle as he massaged her supple flesh. He began at her knees and worked his way up, slowly; his fingers working her inner thighs, just below her feminine cleft. He moved to her tummy; pressing his hand firmly but gently just above her pubic bone; his hand brushing her dark thatch of trimmed pubic hair. Finally, his trained hands moved between, and then circled around, her breasts. Julia let out a soft moan. Evan's awe-inspiring organ continued to dominate in her mind's eye; so big and powerful-looking. Her anticipation built until he squirted oil directly onto her breasts and grasped them in his hands; his oiled thumbs gently rubbing her swollen nipples. She sighed and looked up; fixing her eyes on his. His massive stalk had expanded and now tapered downward at a slight angle; as thick as her forearm and swaying slowly with the weight of it.

His eyes still fixed on her, Evan slipped his fingers between he legs. Julia's thighs parted without resistance. He gently explored the folds of her labial lips; coating his long finger in her abundant wetness, and stroking her clit with the perfect amount of pressure. Her eyes closed and a deep moan escaped from her lips. He continued to pleasure her; whispering to her; deftly drawing her towards the ultimate release. She felt a tingling in her lower belly that quickly began to build in intensity. She parted her thighs still further and emitted another deep moan. She began rocking her pelvis in synch with the motion of his fingers. The tingling in her belly intensified and moved deep down into her pussy. Another few moments passed before she suddenly arched her back and let out a deep guttural moan; her body tensing as an incredible orgasm slammed through her. She collapsed with a heavy sigh as her breathing returned to normal.

As Julia recovered from her delicious orgasm, Evan washed his hands in the bathroom. He soon returned; his hardening monster swaying and bobbing like some fleshy cudgel as he moved towards her.

"Why don't you sit up?" he asked. She complied and he moved in close between her legs as they faced each other. He gently brushed the loose strands of hair from her eyes and tucked them behind her ear. "Did that feel good, Julia?" She nodded in the affirmative. He took her hand and placed it on his huge erection. She looked down; her smallish hand dwarfed by it; her fingers unable to grasp all the way around it.

"Oh my god," she whispered.

"Big, isn't it?" he said, grinning. "It's okay to use both hands". Again she complied; drawing back and forth on the taut foreskin with both hands. She thought to herself that it felt more like a velvety baton than a penis. It both scared her and fired her lust.

"You're a very sexy lady, you know that? And don't be afraid of it, okay?" said Evan in a tender, reassuring tone. "It's okay to want it, Julia -- a nice, big cock. It's okay to be curious". He ran his fingers through her hair at the back of her neck. "I think you want it, Julia. I think you want to know what it feels like to have something this big inside you." "The money is in my purse," whispered Julia.

Evan reached in his bag for a 'XXL' brand condom and began unravelling it over his gigantic erection. Julia stared at it, mesmerized.

"Is that a horse condom?" she asked only half-jokingly. Evan smiled and sat down beside her on the massage table.

She tore her eyes from his manhood and turned to him.

"Are you usually a good boy with those?" she asked referring to the condom.

"I use them religiously," he replied. "And I'm tested clean every month as a precaution".

"Then can it be our little secret that you didn't wear one with me?" she asked meekly. "I want to taste you ..."

His policy was to always wear a condom with his clients, but yet again, Julia presented an ethical dilemma - he wanted her, desperately; wanted to touch her in places she'd never been touched before; wanted to watch her navigate that physical cocktail of pleasure and pain that women faced when they offered him their invariably tight nether regions.

"Why don't you see if my big dick will fit in that pretty little mouth of yours?" he asked as he removed his oversized condom.

Julia climbed off the table and positioned herself between his thighs; cupping his sac in one hand and stroking his huge totem with the other. She kissed along the surface of it and playfully nibbled it with her teeth; leaving a long smear of her lipstick along the length of it. She felt its weight in her hand; lifting it and tracing her tongue along the underside. The smell of his sex filled her nostrils. Squeezing the thick shaft, a large pearly drop of pre cum oozed from the tip. Julia pursed her lips and suckled the salty discharge. She'd always been adept at pleasuring a man orally, but somehow, in this instance that phrase - "pleasuring a man orally" - fell short as an apt descriptor in her mind. Happily for her, this seemed so much more carnal; so much dirtier than that. This was 'sucking cock'; a massive one at that.

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