tagErotic CouplingsRoom w View Ch. 05

Room w View Ch. 05


It was wedding day for Tiffany and Brittany. Even though I was only presiding, my stomach kept flopping. I had a light breakfast with the hope that some food would calm me. I dressed in my best dark suit, accented with a white shirt and red silk tie. With my notes in hand, I made sure I had the marriage certificate that I needed to sign to make the wedding official.

We were all scheduled to meet in the club room at ten-thirty and the ceremony would begin at eleven. I met the girls' parents for the first time. They seemed genuinely excited about their daughters marrying a woman.

Henry, Brittany's brother, was going to be best man and Anu was the maid-of-honor. We did a casual run-through and were satisfied we knew what we were doing.

Soon the seats at one end of the room began to fill. The girls were expecting about thirty people. One of their friends was a harpist and she played soft music as people gathered. She would also play to accompany Tiffany as she walked down the make-shift aisle with her dad.

I was chatting with Henry when I saw a blond head in the corner of my eye. I turned to see Artemis moving toward the seats. Dido was walking with her.

I stopped talking so abruptly that Henry asked if I were feeling ok. I gave no reply and his gaze followed my eyes.

"Oh, yeah, Diana and Fanny," he said. "Don't blame you man. They are beyond hot. Jesus, I don't think I've ever seen two women that good looking. Mommy is hot, but daughter gets me really worked up. Wanna meet them?"

"Huh," I turned back to Henry. "Uh, no, not now. It's getting close to the start."

I snuck one last glance in the direction of the mother and daughter duo. Artemis, or maybe I should begin thinking of her as Diana, met my eyes. She stared and then her lips formed a small smile.

"Christ, does she know I know?"

Just then the harpist began Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Brittany's father escorted her as she walked up to stand next to Henry. She was wearing a black dress with a high neckline and lace bodice. Her blond hair was woven into two long plaits and fastened up on her head. Her simple make-up complemented her fabulous facial structure. In short, she was beautiful.

We all turned as Tiffany and her father began walking toward us. She wore a simple white dress with an embroidered bottom. Her dark hair was swept up to expose a long and sensuous neck. Red lips and subtle blue eye shadow made her look like a voluptuous cherub.

They reached our make-shift altar. Her father lifted the simple veil she wore and kissed her. Each expressed their love for each other and he went to stand next to his wife.

Tiffany and Brittany held hands. I began.

A couple times I almost broke down, and most of those assembled could not hold back. It was so obvious that these two women were deeply in love.

Henry gave Brittany the ring and she placed on Tiffany's trembling finger. Anu then passed a matching one to Tiffany who slipped onto Brittany.

I pronounced them married and they kissed.

Applause broke out and a cheer went up.

They turned and waved to their families and friends. The harpist began Ode to Joy and they walked down to the rear of the room.

Anu hugged me and Henry shook my hand. We watched as a receiving line formed and the guests began to offer official congratulations.

I made my way to the bar set up in the corner and grabbed a flute of champagne. Henry opted for a beer. We both decided to skip the receiving line since we were so involved in the ceremony. We got our drinks and toasted.

"Hi, Henry."

I choked on my drink as I heard Artemis' sexy voice.

"Hey, Diana. You're looking beautiful as always. And, you, too, Fanny."

I froze in place.

"Kyle, I want you to meet great friends of Brittany and Tiffany. Hey, you all live here. Do you know each other?"

I turned to face the two women, one a younger carbon copy of the most beautiful woman in the world according to a few gossip mags.

"Diana Xavier and Fanny, this is Kyle Anders."

Diana extended her hand. I took it and felt a surge through my entire body. I was touching the woman of my erotic fantasies.

"Pleasure, Kyle. This is my daughter, Fanny."

We shook hands and I could see Fanny fighting the giggles.

"I gotta go and make nice with the parents," said Henry. "Catch you all later."

His exit left a void as all other sound in the room suddenly disappeared. I could only hear the blood rushing through my temples.

"So, Kyle," said Diana as she slipped her arm through mine and guided me away from the bar. Fanny followed holding two flutes. "How long have you known?"

My first instinct was to lie and pretend I didn't know what she was talking about.

The heat from her body infused my entire consciousness. Her perfume filled my nostrils and reached directly to my groin.

I faced her. "Thanksgiving."

She cocked her head. Taking a flute from Fanny, Diana sipped the amber bubbles. Her lips left a faint ruby mark on the rim.

I explained how I stumbled upon them.

"But, like you never said anything," said Franny.

"I didn't want to spoil what we had," I answered. "If you knew that I knew your identities, I was afraid you'd cut contact with me."

"And, you never told anyone?" asked Diana.

I shook my head.

"Never shared even one picture?"

"God, I'd never do that. Honest."

Diana sipped more of her champagne.

She smiled and leaned into me.

Her lips brushed my ear as her words escaped.

"I love your cock."

I became hard in an instant.

"Mom, what did you say?" asked Fanny.

"Just a little nothing," she cooed. "Why?"

Fanny's eyes drifted to my pants and Diana's followed. The bulge was obvious.

Diana slipped her arm back into mine, Fanny copied the movement on my other side.

"Let's go find a table to sit," Diana said.

Situated at one of the round tables, Diana asked Fanny to get us a plate of hors d'ouevres.

"Thank you, Kyle."

"For what?"

"For keeping our confidence. I imagine you could have made a lot of money and gained some notoriety if you shared those pictures."

"I could never do that, Artemis. Uh, I guess I should now call you Diana."

"At least in public," she said. Her hand ran up my thigh and lightly touched the hardness contained under my pants.

"Oh boy," I moaned.

"You know, Kyle, our little times together, well not really together, but you know what I mean."

I nodded.

"Those times have been quite exhilarating," she said this softly as her fingers caressed my erection.

"In fact, they have been some of the most erotic moments of my life. You brought out the voyeur in me. I couldn't stop watching you."

I took a drink of champagne to combat the parched condition of my throat.

"It was so special to me, too."

Fanny arrived with two plates piled with canapés, a variety of cheeses and an assortment of crackers.

"God, mom, what are you doing. Kyle looks like he might pass out."

"Just chatting, dear."

Fanny noticed her mother's arm extending under the table.

"Get the fuck out!" she exclaimed in a quiet voice.

She slipped her hand underneath the table cloth only to find her mother's hand in my lap.

Fanny ran her fingers up and down my shaft.

"God, it's like steel."

"Mmm-hmm," said Diana.

"Do you still have those pictures?" asked Fanny as she let her fingers probe my nut sack.

I nodded, unable to form words.

"And, they're safe?" added Diana.

Again a nod.

"Good," Diana said.

"Heads up, the happy couple approacheth," said Fanny as she withdrew her hand.

Diana stood and one by one embraced Tiffany and Brittany.

"Oh, you are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen. I ruined two hankies just looking at you expressing your love. I am so happy for you," Diana said.

Fanny hugged them both and then all four were dabbing tears.

"What, no hugs from our minister?" asked Tiffany.

"Yeah, come on. We need a hug from you."

I slowly stood, trying to use my jacket to cover the tent.

I kissed Brittany but kept my body away from her.

"What's up? Just because I'm married doesn't mean you can't hug me."

She pulled me to her. I heard her gasp as our bodies met.

She stepped back and looked at me. I gave a weak smile.

Tiffany pulled me to her. She kissed me and hugged me tightly.

"Wow," she whispered. "Do weddings always have this effect on you?"

I kissed her again and stepped back.

Fanny and Diana were doing everything they could to contain themselves.

Brittany noticed how they were behaving.

"What! Are you responsible for this?"

They couldn't hold it together any longer and exploded in laughter. People around the room turned to look at us.

Finally gaining control, Diana said, "It's a very long story. Some night we'll have dinner and talk about it."

"It's a crazy world, Brit," said Tiffany.

"Sure as shit is," she answered as she took her spouse's hand and they moved on to greet other guests.

"Bet they won't get as warm a welcome from those others," said Fanny.

The three of us burst out and once more every head in the room turned toward us.

Henry, Anu and Shari asked to join us at our table. There was a simple, but elegant buffet, and after fixing plates we sat and talked while we ate.

Henry went for thirds and at the same time Diana and Fanny headed to the ladies room.

Anu turned to me.

"Tiffany and Brittany told us what you are trying to do for them."

My look of surprise must have made them quickly explain.

"It's ok, Kyle. We won't tell anyone else. We were discussing whether Shari and I wanted to have a family and all the risks that go with sperm banks, artificial insemination and all that. They confided on how they were approaching it."

"You are a special person, Kyle," said Shari. "They are so happy and so grateful."

"Well, they are special people." I smiled and added, "Not like it was a hardship or anything."

"Yeah, we figured that part out," said Anu with a grin.

"Actually," said Shari, "we wondered if we might talk with you about, well, you know."

I startled.

"God, I don't know. Helping Tiffany and Brittany is one thing. But, I'm not sure if I should get involved beyond that."

"Don't want to be seen as a stud?" asked Anu.

"That's part of it. Don't take me wrong. I like both of you and you are beautiful and smart and everything else. But, I struggled with the whole absent fatherhood thing. You know planting a seed and then abandoning the fruit."

Both women nodded.

"Anyway, I'm flattered that you even think that I could serve in that way."

"We agree with Tiffany and Brittany. You have all the qualities we are looking for. You are a nice guy, smart and have no diseases. Kinda checks all the boxes."


"So, will you at least think about it?" asked Anu. "Shari and I discussed it and I could easily make love with you."

I paused wondering if I should ask the obvious. I decided if I were to consider it, I had to know.

"Not to be crude, but has either of you ever been with a man?"

They looked at each other. Shari shook her head. Anu said, "a little bit."

"Well, when I was in college and between girlfriends and long before Shari, I met a guy. He was quiet, shy and socially awkward. We found ourselves sitting next to each other in a physics class and both of us were seriously over our heads. Thinking that two half-brains might add up to one, we started studying together. To our surprise we liked each other and became friends. Then, cliché that it is, we were drinking wine and sharing a j in his room. We got the giggles and fell against each other. The next thing I knew we were making out. To my even greater shock, I was enjoying it. Before I knew it, we were naked and our hands were going crazy."

Anu shot a glance at Shari and I felt she was sharing some new information.

"Well, we were really worked up. I saw him taking a condom from a box on his table. As he was opening it, I thought 'Wow, I'm going to fuck a guy.' He moved on top and I almost freaked out when he pushed it in. By that time, I figured what the hell and started humping back. It didn't last that long and I didn't cum, but I wasn't totally grossed out. Over the course of that semester, we did it about a half-dozen times. Right before the Christmas break I met a tall blond—yeah, I know I'm so predictable—and after the break, I broke up with him."

"You little minx," said Shari. "You had a guy. I guess you really do learn something new every day."

"I never meant to keep it from you," said Anu. "It was a long time ago, never meant much to me. And, since I met you, I've never thought about or wanted anyone else. I love you."

"I love you, too," said Shari.

They kissed, looked each other in the eyes and kissed again.

"So," Anu said turning her dark eyes toward me, "will you think about it?"

"I'll think, but no promises."

"That's all we ask. Thanks, Kyle."

She squeezed my hand. In spite of my best intentions, I imagined her small, tight, dark body naked underneath me. I wondered how dark her nipples were. Was she shaved? Would I be too big to fit inside her?

I snapped out of it as Diana and Franny returned to the table.

Henry announced that Brittany and Tiffany were about to cut the cake. We all gathered around a table with a double-layered cake on top. Holding the knife together, the women sliced through the thick icing. They cut a small piece and carefully fed each other, avoiding ruining each other's make-up.

A three piece combo began playing and Diana pulled me by the hand to the dance floor.

Slipping into my arms, she rested her head on my shoulder and we began to move with the music.

"I thought you were skiing in the Alps," I said while breathing in the intoxicating mixture of shampoo, perfume and woman. My cheek brushed against her short blond hair.

"We were," she replied. "We couldn't miss this wedding. Fanny and I adore Tiffany and Brittany."

"So, why didn't you tell me you'd be coming back?"

Diana raised her head. With even low heels on, we were eye to eye. "Figure it out, Kyle."

I ran various scenarios through my mind. One struck home.

"Oh," I said. "If you told me you were coming to the wedding, then I would know you'd be here and I might figure out who you were."

"Very good," she said and squeezed me close to her. "Alas, you were already a step ahead."

"Are you angry?"

Diana nestled her head closer to my neck.

"Actually, I'm relieved."

"How so?"

Diana moved her head and softly kissed my neck.

"Kyle, Fanny and I spent an inordinate amount of time discussing you." She laughed and continued. "I'm not saying it was time wasted, but we kept talking about if we should all meet. If we could go to dinner with you, as you asked? What would be the consequences of getting together? I wondered if there might be something beyond watching you naked and sending each other nude pictures.

Diana softly kissed my neck again. "I selfishly worried about my reputation if any of those pictures ever got into the public. So, much nonsense I now see."

I pulled back to look at her.

"Kyle, I now know you are true to your word. You've known who we are and never told a soul, never did anything to harm or embarrass us. Thank you, darling."

"Does that mean we can pick up where we left off?" I asked.

"Ah, now that is a totally other topic."

The music stop and still holding my hand we made our way back to our table. The other guests were also returning. Henry and Fanny had been dancing, as well as Shari and Anu.

Henry and I brought fresh drinks from the bar.

"Your sister and Tiffany look so, so happy," said Fanny.

"Yeah. They're totally in love. Even my parents can see it."

"Was that a problem?" asked Diana.

"In the beginning, a little. They sorta knew Brittany was not into guys. She never dated in high school or college. I think they tried to convince themselves that she was more interested in studying than sex."

He drank some of his beer and looked over at his parents.

"Then, Britty came home and came out. Not the best Christmas we ever had. They tried to be cool, but I could see Mom was really shaken. After her announcement, however, very little was ever said about her sexuality. I think my parents felt if we didn't talk about it, maybe it would go away."

"They came around at some point?" asked Diana.

"Funny how it happened," Henry said. "We were at a Fourth of July cookout in our town. Britty was visiting and we all just enjoyed having a good time. One of the neighbors, a real asshole, started spouting off about gay marriage. Our state was debating whether to legalize it. He was really being obnoxious and everyone could hear him. Finally he said something about he didn't want to live in a country that pulled down good folks in order to let degenerate fags and dykes pretend to marry each other."

Henry looked at Shari and Anu and shrugged an apology. They smiled, knowing it was not how he felt.

"So, my mother, who never—and I mean never—raised her voice or engaged in political discussions, walked up to him. She called him a stupid bigot. Well, that quieted the crowd. She said if two people loved each other it shouldn't make any difference what sex they were. And, if he felt threatened by same sex marriage, it might be because he didn't understand what it meant to be in love or to commit to another person. That last part was a real jab because almost everyone knew he was screwing his dental assistant. I mean everyone except his wife."

I saw Fanny looking intently at Henry as he became more animated.

"Well, the idiot didn't know when to just shut up. He said my mother didn't know what she was talking about. It wasn't normal for men or women to want to marry someone of the same sex. He then proclaimed all gays were disgusting and he'd never have anything to do with one."

Henry laughed to himself.

"That pushed my Mom's final button. She told him in that case that she and her family would be looking for a new dentist. She added that there were more than a few other families in town who had a gay member and they should also stop going to him.

"He looked at me and said, 'Henry's a fag?' My mother slapped his face and said, 'No, Brittany is a lesbian and I couldn't love her any more or be more proud of her. And, if you can't deal with that then go fuck yourself.'

"Well, you could have heard a pin drop in the entire town. I mean my mother never ever said 'damn'. After a couple more seconds, my Uncle Peter started clapping. Soon everyone at the party was applauding and gathering around Mom to tell her how brave she was. Britty was crying like a baby and Dad kept trying to go after the stupid dentist. It was a hell of a Fourth of July."

We listened and almost as one turned to look at the dignified, well-dressed and coiffed woman with the silver hair who told a dentist to go fuck himself.

"Yeah, when Britty brought Tiffany around, we all fell in love with her. I mean who wouldn't. Mom and Dad were elated when the legislature passed the same-sex marriage bill and then Britty announced she and Tiffany were going to get married. I think the only concern they have is they might not have grandchildren."

I moaned internally wondering how they might take the next big news, if it came to that.

Franny put her hand on Henry's shoulder and said, "Well, you could always give them grandkids."

He laughed. "Yeah, if I could ever find anyone desperate enough to marry me. Hell, I'd settle for one just desperate enough to date me."

We all broke out laughing.

Fanny looked at him and said, "I can't see that being a problem."

Henry turned scarlet and looked at her. "Really?"

Fanny nodded and said, "Come on, let's dance some more."

Shari watched them onto the dance floor.

"I think there's romance in the air."

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