tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoom w View Ch. 06

Room w View Ch. 06


Work strung me out. I was so busy that I barely had time to dwell on missing Diana and Fanny. To be honest, I missed the easy way that Diana and I could talk with each other as much as I missed the sexual thrill of exhibitionism. Ok, that's not true. But, I did miss talking with Diana. Since she was traveling all the time, we rarely could make the time difference work.

Fanny was also five time zones away and busy with her school work, classes and enjoying Paris with her young friends. I didn't blame her for not communicating regularly. Still, I missed her funny take on life and, guy that I am, her sexy voice and her appreciation of my standing naked so she could see me.

So, at night their ghosts haunted me. I resisted the single malt in my cupboard fearing it would be too easy to slip into drinking my blues into oblivion.

When Diana could call, we tried to reestablish our previous relationship. But even though we both looked forward to our time on the phone, we both realized that something had changed. Our conversation in the cab finally sunk in. Diana was wise and knew that a future together was not going to happen. She also knew that I could not hide away from life nor could I rely on her for my sexual needs. Still, I missed her and held incredible memories of our hours in bed.

Fanny, although short on actual conversations, helped by sending me a steady stream of selfies from Paris. Some were cute as she posed with famous landmarks in the background. Many times she posed with her new friends. Others were special as she shared pictures of her lovely breasts and pussy with me. The best were when she would combine the two. One of my favorites was a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background and her left breast peeking out from her shirt in the foreground. Fanny asked for some pictures of my dick, both hard and soft. I complied and she said her new friends enjoyed them as well. She responded by sending me a selfie with her new best friend. They were standing in front of a window with the skyline of Paris in the background. The best part was they both were topless. I dwelt on Fanny's familiar small breasts and her friend's large ones. The irony was that instead of making me feel closer to her these pictures only made me feel the separation even more.

It was almost the end of January and my sublet was ending in a month. Not looking forward to searching for a new apartment, I procrastinated and refused to face reality.

I was talking to Diana about my need to find a new apartment when she offered to have me live in her unit. As much as I wanted to be close again, in my gut I knew that was not the right thing. I thanked her and said I would think about it. We both knew I would not accept.

It was a Saturday night and I was lower than usual. I hadn't seen Tiffany and Brittany much since their wedding. A number of their friends had been entertaining them at small celebratory dinners. The bottle of scotch was calling out to me when my cell buzzed.

Recognizing Tiffany's number, I answered.

"Hey, Tiff, how're you doing?"

"Great. Are you busy?"

"No, not really."

"Can we come up?"


Soon there was a knock and I let the girls into the apartment. They rushed in and hugged me. The look in their eyes told me something was up.

"Do you guys want a drink? I've got some champagne." I had pulled out the bottle and held it up.

Tiffany eyed the champagne. "Do you have any orange juice?"

"You want a mimosa," I said.

"No. I'm not drinking alcohol right now."

"What? You love champagne. Why are you..."

Then it hit me.

"You mean?"

Tiffany jumped in my arms. "I'm pregnant, Kyle. I'm having a baby. Thank you." She kissed me. I squeezed her and opened my arms to welcome Brittany. I kissed her and we shared a three-way hug.

I felt tears forming in my eyes. They noticed and sobbed. We then began laughing and crying at the same time.

"Tiffany, I am so happy for you. You two will make the best parents in the world."

We remained in a group hug. Tiffany said they could never thank me enough. She and Brittany then placed their hands on my crotch. "We also want to thank this guy," said Tiffany. "He was such a star."

"Well, I can say with no hesitation, that he was pleased to be of service." We broke apart and each of them kissed me tenderly. I fondly recalled making love to Tiffany while a naked Brittany looked on. Then I remembered the one time Tiffany and I were alone and screwed our brains out. I especially liked to replay that scene in my mind.

I poured two glasses of champagne and one of orange juice. We toasted, hugged and cried.

"We have other news," said Brittany.

"It's going to have to go some to top this news."

They shared a look and suddenly they were serious. "We're moving to California," said Tiffany, her eyes filling once again.

A gut punch.


"Brittany has a new job anchoring the early evening news on the top station in San Francisco. It's a major opportunity and a huge career step."

"Congratulations, Britt."

"Thanks. We're really excited. I mean the chance to be in such a major market is great. Plus, San Francisco is much more gay-friendly. I told the station management about Tiff and me, and that we were expecting. They are totally supportive. Half the station is gay and they said their audience will be really into the whole back story. So, there's so much going for us, we just have to move. Also, Anu and Shari are there, so we've got immediate friends."

I was nodding and understanding the truth of what they were saying. The east coast was still more uptight about same sex marriages, especially in public personalities.

"Aren't you happy for us?" asked Tiffany.

"Oh, I am. Really. It's just that, well, I'm going to miss you."

"We'll miss you, too, Kyle," said Tiffany. She came over and sat on my lap. "We both love you to pieces. You have been the best friend to us. And, you are the father of our baby. Kyle, you will always be an important part of our lives."

Tiffany squeezed me. I knew I had to put aside my thoughts about losing them and join their excitement.

"Congratulations. I know this is going to be the best. Are you going to work, Tiff?"

"The station offered me a weekend shift for weather. I'll probably take it until I look like the freaking Goodyear blimp. They're paying Britt an obscene amount of money, so we'll get by."

"Great. Hey, get a big place so I'll have somewhere to crash when I visit."

"Deal," said Tiffany.

"Speaking of apartments," chimed in Brittany, "the only snag is our lease is not up until June and they want me out there in two weeks. I can probably push it a bit, but I definitely have to be there by the end of February. If we can't sublet, we'll be stuck with the rent."

"I'll take it," I said.


"Your apartment. My sublet is up in February. I love this location, so you can sublet to me until the end of your lease. Then, I can decide to take over the lease or move. Were you taking your furniture?"

Brittany said they were not since the only place they could find on short notice was a furnished unit.

"Perfect," I said. "I might change the pink sheets, but other than that it will work."

After a round of hugs and another toast, we sealed the deal. Son they left to begin the task of packing and planning for their move. Standing by my living room window, I wondered if Diana would still be able to see me when I moved downstairs. Maybe that part of our relationship was over. With that dark thought combined with the shock that the girls were leaving, I crawled into bed in a major funk. To combat my mood I pulled up the pictures that Diana and Fanny had sent me. Instead of cheering me up, they only served to remind me of what I feared I had lost.

In the next couple days, I spoke with the apartment building management and they had no problem with the proposed arrangement. I even was able to convince the housekeeper to give me a day a week. At least part of my personal life was holding together.



Before I knew it, Tiffany and Brittany moved out. We had one last dinner in my place and one last big sob-fest. I moved in a couple days after they left. Although their taste was strong on feminine, it was good taste. I bought some new bed linens and added a few other touches to bring the pinkness down. All in all I felt that my personal life was coming back into some order.

Work was another story. Jerome, our client, was on a buying binge, zeroing in on two large regional insurance companies in the mid-west. In addition, he had his staff sizing up a chain of hotels, also centered in the mid-west. In addition to Martin and myself, who were leading the legal work, there was another partner along with two other associates, three paralegals and varied support staff working on the engagement. All this activity led to a meeting in Agnes office.

I arrived to find her and Martin going at it. They pulled back their fangs when Agnes's assistant announced me. Martin was now acting partner in charge of mergers & acquisitions. Billy the Kid had a stroke a month ago. His illness was severe enough that the management committee was sure he could not return and gave Martin temporary responsibility for the division. The problem being that basically Martin is an idiot. He has survived by trying to bully people and riding on the talents of the associates. I had a feeling that Agnes was not a big supporter of him.

"Kyle, come in and sit down," said Agnes. Martin just glared in my direction.

One thing you learn in a big law firm is that there is no small talk. Time is money and billable hours are a limited commodity.

"As you know, Barton Industries is sitting on a pile of cash and Jerome is itching to spend some. In addition to the deals you've been working on, he called yesterday with at least three more ideas. We're thinking we should open a small office in the mid-west to be closer to the action and to let Jerome know we are on top of things. Since his main residence is in Iowa, we also want to be close to him."

"Don't count me in on the 'we'" snarled Martin. "For the record, I think it is a fucking stupid idea and will just cost us money."

"Yes, Martin, the management committee is more than aware of your position," said Agnes calmly, but I could see the fire in her eyes.

"So, we have begun to look at Chicago and Kansas City. We should have a decision from our facilities team in a week. In the meantime, I would like you to consider going to the location we choose and set up our new location."

"Me?" I said. "Shouldn't that be a partner doing that?"

"Exactly what I said," growled Martin.

"Kyle, I'm prepared to offer you a partnership. I know it is early, but you have shown remarkable talent. You have pulled some mighty big rabbits out of your hat." She shot a glance at Martin. I was beginning to realize that perhaps Agnes knew about Martin's fuck-ups and how I corrected his mistakes.

Martin scowled and turned his head.

"Agnes, I don't know what to say. I mean I am honored. But, becoming a partner is a big step. I don't have the funds to buy into my share."

Martin nodded and smirked.

"Kyle, you would be a junior partner. The buy-in is $75,000. If you make full partner in a few years, the additional buy-in is $150,000. Because of your short tenure with the firm, this will be a tentative offer of full partnership. If things don't work out in the next two years, we will rescind the offer. You will get your initial buy-in returned."

"Agnes, I simply don't have that sort of money now. You know what I make and my family doesn't have those types of resources."

"Yes, I know. So, here's what we are proposing. If you can come up with $25,000, we will loan you the rest, at a rate lower than market. Since you will be a partner, you will earn about twice what you're making now. With bonuses, which I'm sure you will merit, you can handle the loan no problem. Over the next few years, Kyle, I expect you will be earning enough to afford full partnership in a short time. Besides, I bet you have a good chunk of that $15,000 bonus you earned in December."

I thought "should I or shouldn't I?" I recalled how Martin talked about Ferry in a degrading fashion.

"$10,000," I said.


"The bonus was $10,000, and believe me I really appreciate what you all did for me. Martin told me how he had to pressure the CFO to grant it."

Knife inserted, twisted and pushed in as deep as possible.

Agnes looked at Martin. He ignored her stare and glowered at me. I better continue to prove myself or he would eat me alive and shit me out all over the city.

"Jesus, Agnes, I didn't know you were giving the fucking store away," barked Martin, obviously trying to divert attention from the stink bomb I just launched.

I could see Agnes stiffen. With a deadly smile, she said, "Martin, the management committee didn't feel the need to obtain your approval in this matter. And, you and I now have a little matter to discuss." She paused and in a cold, low voice said, "In private and today."

"Ah, bullshit, Agnes, the kid got more than he deserved. And, why the fuck did the committee believe they didn't need my consent?" he said. "Anders will still be reporting to me."

"No, Martin, he will not. As the managing partner of our new mid-west office, he actually will be reporting to me. Just as you do."

Martin sat back. It was beginning to sink in.

"You little fucker, Anders. I knew you were after my balls. Well, good fucking luck."

Agnes stood quickly and we all followed.

"Martin, that was crude and unnecessary. Remember we are all a team here. We all share in the same goal...to make this firm the best in the country. I expect you will continue to want to be part of this exciting time. If not, well, you know there are always other options."

Martin stood with his mouth open and his face crimson. Finally, his little brain kicked in.

"Right, Agnes, of course. Hey, Kyle, let me know if there is anything I can do to help."

He left and Agnes asked me to stay.

"Sorry, Kyle. That was both unpleasant and uncalled for. I hope you will consider our offer. I apologize on the miscommunication regarding your bonus. I don't know exactly what happened, but I will find out. So, I will reduce your downpayment by the five thousand that you should have received. I hope that will help."

"Thank you, Agnes, that is really generous."

"Well, we really want you to start this new venture. I think being on your own and reporting to me would be something you would want."

I got the picture. If I said no, I would be back reporting to Martin, who would now do everything in his power to screw me over. I gained a whole new appreciation for Agnes' skills at getting what she wanted.

"So, will this office just be to serve Barton Industries?"

"Oh, no. We want to build a full-service office. We see a big opportunity with it. I expect you to find some local attorneys to bring on-board and begin to build a practice. We will temporarily assign some good people from here in certain areas to get you started, but within a couple years, we expect the office will be a nice profit center."

This was both a fabulous opportunity and a swim through shark-infested seas. I hoped I could keep my head above water.

"Will I relocate to the mid-west?" I was thinking about the deal I just made for the sublet of the girls' apartment.

"Why don't you just find a little spot out there? We'll pick up the cost. I still want you back here to work on the Barton projects on the east coast. I am putting all of Barton business under your direction. Also, although you won't be an official member of the management team, I want you to attend our monthly meetings and give updates. So, it will be almost half and half between here and there."

"Agnes, I appreciate this opportunity..."

"I hope you're not going to turn it down, Kyle."

"Can I ask you a direct question?"

"But, of course." I heard her words, but still knew I was treading around a big sinkhole.

"Why me? I mean I've not even been here a year. There are other associates who have been here longer and have more experience than I do. There are partners who would kill to have this opportunity."

"But you also have your masters in finance," said Agnes. "That counts for a lot."

"Agnes, cut the bullshit. Masters degrees are a dime a dozen in this firm. You have two and a Ph. D."

She laughed.

"Kyle, you are practically answering your own question. We want you for two simple reasons. First, I believe you can do it. You're smart, aggressive, ambitious and have great insights. You are just the type we want to start a new office."

"Thanks. And, the second reason?"

"Jerome Barton would not have it any other way."

"I thought our firm didn't like clients having so much influence over our operations."

"We fucking hate it, Kyle."

I had never heard Agnes swear before and my face must have shown it.

"Shocked you, did I? Well, it's true I fucking hate having a client exerting so much influence over us. It makes my stomach boil. But, Kyle, when we are billing that client in excess of five million a year, and we can conceivably double that in the next two years, we can swallow a lot of bile. Make no mistake, though, I would not recommend you if I did not think you could do it. Just don't make me look like an ass. Martin and some of the management team will be looking for every opportunity to shove this up our collective asses. You fuck up, and we both could be shopping our resumes around."

I knew Agnes was looking for an answer and wanted it right now.

I stood and extended my hand. "Agnes, I am honored. Let's get this going."

Agnes called for her assistant. "Judy, will you please call Annie and have her meet with Kyle. And, please call Martin and ask him to come up." She showed a smile cold enough to drop the temperature on the east coast. "Please tell him I'm expecting him right away."

The changes came quickly. Later that morning I was moved into a new office. It was Martin's old office since he took over Billy the Kid's space. I worried that this was another round of office politics and a way for Agnes to stick it to Martin, but I didn't have time to worry too long. Annie, my new assistant, appeared at my door.

"Mr. Anders, can we talk?"

We sat around the small conference table.

"I only worked for Martin for about a year," she said.

I nodded.

She nervously looked around the room and fidgeted with her fingers.

"Annie, let me close the door."

Sitting back down, I said. "Just say what you want to say. Let's start out being honest with each other."

"That's just it," she said, trying hard to keep her emotions in check. "I'm not sure I want to work here."

"Mr. Anders..."

"Kyle, please."

"Kyle, I thought this would be like a dream job. I have my bachelors in communications, but I chose to work here because I thought it would be exciting. Everyone knows this firm's reputation and being in M&A sounded like I'd be in the middle of really interesting deals. I even thought I could put my communications skills to good use. You know, helping with memos and drafting correspondence."

I nodded.

"Well, and I don't want to speak badly about anyone, but it really hasn't been like that."

"Annie, let me stop you there. I don't want to know what it was like working for Martin. I can only imagine, believe me. I am not Martin. I am definitely not Martin."

Annie kept her eyes on me and swallowed hard.

"First, I want, no, I need an assistant who's smart and will help me. I make mistakes, lots of them. I think fast and sometimes my writing lags far behind my thoughts. So, if you can make sense out of my half-formed sentences, then I will embrace you. Uh, figuratively speaking, that is. If you are good as you say, then we will be a great team. If not, I will suggest you find another opportunity. Ok?"

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