tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoom With a View Ch. 03

Room With a View Ch. 03

byArt Martin©

Bad weather was moving in. The wind had kicked up. Flashes of distant lightening momentarily lit the dark of the early evening, followed by the delayed rumbling of distant thunder. Shelly felt the adrenaline surge through her body as Luke knocked on the neighbors' door. She was prepared, indeed she was looking forward to a repeat, but whatever else might happen tonight, hot tubing was out, and that set her to fret, to question, and to worry.

Confusion had reigned supreme all day. All morning and all afternoon, she had been thinking of another evening in the hot tub, getting naked, playing naughty games with the raunchy neighbors. Just the thought of it made her pussy wet. All the while she was also racked with guilt over such licentious behavior. She certainly wasn't raised to act like she did last night. It was decadent, wicked and possibly immoral, but it was exciting, very exciting.

Immoral or not, Luke didn't mind. In fact he made it known to her how much he enjoyed it. Said it was the hottest sex he'd ever had with her. As for the neighbors, they certainly didn't mind, they started it all. What would people think of her? Who would know? She had worked herself up until she was horny as hell, and now that the time had come, she wanted to run home and hide. Or did she?

She was still a little shocked by it all. Not so much shocked at Jake and Toni, though she never expected to have neighbors like them, but shocked with herself and Luke. She and Luke were brought up as a good Christians, well, at least she was. They met at a church social for high school teens, and they used to attend Sunday school. They were married in their church, by her father, the pastor. She knew it was a mistake to not attend services every Sunday, but over the past year, they had let it slide and actually missed a few Sundays. Her father had given them both a stern warning about going astray. Now look what they were doing...surely a fiery hell awaited them.

Despite her initial hesitation to get naked with two near strangers, she had done just that! Then she and Luke had sex right in front of them! It wasn't like the night before when they had watched each other copulate; that was accidental, at least at first. Last night was up close and personal. The evening had been incredibly naughty, and rather than be offended, Shelly found it to have been very erotic. So much so that her pussy had itched all afternoon while over and over in her mind she replayed the evening. That she could even think of doing such a thing was shocking enough, but she actually did it and she enjoyed it!

But what shocked her the most was Luke's attitude. 'You want him to fuck you? It's okay if you do.' The words vividly stuck in her mind. What was he thinking? He knew that she had never had sex with anyone other than him. Did he mean it was okay if she fucked Jake or did he mean it that it was okay if she wanted to fuck Jake? She had no doubts that Luke wanted to fuck Toni, and to all appearances that seemed okay with Jake. Guys! Or was it? She thought about how turned on she was giving her husband a blowjob while the neighbors, Jake and Toni, watched her, or was it that she was turned on after watching Toni suck-off Jake? Yeah, that was hot! But did Luke let Jake play with her ass under water, or did he not know it was happening?

She didn't know the answers and suddenly realized she really didn't care. All she knew was that she was so aroused and sexually needy that by the time they went home, once home in bed, it was some of the best sex ever. She remembered being up on all fours, looking out the window and hearing Jake call out across the narrow side yard, "Fuck her in the ass, Luke!" Luke tried and she protested, but he couldn't force it in and had to settle for fingering her ass while he fucked her pussy. Her ass was still a little sore from the fingering causing her to wonder what a hard cock up there would feel like.

Shelly was jolted back to the present when Toni threw the door open and cheerfully greeted them. "Hi, ya'll. C'mon in before ya get wet!" Toni embraced her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then standing on tiptoes she hugged Luke and gave him a peck on the lips.

Soon a reefer was being passed around and everyone was working toward another cold beer.

"Well, I guess we can't get naked and jump in the hot tub," observed Jake as the lights flickered momentarily. "Ya'll play dirty games?"

Luke arched an eyebrow and asked, "Strip poker?"

"No. Somt'en better. A game I found on the internet, called 'Touchie-Feelie'.

Shelly instantly understood the nature of the game, and despite feeling the effects of a couple of hits and two thirds of a beer shook her head and muttered, "Noooooo way!"

"Oh, c'mon Honey," urged Luke. "What's the problem? Certainly it's not getting naked."

"If you want me to fuck Jake, I..."

"Whoa! Who said anything about that?" injected Toni.

"Sheeh! If you don't want to play 'Touchie-Feelie', then we can just play Strip Poker," offered Jake. "We'll play until somebody loses their ass!" he chuckled.

Shelly suddenly got the giggles as she blurted, "Okay! How do you play 'Touchie-Feelie'?"

Jake beamed. "Well, the computer controls the action. At first, it's just getting naked," he said, then with a conspiratorial look he added, "then comes the touchie-feelie part."

"I don't know," said Shelly shaking her head trying to hide the fact that she was intrigued by the memory of Jake touching and stroking her anus last night.

"C'mon," said Toni with a gleam in her eyes, "we're all friends! Let's fire up the computer and try it out."

The computer was in the dining area of the kitchen, and as Jake booted his clunker up, Toni served a round of beer. After a few minutes the machine was ready. Jake clicked on a file and the game loaded. Soon the cover page flickered onto the screen, titled "Touchie-Feelie, an erotic game for consenting adults". The background photo was of a woman's breast, her stiff nipple delicately griped between a man's thumb and index finger.

Shelly looked nervously over to Luke, who was studying the screen. She looked towards Jake. He was staring at her, with a silly grin on his bearded face, his tongue poking slightly between his lips.

"Now what?" asked Luke.

Jake clicked the "NEXT" rollover button. A series of questions appeared. Jake typed in the basic information.



"Jake, M – Toni, F"

"Luke, M – Shelly, F"

"Couples only," said Shelly.

"No, mixed couples," countered Toni flashing a naughty smile.

"Yeah, mixed," added Jake. "How about it Luke, mixed?"

"Yeah, sure," said Luke eager to feel up Toni. Shelly shot him a look that would blister paint from a firewall, but her husband blithely ignored her.

The program then asked for a description of the clothing each player wore. After the garments were listed, the questions continued.

"Hetro!" chimed the two men.

"Whoa! Let's not go there," said Shelly with a steel firmness in her voice. "No way! You take me home right now, Luke Blalock!"

"Okay, okay. I agree," conceded Luke. "No penetration...What do they mean by penetration?"

"Think about it," replied Shelly icily.

"Yeah, no to penetration," agreed Toni. "My gosh, this could get to be a very dirty game!" she giggled.

The two men looked at one another. Jake shrugged accepting the three to one vote for no penetration.

"Party poopers," deadpanned Jake as he selected "No."

The screen flickered and a new window opened.

"That's the rules?" asked Luke.

"Apparently," answered Jake as he clicked the "BEGIN THE GAME" button.

The next page flickered on.

Gentleman, using only your hands, remove the designated lady's shoes, socks, or other foot coverings, and caress her feet. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

Jake shrugged and clicked the "BEGIN" rollover button. The screen changed to a count-down clock, ticking off the seconds.

There was a mad scramble to rearrange chairs, and clear off the table. Shelly sat in chair while Toni sat up on the table. Jake knelt before Shelly. She stuck out her right foot. Jake supported her calf with his left hand and slipped off her sneaker and sock, then he lifted her left leg and removed the other shoe and sock.

Shelly thought to herself, 'This is really lame.'

Jake began kneading her left foot, giving her a deep foot massage with his powerful hands. Shelly then thought, 'This ain't so bad.' When the computer clock reached zero, delicate chimes announced that the time was up. Shelly regretted that the time went so quickly as her feet tingled from the massage.

Ladies, using only your hands, remove the shoes and socks of the designated gentleman and caress his feet. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

Jake read the message aloud and started the clock.

Luke sat in a chair while Shelly removed his shoes and socks. It had been a long day and the foot massage his wife was giving him felt terrific. He made a mental note to ask her to do that when he got home from work. The chimes rang.

Gentlemen, using only your hands, remove the shorts from the designated lady. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

The action was completed without fanfare and well before the five minutes were up. Jake clicked the "FINISHED ACTION" rollover button to get to the next part. No one was surprised when the next action was the simple removal of the men's shorts. By this time, they all realized that five minutes was a lot of time to complete an action.

Jake, using only your teeth, remove Shelly's panties. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

"I'd rather eat her panties," quipped Jake as he positioned Shelly so that her husband and his wife could have a clear view. Luke activated the timer. Jake knelt before a very nervous Shelly. Moving around her waist, he licked and nibbled at the elastic waistband of her panties. Slowly, he began working them down off her hip. He used nearly the full-allotted five minutes to get them off her hips, utilizing his time to nuzzle in his nose her pubic hair and the cleavage of her ass.

Standing on display, Shelly squealed with surprise and furiously blushed red as Jake rooted in her bush and her ass, while Luke and Toni watched, laughing at Jake's antics and Shelly's feigned discomfort. She felt her pussy tingle in anticipation and felt the moisture gather between her labia. A rush of adrenaline surged through her body as the burly neighbor sniffed and snorted, making lewd comments about her heady aroma.

"You've got ten seconds," said Luke helpfully. With that, Jake pulled the panties to her ankles. The chimes rang and Jake gave up trying to get them completely off. While Shelly lifted her legs to get out of the panties, Jake stared up at her uncovered pussy.

Shelly, looking down at Jake, realized that she was needlessly exposing herself. She looked to her husband to gauge his reaction. Luke just stood grinning.

"Our turn!" quipped Toni. Jake didn't move. Shelly reached over and clicked "BEGIN".

Luke wasn't to be outdone, and as he pulled Toni's panties off with his teeth, he took liberties, biting at her ass cheeks, biting at her crotch and wallowing his face in her crotch. Toni squirmed and giggled, protesting without conviction as Luke took liberties with her. When the five minutes were up, Toni's panties were only mid-thigh. Luke cheated and with his hands, pulled the panties to her ankles after time had expired. No one objected.

"Hey, that's harder than it looks," quipped Luke in mock defense of his slow actions.

"Yeah, right," scowled Shelly trying to act peeved.

Toni, using only your teeth remove Luke's underwear. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

Shelly thought that Toni took an inordinate amount time pulling Luke's whitie-tighties off, especially once his cock was over the waistband. By the time Toni worked them down, his erection was moist and shimmering from the liberal facial rubbing and surreptitious quick licks he'd received.

Shelly, using only your teeth, remove Jake's underwear. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

Grinning, Jake was standing in position waiting for her. "Take all the time you need, Honey. And make it last!" Jake quipped.

Shelly gamely pulled his checkered boxer shorts down with her teeth. It really was more difficult than she had imagined. Around and around his waist she went, tugging here, tugging there, snuggling against his furry skin, snuggling in his ass, snuggling in his thick wooly bush. At last she got them down far enough that his cock was free. The shorts were coming off easily now, but Jake spread his legs hindering her actions.

"No fair!" she protested.

"Work at it," he replied.

Shelly went back to tugging on his shorts with her teeth, snuggling against his skin, snuggling in his ass, snuggling against his hard erection. His manly musk filled her nostrils, exciting her. When time was almost up, Jake grabbed her head and ground her face into his cock and scrotum.

"No fair, Jake," scolded his wife. "Let her go!"

Jake released Shelly's head petulantly apologizing, "Sorry."

Shelly grabbed his shorts and nearly tore them from him.

"Hey! Easy, easy," he protested as he nearly lost his balance after lifting a leg to help her pull them off.

Shelly stood and took a swig of beer, studying the other three players, all bare from the waist down. She giggled and winked at Jake, who licked his lips in return.

Jake, using only your feet, remove Shelly's shirt. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

"Oh, this ought to be good!" exclaimed Toni.

Jake and Luke looked at each other baffled. Jake complained, "How in the hell..."

"Conference!" announced Luke. The two men huddled and discussed the problem. Shelly had on a pullover shirt and Toni had a buttoned shirt.

"Okay," said Jake breaking from the huddle, "Shelly, lie down on the floor. That's right, face up."

Luke started the clock. Jake straddled Shelly's legs below the knees and leaned back. To prevent his massive frame from crushing her, she spread her legs enough that his butt was on the floor. It also forced her pussy open for his view. He hiked his legs up and then hooked her shirttail with his toes. Then he extended his legs, pushing the top up. He scooted up and pushed again, exposing her ample tits as she was braless. He readjusted, 'inadvertently' rubbing her tits with his feet.

"Jake, you're getting distracted," chided Toni. Jake ignored Toni, taking a full two minutes to molest Shelly's ample tits with his feet.

"Two minutes," warned Luke.

"Put your hands up," instructed Jake as he got back to the task, hooking his toes and pushing the shirt higher, covering Shelly's face. He scooted up over her waist, and pushed the shirt still higher. Holding his weight off her with his arms, he brushed his bare ass across her stomach. Scooting up again, he pushed the shirt still higher. Once her head was free of the shirt, his genitals were only inches from her face. He scooted up once more, pressing his hairy crotch and butt crack against her face. Pushing one last time with his feet, he pushed the garment clear of her outstretched hands. Shelly was now completely nude.

"Twenty seconds," warned Luke.

Jake used the remaining time grinding his hairy ass in her face.

With the pathway to success shown, Toni and Luke prepared for action, but the computer threw a minor curve ball.

Toni, using only your feet, remove Luke's shirt. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

Luke shrugged and lay down on the floor. As she was so short, Toni straddled his lower legs at mid-thigh. Toni leaned back and hooked her toes around his shirttail. She pushed the shirt up with her legs and then scooted up, sliding her ass over Luke's stiff pecker. With his cock nestled in her butt crack, Luke began playfully humping her.

"Ahhhh!" she squeaked at being goosed. "Stop!" she hooted laughing, "Oh my god! Stop!"

Jake roared in laughter, "Fuck her ass!"

Shelly stood watching her husband's antics with her neighbor. She was at once amused with Toni's awkward position and at the same time a little shocked that Luke would take such liberties.

Toni, still laughing, scooted a little higher, freeing her butt crack of Luke's stiff penis. She pushed the shirt up higher and higher until it was over his head. She scooted up until her crotch was mere inches from his face, pushed and Luke's hands were free.

She cheered at her success and as she started to move off Luke, Luke grabbed her by the upper thighs and drove his face into her pussy.

"Oh my god!" shrieked Toni in mirthful delight as she vainly attempted to close her legs. Luke nuzzled into her crotch as she squirmed and hollered, "Oh, oh, oh!"

Shelly laughed at Toni's predicament until she looked up to see big ole Jake grinning at her from ear to ear. 'I'm next,' she thought feeling a bit panicked, the thought causing her pussy to tingle and gush in anticipatory anxiety.

Toni struggled fruitlessly, laughing the entire time until the chimes rang announcing that the time had expired for the action.

'Oh lord,' thought Shelly as her turn approached. 'What am I doing here?' A feeling of relief mixed with curious disappointment replaced her sense of dread as the next move flickered onto the screen.

Luke, using only your feet, remove Toni's shirt. Click "BEGIN" to start the clock.>

Toni eagerly lay down spreading her legs lewdly for Luke. Luke sat between her spread open legs near her feet. Luke drew his legs up and then slowly extended, dragging his feet up the insides of her legs, past her knees and up her inner thighs, until he was pressing on her pussy with his right foot.

"Ah!" gasped Toni in mock surprise.

While grinding his right foot into her cunt, he slid his left foot across her belly, hooking his toes around the first button of her blouse. Twisting and turning his toes and the button, he mainly managed to push her blouse up. Miraculously, the button popped open and his toe sought out the next of four buttons.

When time ran out, he had the blouse past her tits, bunched at her neck with three buttons to go, but he also had Toni near climax. As he pulled his sopping wet right foot from her puss, Toni remained lying on the floor panting.

"Hell, don't just leave her hanging," said Jake, "finish her off."

Luke stopped and plunged his hand into her slippery slit, raking her sopping trench up to her clit. Jerking his hand, he rubbed the side of her clit vigorously as she bucked and gasped, "I'm c...I'm c....I'mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhh." She sucked up a breath choking off any further vocalizations as the orgasm hit.

Shelly watched transfixed with increasing excitement as Toni twisted about in the throes of blissful release at the hands of Luke. Toni suddenly rolled away, curling up in a ball to ward off any further stimulation of her now oversensitive clitoris.

Shelly gradually became aware of hot breath on her neck and a massive hand sliding across her buttocks. "Wha'd you say? Wanna watch'em fuck?" whispered Jake in her ear. "I bet you'd like that, wouldn't cha? I would. I love watch'n her get fucked."

Shelly tried to pull away, but found that he'd wrapped his free hand around her waist and was pulling her ass up against his hardened male flesh. "Oh, oh," she panted. Indeed, she did want to see her husband fuck Toni, but her mind was confused tangle of contradictory thoughts and emotions. Her mind crystallized onto one thought, 'What would Luke do if Jake took her?'

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