tagLesbian SexRoomies 02: Other Side of The Door

Roomies 02: Other Side of The Door


Jess missed Canada. She bit into one of her soft chocolate brownies and opened up a new window in her web browser. She looked at the pile of scientific journals on her desk and the pile on her window sill and the pile on her bed. She looked at the bag of her ex boyfriends clothes. She was wearing his pants - she'd let the washing pile up whilst she'd been working on her essays - it was all she had left.

She heard the door to the flat open and bounded to her own door. She opened it and saw her roommate Kate's best friend Siobhan letting herself into the flat. Jess still didn't know how she'd got hold of a key but didn't mind. Siobhan was cute and fun and at least she wasn't another asshole boy.

"Hi," Jess said.

"Hi," Siobhan replied. She was wearing a slinky black dress and what she'd heard Kate refer to as fuck-me-boots. All dressed up for a night on the town. Jess felt jealous. "Just popping in."

"Okay," Jess said and ducked back into her room.

She looked at the piled up books and bit into her brownie. Jess slumped into her chair and closed her browser, saving the pages for tomorrow. It was late and everything was getting blurry. If she kept on staring at screens in the dark she'd really need those glasses she wore to look more smart.

She put a Cowboy Bebop DVD on and pressed play. She wished she could have a killer body like Faye did in that show.

"You're jealous of a cartoon," she sighed. She really was fed up.

A minute or two later and suddenly loud music started playing in Kate's room. She sighed, the speakers on her laptop just couldn't compensate.

She padded out of her room, down the short corridor and knocked on Kate's door.

"Who is it?" Kate called. She sounded... weird.

"Could you turn the music down? Some of us are trying to study." Jess lied. She didn't want her friend to think she'd given up for the evening when they were both working so hard recently.

"Sure," Kate said as Jess opened her door just enough to peer through. Kate sounded short of breath.

"Are you okay?" Jess said.

"Yes. Just trying to let off some steam." Kate was sitting tight against her desk. She looked hot and flustered - was she coming down with something? Maybe she was working too hard. She must have turned down a night out with Siobhan, her friend must have slipped out under cover of music.

"Okay," Jess smiled sympathetically, "Just keep it down."

She padded back to her room.

"I know what she needs," Jess said to herself, grabbing the tupperware box of chocolate brownies. They always made her feel better.

She was about to knock on Kate's door when she heard her friend moaning breathlessly... and... and spanking? Was that someone's else voice? Two voices moaning. Another girl. Siobhan?

Oh god. Her flatmate was a lesbian. But she had a boyfriend right? Maybe she was bi. Oh god, all those times she'd run back from the shower from her room to grab some shampoo with her towel only half draped across her - had Kate ever seen?

Jess gasped. The thought of those two young nubile women making love, rubbing against each other, kissing, licking...

Jess had put a hand to her pussy without realising it. She was wet and rubbing her clit.

She leant back against the radiator, the tupperware slipping onto the floor, spilling its contents.

"Fuck," she cursed and scrambled back to her room flushed with embarassment.

She leant against the door, panting heavily. She locked it and threw herself onto her bed.

Her dad had been happy that his daughter was studying science. Her mom had been happy that she would be studying in England where kids "just didn't do all that... stuff you see in movies"

Turns out she was wrong.

She'd never had a lesbian experience before. Well, not one that counted.

Her ex boyfriend had watched a lot of porn. He seemed to be using his university internet to watch as much porn as he could instead of studying and when Jess had caught him using her computer whilst she slept - that had been the end of it.

They'd argued and he'd left. She'd sat down and the porn had still been playing on her laptop. It was a video of two girls tribbing.

Jess had found the video erotic, the girls certainly seemed to be having a far better time than Jess had ever had with her ex.

She had watched it to see what the fuss was about. She'd made herself cum five times before it was over. But that wasn't a lesbian experience - right? Just a way of coping.

There was a knock on her door.

"Oh god," She groaned.

"Can you open the door?" It was Kate.

Jess buried her head in her pillow and groaned again. She knew she'd have to face the music eventually. Best to get it out of the way now.

She walked to her door and opened it slowly. She bit her lip. Both girls smelled like sex.

Kate and Siobhan were both naked. Although Siobhan was still wearing her fuck-me-boots.

"Hi," Kate said. Siobhan had spotted the wet patch on Jess' underwear.

"I heard," Jess stammered, "I didn't mean to hear. I didn't mean to listen... I..."

Now Kate had noticed the wet patch on her crotch.

"I'm just really tense at the minute," Jess said.

"We can help with that," Kate smiled.

Jess stepped back into her room, the two girls followed, arms round each other. Jess stumbled back onto her bed.

"Oh god..." she said breathlessly.

"Let's put on a show," Siobhan said, ever the drama student.

"A warm up routine," Kate agreed.

The two girls kissed, sucking on each other tongues, biting at each other. They're bodies writhed, their hands running over each other.

Jess' hand instinctively went back to her pussy, rubbing through the damp cloth of her underwear.

Siobhan stood behind Kate, spreading her legs, playing with her pussy with one hand, the other rubbing Kate's breasts, her head buried in Kate's neck.

Kate and Jess' eyes locked, a flash of intensity neither girl had previously thought possible, or even considered.

At that moment, Jess orgasmed.

Siobhan giggled at the sweating, embarassed Canadian girl.

Kate walked over to Jess and straddled her.

They kissed, Jess opened her entire body to this other woman.

"I want to taste you," Jess moaned. Kate pushed her back on to he bed, and repositioned herself to straddle Jess' face. Jess dived straight in.

She tasted better than any chocolate brownie.

Siobhan moved over to Jess and parted her legs. Siobhan then placed her pussy up against Jess' and began to trib her.

They scissored as Jess licked out her friend.

Jess was cumming again, her tongue darting into her friends cunt. She shuddered, this orgasm even more powerful than the first.

Kate came next, and Siobhan slammed away at Jess until she too reached orgasm.

They collapsed on top of each other, the two girls pulling Jess' T-Shirt over head and tossing it away. Her ex's boxer shorts - and any memories of his disappointing dick - tossed into the corner and forgotten.

The two girls were kissing Jess, her mouth, her neck. Their hands were teasing the inside of her thigh then working her swollen clit.

Jess' own hands were rubbing at the girls arse.

Suddenly Siobhan had reached round and grabbed Jess' wrist, placing it firmly on her asshole.

"I think we're beyond foreplay dear," Siobhan said, biting Jess' ear.

Kate licked at Jess' large nipples as Jess slipped her finger, moist with her juices, into Siobhan's ass.

Siobhan bit her lip and giggled.

Jess shuddered with her third orgasm.

"My turn to taste you," Kate said. The two girls sixty nined. Siobhan rested, playing with her cunt. She licked a finger and teased it on Jess' arsehole, sticking up in the air as the other two licked each other.

"I always thought you were tight," Siobhan said as she slipped her finger into Jess' tight hole.

Jess almost screamed.

"Too much?" Siobhan asked.

"Oh no," Jess moaned, "Don't stop."

Jess buried her head in Kate's pussy, trying to give her roommate the attention she deserved while the other girl fingered her ass.

Kate came, her juices running thick over Siobhan's tongue. She felt Kate shudder underneath her, a powerful, collapsing orgasm.

Jess rolled off her gasping friend, straight into the arms of Siobhan.

The two girls kissed, wrapped in a fiercely passionate embrace.

Kate sighed. She was getting sleepy.

Siobhan and Jess moved from the bed and, giggling, crossed over to the desk. Siobhan swiped the pile of books onto the floor.

"Bend over," She said. Jess smiled and did so without question. Kate watched as her friend, who had always been adventurous, but never so empassioned as tonight, lick her roommates asshole.

Kate toyed with her own pussy as she watched her roommate slam her hand on the desk as Siobhan's tongue darted over her ass, as Siobhan's fingers toyed with her cunt.

Jess had always been cute, quiet, amiable. Kate had never thought of her sexually, not as a creature of sensuality. She'd had Siobhan for that, her wild theatrical friend.

God, think of all the fucking we could have been doing all year. Kate groaned.

"You're a screamer," Siobhan said in Jess' ear. "It's always the quiet ones."

She slapped her hand on Jess' arse.

"You're a bad girl, aren't you?"

"Yes," Jess said.

"You want to be treated bad," Siobhan said.

"I just want to feel alive," Jess replied.

"How does this feel?" Siobhan spanked her again. And again.

Kate was rubbing her clit breathlessly, watching her friend dominate her room mate.

"It feels good," Jess screamed, "Oh yes. Yes."

"Good," Siobhan spun her around, kissing her firmly, biting her lip. Siobhan sat on the desk then, her legs open. Jess dropped to her knees and began to lick at Siobhan's pussy. Siobhan wrapped her legs around Jess' neck, positioned herself on the edge of the desk so Jess could get to her ass as well.

The two women fucked on the desk, not realising that Kate had fallen into a restful sleep.

They wouldn't have stopped if they had noticed, but eventually they returned to the bed, and nestled around Kate.

Kate woke, as the two girls wrapped themselves around her.

"Siobhan, whatever got into you," Kate said. I'm glad."

"Maybe I'll tell you in the morning." Siobhan kissed her gently on the lips.

"Work hard..." Kate smiled.

"Play harder," Siobhan said.

Jess gasped. "I love the British."


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