tagLesbian SexRoomies Ch. 02

Roomies Ch. 02


Erin still wondered about Shannon, but she and Robin seemed to have something going on. According to Shannon it wasn't a serious relationship - neither of them wanted to do that this early in the semester, but they were enjoying each other's company. Erin found that she was getting increasingly jealous of Robin who was over quite often and took Shannon's attention away. There were still times when Erin was also disturbingly turned on by the idea of doing... things... with Shannon, and she still had erotic dreams. None quite so explicit as the first night, everything was kind of hazy, but she knew what was going on in them.

About a month into the semester Shannon and Robin stopped dating, but then Shannon came home drunk one night with another girl. Erin didn't know the new girl's name, they weren't introduced, because she was pretending to be asleep in her bed when the two stumbled in. With Robin, Shannon had always been very respectful, she'd never gotten drunk and done anything that would ever make Erin uncomfortable...

Now that she was completely smashed, she and the other girl were kissing passionately and practically ripping the clothes off of each other's bodies. Erin felt very wrong watching them, but at the same time she couldn't really stop herself... it was just so hot to see them going at it, even though she felt both envious and jealous. Shannon moaned as the other girl sucked on her nipples, her own hands running over the girl's backside.

Slowly they moved back towards the bed, falling onto it and going under the covers. Erin was both relieved and disappointed... her own pussy was wet and her eyes were burning with the image of Shannon's passion-inflamed face and the way the other girl had been sucking on her nipples... but she had also been uncomfortable watching.

Now she had just her imagination as muffled moans and slurps came from the other bed. Thinking about Shannon's naked body and the two girls touching each other, just a few feet away... wriggling a little under her own sheets, she tried to stay quite but she could help sliding her fingers down to her heated pussy and stroking the folds. It wasn't as if they would notice, the smell of aroused pussy was already in the air, and her own was burning desperately with need.

She was starting to believe that maybe she really was a lesbian... or at least bisexual, with the way her dreams and arousals went. Although she had met a few guys who'd seemed interested, she hadn't found she was so interested in any of them. Most of her interests revolved around her roommate...

Pushing her fingers into her own pussy, she listened to the moans and wet sounds that were coming from the other bed, almost wishing that she could see exactly what was going on. Her mind filled with what she thought it might look like...

"Oh eat me... lick my pussy you little bitch..." Erin was shocked out of her reverie by Shannon's voice, berating the girl that was eating her, "Fucking lick it you little slut, oh yes... right there... such a good little whore..."

Erin had never heard Shannon talk like that before. It was so dirty and raw, and she felt a flush heat within her as she thought about Shannon calling her a little bitch, slut, whore... for some reason it really turned her on. She could just picture herself in that other girl's place, between Shannon's legs and licking her wet pussy... her tongue flicked out almost as though it could taste pussy on the air. Indeed, the air was thick with the smell and she could almost imagine what it would taste like.

As Shannon continued to talk dirty, there were muffled moans and movements, and Erin realized that this was definitely not the back and forth attention that she'd always thought. She'd heard about things like BDSM in the past month, and she rather thought that maybe this was what it was like. Shannon was definitely showing herself to be the dominant person, right now it was all the other girl pleasuring her; and her verbal abuse of the girl never let up, but the licking and sucking sounds just got more and more frantic as it continued. Erin realized that her fingers were moving in conjunction with what was going on in the next bed, and that her pussy was starting to quiver with anticipation of her orgasm.

She came at almost the same time that Shannon did, hearing the loud moans and orgasmic cries of her roommate, she allowed herself to cum; knowing that the girls next to her wouldn't notice as they were caught up in their own activities. As her breathing slowed she quietly curled up, pulling her hand from her aching wet pussy and wondering what was going to happen next. There was some shifting under Shannon's sheets and then the other girl started moaning, short staccato moans as though something was pushing on her.

"That's it little bitch... cum for me, cum on my fingers you slut..." a muffled shriek that made Erin jerk, but Shannon didn't say anything so she didn't know what had happened. "You're going to cum all over my fingers when I tell you to... you like my fingers up your slutty pussy don't you?... ok little whore... cum, cum NOW." Her voice went loud and demanding on the last word, Erin quieted a gasp as her pussy surged in response. She didn't cum of course... but she felt that if she'd had her fingers in her pussy that she would have.

It was all over very quickly as the other girl shook and thrashed, moaning loudly as she came. Things soon quieted down in the other bed as the girl's arranged themselves. Erin watched, wide-eyed from her own bed even though there was nothing more to see. For quite awhile she stayed up, waiting, hoping... but nothing more. Slowly she drifted off, the smell of pussy still filling her nose.

That night, her hazy dreams were filled with demands, orders and Shannon. Confused dreams where she was used by Shannon, following her orders, doing the things that she told her to... several times in the middle of the night she woke up with her pussy burning. Wondering what it would be like to be on the receiving end of Shannon's fingers, what it would be like to have her own face and mouth buried in Shannon's muff.

She also felt very shaken... she couldn't possibly be thinking about all these things and NOT be a lesbian could she? Wondering what the people back home would think, what her parents would think, she felt very cold inside. It was one thing to have the rumors going around, but to actually have it confirmed? Surely people had just said it and not really believed it... her mind decided that she was going to try not to think about Shannon any more. At least not in that way. She had to try.

But as she drifted off back to sleep, her dreams turned back to Shannon, sex and pussy... and the next morning when she woke up and the other girl wasn't even in Shannon's bed, she couldn't help but feel rather pleased.

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