tagLesbian SexRoomies Ch. 04

Roomies Ch. 04


The morning would have been painfully awkward had I stayed around to see Angie and Ryan wake. Instead, I slipped out of bed and packed some clothes, headed to the campus rec center to shower, and basically tried to pretend it was just another day. That I hadn't just fucked my roommate and my best friend.

It was hard to forget, though. The taste of Angie's sweet juices still mingled with the tang of Ryan's seed on my tongue. I crammed my mouth full of spearmint gum before each class, desperately trying to get my mind off what had happened. It wasn't that I felt guilty, but rather that I didn't know exactly how the others were going to feel about it. Would they have regrets? Would Angie and I still be as close as we were before?

That was the scariest proposition, that I might lose Angie as both a lover and a friend. I had known her my whole life, had been in love without realizing it for many years. I couldn't lose her now, not because of some stupid sex thing. Her beautiful face, hardened by years of abuse by the world, floated on my mind's eye. How I longed to make her happy...something so few people had cared to do in her nineteen years.

"Miss Sterling," Professor Russell called out, having caught me daydreaming in Lit class, "perhaps you have something to add on the subject of Rossetti's poetry?"

I froze. "Sir?" I said. "Sorry, my...uh...mind was wandering, Sir."

"Moving on," he said, giving me a look of warning. I buried my reddening face in my palms. Forgetting about last night was going to be impossible.

When lunchtime rolled around, I debated not going to the cafeteria, knowing Angie would be there. We had been eating together there since we were freshmen. As much as I considered not going, however, there was no way I would ever stand up my best friend...not even to hide from her.

Upon entering the spacious, sparsely populated cafeteria (the food was crap), I immediately spotted Angie. She was dressed in a red tank top, black bra straps showing, and ratty jeans, and was bending over, her hands on one of the tables, and her face characteristically angry. She was shouting at some girl I didn't recognize. I waited, still unsure as to how I was going to face her.

After a few moments, the girl Angie was yelling at burst into tears, and Angie stood up, satisfied. She looked toward the door, obviously wondering if she'd missed my entrance, and scanned the crowd for me, her dark brown eyes searching the faces of the few patrons. I waved.

"'Bout time you got here," she said, walking up to me, her hands in her back pockets. Her lean, fit body swayed as she walked, and I couldn't help but watch, enraptured by every twitch of muscle on her bare arms, and by every swish of her long, free-flowing, black hair.

Oh god, I thought, not now. I felt my nipples hardening, pinching against the fabric of my bra. Holy shit, I was getting horny again. I willed myself back to coherence.

"Angie," I said. "We...need to talk."

Angie sighed, putting a hand on her hip. I had kissed that bare hip just a matter of hours ago, had savored the soft skin of it, the warm taste of it...

"Well, talk," Angie commanded, taking me by the arm and leading me over to a table. She straddled a chair, facing me as I sat, and stared across the table expectantly.

"Angie," I whispered, leaning in. "What happened last night?"

Her dark eyes narrowed. "What the hell are you talking about?"

I shook my head. I should've known she would be difficult about it. "Damn it, Angie," I hissed softly, "we had sex. With Ryan. And...you know, each other."

Angie sat a little straighter, realization creeping over her features. "Holy shit, Mel," she chuckled. "Are we gonna have to philosophize about this shit the rest of our fucking lives? Shit, you'd think we killed somebody."

"I licked your pussy," I said defensively. "That's a pretty big deal for our relationship, isn't it?"

"'Relationship?'" Angie asked. "What are we, on a reality show or somethin'?"

"Angie, I'm serious," I objected. "I...I really think we need to explore how this affects things."

"Alright," Angie agreed, leaning back. "Let's explore." She crossed her arms. "Would you do it again?"

I didn't have to think about it, but I pretended to. "Yes," I said.

"Did you say anything that you wanna take back now?"

I sighed. "No, not a thing."

Angie leaned in again. "Then kiss me."

"I can't," I said. "Not here." Every nerve of my body screamed at me to do it, begged me to give in to the carnal desire that Angie unwittingly had provoked in me. I resisted.

"Fucking stop thinking about it, and just do it," Angie growled. She climbed over the table on all fours, and kissed me.

After she'd begun the kiss, I was powerless to resist. My arms wrapped themselves around her neck and I melted into her. All doubt faded away amidst gasps and whoops from our fellow patrons. I loved my Angie, and she loved me. For now, it was all I needed.

"We're skipping class," she said.

We barely made it back to my house before tearing into each other. Angie began by wrestling me down onto the couch. Once she had me on my back, she pulled out a scoring knife, one of the many sculpting devices she, an art student, routinely carried in her pockets, and shredded the front of my shirt with it. Without pause, she also cut off my bra, exposing my large, bare, pink titties.

"Fucking veiny-ass tits," Angie joked, pressing down on top of me, her lips finding the nape of my neck and suckling at my earlobe. Her calloused hands, roughened by the forge-work that was required for the metal sculptures she made from scratch, somehow seemed baby soft as they caressed my face and shoulders. The warmth of her lean body felt wonderful, exposed as I was to the cool air of the den.

"Wait!" I cried, a thought suddenly hitting me. "Is Ryan here?" I tried to listen, but Angie kept slurping at my neck.

"If that fucker was here," she answered between kisses, "he'd already have his dick up your ass, knowing him."

I burst out laughing, growing more and more giddy with every nuzzling kiss. Finally, I wrapped my arms around Angie and slid my hands beneath the fabric of her tank top. After only a second or two of searching, I found and unfastened her bra strap.

Angie acknowledged the cue and sat up, straddling my midsection. She pulled off the top and shrugged out of the black lace beneath it. Her small breasts were the perfect complement to her toned stomach and round-capped shoulders. Her hands went to my tits, caressing and kneading the soft flesh.

"Angie," I moaned, breaking the silence that had settled in over several minutes of playful fondling.

"What is it, babe?" she responded, tickling my tummy with one hand while lightly pinching one of my tender nipples with the other.

"Spank me," I said.

"What the hell!" she laughed.

"No, really," I pleaded. "Spank me."

"Alright," she shrugged, sliding off me and standing. She took my hand as I rose beside her. I pressed my body against hers, our lips and bare breasts meeting all at once, sending shivers of delight throughout my body.

"Oh, Melissa," Angie breathed, breaking our long, languid kiss. "You are so fucking sexy." I could feel her loosening my pink cloth belt and undoing my jeans. "Now, drop 'em."

I obeyed, pushing my jeans and panties down to my ankles. I stood before my new true love practically naked, my shaven pubic mound covered by my hands.

Angie pulled me to her again, and I felt her hard brown nipples scratching against my chest as we kissed with a growing passion. Her hands pushed mine aside, and she caressed the delicate folds of my labia, tickling and teasing me as our tongues played with one another.

After an all-too-short make-out session, Angie pulled away again. She sat down in the center of the couch, and patted her thighs in invitation. "Well," she said, "get down here and present that ass."

I took the opportunity to slide out of my shoes and peel off the last bits of clothing that clung to my ankles before I lay face-down on the couch. My stomach came to rest in Angie's lap, and I arched my naked behind toward her. I felt a rush of cool air flow between my thighs, caressing my exposed cunt, and I gasped with delight.

Angie's hands wandered over my back and thighs, then explored the flesh of my round cheeks. I buried my face into a throw pillow and let my body relax, enjoying the sensation of my best friend's soft touch fluttering over my nude body.

Smack! A jolt of pain shot through me as Angie's palm impacted the unprotected skin of my ass.

"Yes!" I shrieked involuntarily, driven mad with desire at the sudden rush of sensation. I hadn't expected it to hurt so much, nor to feel so damn good. "Do it again!"

"Don't fucking tell me what to do, bitch!" Angie growled, giving me another stinging whack. Just as I was about to cry out in pleasure, yet another blow landed, then another and another. She was spanking the hell out of me.

"Unnnggg!" was all I managed to say, as every nerve in my body fired at once, taking in the waves of pleasure and pain that emanated from my reddening ass. Angie kept punishing me, and even roughly shoved a finger deep into my pussy as she did so.

Wave upon wave of sensation crashed against me, with ever more intensity with every slap she gave me. I knew it wouldn't be long before I climaxed, but I wasn't prepared for it to happen as soon as it did.

"Angie!" I wailed, tears streaming down my cheeks. "Oh god Angieeee!" Every muscle in my body tensed as my orgasm grabbed hold of me. I gasped and shrieked in ecstasy, the sound of my lover's hand smacking against my bottom echoing in my ears, though nearly drowned out by my cries. My pussy clenched around her long, delicate finger, and I pressed my clit hard against her knuckle.

I didn't come down from my orgasm for several long minutes, and Angie dutifully punished my ass the whole time. As I eventually calmed down, going limp in Angie's lap, her smacks became gentle caresses against the tender surface of my ravaged bottom. I sobbed and whimpered into my pillow as the last vestiges of the immense orgasm swirled inside me and gently faded away. The finger inside my hole remained there, probing and pleasuring.

"That's my girl," Angie cooed, fingering my naked cunt. I felt a second finger slide inside. "Nice an' slick for mommy."

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," I chanted, my quivering pussy already reawakening to this new stimulus. "Don't stop, baby, don't stop." Her fingers slid in and out of me, curling at just the right angle to tickle my g-spot.

"Don't stop what, babe?" she asked, sinking ever deeper. Her thumb pressed against my nub.

"Don't stop fucking me," I pleaded. "Don't ever stop fucking me. Don't ever stop...ngh!" I felt another climax coming fast. I realized that, of all the people I knew, Angie probably knew the most about my body. We'd grown into women together, endured puberty together, and had freely shared every bit of information about our bodies through the years. No wonder she could please me so well; tease me so well.

"Don't worry, baby," Angie responded, the gravelly, throaty voice she normally used softening into a comforting lilt. "I'll always be around to fuck my girl." She fingered me faster and faster, deeper and deeper, while her thumb massaged my tingling clit.

"I'm gonna cum again!" I squealed, clawing at the fabric of the couch. It seemed like forever before the pleasure reached critical mass and I climaxed. I screamed into the pillow so hard that my lungs ached. My whole body was on fire as my sweet Angie finger-fucked my spasming hole. Just as I was coming down again, she suddenly spanked my tender ass again, and my orgasm began anew, this time with an added fierceness.

"Oh yeaahh!" Angie hissed, fucking and spanking me simultaneously. "Keep cumming, keep cumming! Don't you fucking stop cumming until I fucking tell you to!" My body was having no problem obliging her, as one orgasm ended, another began with each slap of her hand on my naked skin. My voice cracked and caught in my throat, I was wailing so loudly.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my body went completely numb, refusing to accept anymore stimulation. I curled up into a fetal position, rolling off Angie's lap and onto the soft-carpeted floor.

"Oh fuck, I killed her!" Angie laughed, dropping off the couch and onto her knees. She pulled me up into a semi-sitting position and cradled me against her, situating my head in the cleavage of her bare breasts. "You feel better?" she asked.

I couldn't even begin to speak. I just whimpered. My behind was on fire, the pain from Angie's relentless punishment aggravated by the brush of the carpet fibers against injured skin.

Angie kissed my forehead and stroked my hair. After several minutes of cradling, she helped me to my feet and walked me to my bedroom. I slid into bed on my stomach, leaving my tortured ass exposed to the soothing cool air, and rested my cheek on my favorite feather pillow. I saw Angie standing beside the bed, slipping out of those ratty jeans, leaving only black lacy panties covering her. Her tan, athletic, near-naked body looked so beautiful, as the few rays of daylight that managed to slip through the window blinds caressed the crisp contours of her toned form.

She slid into bed beside me, draping an arm over my bare back, playfully scratching my skin. Her head came to rest directly beside mine, and we gazed into one another's eyes lovingly, breathed in one another's breath.

I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke, the room was pitch black, and I sensed that Angie was gone. My butt felt a little better, so I wriggled out of bed and went in search of my absent girlfriend. I searched the entire house, but there was no sign of her. By the time I thought to put some clothes on and check outside, I heard the front door open. Realizing it might be Ryan, and that I would probably look a bit foolish wandering the house naked and disoriented, I hurried back to my room.

"Just me, babe," I heard Angie say, slamming the door in her usual manner.

I breathed a sigh of relief and came out of hiding. She was wearing those jeans again, along with one of Ryan's t-shirts, which was much too large for her. "Where'd you go?" I asked, scratching my bare tummy.

"Went to get something for your ass," Angie said, holding up a plastic bag with the emblem of the local drugstore painted on it. She reached inside and produced a small bottle of cream.

"Oh, cool, thanks," I said, reaching for it.

"Ah ah ah," she said, holding it out of reach. "I get to put in on, since I did the damage."

I smiled. It was an inviting proposition.

"Go on," Angie said, "get in there."

We tumbled into bed together, Angie trying to position me to receive my cream rub-down while I tugged her clothes off. I finally succeeded in getting her naked and, having accomplished that mission, obediently draped my soft tummy over my girl's hard abdomen.

"Babe, you came so much from that shit," Angie commented, picking at the safety seal of the bottle of cream.

"Yeah, I know," I said. "The idea just came to me...I had no idea it would feel so awesome."

"I hope it was worth havin' a bruised ass for the rest of the week," she chuckled, squirting a glob of the cream onto her palm and applying it to my naked bottom. I gasped as the cool substance met my red hot behind, but after the initial shock, it felt so soothing that I sighed contentedly.

"Oh, Anj, that feels so good," I whimpered. "You can spank me anytime, baby. I'll deal with the aftereffects, 'specially if they feel like this."

"You got it," Angie agreed. Her hands caressed my bottom with a gentleness that one would think her incapable of, given her usually gruff demeanor. It was one of the special things between us, that I, and only I, ever got to see the softer side of this beautiful person.

Damn me, I fell asleep again. When I woke, I realized Angie had somehow gotten out from under me and was lying beside me again, still asleep herself. I reached for her, my hand tracing the lines of her body. I stroked her bare thighs and ran my fingers through the soft tuft of pubic hair that nestled between them. I realized only now that, in all that had happened, I hadn't even thought to see to Angie's pleasure, the poor thing. I resolved to remedy that situation right away.

Sliding beneath the sheets that covered us up to our waists, I carefully parted my lover's long, slender legs and planted kisses all along her smooth inner thighs. The lingering scent of arousal rose heavily from Angie's exposed pussy, making me feel all the more guilty that I hadn't considered returning the favor sooner...she'd obviously very turned on by the whole thing.

I lunged forward, taking her labia into my mouth, suckling gently on the long folds, savoring the taste. It was like food to a starving man. In a day's time I had managed to forget how delicious my best friend's pussy tasted. I wondered if every pussy tasted this good. No way, not even possible! What a world that would be!

Angie moaned and grunted in her sleep, shifting her body, unconsciously spreading her thighs and presenting her naked slit for my inspection. I allowed my tongue to tease her little hole, slowly working it inside, tongue-fucking her as best I could; she was so tight I had to strain to break through the resistance.

"Oh fuck," I heard Angie say suddenly, informing me that she was awake. I felt her fingers interlace with strands of my hair, as she gently pressed my face into her pussy while gyrating her hips. The movement caused her wet naked cunt to grind all over my face, drenching me in her juices.

I giggled, intoxicated by the wonderful feeling of having a face-full of tasty pussy. My finger found its way to her hole, and, knowing how Angie liked her sex kind of rough, I pushed it in all the way.

"God damn it!" Angie squealed, writhing in ecstasy. I finger-fucked her furiously, pressing my tongue hard against her exposed clit, keeping slick, wet pressure on it as I explored her depths. Waiting only a few moments for her to come down off the initial high, I added a second finger alongside the first, stretching her tight little hole.

"Fuck, yes!" she shrieked. "Fuckin' fuck me, Melissa! Aagh!" Her fingers tightened around locks of my hair, pulling on them painfully, while still pressing my face harder and harder against her. Her dirty talk was turning me on so much that my free hand went immediately to my own moist slit, and I pleasured myself while pleasuring her. I decided to push things a bit further.

Moaning into her cunt, I added a third finger. It took several minutes of pressure before I could get it in. It must have hurt, but Angie just groaned with intensified pleasure as I slid practically half my hand in and out of her. After a few minutes of this, Angie fell silent, making only periodic whimpering sounds. I peeked from under the covers. Her face still betrayed he ecstasy she was experiencing. I realized she was preparing for an orgasm. On a whim, I gave her clit a last loving kiss and withdrew my fingers from her.

I tossed the covers off, coming to a sitting position. Angie's eyes were on me; she was obviously frustrated that I'd stopped fingering right before she came. I had a wonderful consolation prize in store. I scooted close to her, my legs intertwining with hers, and pressed my naked pussy to hers. I began grinding my clit against hers, pressing myself hard against her in order to get the full effect.

"Oh yeahh," Angie growled, smiling with delight, just the reaction I'd hoped for. Her eyes were locked onto my pubic area, watching as my pussy tribbed against hers. I watched her gaze wander over me, appraising my pale white thighs, my hanging pink breasts, the look of sheer ecstasy that must have been plastered on my face.

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