tagFirst TimeRoomies: Jocks Versus Nerds

Roomies: Jocks Versus Nerds


"Oh, Oh, ohhh yeah."

Kim McCall nearly rolled her eyes as she listened to the grunts and groans coming from the guy on top of her. From the sounds he was making a listener would have thought he had a cock the size of a stag film star and was driving it so deeply into the black-haired coed that it was coming out her butt. Well, it wasn't. And if she was humping up against him as hard as she could, it was in an attempt to get him somewhere satisfactory inside her.

It wasn't that he was shrunken or anything like that. It simply was that the star running back of the college football team didn't have the slightest idea of how to make love properly. In blunt fact, he really was a lousy fuck.

Maybe he had been partying too hard before they ended up in this bedroom of the fraternity house where the festivities were being held. As a back-up cheerleader, a position she had gone after more for the exercise it afforded her than any other reason, she was on the fringes of the "Cool Set". She didn't care about that, but it did afford her and her roommate Pam Maguire access to some pretty good parties.

This one had been full of beer and good music and dope. There was dancing and making out and good munchies. It wasn't nearly as awesome as the drama club's recent cast party that Pam, a theatre major, had taken her to a few weeks ago but it was pretty good.

Sometime, in a slight haze induced mostly by alcohol, Larry, or maybe his name was Gary, had approached her. She knew that he was probably only looking to score with another cheerleader but heck, it had been a slow week and the pretty math major needed to get laid as badly as the jock did. She just didn't think it would be THIS bad.

Foreplay had lasted only as long as it took him to get her skirt up and her panties down. He had mauled her breasts through her sweater for about ten seconds, then pulled his zipper down and yanked out his cock. From the way he held it, Kim thought she was expected to tie a blue ribbon around it, but he only waved it around proudly for a moment before falling on top of her and fumbling the head into her.

Maybe everyone else did it for him, Kim considered. Certainly she would have got on top if she had known how unskilled he was at this position. She hoped that Pam was having better luck with Todd, the quarterback who had escorted her taller, slender roomie from the party and towards another bedroom.

She managed to pull her mind back to the present as Harry (she was pretty sure she finally had remembered it) gave some sort of strangled yell and shot something wet and sticky into her pussy. She was nowhere near satisfied, but not really wanting this to go on, Kim faked a noisy orgasm. Harry pulled happily out of her, dribbled on her thighs and pulled up his pants.

"I'll call you," he called over his shoulder as he headed out the door.

"Please don't make threats," Kim mumbled as she got dressed. She found her way back to the main room. Spotting her best friend, who looked just as she felt, Kim jerked her head towards the front door. Pam nodded and the two of them slipped out.

"Well, what did you think of Todd?" Kim inquired of her roommate, once they had cleared the immediate area.

"Welllllllllllllllllll," Pam drawled the word out far beyond any requirement of her Southern accent. "He reminded me of a guy I read about once in a book about Southern guys and girls. As you probably know, the regular white male southerner, especially a country guy, is generally known as a 'good old boy'. Well, that writer defined a 'BAD old good old boy'. As best as I can recall, he said that type 'makes his grand exit fifteen seconds after making his grand entrance while bragging about what a woman-pleaser he is.'. To heck with it. Let's go get cleaned up and go to the Student Center and see if we can find a card game."

Kim agreed. "That would be more fun."

Thirty minutes later, the two girls entered the large building that served as the official hangout for the student population. As usual, it was fairly empty. Looking in all the nooks and crannies they stumbled across two guys playing chess.

"Hello, Pam," one bespectacled young man said shyly.

"Hi Dennis," smiled Pam. "Its nice to see you." She stopped and looked down at the chessboard that was balanced between the speaker and the other player. "How's the game going? And don't you have a competition coming up?"

"Its going good, and yes," Dennis looked surprised, "We have a big match in the capital the day after tomorrow. I'm surprised you knew."

"Oh well, I like to keep track of things. Best of luck to you Dennis."

"Thank you."

As the two girls walked off, Kim grasped her roommate's arm and whispered, "Now THERE'S a guy with a crush on you."

"You think so?"

"I know so." Kim studied her roommate. "For someone as bright as you, its amazing what slips past you. Take..."

"Okay, okay," Pam interrupted. "Let's not bring THAT up again." She looked thoughtful. "You're not doing anything the day after tomorrow are you?"

"Just going to the capital with you, I guess. What do you wear to a chess tournament?"

Friday night the girls jumped into Pam's battered Dodge Dart and made the hour long drive to the Civic Center located in the downtown part of the state capital. They found a spot in a brightly lit and surprisingly crowded parking lot and found the hall the chess competition was being held in. As the match had not started yet, Pam led Kim in search of Dennis.

When they found him, Dennis was nose to nose with a tall, heavy-set guy who must have out-weighed him two to one. The bigger, albeit rather sloppily fat, chess player was mocking Dennis.

"You really should get back to school and learn to play chess, little guy. I'm going to whip you as always."

Pam was torn between busting out laughing at the sight of someone sounding like they were on rival teams in the last minute before the Rose Bowl kicked off and walking over and booting loud mouth in the butt. Instead, she did neither.

"Dennis!" She called loudly and rushed across the floor, simply ignoring everyone else standing there. She flung her arms around him. "I'm so sorry to be late honey. The car acted up."

Everyone, especially the rival chess team, stood with their mouths open. Finally one asked "Who are YOU?"

"What do you mean, who am I?" Pam replied indignantly. "I'm Dennis' girlfriend."

If possible, gaping mouths dropped even farther. As though connected by invisible wires, every pair of eyes traveled up and down Pam's body. She was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, tight athletic shorts and tennis shoes, all of which served to accentuate her long attractive legs. And as the shirt was too large and drooped in the center when she bent and kissed the shorter Dennis, it became obvious that a bra had not been part of her clothing scheme.

Finally the loud-mouth who had been picking on Dennis regained some composure and stepped forward. He threw his arm around Pam's shoulder and sneered "Well, you should get together with a real man then, instead of... OWWWW!"

In one swift move Pam had grasped the offending hand and pivoted away from his arm. She grabbed two fingers and bent them backwards. The noise-maker had promptly gone to his knees, wailing his pain.

"Don't EVER touch me again, or any other girl who doesn't invite you. And that probably will be damn few. Do you understand?"

"Yes," came the whimpered response.

Pam eased the pressure but didn't release the hold. "You're lucky, you know." She nodded towards Dennis. "He taught me all kinds of moves like this. If I hadn't responded, he would have hurt you. A LOT." She dropped the arm and stepped back. The guy got to his feet slowly and backed away.

Dennis, his friend, and Kim all gathered around Pam. Dennis cleared his throat. "Pam, I never taught you any such thing. I don't even know any martial moves."

"I know, but he'll think you do and behave himself from now on."

"Where did you learn that Pam and can you teach me?" Kim did a little hip swivel and bumped Dennis' friend. "This guy might get out of line."

Opening his mouth for an indignant denial, the other young man suddenly chuckled. "I'm George, and while I'm not a 'get out of line' type guy, for you it would be worth it."

Kim smiled. "Well, George, you never know. Play away tonight then. I do love a winner." She looked back at Pam. "You were saying?"

"Well, you know my Dad is in the Air Force." Upon Kim's nod she continued. "What I didn't tell you is that he's an Air Commando."

The girls settled down in the sparsely populated section reserved for non-players and watched. Neither was a chess player, but they were both intelligent and their shared background as Bridge players had taught them the value of strategy. They quickly picked up some of the more obvious gambits and found that they rather enjoyed the entire show.

Dennis played with fierce concentration. But when the game permitted, he would look into the stands at Pam. Pam noticed that George was taking every opportunity to glance their way also. She didn't think he was looking at her. A sideways peek more than once showed Kim waving at George.

The final match was between Dennis and his loud-mouth nemesis. He was no longer a nemesis to Dennis, who disposed of his opponent in the first two of the best-out-of-three series. After the awarding of the prize cup, Pam, followed closely by Kim, bounded down to hug her temporary boyfriend and sincerely congratulate him.

"Thank you, Pam," Dennis smiled, as happy as she had ever seen him. "I always knew I could beat that guy, but I always let him intimidate me. This time, whenever I felt like he was, I looked over to you and you would wink or smile and I would be on top of the world. I couldn't have lost with you supporting me like that.

Pam hugged Dennis again. "Good for you. You just keep that memory and use it whenever you need. You really are a nice guy Dennis. Come out of that shell a little and I think you'll find that more girls will be attracted to you."

"Thanks for that too." He heaved a sigh. "But as wonderful as this was, I know that the night of you being my girlfriend is over."

"Well, Dennis, I'm not looking for any boyfriend at all, not right now anyway. I want to be free to go where I want and with whom I want, at least for the foreseeable future." Her eyes twinkled and she whispered in his ear. "But the night isn't over yet, and until it is I still AM your girlfriend. So do what any red-blooded winner would do," she winked at him as he shot an unbelieving look at her, "And take your girlfriend to bed."

With that she kissed him, then slipped her hand in his and led him out of the room and towards the elevator. Dennis, more excited than he had ever been in his life, protested feebly.

"But Pam, George, my roommate will be there. And you, what if word gets back to campus about your spending the night with one of the school's biggest nerds? The last I heard you were sleeping, err, I mean with, Todd Danielstan, the quarterback."

Pam pulled Dennis into an open elevator. "Which floor please?" When Dennis managed to stammer his answer, Pam pressed the correct button and then cheerily waved at the staring group that had followed them from the tournament hall.

During the ride up and the walk down the hall to the room, Pam explained.

"First, George isn't going to be there tonight. My roomie Kim, has carried him off to our hotel room. I hope he can walk in the morning," she announced. "Second, I don't care what other people say, whisper or shout about me. Third, I shouldn't say anything about anyone else I've slept with, but let me just say that Todd's reputation is bigger than his endowment or his sexual abilities multiplied by each other."

She opened door he had unlocked. Taking both his hands in hers, she backed into the room. She closed it behind them and secured it with the chain. She walked to the nearer bed. Turning to face Dennis, she pried off her sandals.

Dennis licked his lips, staring at the athletic girl before him. "One more thing, Pam," he whispered hoarsely. Whispering was all he could manage, his throat was so dry. "I've never, well, really been with a girl before. You know, like this."

"Oh GOODY," replied his one-night girlfriend. "Then you won't have picked up the bad habits or the feeling that somehow you're God's gift to women." She crooked her finger. "Come here, big boy." She flowed up to Dennis and their arms went around each other as she kissed him, this time with her lips parted and her tongue pushing into his mouth.

Dennis was a pretty good kisser, Pam discovered. His hands tended to be rather grabby and too rough but that wasn't too surprising and certainly was no worse than her last guy. She stepped back slightly and caught her t-shirt by the hem and pulled it over her head.

Dennis' eyes locked onto Pam's breasts, bouncing slightly before him. Then his gaze dropped further as she peeled her shorts and panties down her runner's legs, kicked them away and stood nude before him.

"Dennis," she teased, "Aren't you going to get undressed?"

Almost mechanically Dennis pulled off his clothes, his eyes still locked onto the slender girl before him. His cock sprang out the instant he pulled his pants down. Pam noted with satisfaction that it was a very respectable length, about 7 inches and reasonably thick. Not TOO thick though, which was good. She expected he would probably cum quite quickly once he actually penetrated her and she would need to suck him hard again. Not that she minded that, of course.

Still though, it would be nice to take their time to that point. She sat on the bed and patted the mattress next to her. "Sit down Dennis, right next to me." Once he did, "Give me your hand," she instructed. Taking it she placed it over her breast. "Feel my breast Dennis. Hold it. Its not going to run away. Hold it gently, its sensitive. You can squeeze it, but don't maul it. Sometimes there comes a point when things get carried away and roughness can be passion, but making love doesn't start that way."

Dennis' eyes shone with excitement as he followed Pam's directions.

"Now then, use your thumb on my nipple. Place the ball on the tip and press lightly. Mmmm, that's it. Now roll it around and around. It doesn't have to be much, just a tiny circle. Can you feel it getting harder under your touch?"

Dennis jerked his head up and down. "Yes," he gasped. He looked at Pam. "Pam, can I kiss it?"

In reply, Pam kissed Dennis again. When she broke the kiss, she leaned backwards, bracing herself on her hands. Dennis shifted his hand to her other breast and repeated the actions he had been taught. His tongue darted at the stiff nipple he had just been touching. Trying not to lose control, he used his tongue as he had used his thumb, rolling the nipple around and around.

Pam moaned with pleasure. Still holding herself up with one hand, she stroked his head with the other, running her fingers through his hair. "That feels so good Dennis. Take it in your mouth now. You can be a little more demanding, a little harder now."

Dennis swallowed Pam's breast, suckling it. She sat upright, taking his other hand and moving it down her stomach and between her legs.

"Touch me there," she whispered. "Gently again. Let your fingers explore." She gripped his wrist. "Not too fast, don't shove your fingers in me, not yet." She shifted, parting her legs more. "Use your fingertips to part me. Those are my labia, the lips to my pussy. Trace the slit between them. Feel how it guides your fingers to my entrance. But we girls enjoy the stimulation there as well. Stroke up and down."

Pam gasped. "THERE. At the top. Did you feel that hard little nubbin?" A muffled groan of possible acknowledgement came from Dennis, his mouth still covering Pam's breast. "That's my clitoris. THAT'S how you can drive a woman wild. Touch it carefully, it is the most sensitive part of my body. Just like you did with my nipple, except even more carefully."

By now Dennis had Pam as excited as she had been in a long time. He moved back and forth from one small firm breast to the other, running his lips and tongue over them. His fingertip caressed her erect clit, tapping and rolling it. Finally, Pam was the one who couldn't wait any longer. Giving a demanding moan, she rolled onto her back, pulling Dennis over on top of her.

"Dennis, please." Her hand was between them, holding his cock. As she stretched out and wiggled, pulling them both all the way onto the bed, she guided the head of his cock between her labia.

"Now, Dennis. Its time for you to be in me."

Whether he had actually done it or only seen it in magazines, Dennis braced himself on his arms, wiggled his body between Pam's legs and began to push. She was so wet that it was simple for him to slide all the way into her in one quick movement.

"Oh GOD, that feels so good," Dennis moaned.

"Oh yes it does," moaned Pam in agreement. She shifted her legs, drawing her knees up and planting her feet firmly on the bed. "Now, make it feel even better Dennis. Move around inside of me. Use your hips. Not just up and down but sideways."

Dennis responded with a will. He waggled his hips, sometimes before he thrust, sometimes when he was as far into her as he could manage. His motions were not smooth at all. Somehow this excited Pam even more so, as he kept catching her off guard by a sudden movement when she didn't expect it.

As she had mentally predicted, it wasn't long before Dennis began to cry out and stiffen, then empty himself into her. Being prepared, she didn't allow him to be embarrassed about the speed with which he had cum. Quickly she rolled them over, pulling herself off him and sliding down his body. Before he could even gasp she had taken his cock in her mouth.

It tasted wonderful, the mixture of her juices and his cum delicious to her. She closed her lips over his shaft and began to pump her head up and down. She did love sucking cock. Dennis rolled and groaned, practically helpless under her ministrations. In no time at all, she felt him begin to swell and stiffen again.

She released him and swung her body around. Looking over her shoulder at Dennis, she wiggled her bottom at him.

"Kneel behind me Dennis." When he had scrambled to his knees between her legs she continued. "Grab my hips." His hands eagerly gripped her. She reached back between her legs and grasped his cock again. She lifted the head and poised it against her wet pussy.


Dennis needed no further encouragement. He rammed his hips forward and the full length of his cock plunged into Pam. Drawing back until only the head was in her, he lunged forward again. And again. And again.

"Oh my God," Pam cried out. "Dennis, give it to me hard, baby. This is when you get rough. I'm all yours now to use. Fuck ME!" She finished with a yell.

Dennis grinned and doubled his efforts. No one had ever made him feel like this. He wanted to give Pam the same incredible pleasure she was giving him. Clenching her hips, he pounded against the tight swell of her ass. His balls swung up under her, slapping against her thighs. The harder he thrust, the harder she demanded he do so.

Pam's head rose and she squealed as Dennis buried his cock in her. She shoved back with the strength of her young body, making sure each time he reached deeper and deeper into her. Then she dropped her head to muffle a scream in the pillows as the cresting wave took her.

Dennis never slowed. Pam's convulsions only spurred him on to greater efforts. She was in the throes of multiple orgasms, one following the other. Her arms collapsed, shoving her ass even higher. Dennis' eyes opened wide and he called her name over and over as he finally swelled inside her and shot a second load deep in her pussy. The two college students collapsed. With the last of their energy they snuggled together and fell asleep.

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