tagLoving WivesRoomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 02

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 02


(Part 2 - Kim and the motorcycle couple. For those who missed Part 1, Pam and Kim, my 60's college roommates are spending two weeks at the shore along with some college friends and having some of their usual adventures.)


Kim McCall stood by the side of the road, trying to decide if she really wanted to kick the car she was standing beside. Not that it was the car's fault that the tire went flat, The black haired Canadian girl supposed.

It was Kim's turn to shop for groceries. Actually she didn't mind it at all. She admitted to herself that she was the best cook in the group and that she enjoyed it. Of course she didn't say so out loud. Then nobody else would do it. She had finished her turn as cook for a few days so once the ingredients she had picked up were delivered it would be time to head down to the beach. Of course that demanded a car with four round tires.

As she debated, there was a roar she identified as being that of motorcycles. The slender girl tensed, even as two machines came around the curve in the road. Hidden behind the tinted visors of their helmets, Kim could make out nothing of the faces of the two riders. Both machines slowed down as the approached her, and then pulled off the road in front of the car.

Kim didn't know if she should be scared or not. Two wasn't exactly a gang. The bikes DID bear what even she recognized as the famous Harley Davidson logo. Her knowledge of bikers was pretty well founded only on a few movies, none of which portrayed riders in a very positive light. On the other hand, did the Hell's Angels wear helmets? At least ones that were not spiked German Helmets or something like that.

Silence descended as one, then the other, of the bikes cut their engines. One rider unfastened a helmet and removed it, to reveal a rather handsome man whom Kim guessed was in his late 40's or early 50's. He made no attempt to dismount from the bike.

"Miss? Are you alright?""

Kim wanted to say "Yes", and then thought about saying "No". Unable to decide, she stood there with her mouth open. Her indecision was broken when a soft voice laughed.

"Jim, I think you have the young lady too shaken to answer."

Kim snapped her head to the other bike. That rider was also sitting with helmet removed. In this case though, the person revealed was a lovely woman, with hair as black as Kim's. Kim judged she was probably about 5 years or so younger than the man. She relaxed. Neither of the people looked in any shape or form to be outlaw motorcyclists. She turned and waved at the car.

"I like to think I'm not helpless, but I cannot get the lug nuts off that flat tire. And I have food in the car, including stuff that's perishable."

"Let me look," offered the man, climbing off his bike and setting the kickstand. He crossed to the car and bent over.

"By the way," said the woman. "I'm Nancy, Nancy Daer and that is my husband Jim. We're retired and traveling the country. Our home is actually South Dakota but we're always on the move."

"Hi. I'm Kim, Kim McCall. My roommate and I and some friends are sharing one of the old houses on the beach road for a couple of weeks. Today was my day to do the grocery shopping. I was heading back and 'Boom'."

There was a grunt from the car and a muffled curse. "Who ever put these on must have used an air hammer. I can get them off but it is going to be a long process." he straightened from the car. "Kim, can I suggest that you let Nancy take you and your groceries home and then she can bring you back here in say, thirty minutes?"

Kim felt like her snap judgments tended to be right, and she felt she could trust this couple. She nodded, and with Nancy's help gathered the stuff together that need to get in the refrigerator and they wedged it into the saddlebags of the woman's bike. Nancy climbed on, looked back at Kim and gestured for her to put on a spare helmet that hung from a strap.

"Put your arms around me and hang on," Nancy directed cheerfully as she cranked the bike and off they went. Kim was enthralled. She had ridden on bikes before, but never one so powerful. And never with another female. Even through Nancy's leather jacket Kim could feel the full curves of the older woman's body. Unconsciously she hitched herself closer and indeed hung on.

All too soon the ride was finished. Nancy helped Kim unpack the groceries and accepted an invitation to come in for a glass of the tea that her roommate Pam Maguire made every day.

Neither the banging of the door nor Kim's yell brought any response. After stowing the groceries and pouring two glasses of tea, the two women walked through the bottom floor of the house. Nancy admired the rooms and the workmanship while Kim checked the little bulletin board they had set up at the front door.

"Well. Kim said.

"What is it?" asked Nancy as she looked over Kim's shoulder.

"My roomie Pam is gone out to meet a new friend she met today when she was running. Everyone else has gone off to the movies."

"May I make a suggestion?" At Kim's nod Nancy continued. "We're staying at a friend's vacation house. Its secluded and it has a pool. Do you have a swimsuit?" Kim nodded again. "Well then, grab it and join us. We'll go bring back your car and then you can ride over with us."

Kim dashed up stairs and back again. She climbed back on the bike with Nancy and off they went. By the time they got back to the car Jim had replaced the tire. Giddy with excitement, Kim drove back to the house and parked the car. She ran inside, left a note and hung up the car keys.

When she came back outside, Kim swallowed. Nancy had removed her black leather jacket and was wearing a white t-shirt. Kim could see the outline of the bra the older woman was wearing, even to the fact that it was white and lacey.

"Ready?" asked Nancy. Kim's answer was to climb on and put her arms around the rider's waist. Nancy cranked the engine. Before taking off, she put her hand over Kim's clasped ones and urged them up. "Hold on a little higher," she called over the sound of the engine.

"My pleasure," thought Kim with a secret grin. She could feel the swell of Nancy's breasts against the tops of her hands. She savored the feel of them the entire ride to where the Daer's where staying.

Kim was shown an extra bedroom and changed into her two piece suit. She studied herself in the mirror. Not bad. Voices called to her and she left the room, heading down the hall to the back door and the patio by the pool. She went out the door and stopped dead in her tracks. Jim was there, wearing trunks that showed regardless of his age that he was still in great shape. But Nancy...

Jim's wife was wearing a one piece red suit that clung to her full curves like a second skin. The dark haired beauty's legs were shown to their full effect by the high cut sides of the suit, which rose far up her hips before plunging sharply into a vee between her legs. And her breasts, her breasts. Kim almost moaned, remembered their softness against her hands. The older woman's lush breasts were barely contained by the material. Indeed, her nipples were clearly to be seen through the tight fabric. Kim couldn't understand how the thin spaghetti straps held up everything they were supposed to hold.

Kim passed the afternoon somehow. She made every attempt to enjoy her host and hostess' conversation and their attempts to make her feel comfortable. The talked, swam, snacked a bit and shared a bottle of wine. Kim made an effort to keep her eyes away from Nancy whenever she could,. She did mange some, after all, the house was lovely and Jim himself was good to look at but her gaze continued to return to the older woman. Once, when Nancy rested at the side of the pool, her breasts up on the edge and the suit soaked through, Pam almost fell in the water peeking.

The afternoon wore on into early evening. Kim had accepted an invitation to stay for supper and the threesome was talking on the patio.

"Well, I don't know about you two, but I'm going to take a quick shower before we eat," declared Nancy as she rose from her chair. Walking over to Jim, she bent over and kissed her husband. Kim held her breath as the red material of the suit bottom tightened over Nancy's full ass, the material almost disappearing into the cleft between her cheeks. Nancy straightened and smiled at Kim and left the room. From her seat, Kim could watch the older woman walk down the hallway and was unable to tear her eyes from her until she disappeared.

An innocuous comment from Jim forced Kim to return her attention to him. Hoping she had not been too obvious in her staring at his wife, Kim replied and tried to keep her mind on the light conversation the two of them were having. It was hard. She could hear the sound of the shower and her thoughts kept drifting to what Nancy's nude body looked like under the water.

The sound of the water stopped. Kim was tempted to turn her head and look down the hall but managed to restrain herself. She still heard a door open and close, then another one open.

Jim continued to chat about nothing at all for a few minutes. Then he smiled, stood up and held out a hand to Kim. She took it and he helped her to her feet and then released her hand. "Kim, I'd like to compliment you and then ask you something. May I?"


"I'd like to compliment you on your self-control. Its more than one expects of a young woman."

"My self-control?" replied Kim, a bit confused. She had half expected something being said about her body. Jim hadn't been leering, but she had seen him make a couple of approving studies of her. Of course she had been noticing him also, he was quite handsome. But then her eyes had really been straying towards Nancy.

"You wanted to look and see if you could spot Nancy when she left the shower. You have been enjoying watching her, and both of us have enjoyed you doing just that. I hope you won't regret your politeness when I tell you she stood in the hallway and twirled around. She was nude."

Kim gulped. Well, she shouldn't be surprised. She had probably not been nearly as careful as she thought in watching Nancy. It was embarrassing to be caught though, especially by her husband.

"Now don't blush," smiled Jim. "We both enjoyed it. Now the question." He looked into Kim's eyes. "When Nancy kissed me just before she left, she whispered to me how sexy she thinks you are, and how much she would like to be with you. She is waiting for you down the hall in the bedroom. Its the last door on the right. So, do you want to make love with my wife?"

All Kim could do was nod. Jim gently turned her and opened the screen door. She walked down the worn carpet, her bare feet making almost no sound as she did. The door he had indicated was open. She hesitated, looking back. Jim had not followed her but had remained at the door, still smiling. She took a deep breath and stepped through the doorway. She stopped dead in her tracks and was unable to smother a gasp.

Nancy was on the bed. She was nude and even more gorgeous than Kim had thought. The older woman was on her hands and knees, her legs spread and her feet facing the door. She looked back over her shoulder, her black hair falling over most of her face. Kim licked her lips.

Nancy winked. "You've been watching my legs and bottom all day. Don't you think you should take off your swimsuit before you come here and touch them?"

Kim shed her suit in record time. Her eyes fixed on the body before her, she climbed up on the bed, kneeling between Nancy's parted legs. She pressed herself against the older woman, her hands stroking the rounded orbs of Nancy's ass.

Nancy rose from her hands and leaned back against Kim, the two women kneeling together now. She reached back and took Kim's hands, guiding them around her and over her breasts. She turned her head and Kim took the opportunity to kiss her.

Nancy's breasts were generous and still stood proud, her nipples hardening to an amazing length. She used Kim's hands as though they were her own, rubbing the palms over those nipples and her fingers to explore the smoothness of her skin. "Squeeze them," she whispered to Kim, who happily complied.

At the same time the married woman was grinding her ass against Kim, rolling her hips and flexing her knees. Kim's legs had slid apart and she closed her eyes as Nancy would first push a firm ass cheek between them, then rub her tailbone up and down against her and then press the other cheek. Soft gave way to hard and then soft again.

Nancy guided Kim's right hand down her body. She rubbed it first against her belly, then over her mound and finally between her legs. Nancy pressed her index finger against Kim's, curling both fingers between her shaved lips and into her wetness. She pushed them both deeply inside of herself, her hips rocking forward onto them and then back again against Kim.

After no more than perhaps fifteen or twenty seconds, Nancy pulled both fingers out. She lifted them to her mouth and slipped Kim's dripping finger between her lips and began to suck it.

Kim moaned. The feeling was amazing. The suction as Nancy stripped her finger of the older woman's juices made her squirm. The sensation was added to as Nancy ran her tongue over and under the sucked digit.

Nancy released Kim's finger. "Mmmm, delicious. I do love the taste." She reached down again, dipping her own finger inside herself before lifting it and presenting it over her shoulder to Kim. "Here, my dear, taste for yourself."

Kim sucked Nancy's finger. The older woman was right, the taste of her was wonderful. Nancy wiggled her finger in the coed's mouth, then began to slowly pump it back and forth. At the same time the older woman increased the pressure of her ass against Kim, who was frantically humping her pussy against Nancy's firm cheeks.

As Nancy continued her assault on Kim's senses, she turned her head and whispered to the younger woman. "Kim, I know you are attracted to women, I've watched you watch me. I want to ask you a question or two." She smiled. "All you need to do is nod or shake your head. Alright?"

Kim nodded. Barely, as she was pretty much as excited as she had ever been.

"Kim, are you gay? Are you a lesbian?" Surprise, Kim shook her head sideways.

"Ah, wonderful," purred Nancy. "You see, Jim would like to join us. Do you mind?" Once again Kim made a negative gesture.

"Lovely. If you had objected he wouldn't have. We always respect the wishes of any visitor to our bed. Still, if you are not comfortable, he will only touch me, only enter me at the right time."

Since Nancy had not actually asked her a question, Kim simply continued to enjoy the feel of the older woman's body against hers and the squirming sensation of the finger slipping in and out of her mouth.

Nancy continued. "Now, like me, Jim thinks you are quite the sexy young woman and he would love to have you while you have me. Before you decide, you might want to take a look. He's standing right next to the bed."

Reluctantly, Kim released the now very well sucked finger and turned her head. Nancy's husband was standing right beside them. Kim looked him over. She already knew he was quite handsome and in fine shape. Good muscle tone, flat stomach and he had a very nice cock jutting out. Not huge, Kim was built rather small and had no wish to attempt to take any foot long monsters, but more than adequate, assuming he knew how to use it. She rather suspected he did.

In answer, Kim turned back to Nancy. With her head still turned to look over her shoulder, Kim was able to kiss the older woman on the lips, thrusting her tongue into the open mouth. She reached around and cupped the heavy breasts. She squeezed them, broke the kiss and said "Yes."

Nancy turned around on the bed and kissed Kim back. Then she stretched out, spreading her legs as she did, one on either side of Kim's kneeling body. She ran her hands up and down her body and announced "Come here Kim."

Kim was so excited that left to herself she would have thrown herself face forward between the sexy older woman's legs. But Nancy caught her and pulled her so the coed's open mouth fastened onto one of her full rounded breasts.

"You've been peeking at them all day, Kim. I think you should enjoy them before you get to the main attraction."

Kim had to agree. She filled her hands with Nancy's breasts, even as she sucked in as much as she could of the one her mouth held. She marveled at the smoothness of the older woman's orbs, at their heaviness in her hands. Her experiences with other women had been limited to Pam and a couple of other college friends, none of whom were so busty. She held the two full orbs together and her tongue darted back and forth from one hard brown nipple to the other.

Nancy ran her fingers through Kim's dark hair, murmuring encouragement to the young woman at her breasts. She drew in a sharp but deep breath as Kim buried her face into the cleft between them, flattening her tongue and beginning to drag it down Nancy's body. The coed's hands lingered, thumbs and forefingers closing on the nipples, giving them gentle squeezes and little pulls, even as her mouth searched lower.

Kim paused to lick Nancy's navel and then let her tongue wander over the softness of the older woman's tummy before resuming her march down. Reluctantly, her hands released Nancy's breasts, first giving the nipples one last firm tug. Those hands ran up and down the well-formed legs and then slid under the older woman just as the questing tongue parted Nancy's already puffy lips. Kim gripped Nancy's ass as, with a hiss of triumph, her tongue entered the older woman's wet pussy.

The bed creaked and moved behind her. Firm hands took hold of her hips, thumbs rubbed her ass cheeks. Jim bent and kissed the back of her neck. Kim could feel the head of his cock against her leg even as he spoke to his wife.

"How is she darling? Is she making you happy?"

"She's lovely," gasped Nancy, her fingers still tangled in Kim's hair. "Be sweet to her."

"Nothing but good feelings," assured Jim. Suiting his actions to his words, he guided his cock between Kim's legs and against her opening. Carefully he adjusted the young college girl's body, until he could enter her easily. then with one long but careful push of his hips, he eased his cock inside her.

Kim gasped, mostly into Nancy, who's taste she was enjoying even more now that she could sample it directly. Jim's cock felt wonderful in her, filling her but not stretching her. She let the feeling between her legs build, riding the increasing waves of pleasure as the older man thrust in and out of her. Each movement of his produced an equal reaction and she tongued and kissed and sucked on the pussy before her. Knowing that cock and pussy belonged to a married couple excited her even more as Kim reveled in her first three-way.

Kim's body began to shudder. Almost frantically she used her tongue on Nancy, first driving inside her and then moving to caress the woman's unhooded and hard clit. She used Nancy's gasps and moans as directions.

"I think she's about to cum, love" Jim managed to say, between teeth clenched in his determination to thoroughly fuck the young woman before him.

"So am I, Jim," cried out his wife. Her fingers tightened in Kim's locks and pulled the coed's face into her. She bucked up and Kim felt the rush of the older woman's nectar as she spasmed and came. Her own body bounced back and forth on Jim's cock, which felt as though it was growing to completely fill her.

Then fill her it did as Jim drove into her one last time and his balls emptied their load into Kim. Her face locked onto Nancy, the coed was unable to give voice to her own orgasm, but showed it by trying to lick up every droplet of Nancy's juices, flailing at the married woman's pussy until all three of them collapsed to the bed.

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