Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 02


The trio rested and regained their breath. Nancy pulled Kim up and kissed her.

"My, my," the older woman smiled. "That wasn't the first or second time you have done that to another woman." Her eyes twinkled. "No need to reply dear and no reason to feel embarrassed. It was meant as a compliment."

"Now then, may I suggest you lay back on the bed Kim?" When the young woman complied, Nancy spread the slender legs and knelt between them. She lifted her right hand to her mouth and licked the palm in a long slow stroke. Reaching behind herself she slapped her ass with a loud "Pop". She licked her left palm and slapped the other cheek, even harder.

"Oh, I do love that," she purred. She leaned forward, her knees still under her, going between Kim's legs. She kissed the inside of one knee and then the other, before sliding her tongue up to Kim's soaking pussy. She kissed Kim there, swirling her tongue over the mixture of the coed's juices and her husband's cum.

Kim stared unbelievingly as Nancy drove her tongue up into her. The slender girl could feel it slide along her walls and then curl, dragging Jim's cum from inside her. The dark haired wife closed her mouth on Kim and began to suck her pussy even as her hands slipped under Kim and grabbed her tight cheerleader's ass.

Kim jerked her attention away from Nancy's head as another sharp "Pop" echoed through the room. Jim was back on the bed, this time behind his wife. He slapped Nancy's ass again, while his other hand rubbed his cock, hard again and still coated with the cum mixture his wife was sucking from the young woman, between Nancy's full ass cheeks.

"You are so naughty aren't you lover?" Jim asked in a hoarse whisper. "Look at you, on your hands and knees licking a college girl's pussy. And its all full of warm male cum. A naughty lady like you deserves to be treated in a naughty fashion. Like a nice cock right up that ass of yours." Jim's hands gripped his wife's hips. Kim watched in fascination as the man leaned into Nancy. His body hesitated then he groaned and his hips bucked forward.

Nancy squealed right into Kim. Her hands ran up the flat belly and over the college girl's breasts, almost snatching at the nipples before they swept back down and under Kim. Since that felt so good, Kim cupped her breasts with her own hands and flicked her own nipples as she watched Nancy's tongue swirl over and into her, gobbling down the mingled juices.

Jim grunted, drawing her eyes, if not pulling her attention from Nancy's tongue. His hips were driving hard against his wife. Kim could hear slapping sounds as his groin slammed into Nancy's upraised ass. Every time he bottomed in her she seemed to grab Kim's ass tighter and thrust her tongue deeper inside the coed. A finger wandered into Kim's cleft, wet with juices slipping down her perineum.

"Oh God." The words burst from Kim as Nancy's dripping finger pressed against her anal ring. Her hips lifted, grinding her pussy against Nancy's face and allowing the older woman the opportunity to slide her finger into Kim's tight ass.

All three of the people on the bed were going wild. Jim's back was arched as he drove his cock into his wife. Nancy was shoving back against him while she pumped her finger in and out of Kim's ass and her tongue in and out of the coed's pussy. And Kim, Kim was just holding on for dear life, the bed sheet balled up in her clenched fists and her body tensing as it attempted to hold off an explosive climax that could no longer be denied. She screamed. Then everyone was screaming together and going wild for what seemed an eternity until Kim found herself nestled between the married pair and so happily exhausted she could barely move a muscle.

The next morning the two motorcycles pulled into the front yard of the old house and Kim climbed off the back of Nancy's bike. She moved rather slowly and a bit stiffly. Kissing both of the Daer's goodbye, she watched them zoom off. As she turned towards the house, an unfamiliar car pulled up and Pam got out, after pausing long enough to kiss the driver. When the car drove away, Kim caught only a blurred image of an attractive female with long blonde hair.

The two friends silently trudged up the steps to the porch and then the stairs leading to the second floor and their bedroom. Both managed to pry off their shoes and partially undress before the both fell onto the bed and curled up together. Before Kim fell asleep she giggled softly. It looked like she wasn't the only one with a story to tell.

(To Be Continued)

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