tagErotic CouplingsRoomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 04

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 04


Kim McCall wrapped her arms around her legs and hugged them, her knees pulled up under her chin. "I can't believe it," she said. "I can't believe that we only have two days left."

The porch swing creaked as Kim's roommate, best friend and lover Pam Maguire sat down beside her. The taller girl stretched out her legs. Kim enjoyed the sight as Pam flexed those legs. Always shapely from all the running her athlete friend did, the coastal sun had tanned them to a golden brown.

"Its been fun though, hasn't it?" Pam smiled at her, reaching over to tousle the short black hair that even the bright South Carolina sun had failed to lighten.

"It has," Kim leaned against her friend, resting her head on the brunette's shoulder. "And we'll have more fun. The bonfire on the beach tonight. Cooking out on the fire. Singing."

Pam slid an arm around the shorter girl. "And maybe slipping off by ourselves into the night. Skinny dipping in the ocean and then drying off on a towel spread out where the sand dunes hide us."

Kim's eyes twinkled. "Why, whatever would give you the idea of doing anything like that?"

"You would, you sexy girl." Pam's fingers brushed over the side of Kim's breast and the two roommates shared a look that promised each other that night would be memorable. As indeed it would turn out to be, although not quite in the way they had imagined.

They spent the day cleaning the house, top to bottom. The entire group was determined to leave the place spotless, indeed, cleaner and in better condition than they had found it. Brian turned out to be a fair carpenter, having learned from his dad, and repaired loose shingles and a sticking door while the other guys cut the grass, hauled off the garbage and assisted the girls as they scrubbed the house. At least twice Pam and Kim misplaced one of the couples that had formed over the days spent here. Once they discovered the whereabouts of a missing pair but judging from the sounds coming from behind the closed doors Stan and Laurie were in no need of being found. In fact, the roommates took advantage of the time alone to do some kissing and touching of their own.

As the shadows began to lengthen the group headed down to the fire pit. A fire was kindled and hamburgers and hotdogs were cooked on an old metal grill the girls had done their best to clean. There was much laughter when an occasional errant item fell into the fire. But there was plenty for everyone, including several wandering beachcombers who stopped by and were invited to stay.

For a while after supper they built the fire high and danced around it, watching the leaping flames through their shadows across the sand. Eventually the wine they all shared began to take it effect and they settled down onto blankets spread around the fire. The flames slowly dies, turning into coals. The sound of the surf seemed to blend with their singing as Brian again hauled out his guitar and the songs of the era floated down the beach and into the night.

Pam and Kim were snuggled on one blanket, together as they usually were. Pam was sitting up with her legs folded and Kim was laying back into her lap. One or two of the people who had been enticed by the smell of supper had looked a bit sideways at the two girls who had started the evening by holding hands before progressing to their present position.

The roommates thought it was funny. Neither was a lesbian. They had discovered their mutual attraction to each other one night over a year and a half ago but they thoroughly enjoyed the company of both guys and other females. They cared for each other but neither expected anything would continue past the end of their college years except for a deep friendship they both swore would never end. So sometimes they overdid their public affection but it was just for fun. When one passing couple had pointedly stared at their intertwined fingers Pam had leaned over and kissed Kim deeply. They could barely smother their giggling when the other couple bolted without finishing their free supper.

Not that they weren't planning on spending some time together tonight doing some serious and happy exploration of each other's bodies. The pair settled back into the flickering shadows and fingers began to wander. Kim's hands slid up and down firm runner's thighs and the other girl brushed black hair away from a neck that seemed just perfect for nibbling. Then two hearty voices called "Hello" and the pair looked up to see two familiar figures enter the ring of light.

"Dennis! George!" The girls' words tripped over each other as they rose to greet the two new arrivals. Dennis stood there with a shy look on his face while George moved hesitantly towards Kim, who was greeting him with a warm smile. The duo crossed to the young men they had met and spent a memorable night with at a Chess Club tournament in the State Capital back during the winter. Pam had occasionally dated Dennis, who had blossomed into a much more self-confident guy. Similarly, George and Pam had gone out several times. Neither girl had shared the specifics of exactly what went on during those dates, but they had each always returned with smiles on their faces.

Hugs were exchanged and friendly kisses. After a search for another blanket the foursome returned to the circle around the fire, joining the other already paired couples.

"So what are you all doing here?" inquired Pam. "Not that we're not happy to see you but it is a surprise." She and Dennis settled down on one blanket. George and Kim had already occupied the other one. Pam noted with a hidden grin that George's arms were already wrapped around the young Canadian cheerleader. There was more there than either one of them was admitting.

"Actually Kim had mentioned this trip to us back when you all were first planning it. Neither of us could come as we're both working for the summer but she DID say to drop by if we had the chance."

"Well," Smiled Pam. "I'm glad you all had the chance." She gave Kim an amused look. "Of course you could have mentioned it to me."

"I did," Kim's eyes twinkled. "But you were studying so hard that evening that you might not have been paying attention."

Pam's eyes twinkled in return. The brunette Theatre Arts major didn't do much studying in the room as most of her courses were hands-on type ones. "Studying" referred to activities the two girls did when they were sharing the same bed.

"I must have been distracted. Anyway," Pam leaned back against Dennis, "I'm glad you all made it."

Pam WAS glad that Dennis and George had made it. She truly liked the shy chess player who had come more and more out of his shell since the two of them had spent a night together back during the winter. He was a very nice guy and she enjoyed his company. He didn't act all possessive, he was interesting and intelligent and if she had been thinking about settling down any time soon he would be high on the list of prospective husbands.

The enlarged group sang a few more songs then settled down to quietly watch the fire subside into glowing coals. Conversation died away to nothing more than soft murmurs. Couples began to drift away from the fire. David Woods, the leader of the group and his girlfriend Beth had volunteered to stay till the fire was completely out so no one needed to worry about leaving.

That included Pam and Dennis and Kim and George. The first pair scooped up their blanket and disappeared into the dunes. The latter two smiled at each other and rose themselves, George folding the blanket and tucking it under one arm. Taking their time, they strolled down the beach. Almost surprising both of them, Kim impulsively reached out and took George's hand. Fingers laced and he gave her hand a squeeze.

They walked along the shore for a while, enjoying the night air. They chatted quietly, not wanting to disturb the calm around them broken only by the incoming waves. After an indeterminate amount of time they reversed course and retraced their route until they could see the dull glow of the dying fire.

Kim shivered a bit in the breeze.

"Cold?" George started to unfold the blanket. She stopped him with a hand on his arm.

"A little, but I can think of a better use for that blanket and a better way to warm up." Standing on her toes she kissed the taller young man. He wrapped one arm around her and returned her kiss. In fact, he wrapped his arms, blanket and all, around her and lifted her from her feet before carrying her into the solitude of the dunes.

There was one moment when the spell tried to break. George's foot caught a trailing edge of the blanket and the couple nearly toppled to the sand. He caught himself though. Lowering Kim, he snapped the blanket open and drew her against him. They kissed again and slid down to lay against each other. The kisses were gentle at first, as were the exploring fingers. The passion flared between them that they had felt at their first meeting and then they were all over each other.

It took only moments for the pair to rid themselves of their clothing. George rolled onto his back and pulled Kim on top of him. His mouth fastened onto one firm small breast. One hand cupped the free breast while the other danced down her back and ran over her tight ass.

For her part, the cheerleader reached down and between them. She hand found his hard shaft and encircled it. She slid her hand gently up and down, urging him to thicken even more than he already was. Rearing up, she ignored the muffled protests as George lost his grip on her breasts. She straddled the young man under her and guided his cock between her labia and into her opening. She settled down, allowing him to slowly slide up inside her already wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm," Kim moaned softly.

"Mmmmmm, indeed," replied George. His hands settled on her hips and his eyes fastened onto her breasts, where her hands rested now in place of his. He watched as she began to run her fingers over her smooth little orbs, paying particular attention to the hard pink nipples. He watched as her eyes closed briefly and those same fingers began to pull and roll the nubbins.

Kim leaned back slightly, pulling her nipples as she began to bounce a little on George's cock. Just a little at first, her movements became a bit faster but stayed steady, increasing how far she slid up and down on the shaft inside of her. She tried to keep her rises and falls in time with the strumming of her fingers on the hard points of her breasts. George simply held her, allowing her to set the pace.

From her position on top of George, Kim's ears caught a low but familiar moan from not far away. Tearing her eyes for a moment from the man she was aside, the black-haired coed looked to her right. All she could see in the moonlight was a familiar pair of feet and a bit of two shapely calves. Since those feet were waving in the air with the toes pointed towards the sky, Kim easily deduced that Dennis was probably on top of her roommate and that Pam was having a very good time herself. Then George caught her by her hips and began to bounce her up and down on his cock and Kim forgot all about whatever Pam might be doing.

Pam was doing just fine. When she and Dennis slipped off they had walked hand in hand through ankle deep water, saying nothing, just enjoying the night sounds and the surf splashing around them. When they had walked their fill they turned toward the sand dunes. Finding a tidy spot out of the evening breeze they spread the blanket Dennis had carried. He sat down and she snuggled beside him on her knees with her legs under her.

Dennis gently ran his fingers over Pam's face before he leaned forward and kissed her. She opened her mouth to him and those gentle fingers slid down her sides, catching the hem of her short and pulling it up and over her head. They kissed again and the chess player took the runner's pointed breasts into his hands, cupping them and stroking the nipples, as she had taught him the first time they had made love. Their tongues explored each other's mouths again.

Pam's hands fumbled at the young man's waist and he rose to his own knees, allowing her freer access to his shorts. He returned the gesture, unfastening her cut-off jeans and pushing them off her trim hips. She got his belt open and his shorts unzipped about the same time. He caught her up in his arms and stretched her out on the blanket. Pam lifted her hips and Dennis slid her shorts and panties down her long slender legs.

"You are so beautiful. And," Dennis leaned over, lifted Pam's leg and ran his tongue along the smooth skin, "You have the sexiest legs I've ever seen." His licks became kisses and then Pam was quivering as her chess master's mouth fastened itself onto her pussy. She spread her legs wide and drew them up, planting her feet on the blanket. His tongue slid inside her and his hands crept up her flat tummy.

"Oh Dennis," breathed Pam happily as the young man's hands covered her breasts. His fingers gently explored them, his fingertips tapping the nipples back into the smooth firmness. His tongue danced in and out of the young athlete's pussy, now burrowing into her, now parting her wet curls and lapping up and down her open slit. He paused and kissed the inside of each thigh, licked there and then replanted his mouth onto her pussy.

Pam was trembling. Dennis had not only learned well what she had taught him, he had obviously been practicing. His lips and fingers worked as a team and the brunette girl could feel her body responding and already building towards an orgasm. She briefly debated with herself on letting herself go just as things were but decided she wanted Dennis' body against her. Reaching down, she caught his arms and tugged.

To her surprise, the young man simply paused, looked up at her and grinned before he returned his attention to her wet and quivering pussy. He was teasing her clit now, rolling it around with his tongue. Pam shook all over. She covered Dennis' hands with her's, holding them firmly on her breasts as she muffled a cry of pleasure. Dennis must have sensed she was approaching her threshold, for at exactly the right moment he pinched her nipples and squeezed her clit with his lips. Pam couldn't have held back, assuming she had the slightest desire to do so, and came in a rush and a loud "Yessssss."

"That's better," Dennis slid up the young athlete's body, covering her with himself. "NOW we can do what I think you wanted a few minutes ago."

Pam smothered a grin. She yawned and let her eyes close half-way. "Well, that was then. I don't know about now. I'm feeling sleepy now after that lovely tongue lashing you gave me. Perhaps I need a nap."

Dennis' mouth fell open. Then he spotted the mischief dancing in Pam's eyes. Giving a mock growl he caught her in his arms. Already dripping between her legs, his cock had no trouble slipping up into her. He braced his arms and began to thrust in and out of her. She rolled her hips up to meet him, her legs pointed towards the night sky.

Kim had forgotten all about Pam's legs, Pam, Dennis, the campfire, the ocean and the rest of the world. Her world narrowed down to her and George. George had a firm grip on her hips now and was using his arms to help her ride up and down on his straining cock. The young coed was twisting her nipples and arching her back as her legs worked wildly to bounce herself up and down on George. Each time she dropped down on him while he thrust up seemed to reach just a little bit deeper inside the coed. She could feel his head impacting against her soft spot.

The black-haired cheerleader let out a strangled whoop. Unable to resist, she abandoned her right nipple and waved her arm over her head.

"Ride 'em cowgirl!" she gasped.

George laughed under her. The young man shifted position, sitting up with Kim still firmly impaled on his cock. His mouth closed on her breast and his hands gripped her ass. She felt him shudder under her. Gripping lips tugged her nipple and strong fingers dug into her ass cheeks, holding her right down onto him. Kim cried out, making no effort to be quiet now as George flooded her pussy while her own juices flowed over his cock and between them. George fell back and Kim went willingly with him.

The tiny part of her mind that remained detached grinned as she heard a familiar answering yell from another sand dune. Pam was coming too. Good for her and good for Dennis. She snuggled down against George.

The morning sun found the two girls back in their room. It had got a little chilly during the night, too cool to stay on the beach without additional coverings. And as it turned out, the two boys had only time to make a flying visit. Both had summer jobs and had to get back. The foursome had fixed an early breakfast from the little bit of remaining food in the kitchen. Then Pam kissed Dennis and Kim kissed George and the two girls had stumbled upstairs and into their warm bed after they watched the guys drive away. Pam opened one eye well after day break as her friend stirred.

"Good morning, sleepy head."

Kim stretched like the little cat Pam often thought she was. "Good morning to you too."

"Did you have a good time last time?"

"Very good indeed." Pam looked thoughtful. "George really is a lovely guy." Before Pam could pursue that line of thought, the cheerleader grinned at her. "And Dennis? How is he and how were the two of you?"

"He's getting even better," confessed Pam. She giggled. "I think he's been practicing and not by himself. He certainly hasn't unlearned any of the things I taught him. He knows how to treat a woman properly. As does George I bet or you wouldn't be so interested in him."

"Who says I'm interested in him?" Kim attempted to act nonchalant. Since the dark-haired sweet Canadian girl was as transparent as clear glass, her act failed miserably.

'Oh, must just be my imagination I guess," replied Pam.

The two girls rolled out of bed. Kim grabbed a towel, peeked out the door and then headed for the shower, dressed only in the long t-shirt she slept in. Pam watched approvingly at the sight of her roommate's tight cheerleader butt peeking out from that t-shirt.

A smile tugged at the corners of the brunette's mouth. Maybe this wasn't the way she and Kim thought the night before would end, but it had been a lot of fun. And, she glanced at her roommate, who returned her look with twinkling eyes, there still was tonight for that midnight swim and a shared blanket in the sand dunes.

(To Be Concluded)

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