tagIncest/TabooRooming with Sis Ch. 01

Rooming with Sis Ch. 01


I was in a bind. My roommate had just dropped out of school and was leaving. He had lasted only one month in college. Now I would be stuck with all that rent, which was an expense I couldn't afford. I also knew I couldn't turn to my parents for help. They were struggling to make ends meet as it was. They lived on a farm back home. Dad did the farming, but he also fixed cars and did a little welding on the side. Mom was the typical farmers wife. She cooked. She cleaned. She basically did what she could to make dad happy. Then there's my sister Becky. She lives back in our hometown as well, but with her boyfriend Doug. She works full time at the bank and does what she can to help mom and dad out on her days off.

I had tried to find another roommate, but by that time in the semester, everyone had found a place to live. I wasn't getting any phone calls in response to the fliers I posted around campus. In desperation, I called home with the hopes that my parents would be able to scrape together enough money to help me with the rent for this month.

Dad answered the phone. Instead of telling me for the millionth time how money was tight, he put mom on the phone.

"We were just going to call you," mom said. "We have a favor to ask you."

That was the last thing I needed. Usually a favor meant that they wanted me to come home for the weekend and help out on the farm. Usually dad would ask me to do that, but sometimes mom would if dad was busy with something at the moment.

"Well, actually, more like your sister has a favor to ask you," mom said. "She's here right now, and was just telling us about how the bank is closing the local branch. Some people are being let go. While others, your sister included, are being transferred to different branches. And she's being sent to the one near your college."

My college was a good four hour drive from home. I wondered how Becky could work here if she lived there. I was starting to see that this favor had nothing to do with me coming home.

"So you see," mom continued. "She'll need a place to stay during the week. Since you have an extra room and are still in need of a roommate, we were wondering if you would let your sister stay there."

My sister living with me? I didn't know what to do. Becky was four years older than me. Growing up, we got along as can be expected from a brother and sister. And having her around would probably cramp my style a bit. For one thing, I wouldn't be able to keep beer in the fridge. And forget about bringing a girl back here. The last thing I needed was for her to make fun of me like she used to when I had a crush on Sally Jankenson when I was fifteen.

On the other hand, she was family. And she would cover the other half of the rent. Not to mention that Becky was also a pretty good cook. So I would end up saving some money on having to eat out all the time.

Reluctantly, I agreed. Not knowing at the time that my choice would forever change my life.

That Sunday evening, just shortly after I got home from work at the school library, Becky showed up with a pile of clothes and some other stuff in her car. After I helped her bring her stuff in and set up in her bedroom, she checked out the kitchen. I had cleaned it as well as I could, and Becky was surprised that the place wasn't a total mess. I had also cleared out all of the beer from the fridge. I wasn't a heavy drinker, but I was in college and liked to have one now and then.

Becky took inventory of what was in the fridge and cabinets, made up a shopping list, and then headed off to the store while I sat down to do some studying. When she got back, I helped her bring the groceries in. And to my surprise, there were two cases of beer in the car.

"Becky," I asked her, "was there a sale on beer or something? This is a lot of beer for one person to drink."

"No, there wasn't a sale," she said. "I was just surprised you didn't have any beer in your fridge. Most college kids have nothing but beer in their's. I guess you must have gotten rid of yours, huh?"

I stood there dumb faced while my sister put a couple six packs into the fridge. She turned to look at me, smiled and said, "Just don't let mom and dad know I bought you beer. They'd have a fucking cow if they knew. And don't drink all of it. I like to have a can or two when I get home from work."

I started to think that rooming with my sister wouldn't be so bad.

Monday afternoon I got home from school around 6pm. Becky was already there making dinner. God it felt good to come home to the smell of a home cooked meal. I dropped my books in my room and set the table. During dinner, I even had a beer with my meal. Becky had one when she got home, and she had a second while we ate.

After dinner I had to study while my sister watched TV. I stopped to take a break and went to the kitchen to grab a beer. Just as I was closing the fridge, Becky asked me to grab her one was well. I handed it to her and sat on the couch with her. She was watching 24.

We drank out beers and then I had to get back to studying. She was in bed by the time I came out again.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. Becky cooked dinner every night. We would have a few beers when I took a study break. Even Friday evening she cooked dinner for me before she left for home. I hadn't expected that.

She got back to the apartment Sunday night with a load of groceries and some more clothes. I helped her get everything in and went back to study while she did the laundry. I was starting to think I could get very used to this. If I started dating it could be a problem but it didn't look like that was going to happen anytime soon.

Tuesday night everything changed. About 2:30 in the morning I heard Becky scream. I rushed into her room and found an inch of water on the floor. I turned on the light and for a brief second it showed a big hole in the ceiling dripping water, then the light shorted out.

Becky was lying on the bed covered in pieces of the ceiling. I helped her get them off and we quickly got as much of her stuff out of there as we could. Fortunately, other than her bed, not much got soaked. She went to take a shower but the ceiling in her bathroom had also fallen. Water was pouring out of that hole into the tub. She went to use my shower instead.

I called the apartment manager and left a message. 'Great,' I thought, 'they won't get the message until morning,' but the maintenance guy knocked on the door twenty minutes later. He shut off the water in the vacant apartment above us and helped to clean up my sister's room. He put a big fan in there to help dry things out.

When he left it was almost 4am. I told Becky to sleep in my bed. I'd sleep on the couch. She told me that was silly. The couch was too short to sleep on. It was more like a love seat than a couch. She said I should just sleep in my bed with her. We'd figure out more permanent arrangements the next day.

I surprised myself by falling right to sleep when we got to bed. I didn't wake until Becky's alarm went off at 6:15. I tried to fall back to sleep but couldn't. I just laid there.

Becky had left the bathroom door open. When she stepped out of the shower I could see her naked backside. For some reason I was fascinated. She was my sister, for Christ's sakes. Even so, I couldn't look away as I watched her pull on her panties and hook her bra. I counted every stroke as she brushed her dirty blond hair.

I kept my eyes almost shut and pretended to be asleep when she came into the bedroom. She picked a blouse and skirt out of the pile of clothes on the floor and a pair of pantyhose from a pile on my dresser.

She sat on the bed with her ass almost in my face while she put her pantyhose on. Then I watched her button her blouse and zip her skirt. When she sat at my desk and started to do her makeup I realized I was hard. That freaked me out.

After Becky finished her face she slipped on a pair of shoes. Before she left my room she bent over and kissed my cheek, saying "See you tonight, Drake. I hope you enjoyed the show."

Before I could respond she turned and left.

That evening when I came home, Becky acted perfectly normal. Dinner was almost done. The one thing that was different was that she was still in her work clothes. She explained that she had gotten home late and hadn't had time to change.

After dinner I went to my room to study. I was shocked when Becky came in. She said she was going to change. While I sat at my desk she stripped to her bra and panties. She pulled a pair of shorts on and searched around for a few minutes until she found a short t-shirt. I was hard again when she left.

I was starting to think my sister was flirting with me. But that would be crazy. I mean, objectively speaking, Becky was hot. She worked out, kept her weight the same it had been in high school. Her body was nicely shaped and her face was beautiful. Any guy would love to have her in his bed, but she was my sister. I couldn't be that guy.

That night I had to stay up late studying for a test. When I got ready for bed, Becky was already asleep. I stripped to my underwear at the side of the bed. I was about to go to the bathroom to put my sleep shorts on but after I took a peek at her to make sure she was still sleeping I just dropped my underwear and put on the printed boxers I slept in.

I quietly, carefully climbed into my bed. I had just laid my head on the pillow when I heard Becky say, "Night little bro."

The next morning I heard Becky get up. I kicked myself for it, but I couldn't help but turn over to see if she'd left the bathroom door open. She had. I waited for her to step out of the shower.

Through the door of the bathroom I again saw her naked ass standing at the mirror. She pulled some panties on but then turned around, giving me a perfect view of her breasts. They were gorgeous, big and full.

She walked into the bedroom and started digging through her clothes, which were still in piles on my floor. Several times she bent over and I saw her magnificent tits hanging from her chest, swaying gently. Of course I was rock hard by then.

When Becky laid a silk blouse and a silk skirt on her side of the bed she bent over so her tits were almost in my face. My god, I could almost have stuck my tongue out and licked her nipple. She pulled a very sexy bra off the dresser and put it on. It only covered half of her globes. She then put on a garter belt and stockings. When she attached the stockings to the garter straps she put first one foot, then the other on the bed right in front of me. I could see her thong underwear pressing into her pussy. I almost came watching that.

She put her makeup on before she put her blouse and skirt on. She sat at my desk again, but this time she was half turned so I could see her doing it. When she put her lipstick on her lips were pushed together like she was kissing the lipstick.

Finally she picked up the blouse from the bed and stood there right in front of me while she buttoned it. When she pulled her skirt up, she turned around and gave me a great view of her pretty ass as she wiggled it trying to get the very tight skirt up.

Then I almost died. With out turning around she asked, "Drake, would you pull my zipper up, please?"

Her voice was just so casual. As if she dressed in front of me every day. I reached out and pulled the zipper of her skit up. She adjusted the waist then turned around and kissed me, ON THE FRICKIN' LIPS.

"Thanks," she said, "I'll see you after school." And with that she left.

I was so horny then I had to beat myself off. I pulled my shorts off and wrapped them around my rock hard cock. I could still hear her in the kitchen when I started to stroke it. Just as I was cumming she called out, "Bye!"

When I got home that evening, Becky was in short shorts. They basically had no legs. Her top was a tank top that didn't even cover the bottoms of her boobs. She obviously didn't have bra on. Having seen her naked that morning and with her dressed in such sexy and revealing clothes I started getting hard the minute I got home. By the time we sat down for dinner my jeans were so tight it hurt.

Becky acted like nothing was unusual. I started studying after we cleared the table while she watched some reality show. I took a study break about 8:30 and got us a couple of beers. I was actually nervous when I sat on the couch next to her.

After a few minutes she put her hand on my thigh. I looked at her and saw her looking at me. After a long pause I asked, "What?"

"I just wanted to say how proud I am of you," she said, "You have grown into a fine, handsome young man. I can see how hard you are working on your classes. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work. It must be hard to study and work so much with so little social life."

She kept saying hard, hard, hard. And I was. Rock hard. She kept staring at me and I knew she expected a response.

"Oh, ah," I stammered, "not to, ah, hard. I just want to do good in school."

"You keep it up," she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, "and you'll do very well at everything you try. And I'm not worried about you finding someone. I know I used to tease you when we were kids, but... Any woman in this town would be thrilled to be in your bed, any woman."

"Ah, sis," I stammered again, "ah, thanks, I guess."

She squeezed my thigh and went back to watching the TV. I finished my beer and was getting ready to go back to the books when Becky asked me to get her another beer. I did and got one for myself. I needed one after our last encounter. When I went to hand my sister her beer she reached for it but grabbed my hand by mistake. I fell onto the couch, my head landing in her lap.

"Are you alright?" she asked, helping me to my feet. Then she started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked, laughing with her.

"You didn't even spill the beers," she said, "not bad. Not bad at all."

She took a drink from her can then wrapped an arm around me and pulled my face to hers. She kissed me hard on the lips for two or three seconds. "Thanks for the beer," she said, "Now go hit those books, Einstein."

That night Becky stayed up watching a late movie. I was in bed when she came in. I sensed I should just make like I was sleeping. While I watched through my half closed eyes, my sister stripped off her top and shorts. She had no underwear on under her shorts so when she stripped them off I had a perfect view of her pussy. It was freshly shaved. And it was wet. I could see it glistening in the light from the bathroom. I was instantly hard.

My sister walked to the bathroom naked. I saw her sit on the toilet and pee. Her legs were open but I couldn't see much. She wiped, washed her hands and brushed her teeth, all while completely naked.

She came back into the bedroom and put on a short nightie. It didn't even come to her waist. She then climbed into bed with no panties on.

I rolled over, still trying to act like I was sleeping. Becky rolled up behind me, her tits pressing into my back. She put her arm over my side and whispered in my ears, "Good night, little brother."

That morning I again watched mom get ready for work. It seemed to me that she was taking a very long time in the shower. By the time she started getting dressed it was much later than usual. When she put her watch on she looked at it and said, "Shit, look at the time."

She was still in her bra and panties. She started to grab at clothes on the floor and toss them onto the bed. A pair of panties landed on my face. "Oh, sorry Drake," she said, "since you're up, would you be a doll and get the coffee started for me? I'm running late this morning."

I could sense the urgency in her voice and instantly got out of bed. Becky turned and smiled at me, then I saw her eyes shift down. My hard cock was sticking out of my shorts. I quickly stuffed it back in but it popped out again.

"Don't worry about that," she said smiling but not taking her eyes off it either, "just go make the coffee."

I had the coffee made and had filled her travel cup when she came out. She took a sip, smiled and kissed me. "Thanks," she said with a sly smile, "sorry I got you up. I hope it's not too hard to get back to sleep." She kissed me again, this time it lasted a good ten seconds.

When she left I realized my cock had been hanging out of my shorts the whole time. As she put it, it was too hard to get back to sleep. I beat off in the shower and got dressed.

That was Friday. She was gone when I got home but there was a casserole in the microwave. She'd made enough to last me the weekend. There was a note taped to the fridge.

'Got more beer, don't drink it all. Supper is in the microwave. See you Sunday night. Love, B. ps. I had a great week, thanks roomie.'

Saturday morning I had a chance to talk to the maintenance guy. He explained that they were waiting on the insurance company to authorize the repairs. It could be a few weeks.

That night after work I moved some stuff around in the apartment so Becky wouldn't have to keep her clothes on the floor. I was able to squeeze my stuff together and free up three drawers in my dresser. I moved some of my winter jackets and other heavy clothes to her closet and moved the rest of her stuff into my room.

When I got home from work Sunday afternoon, Becky was there. I hadn't expected her until that evening. I asked why she was there so early.

"I guess I just couldn't wait to get back," she said with a smile. I wasn't sure if she was joking or not. She went on, "and I figured we'd need to get things figured out here. It looks like my room won't be fixed for a while. I was going to see if they'd give us another apartment until ours is fixed, but you seem to want me to stay with you."

I kind of stammered for a while but she just smiled and said, "That's fine. I like having someone in my bed. It's so lonely to wake up by yourself."

"Now," she continued, "what are we going to do this evening? I had planned on moving or at least reorganizing my stuff. But I can see you've already taken care of that."

"I don't know," I said.

"Well, do you have a lot of studying to do?"

"No, not really."

"Would you like to go to the movies? My treat."

So we decided to go to the show. Becky changed into a tight, short dress that was very low cut, which she'd just brought from home. She even put on makeup and heels for 'our date' as she kept referring to it. She looked very sexy and nothing like my sister when we got to the theater.

I insisted on at least buying the popcorn and drinks. She thanked me with a kiss. I was starting to get more comfortable with my sister's behavior so when she kissed me I kissed back. That kiss lasted longer than any before and when we broke she said, "you kiss nice."

After the movie Becky suggested we order a pizza and eat at home. I called ahead and the pizza was there only minutes after we got home. Becky paid for it while I got some beer. There was a bunch of stuff she'd brought from home on the table so she cleared off the coffee table and put the pizza there. We sat on the floor to eat it.

"I'm having a great time," she said as we finished the pizza. "You've been a fun date, Drake."

"I've had fun too, sis," I said and suddenly felt self-conscious. I'd started to forget she was my sister.

"I haven't had pizza and beer in ages," she said, "and I loved going to the movie. We don't get much chance to do that back home, do we?"

"No," I agreed, "not since the drive in closed."

"Oh, that would have been fun," she said, "Is there a drive in around here?"

"I don't know," I told her, "I've never seen one."

"Well maybe we can find one. I have to work Saturday so I'll be staying Friday night. If you're not too busy with school and work perhaps we could go out again."

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