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Roommate Massage Practice


I had a roommate in college named Martin. We were decent friends, although, we had little in common, we'd sometimes hang out and talk a bit. I was a bit of a typical jock. I was always working out and didn't really have much to say. My life was about hitting the gym and I'd been getting pretty ripped and that was it. Whereas he didn't really care much about my sports and he was more interested in reading books and studying. I could never understand how he could be so sedentary.

Life went on. I'd always be working out. Coming home stretching. He'd be at the books. Then one day, he asked if he could use me to help with his course on physiology, identifying body parts. He was studying to be a masseuse.

I said, "Okay."

Martin said, "Great."

"Lie on the bed on my stomach." He got his book and put it by my side and started poking and prodding me.

"Ouch that hurts." That area under my shoulder blade was sore from overdoing it.

He pointed out, "It shouldn't hurt. You are probably nursing an injury."

"I overdo it a bit."

He kept on going through my entire body and finding all these places that hurt and he would poke each and every one of them too hard and then point out another injury.

I was a little bit annoyed that he wasn't more gentle.

Then he finished and thanked me and went back to his bed.

I asked, "Did you figure out what you are trying to figure out."

He said, "Yes, but I feel bad that I have so many injuries. You should be getting massages to avoid having chronic problems."

I said, "Thanks but that's a bit too expensive."

He said, "That's part of my training as a therapist and although I'm not yet certified, I do need to have a certain number of hours of practice and would be glad to do some work on you if you don't mind that I'll be learning and that you'll need to give feedback."

I said, "Okay."

He said, "Great. Let me practice by doing it exactly how I'm taught. I'll leave the room and you take off your shirt and pants and get under this towel."

I did what he said, leaving my underwear on and got under the towel.

He got to the room and gave a really thorough and good massage. I'd never been massaged before let alone massaged by a man. But he was very professional. Always covering and uncovering anything and he massaged me till I was almost asleep.

It was a little bit weird when he massaged my butt but even that seemed pretty professional.

He even had special massage oil. Which really felt good.

This became a bit of a routine. He'd offer massages and it did in fact help out a lot of my sore points. I pointed out what felt good. What didn't. He asked questions about my different body parts and his strokes. I told him what I liked and what I didn't. He became an expert at massaging me exactly the way I wanted it.

One day he came back drunk which was odd for him and then decided that he'd give me a massage. It was kind of funny but I figured why not. He wasn't very professional, though. He looked at me and said, "Take off your clothes." I took them off in front of him while he watched.

He then massaged me on my back without any towel covering me, but it was his normal massage, although his hands were not quite as coordinated. He then said turn over. I was a bit embarrassed without a towel, but, I was pretty comfortable with him and quickly relaxed. He already knew my body well enough that it didn't matter. I turned over. He massaged me professionally but was preoccupied and stopped every so often while holding different body parts. His hands roamed from the muscles on my shoulders down my chest to my stomach and waist and he started to take them away.

But, before letting go, he stopped completely and changed his mind and laid them warmly on my waist, and he looked at me seriously and said, you know I've given you a lot of massages.

"Yeah," I said, thinking, uh oh, my free massage routine is history. Was he going to want massages back? I don't think I'd like to massage him. I wasn't planning on being a masseuse. I didn't say anything and just waited.

He said, "I think it's only fair if I tell you that I'm gay. Is that okay?"

I said, "Sure."

He smiled and said, "I'm so relieved. I felt a little bit bad that I didn't tell you."

"That's okay," I said.

Then he let go of me and went to his bed and to sleep.

The massages proceeded as always except now he didn't cover me with the towel quite as much and didn't bother with leaving for me to get undressed.

I also suspected that perhaps the work he did on my butt was excessive especially because that was one body part that I had no problem with. He even admitted one day that I have a beautiful butt while massaging it.

I was surprised for a second and then answered, "Thanks." He then rubbed it a little extra. The truth is that I've gotten this complement from women as well. And I've even had a girl friend or two that touched it quite obsessively which was fun. No big deal.

He then added, "You should know that I'm a virgin. I've never done anything with a guy."

I said, "Wow. You should find someone. There's no reason not to have a love life."

This whole time he was massaging my butt. I now understood why he was particularly obsessed with it. But, it was harmless, felt good, and I felt less guilty about never giving him a massage and getting so much from him.

But, I also realized that his exploring was a bit unprofessional. He got closer and closer to my hole when I was on my stomach. He even managed to let some oil drip over it which made it feel very itchy and I felt odd about touching it and wiping it with him there.

So I told him, "Be careful not to drop oil over there because it itches."

"Sorry," he said, and then with his finger wiped it away. I thought his encroaching was harmless and he did admit he was a gay virgin and I am not a prude. He would open up my cheeks and massage maybe a centimeter away from the edges of my hole. It felt really good, but, even so, it wasn't exactly a typical massage. But, I could imagine the liberties I would take with a girl given the same situation. Just thinking about that gave me the chills and made me smile. So I had no complaints.

Then one day as he massaged me he asked, "Can I come on the bed to get more leverage?"

I said, "Sure."

He climbed on top of me while I was on my stomach. And gave his typical massage. He was completely on top of me. At this point I was so comfortable with him that it was fine. Then he said, "You know Max, it's funny, I'm really surprised at how excited I am. I guess it's because I'm a virgin. My heart is beating like crazy."

I said, "That's nice, I guess."

He added, "I'm thankful that you let me massage you. Because without you I think I'd have no outlet at all and I'd end up just sleeping with a random dude from a bar. And I really don't want to do that. I am waiting for the right guy."

I said, "That's probably a good idea."

It's nice to be appreciated, I thought.

He pushed down my shoulders and really dug into the muscles and I could feel his crotch on my butt. I could feel that he was hard. But, I didn't say anything. Whatever. But then he started pushing me forward and bouncing with me on the bed a bit as he got my shoulders and back and I could definitely feel that he was rubbing up against my butt as he did this. Once again, it was harmless fun for him. And didn't hurt anyone. I was cool.

He did this for a while and then stopped and asked, "Did you like that?"

I answered, "Yeah."

He asked, "Were you okay with the fact that I was on top of you?"

I answered, "It was harmless. If it's easier for you than it's fine with me."

On the next massage, he also climbed on top of me on my bed, only this time he was wearing thin sweat pants and I could really feel his penis. I hadn't ever looked at it but it felt really solid and he was actually digging between my butt cheeks with it.

It actually felt kind of good down there. But, I was getting paranoid. Could he cum on me like this? I guess it was safe because he said he's a virgin but maybe he wasn't. It didn't even matter because I didn't want his cum on me. I was completely naked and vulnerable and open to him. I didn't think he could cum from dry humping but who knows and there is pre-cum to deal with too. I felt like it was a bit moist, probably from sweat.

So, after he stopped doing it, I turned around and said, "You know Martin, I can feel you down there."

His face went white with embarrassment, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize." He looked away, "You must think I'm a horrible pervert."

That wasn't at all how I felt. I had to fix that. I said, "It's completely fine. I'm totally cool." I smiled, "But, I don't want any of your stuff on me. No fluids."

He said, "No of course not. you really shouldn't worry about that, but, if you are worried, would you be okay if I wore a condom when I massage you. Under my pants."

I said, "Sure."

He went straight to his bed in the dorm and got a condom, took off his sweats and underwear. His penis bobbed around and looked very solid and horny. He rolled a condom on. Then he put back his underwear and asked, "Is this okay?"

I said, "Sure."

He then jumped right back on me and gave me his rhythmic massage all the while dry humping me on my butt and I must admit digging in a bit and making me feel a little bit like I was being prodded and stretched down there. But, I did feel more comfortable now that he had a condom. And it was okay. After a couple of minutes he ran out of steam and slowed down a bit and stopped the humping and continued the massage.

The next time he gave me a massage he started by putting on his condom. His penis was hard and ready for the condom, in anticipation of the massage, apparently. I'm glad he was enjoying himself. And he wore his underwear on top of his condom like last time.

It took no time for him to jump on top of me and start his rhythmic massage. Which I must admit felt pretty good. Even the area around my hole down was pretty sensitive and he made sure I felt very good all over before starting.

Then I felt something wet on my butt. He stopped and said, "Oops." I looked around and his condom covered penis was sticking out in the hole in front of his underwear. "Sorry about that," He said.

I said, "that's okay, that's why we have condoms," I smiled.

Martin said, "Okay."

And then he just continued his massage. His penis flopping around touching my butt, legs, hips and waist. He did not put it back in his underwear. I think there was a misunderstanding there. But, no harm I was getting my massage and he was wearing the condom.

Then he started his rhythmic massage again. This time the tip of his penis was right on target, but not going in. It was just pressing me on my anus. I must admit that it felt okay. But, I wasn't interested in having sex so I said, "Martin, I don't want you going inside of me."

Martin answered, "Understood. I won't. I promise. I'll be careful."

He then just continued rhythmically massaging my shoulders, his penis pressed directly on my anus but not going in. I must admit that it was feeling pretty nice. This continued for a while. I just closed my eyes thinking that Martin lucked out with a pretty easy going roommate.

Then he started making noises and pushed a little bit harder. It didn't slide right in but it shocked me a little bit and my stomach jumped. And he just fell on top of me for a second and his penis was no longer present. He started to massage me slowly again. He asked me if I wanted to turn over.

I looked back afraid of what I might see between his legs. But, his penis was not sticking out from his underwear. I think he came from massaging me. Wow. Without even penetrating me or having sex. I've never done that. Fun, but, harmless fun, and it was his business not mine.

Then there was the little matter between my legs. This was the first time that I actually gotten hard from him. I don't mean semi hard. But a full boner. I guess the fact that someone was enjoying themselves with me that much is a pretty big turn on. Plus all that pushing and feeling is pretty stimulating and there are a lot of nerves down there and everywhere else. His hands were all over me really. Reaching around and touching my stomach and my chest and my sides and arms. It's well known that guys get erections all the time for various reasons. I guess mine wasn't going to be too big a shock for Martin so I just ignored it and turned over.

He looked down. But pretty much ignored me. He then said with a smile, "If I ever want a blow job, I should know that he'd be happy to oblige. I've never given one and am pretty curious." Just from his tone, I think it was pretty clear that he knew what the answer would be.

I said, "I think that might be a line that I'm going to not cross. A massage is one thing but a blow job is quite another."

He said, "Okay," and continued my massage and said, "You have a beautiful penis," and smiled and touched it once with his hand to make his point and then pulled away quickly and looked away and went on with the massage. Then he smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I just touched your penis. That's the first one I've ever touched besides my own." And he beamed.

I smiled and said, "I'm honored."

He continued to finish my massage. My hard on was gone. The massage was over.

The next time the process was the same. Massage all over. But, this time there was, I think, a little extra oil applied to my butt that dripped over my anus. And he very lightly wiped it in with his hand. Hmmmm. At least not itching. But, watch it, I thought.

Then he started dry humping me. I could feel that his penis was sticking out of his underwear and felt the latex. It felt good and he didn't go inside of me. But, the head of his penis did find the entrance to my bum. And it felt very good to have it caress me. And it wasn't penetrating me. But, I did think that with all that oil, there wouldn't be much resistance, if he wasn't so careful. I thought the very tip might be going in about a centimeter and it could very easily go in all the way and become sex.

But, I already told him I didn't want sex and I really did trust him. And I thought he was more gentle than the previous time. It was less dry humping and more of a massage with his penis on target dancing around and touching me there.

I did not think he would cross the line and penetrate me and violate my trust.

Then he started kissing me on my back once in a while. I was going to have to talk to him about that if he kissed me anywhere else. But for now on my back was okay and felt good.

This continued and it felt like he was slowly edging his penis in. I wasn't sure how far it was in. But, I felt certain that it was going in. So, I told me, "Hey, I don't want you in me."

He said, "It's not going in. It must just feel that way. Feel." He took my hand and I indeed felt the head of his penis as he undulated and it was not inside of me. I was satisfied. Strange how I didn't have much of a sense about how deep his penis went.

But, it was going around and I could feel it. I also felt that there was a barrier which it would not go past inside of me even though I was pretty slimy. And he was bouncing on that barrier. And it felt very good, I must admit. Knowing that barrier was there made me feel comfortable.

I started getting hard again. And he was pressing me against the bed and my penis was feeling very good.

This humping and massaging was going on for a while. Martin, had a pretty good stamina as a masseuse and as a lover. I don't think I'd ever made love to a woman for that long. I was awash in sensations, his fingers everywhere, my anus being stimulated. I completely relaxed. My guard was completely down.

After a while I started to feel a tender itchy feeling in my anus. An itch that didn't go away but that got bigger. It throbbed when he pressed it. There was a slight twang of pleasure when he pulled back and the flesh took it's natural form. Then he pulled out and pushed in once again and I had a tiny contraction and another one after that. Perhaps just my muscles feeling uneasy.

But still it's a concern. I didn't want him to feel my anus responding to his humping. His humping was his business. I was just getting a massage. I realized that I shouldn't be having pre-orgasmic spasms in my butt from his penis. That could get out of control. And he must not know what's happening.

I wondered if Martin felt that first contraction. Probably not I figured. He was busy. And just once meant nothing.

But, I did not want to get any more aroused from this. And it seemed, for the first time, that this could possibly happen.

Gradually, everything that Martin touched felt extremely erotic and sensitive. He touched me a little bit lighter. He caressed me a bit more.

He was touching my sides and they were tingling. He slipped around me and brushed past my chest and nipples and groped the flesh on my front with his hands. I was surprised by the pleasure. My adrenaline kicked in when I realized I need to pull myself together.

But, the whole time, like a metronome, his penis pressed and retreated, and my barrier stretched and recovered. Why was this giving me pleasure all of a sudden? This wasn't anything new. He wasn't penetrating me. When would he get tired? I wondered.

I must calm down.

I didn't know what to do but lie there passively as he he played my body gently touching my skin then warmly massaging it.

Mind over matter, I thought.

His hands were rubbing against me. Spreading the pleasure. His penis was hitting that little part of me. Innocently exploring trying to find that combination taking little thrusts. Knocking at the door gently.

I contracted again. He stopped.

This could be embarrassing, I thought. I need to be cool.

I just laid there and relaxed every muscle, trying to be passive and calm, to fight the nervous pleasures that were surfacing all over my body.

He may have noticed the change. He did seem to react. He was taking it easy, just keeping his penis that little bit inside of me tickling me but not pressing me, and he focused on touching me instead of dry humping me.

His touches were just as bad as the pressure on my rectum. The tickling was worse than the pressing. It built up this tension.

Then I contracted again. I was under a microscope.

I had to relax. I tried holding my breath.

He was touching me and rubbing me. But, I was holding my own.

Then he started again. He pushed and pulled his penis. I had to concentrate. But, one pump did not make me contract.

But, every time I started to relax and felt like I was back in control, he'd pull out and pushing in just enough to bring my attention back to his penis.

It was only a matter of time. He would finish.

He knew my body. He was pleasuring me slowly and methodically. Touching my neck. Touching my legs. His hands were everywhere. He was not letting up.

What was he up to? I was getting very aroused and he was keeping me there. Why was he going so slowly? Was he deciding how to deal with this situation? Was he having second thoughts about what he was doing to me? This was very new. He started something that was beyond my control and he could tell and he had to decide what to do with it.

Then he started kissing me on the back of my neck and caressing my arms, and he went back to gently pushing in and out with his penis without stopping but slowly.

I was getting chills. The pushing was exciting and straining those nerves.

He started breathing a little heavily as his lips brushed the skin on my neck and shoulders. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and his arms outside my arms and held firmly and and used his penis to knock on my barrier quicker and lighter than before. It felt like little contractions. Was I contracting? Was he forcing me to contract?

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