Roommate Relations Ch. 05


"Want to see what my lover's taught me to do today?" Jess asked. Ella gave a small nod. Jess rose up slightly, positioning herself over Ian's stiff tool, and lined up his helmet with her tight back passage. She hovered there for a moment, with Ian's cock poised for entry, and then lowered herself slowly. The sensation of Ian once again splitting her open and filling her up was like the return of an old, nearly forgotten friend—even though it had been mere minutes since Jess had him inside her, she still yearned for it, and feeling him once again filled a need she didn't previously know she had.

Ella watched, mouth open slightly, eyes wide, as Jess descended slowly onto Ian's cock. Ian's hands went to Jess's hips as he assisted her, pulling gently downwards. Jess met Ella's gaze, and Jess could see a deep desire in her friend's eyes—a desire to be where Jess was, to be fucked by a powerful, confident man like Ian.

Jess felt her ass make contact with Ian's groin, and she realized that she'd taken him all the way. She looked down, past her full, firm breasts and her dripping slit, and could see Ian's swollen balls underneath her; every inch of him was inside her ass once again. Ella seemed thunderstruck by Jess's ability to take all of Ian's impressive member. "How... just how?" she asked, stammering slightly.

Jess gave her a slightly strained smile and replied, "He taught me well and he warmed me up. And then I just relax and I can start to do this..." As she finished speaking, she starting to rise and fall, squeezing her ass slightly on each upstroke. She started out slow, and Ella watched, enraptured, as Jess's tight asshole milked Ian's cock like a tight fist. But soon, Jess started to speed up. Through it all, Ian just stared at Ella, his gaze hot on her skin; she couldn't meet his eyes for more than a moment without blushing crimson and looking away.

Ian slapped Jess's ass as she bounced up and down on him. The sudden pain made her yelp slightly—but it also made her pussy clench hard. "Fuck, baby—do that again!" she asked. Ian complied, gripping her ass afterward and jiggling it in his hand. "Thank you, sir!" Jess squealed. "I've been a bad girl. Cheating on my boyfriend and letting you take my... oh!" She yelped before finishing her statement as Ian's big hand came down on her ass once more. Jess found herself speeding up as Ian spanked her. Ella kept playing with herself, her hand moving faster as well in time with Jess's rising and falling.

Before long, Jess was riding Ian like the stallion he was. He stopped spanking her, and his hands were around her waist now, helping her as she lifted herself off him over and over only to drop back down each time. Ella's eyes were glazed with lust, as she watching Jess and Ian's furious coupling. She let out a small whimper, her lip quivering, and came—Jess and Ian watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and she started to twitch and shake spasmodically, sliding down the wall, ending up sitting on the floor with her legs spread and her hips bucking up involuntarily.

Ian let out a short bark of laughter. "Guess we make a hot couple, babe." Jess was too far gone to answer, as she was rapidly approaching her own climax. Her eyes were closed, and her head lolled bonelessly from side to side as she rode Ian, her tits bouncing frantically. Ian grabbed Jess's hair, gathering it into an improvised ponytail, and pulled gently, forcing her head back and making her arch her back at the peak of each bounce. Jess groaned as the small pains—his hand in her hair, the burn in her thighs and calves from her vigorous motion, the warm tingling pains from where Ian had spanked her—joined with the euphoric pleasures coming from her pussy and her ass, and she came. Her juices spilled—practically gushed—from her cunt, soaking Ian's balls and the bed beneath him.

She didn't stop riding him, though, and she swiftly felt another orgasm building hot on the heels of the first. But then she was caught by surprise when Ian brought her little silver bullet back into play, reaching around her body and pressing it firmly against her clit. She practically howled, making Ella flinch slightly, and came again. This time, she lost control of her legs. At the top of one bounce, she froze, legs trembling, and then collapsed. Ian gave a small grunt as she landed on him heavily, and started thrusting up into her—the fact that she couldn't ride him was no reason for him to lose out on his enjoyment.

Jess's loud, screaming orgasm formed a counterpoint to Ella's small, quiet one. The busty brunette rode her lover and wailed, while the petite raven-haired Asian fingered herself on the floor and whimpered, both of them cumming in unison. Only Ian remained unsatisfied.

But that situation wouldn't last for long. Jess's convulsions swiftly proved too much for Ian, and with a groan he pulled her off of his cock. She fell back against him, his cock sticking up between her legs, her back resting on his broad, sweat-slick chest, her head on his shoulder. Ian reached around her and grasped his cock—and after a single quick stroke, he went off.

Perhaps it was the eroticism of the situation, or the thrill of deflowering Jess's last virgin hole, or the effect of an orgasm too long delayed, but Ian's eruption was overwhelming. He threw his head back, banging it against the wall, as silver-white streams jettisoned from him to splash against Jess's body.

The first spurt overshot her almost completely, striking the wall just by Ian's head, leaving a trail down onto his shoulder and into Jess's hair. There was a pause, as if he was building up pressure for another volley, and then a second spurt burst from him and left a thick, bright-white line running from just between her firm D-cups and up across her face, closing her left eye, and past her hairline where it stood out start against her dark hair. There was another brief pause, and then a third blast joined the second, landing on one breast right over her pink, proud nipple, streaking up onto her shoulder.

Then the brief pauses ceased, as Ian loosed what seemed like a dozen more bolts of seed, long ropy streams that rained down on Jess like water from a lawn sprinkler, leaving drops and streaks of cum all over her upper body. Ella gasped and Jess's back arched and relaxed over and over as Ian drenched her thoroughly. Rivulets started to slowly trickle down to her stomach, and as they rivulets met and joined they became slow-flowing streams of white spunk.

Ian's torrent slowed, the ending of his orgasm coming out as a nearly steady stream instead of distinct blasts, soaking Jess's flat stomach and pooling in her belly button. Ian, Jess, and Ella were all panting. Jess was thoroughly coated in Ian's cum from the waist up; Ian had even managed to get a fair bit on his own shoulder and chest and the wall behind him. Jess slid off of Ian and turned toward him. He put his arm around her, seemingly unconcerned about the fact that she looked like a Jackson Pollock painting done in one color. Both of them had the eyes closed, and Jess nestled up against her lover with a small sigh.

Ella rose on unsteady legs, using the wall for support, and took a shaky step to the recovering lovers. Ian opened one eye and gave her a smirk. "You're welcome to join us." The dozing Jess didn't seem to notice, and Ella froze, eyes wide. "I... uh... I... going," she stammered, before fleeing the room. Ian closed his eye again and relaxed, with the cum-covered Jess curled up against him, both of them drifting off to sleep in each others' arms.


Waiting For a Girl Like You

Ian was nervous. It was an unfamiliar feeling for him; normally, he was possessed of a confidence bordering on arrogance (if he was honest, it spilled over into arrogance pretty regularly). But tonight was, apparently, an unusual night.

He had a date, but that wasn't unusual. It was with someone he'd been fucking for some time, which was a bit odd—normally, he'd go out with a girl then take her home and fuck her, but things had gone differently with this one. Still, he thought, that shouldn't make me nervous; after all, if I know I'm getting laid tonight, that takes the pressure off, right? But that thought didn't help him relax.

Next door, Kyle banged on the wall and yelled "Turn down the music, asshole!" Ian ignored him; in fact, a few nights he'd intentionally turned his speakers toward the wall in a little fuck-you to the whiny prick next door. Right now, he was playing some Metallica—mainly because it seemed that Kyle really hated it. When he left for his date, the music would stay on, ensuring that Kyle didn't have a restful night.

Of course, if Ian's date decided to come back to his room, then the music would go off. It would go off, so Kyle could better hear Ian as he fucked Kyle's girlfriend Jess six ways to Sunday.

It wasn't the first time Ian and Jess had done that, either. Kyle still didn't know that his girlfriend has become Ian's lover. Ian would sometimes barge in on Kyle on the increasingly rare times they were together (often with a prearranged signal from Jess, or just when he thought it would be funny). And when he did, it would spoil Jess and Kyle's romantic moments. Ian also went out of his way to make life difficult for Kyle—the music was part of that, but he would also sneak into Kyle's room and take some of his stuff or delete important files from his computer. It was easy enough for him to do; the RA was a woman, and Ian had charmed her soon after moving in. And even if he hadn't, the lock to Kyle's room from their shared bathroom was busted thanks to a particularly vigorous fuck he'd had with Jess up against Kyle's door.

Thanks to this torment, Kyle had become a mess. It was no surprise that Jess was spending less and less time with him. What was shocking was that she was spending the time with the man responsible for her erstwhile boyfriend's dissolution. But Ian and Jess got along well with one another. At first, they'd been bitter enemies, but after their first night together, that started to change. Ian gave Jess the best fuck(s) of her life, and Jess did likewise for Ian. But it was more than that—they had started hanging out and just talking, instead of spending all their time fucking. And when they did they discovered that they actually liked each other as something other than fuck-buddies.

Perhaps that was why Ian was pacing in his room, stopping regularly to look at himself in the mirror. Jess was far from the first girl he'd fucked. Hell, she wasn't even the first girl he'd fucked while she was seeing someone else. But she might have been the first girl he'd wanted to spend time with outside of fucking her.

Ian's nervous pacing was interrupted by a small buzz from his phone. He couldn't suppress a small smile when he saw it was a text from Jess. "Downstairs. Come and get me," it said. Ian practically flew from his room, bounding down the stairs of his dorm.

She was waiting for him on the steps at the front of the dorm, in a tight little black dress that showed off an almost scandalous amount of cleavage thanks to its plunging neckline. The dress was short, coming to an end just a few inches below her pert ass, and it clung to her curves. A thin silver necklace hung around her chain, and more silver flashed at one wrist. A pair of small, dangling earrings hung from her ears—also silver, set with sapphires that seemed to match her eyes. Her black fuck-me pumps added a few inches to her height and made her calves look amazing. She was wearing a bit of makeup—some pale lipstick, together with dark eyeliner—and her long, dark hair was up, a few loose ringlets falling down.

Jess gave Ian a shy smile when she saw him, and he returned it. Both of them blushed slightly. "Wow," said Ian, "you look... amazing."

Jess's blush deepened. "You like it? Kyle picked it out." Ian arched an eyebrow, and she continued. "I tried on a bunch of outfits and sent him pictures. He thought this was the sexiest. And do you know what?" She walked over to him, her hips swaying seductively, and Ian felt his heart speed up as she grew closer. Jess ran a finger up his chest idly, feeling his firm muscles underneath his shirt, and with a wicked smile she said "He even picked out what I'm wearing underneath."

Ian swallowed audibly. "How'd you manage to get him to do that?"

"I told him I was going out with Ella... and I may have hinted I'd be visiting him afterward."

"Kyle's in for a disappointing night, then—you're all mine tonight." Ian pulled Jess to him possessively and kissing her. She melted into his arms and into the kiss, moaning gently into his mouth as their lips joined.

"Mmm, if you kiss me like that again we won't get out of the parking lot before I have to fuck you," she murmured after their lips parted.

"Don't tempt me," Ian replied. He straightened up and stepped away from Jess. "Shall we?" he asked, offering her his arm.

She took it, saying "What a gentleman," and the two of them set off for downtown and their date. Ian had made reservations for them at a little French restaurant, Bistro Du Coin. They arrived right on time, coming in arm in arm, laughing together, and were seated promptly. The two of them made small talk over a bottle of red wine. Ian told Jess about his family, his past, and his plans for the future, and Jess shared hers with him. He was surprised to find that he enjoyed their flirty conversation, and she left him wanting more.

Their food arrived, and their chat continued, as Jess told Ian about her week, unburdening herself of all the minor irritants of life. Ian listened attentively, slipping comfortably into the role of sounding board. When the meal was over, Ian realized something: he didn't want Jess to shut up. He was genuinely enjoying their talk, something that almost never happened. Normally, he saw conversations like this as a necessary prelude to fucking—but this one was enjoyable in and of itself.

It certainly helped that the woman he was talking to was a vision of loveliness. Even though her dress showed off her large, firm breasts, Ian wound up unable to look away from her dazzling blue eyes. Even when their dessert came, he was scarcely able to tear himself away from her gaze.

"You okay, babe?" she asked him, her brow furrowed in concern.

Her question caught Ian off guard. "Yeah, of course—why?"

"Because you've been staring at me without saying anything for five minutes."

Ian felt his face get hot. "Uh... sorry?" he stammered.

Jess tittered briefly. "It's fine, babe. What were you thinking about?"

Ian looked away, a bit shyly, and said "I wasn't really thinking of anything. I was just enjoying being with you."

Now, it was Jess's turn to blush. "That's so sweet. I like being with you too." The two of them locked eyes, and Ian's breath quickened. Ian looked away first, but Jess was the first to speak. "Well... so..." she said, searching for some way to restart the conversation. "So, what are we going to do after this?"

Ian—grateful for the chance to change the subject—replied, "I was thinking we'd hit a bar, get a few drinks, maybe a bit of dancing? Then back to my place or yours." Jess nodded thoughtfully.

"We can't go to my place... my room is a disaster."

"All right, then, my place it is. Kyle will be there, you know." Jess's jaw dropped open in mock surprise. Ian continued, "I wonder how long it'll take for the little shit to realize that you're the woman who's been keeping him awake."

"One of the women, you mean," answered Jess, playfully.

Ian shook his head. "Nope. Just you for a few months now."

"Oh? You don't have anyone else keeping those balls of yours from getting all full and backed up?"

"You're all I need, little lady." Ian's face fell as he realized what he had just said. The words hung in the air between them for a long, frozen moment. Jess looked gobsmacked, and Ian felt a chill wash over him, as if he'd just made a huge mistake.

But then her features softened, and her hand sought out his on the tabletop. When their fingers touched, he took her hand in his, and she said, sweetly, "You're all I need too, Sir." Relief broke over Ian like a wave, and a wide, boyish grin appeared on his face.

"You know," Jess said, "we could skip dancing and drinks and just go back to your place." Ian did something then that surprised her—and surprised him even more. He shook his head no.

"Nah, I want to give you a night on the town." As he said it, he realized it was true—he wasn't just taking her out as a way to charm her into dropping her panties. Hell, he knew from past experience that all he had to do to get Jess in bed was ask. He didn't even always need to ask; a word, or a glance, could do the trick.

"Well, a night out on the arm of a charming gentleman—what more could a lady want?" Jess asked rhetorically. Then she looked down at their dessert, and added "I think we should finish this and head out. When we get to the club, I'll show you how I like to dance for my man." She winked at him seductively.

The two of them finished their dessert, paid, and left. After a short trip, they wound up at one of the few nightclubs in their small college town. It was crowded—the shortage of night-life in their town meant that many students wound up here most evenings. Almost as soon as they arrived, Jess started swaying with the music, her hips swinging from side to side hypnotically as she strode out onto the dance floor. Ian followed, led on like an animal on a leash, unable to keep away from her. They wound up in the middle of a crowd of dancing students.

The rest of the night was kind of a blur to Ian. He remembered feeling Jess grinding against him, her dark hair falling in front of her face. At some point, they'd made their way to the center of the dance floor, and she'd run her hand up his inner thigh and found his cock, squeezing it through his pants briefly before retreating. They'd found a corner where they'd made out, her in his arms and her shoulders against the wall.

Both of them were a bit drunk and giddy with excitement when they returned to Ian's dorm, sometime after midnight. Ian was holding Jess's hand, leading her through his building to his hall, and she was laughing at something or other. They got to the hall that housed his room and Kyle's, and he shushed her, a bit melodramatically, drawing another brief titter from Jess. She got herself under control, and he pushed open the door and together they darted down the hall to his room.

The music he'd left on was still playing when they entered. Jess saw how he'd turned the speakers to the wall he shared with Kyle. She waggled a finger at him. "Bad boy, tormenting my boyfriend like this." She shook her head in mock disappointment.

Ian gave her a guilty little smirk. "Guess I should turn off the music, huh?" Jess shook her head and went over to the speakers, turning the volume down somewhat before turning them back to the room.

"Do you remember what was playing the first time I danced for you?" she asked.

"Of course."

"Put it on."

Ian turned and, after a quick flurry of clicks, set his computer to playing the song in question. Then he sat down, in the same chair he'd been using during their first encounter, when Jess had danced for him, stripping off her shirt before stroking him off. It was that incident that had led to everything else that had happened between them. Ian had replayed the scene in his mind countless times since then, when Jess wasn't around. And now, as her hips started to sway in time with the music, he felt his heart beat faster, seemingly matching the bass beat.

Jess turned away from him, her hands running up the sides of her little black dress, tugging the hem up just a bit, showing off more of her creamy thighs. "Did I ever tell you what happened after I ran out of here?" she asked him, throwing him a sly little look over her shoulder.

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