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Roommate Seduction


Christine and Will had been living together for a couple of months. Christine had desperately needed someone to share her apartment with her when the semester started because her friend Becky had made a hasty decision to transfer to another college, leaving Christine stuck with all of the rent. At first, there were surprisingly no responses to her ad for a roommate…until Will knocked on her door one day, holding one of the flyers she had posted outside of a classroom.

Needless to say, Christine was not expecting to share her apartment with a young college male…but what could she do? She was in a very desperate position. So, she let Will move in.

As Will was moving in, she noticed he had a lot of equipment for working out. That hot day in September, he was wearing a wifebeater and blue jeans, showing off his muscular build. He was moving in his treadmill, weights, exercise bike, and tons of other equipment. Will had his own mini-gym that obviously worked for him. Christine was noticing his hot body…and it wasn’t hot just because of the weather, either.

After Will was completely settled, he and Christine started getting to know each other better. They talked about how college was going, what they were studying, what courses they were taking. Then the conversations they had day by day started moving in more personal directions. Soon, they became very comfortable with each other and started talking about relationships and their sex lives.

Christine begin to notice that Will was a little shy, especially when they started talking about sex.

“Will, you have had sex before, haven’t you?” she asked once during their conversation as she noticed him blushing profusely.

“Sure,” he answered and left it at that.

“Then why are you so uncomfortable? So shy?” she put her hand on his shoulder.

“I’m not uncomfortable,” he said, still blushing.

Christine decided to drop the subject for the time being. But she couldn’t help noticing his reactions.

Will was happy when she dropped the subject, because he was getting very excited. Even though Christine noticed him that day when he was moving into their apartment, it took him a while to notice her.

It wasn’t until he came home from class one day back in September. He heard the shower running upstairs, so he figured he’d go up to his room to watch tv for a while as he waited on the shower to be free. It was so hot outside that even though he had taken a shower earlier, he felt dirty and sweaty again.

As he was walking up the stairs, the shower turned off. And as he was almost to his bedroom, the bathroom door opened, and Christine walked out with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. She was still very wet.

Will’s jaw dropped. He had never been that close to a naked girl before…even though he told Christine otherwise when she asked him.

“Oh, Will! I didn’t hear you come in!” she smiled at him broadly. She then turned her back to him and walked into her bedroom.

At that point, Will was getting hard. He quickly got out of his sweaty clothes, got into the shower, and jacked himself off to the image of Christine’s wet body…only, he imagined that he could see the whole thing. Little did he know…Christine was spying on him and could hear his low moans and see him shooting his cum all over the shower walls.

Back to the present…when Will told her that he wasn’t uncomfortable, she could see that he really was. Christine decided right then and there that she was going to loosen Will up. She was going to have him.

She went down to the video store the next day and picked up some X-rated pornos. When she came back to the apartment, Will was sitting on the couch in the living room in front of the tv.

“Hey, Will!” she said. “I just got some movies from the store. Watch them with me, okay?”

“Well, I was watching--” he started, but it was no use. Christine was already shoving one of the movies into the VCR. Then she turned off all the lights in the living room.

As soon as Will saw the name of the movie, he knew it was a porno. He became uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure he wanted to watch this kind of movie with another girl, especially his roommate.

“I think I’m just going to go up to my room...” he said, getting up.

“No, Will!” she said, grabbing his arm. “I want you to watch it with me. Please?” she begged.

Will didn’t know what was going on, but he decided to stay.

As the movie started heating up, Will felt kind of embarrassed, sitting there getting hard in front of Christine. Since she didn’t want him to leave, he decided to try to stop focusing on the movie. He put his head on the headrest and closed his eyes.

Christine noticed after a while and began to think he had fallen asleep. Her plan wasn’t working very well. She couldn’t believe there was even one guy on earth who would fall asleep in the middle of a hot porno! He must have had one hell of a day!

Figuring that she had gotten herself all worked up with no one to take care of it but her, she began to undue her pants and reach inside.

Will had heard her unzip her pants, and his eyes shot open. Out of the corner of his eyes, still pretending to be asleep, he looked at Christine. He couldn’t believe it! She was sitting right beside him masturbating herself.

She eventually stood up and pulled down her pants and panties. Then she sat back down, turned so that her body was facing Will and placed one leg over the back of the couch. Her hot, wet pussy was facing him now, and he had a great view of it. She began playing with herself again, rubbing her clit. Will felt himself getting rock hard again.

Christine closed her eyes and really began to get into touching herself. So, Will sat up and stared at her fingers working her hot pussy. He wanted so badly to touch it, taste it. But he also liked watching her do herself. He had never seen anything like it and had often wondered how girls got themselves off when he was stroking his dick.

A few seconds later, Christine moaned and orgasmed right in front of him without knowing he was watching. Then she opened her eyes and looked right into Will’s wide eyes.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped. “I can’t believe you just saw that!”

“It was beautiful,” he whispered.

“Really?” she began to soften up.

“Christine, why did you ask me to watch this movie with you?”

“Because I wanted to turn you on.”

“You didn’t need the movie to turn me on. I get turned on every time I see you.”

“So…that time when you saw me come out of the shower with my towel on, and you went in and jacked off…you were thinking of me?”

“Ever since that day, I jack off twice a day thinking about you.”

“Well, you won’t ever need to do that again!” she said, grinning at him.

Will was now stretched out on the couch with a raging hard on tenting the front of his jeans. Christine was still naked from the waist down and decided to get Will naked from the waist down, as well.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Then she grabbed his underwear and pulled them down, freeing his hard cock. Finally, she took it in her mouth and really sucked on it.

Will, of course, had never had his cock sucked, and he was amazed! Christine had just started, and he felt like he was already going to cum in her mouth.

“You have to stop!” he croaked out.

She looked at him shocked. “What?”

“I just don’t want to cum yet, that’s all.”

Christine looked relieved. For a second, she thought that Will was going to reject her.

“Christine, I don’t have any sexual experiences with girls,” he admitted.

“Well, don’t worry. I’ll show you,” she smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek. She stretched out on top of him and felt his hard cock against her stomach.

She grabbed it and moved it to her pussy, rubbing it against her clit and pussy lips. Again, Will was experiencing something new and felt like he could cum any second.

“Christine, I don’t think I’m going to be able to last very long, no matter what,” he said.

“Well, that just means that you will last longer 30 minutes from now after you’ve already cum once.”


Christine laughed. “Wow, you really are inexperienced. Let me show you.”

She sat up and moved so that her pussy was above his cock. She lowered herself onto it and began to ride it slowly so that Will wouldn’t come right away.

Will had no idea that being inside of a girl’s pussy would feel so good to him. Christine looked so hot to him while she was riding his dick. He couldn’t help it, and he let go inside of her.

Christine kept riding him and milking his dick, waiting for it to grow soft…but it never did. So, she slid off his dick and looked at it. Sure enough, it was still as hard as it was when she lowered herself down on it. She didn’t even think that was possible, yet she was seeing it.

“Does this normally happen to you?” she asked, not believing what she was seeing.


“Staying hard like that after cumming!”

“No, never.”

Christine moved down his body and took his dick back into her mouth. This time, Will enjoyed a nice, long blowjob. As it started feeling like he would cum again, she pulled it out of her mouth and got off of him.

“Let’s go upstairs to my room,” she said. Then she ran upstairs and Will followed.

She fell down on her bed, and Will got on top of her. He went down to her wet, cum-filled pussy, and started licking and sucking it. Will was really getting worked up and started taking charge.

He flipped Christine over onto her stomach and laid down on top of her. He grabbed his dick and guided it back to her pussy. He raised himself up over her on his hands as he pumped in and out of her pussy.

Christine had been right, and he felt as if he had more control this time. It felt so good, going in and out of her pussy, and hearing her moan in pleasure. He couldn’t believe it! He was finally having sex with a hot girl, and not just any girl—his roommate that he had been fantasizing about.

Soon, Christine’s bed was hitting the wall, and the two of them were moaning and grunting loudly. They began to hear their neighbors next door making a fuss, but the two of them didn’t stop. They were just more turned on. A few minutes later, they heard knocks on their door—first, their neighbors, then later on, their landlord. Their neighbors must have complained to him. But they didn’t care. Will only cared about how good Christine’s pussy felt around his dick, and Christine only cared how good it felt to have Will’s dick pumping in and out of her pussy.

Finally, Will started cumming in her pussy. This time, it felt as if he would never stop unloading inside of her. By this time, the landlord had already gotten inside their apartment and was watching the two of them fucking on Christine’s bed, their neighbors standing behind him. The two of them knew they were no longer alone, but they couldn’t stop until Will was finished unloading his cum in her pussy.

When Will finally pulled his shrinking cock out of her pussy, and they looked at their married neighbors and their landlord, they saw the wife with an appalled look on her face and the two males with hardening cocks…

To Be Continued…

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