tagMatureRoommate Seduction Ch. 04

Roommate Seduction Ch. 04


Feeling flustered, Will tried the door to his apartment. It opened immediately.

Not knowing that Mr. Kizer had just been there fucking Christine, he slowly walked in and cautiously looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

He decided to see if Christine was there. If she was, that would, perhaps, explain why the door had been left unlocked and why the key wasn’t where it was supposed to be. But he’d also have to lecture her about that because he had too many important valuables that he didn’t want stolen.

He made his way upstairs and looked into Christine’s room since the door happened to be wide open.

What a sight!

There she was--lying on the bed, seemingly asleep, with her skirt pushed up enough for Will to have an unobstructed view of her cum-soaked pussy and panties. Will moved closer, the strong smell of sex assaulting his nostrils as he got closer to the bed.

“Christine?” he called. She didn’t stir.

Will was confused. He had only left Christine a few hours ago with Mr. James…how did she get a pussy full of cum…?

Will panicked and called Christine’s name again, shaking her hard.

“Will?” she asked, opening her eyes and attempting to sit up.

“Christine, are you all right? Who did this to you?” he asked loudly.

At first, Christine didn’t seem to understand what Will was asking her. Then a smile spread across her face, and she fell back against her pillows.

Will became even more confused.

“Christine, what happened?”

“I had the best sex this afternoon I’ve ever had…no offense, Will,” she beamed.

“With Mr. James?” Will asked, shocked.

Christine shook her head. “Not just Mr. James…”


“Mr. Kizer was just here, and he fucked me so good!”

Will’s mouth dropped open. He couldn’t believe that while he was next door having sex with Mr. Kizer’s daughter, he was here depositing all this cum inside Christine’s well-lubed pussy! But he also couldn’t believe what it sounded like Christine was telling him…

“You fucked both Mr. James and Mr. Kizer this afternoon?!”

Christine again sat up in bed and began telling Will all that she could remember about that afternoon’s events. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing! But, at the same time, he was getting turned on by what Christine was telling him. And after she was finished, he told her what had just happened next door.

“Wow,” Christine said. “It sounds like you’ve turned into the resident stud over night!” she said, laughing. “I mean, you had never even had sex until yesterday!”

“Hey, this doesn’t even begin to compare to what you did today!” Will said, sticking a finger in her cum-filled pussy. “You should get cleaned up. It stinks in here, and your panties are soaked all the way through!” Will started sliding her panties down her legs.

“I think we both need a shower,” Christine said suggestively.

At that, Will’s cock started to grow. Within minutes, they were both naked and in the shower. Will took the soap and started washing her pussy clean. His fingers moving in and out of her most private area had his cock rock hard in no time. He wasn’t sure he could wait much longer.

Christine was enjoying his fingers thoroughly cleaning out all the cum before he unleashed a load of his own inside her. Leaning against the shower wall, she parted her legs as much as she could and moaned as Will worked on her pussy.

Unknown to Will and Christine, Mr. Kizer was, once again, entering their apartment. Hearing Christine’s moans, his cock started to rise as he remembered what had taken place not too long ago.

But he had to stay focused on the reason for his most recent visit. He wanted to convince Will to fuck his wife tonight. But then Mr. Kizer decided that he wanted to get a peek at what was going on in the shower upstairs.

As he made his way upstairs and to the bathroom, he saw that the door was cracked. He walked up to the door and looked inside just in time to see Will sinking his cock into Christine’s pussy.

Does this kid never stop? He’s always getting some pussy! Mr. Kizer marveled. Less than half an hour ago, he was at his place fucking his daughter, and now he was back here giving it to his roommate. Then that night, he would be giving his wife the fucking she desperately needed.

Mr. Kizer whipped out his cock and started stroking it as he watched Will’s cock slide in and out of Christine’s pussy.

From what Christine told Will about that afternoon, he had figured out that Christine liked a serious fucking. She liked to be taken as hard as the guy fucking her could manage. So Will was doing his best to measure up to what he’d been told about Mr. James and Mr. Kizer. He was giving it to her good, grinding his prick against her clit simultaneously.

Christine started cumming, but Will kept pumping and began to speed up. Mr. Kizer started stroking his cock faster along with Will’s thrusts, fantasizing that he was the one doing her pussy for the second time that day. The memory of the hottest sex he’d ever had, along with the stroking, was enough to make him shoot cum inside the bathroom, on the wall, and on the door. Pulling up his pants, he hurried off to Will’s room to place his invitation on his bed.

Will continued fucking Christine, getting close to shooting his own cream. As Mr. Kizer slipped out of their apartment, Will unloaded inside Christine’s hot pussy.

Later that evening, Will and Christine showed up at the Kizer’s apartment. Will still didn’t know what to think about the invitation or Mr. Kizer. Obviously, he had fucked Christine and watched Will fuck her thirty minutes later, leaving the evidence all over the place. Then the invitation said that he was not upset with Will for fucking his daughter and, in fact, wanted Will and Christine to join them for dinner that night. Mr. Kizer also wrote that he had a very important proposal for Will that he wanted to discuss that evening.

As these thoughts ran through Will’s head, Mr. Kizer opened the door and welcomed them into the apartment.

Christine got excited all over again, remembering the brutal fucking she received that afternoon from the obviously dirty older man. He looked at her and winked, patting her behind as she passed by him. She felt her pussy spasm uncontrollably.

For some reason, it was just the two of them and Mr. and Mrs. Kizer—no Hillary. And Mr. Kizer was acting the part of an excellent host. Will was completely baffled. He glanced at Mrs. Kizer, and she seemed to have no clue what all had gone on that day. She also seemed irritated by the presence of the young college students, not understanding why her husband insisted they come to dinner that night. A part of him felt sorry for her. After all, her husband was a cheating pervert.

And as he sat right beside his wife, he made passes at Christine. Mr. Kizer dug his fork into his meal with one hand while rubbing Christine’s pussy with the other. Christine responded by running her foot up and down his leg and trying her best to contain her excitement. If they hadn’t been sitting down at the table, everyone surely would have noticed Mr. Kizer’s cock tenting the front of his pants. He knew he had to sink his cock into Christine again that night.

Eventually, Mr. Kizer calmed down enough to excuse himself and asked Will to follow him out to the hallway.

Once outside, Mr. Kizer said, “Young man, I am completely willing to forget what I saw you doing with my daughter—and not go straight to Mr. James to have you evicted—but you have to do something very important for me.”

Not realizing that Mr. Kizer couldn’t have him thrown out of the apartment complex, he quickly agreed to do whatever Mr. Kizer asked.

“What is it?” Will asked, willing to take on whatever extra task Mr. Kizer asked of him but not prepared for the type of work Mr. Kizer had in mind.

“I need you to fuck my wife…tonight.”

Will was shocked and could barely speak. He felt as if he hadn’t heard Mr. Kizer correctly, but he had.

“I need you to go in there and seduce my wife. I’m sure you know by now that this afternoon, I got the best fucking ever from your sexy roommate. Now I feel like a new man. I can’t take my wife’s prudish ideas about sex any longer, but I don’t want to leave her. I need you to give her the same kind of revival Christine gave me.”

“But what makes you think I can do that, sir?” Will asked nervously.

“A young stud like you? You’re exactly what she needs! I’m sure after getting fucked by you, she will constantly be begging for more cock…and I want to be right there to give her all the cock she needs so that my needs can be satisfied, too.”

Will couldn’t believe how the day was turning out. He was actually being asked to fuck someone’s wife!

“Are you sure you won’t mind, sir?”

“Hell, no! Now get in there and get her to fall for that cock of yours!”

Having no idea how he was going to pull this off, Will entered the apartment behind Mr. Kizer. Mrs. Kizer had started cleaning up and washing dishes. Christine had excused herself to the upstairs bathroom.

Mr. Kizer figured that was perfect. He rushed upstairs, mumbling an excuse about needing to make a phone call, and gave Will the signal to work his magic on his wife.

As Christine exited the bathroom, Mr. Kizer grabbed her and pulled her into the bedroom he shared with his wife. She didn’t protest as Mr. Kizer bent her over the bed and pulled down her panties, wasting no time. He was far too excited and couldn’t wait to shove his cock up her cunt again. He rapidly dropped his pants and underwear, exposing his hard cock. Christine felt him place the head of his cock at the entrance from behind her and push all the way into her pussy. She immediately began pushing back on his cock, moaning and gasping.

Christine loved the naughty feeling of having hot sex with Mrs. Kizer’s husband in their bedroom while she was right downstairs. On one hand, she hoped Mrs. Kizer would walk right in and catch them in the act. But on the other hand, she hoped Will could entertain Mrs. Kizer until they were finished.

Soon, Will would be doing exactly that. As Mrs. Kizer washed dishes, he walked right up to her and put his arms around her waist. Before she knew what was happening, he planted his lips on her neck, then her earlobe, and finally her face. He moved one hand down to her legs and raised the bottom of her dress as he kissed her, sliding his hand closer to her covered pussy.

Mrs. Kizer was in shock. Her husband never touched her like this, and she knew he was upstairs. She turned and realized it was the young hunk from next door. Before she could protest, he placed his lips close to one of her ears and whispered how sexy she was and how she didn’t need to wear those conservative dresses she always wore. She should show off her hot body, Will said. Then he kissed her on the lips, not giving her a chance to respond.

As he slid his tongue into her mouth, he also slid his fingers inside her panties and started feeling her pussy. He could feel that Mrs. Kizer, despite herself, was getting turned on. She was actually kissing him back, and she moved her legs farther apart as Will’s fingers worked her pussy. They were so close, she could feel his hard cock on her leg.

Will backed away from the kiss and began pulling her dress over her head before she could say anything against it. Then he quickly kissed her again and began unhooking her bra. She hungrily accepted his kisses, and, as if something had come over her, she let him do away with all her clothes. Finally, she felt his hands sliding her panties off her, and she realized she was completely nude against the built college stud.

Will backed off again to undo his pants, and Mrs. Kizer stepped out of her panties. As he pulled his shirt over his head, Will figured that he had a pretty good idea what was happening upstairs since neither Christine nor Mr. Kizer had re-surfaced.

“Come on,” he said, now completely naked just like Mrs. Kizer. “I want to show you something.”

As he led her upstairs, he knew that he was right. He and Mrs. Kizer could hear the sounds coming from the bedroom, and they saw Mr. Kizer shoving his hard cock all the way up Christine’s pussy as she bent over the bed. Mr. Kizer looked like he was in heaven as he savagely took Christine from behind.

Mrs. Kizer couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and she felt very betrayed as she watched her husband fuck this young woman. But then, she felt Will’s fingers in her cunt, once again, and his hands groping her tits while he sucked on her neck. She could feel his hot cock on her butt cheeks, and she couldn’t help but get turned on again as she felt the sensations Will was giving her while watching the fucking in front of her.

Will whispered in her ear again, asking her if she wanted to do what she saw her husband doing to Christine. And without waiting for a reply, he led her to the other side of the bed. Will positioned her, then positioned himself and his cock for entrance into her wet pussy. He shoved it inside and began giving it to her just the way Mr. Kizer was fucking Christine. Mrs. Kizer lost all control and began screaming in delight. She hadn’t been fucked like that in years, and honestly, she wasn’t sure she’d ever been fucked like that.

Mr. Kizer got even harder as he saw Will fucking his wife and how she responded, and he plunged into Christine harder and faster. Soon, he was cumming harder than ever before. Both he and Christine collapsed on the bed, unable to stand for another second after that kind of fucking.

Noticing Mr. Kizer laying on top of Christine across one side of the bed, Will lowered Mrs. Kizer down beside the pair while staying inside of her pussy. Then Will started to hump Mrs. Kizer in a doggy-style position, and she immediately started cumming from the excitement of being in, what was in her mind, such a naughty position. Her husband watched her loving every second of the hot fuck she was getting from Will, and he knew that his wife’s sexual desires had been awakened.

Suddenly, Will let go a hot blast of cum deep inside her pussy. She loved the way his cum hit the walls of her pussy, and she couldn’t believe it when she started to orgasm again.

As he finished unloading inside her, they slumped down right beside Christine and Mr. Kizer. The two couples laid together, satisfied and completely out of energy. Will and Christine didn’t even bother to leave that night. They just laid right there with Mr. and Mrs. Kizer and fell asleep.

To be continued…

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