tagGay MaleRoommates and Romance Ch. 01

Roommates and Romance Ch. 01


(A big thank you to MoonlessNight for editing this for me. This is my first time writing erotica. Let me know what you think and there may be more to come.)


My name is Wade. I am an eighteen year old college freshman. I'm just shy of 6' and have a stocky build, weighing around 250 lbs. My roommate Mate is also 18. He is 6' 3", 185 lbs and a kicker for my college's football team. I am gay, but still in the closet. I do, however, keep a toy or two hidden deep within my other belongings in our room. I break them out on days the football team is at an away game, often fantasizing about being fucked by Matt. One day, late last semester, all those fantasies became a reality.

It was late on a Friday night, early in December. I had just finished performing in the Symphonic Band concert for the semester. It was a long and tiring concert. All I wanted to do when I got into my room was to go to bed. Matt was out that night, having a good time at one of the off-campus house parties that happen every Friday, so I quickly changed into a pair of shorts and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and looked at my clock, which said 6:13, way too early for me to be up on a Saturday morning, so I went to roll over and go back to sleep. However, when I went to roll over, I found that my hands were woven through my headboard and tied together. I also realized that my shorts had been stripped off and my blanket thrown off the side of my bed, leaving my body entirely exposed. After a few minutes of lying there in utter shock and trying to get my hands freed, the door opened and Matt quietly walked in. He shut the door, turned and just stared at me. The edges of his mouth then began to curl up and form his sexy smile. He walked over to my head and whispered in my ear "I found something that I think belongs to you." He then goes over to his dresser and pulls out my dildo.

"Where did you find that?" I yelled.

"In my bottom drawer, tucked into the corner" he calmly replied, with a smile still on his face. After a moment of thinking, I realized that, in my haste to clean everything up one day, I had accidentally opened his drawer and threw my dildo in there.

Matt began to talk again. "I had suspected for quite some time that you were gay. I caught you looking at me while I was changing from practice. I also caught a glimpse or two of you watching gay porn late at night while you thought I was sleeping. I know you want me too. I snuck on your computer the other night when you went to shower. I found the folder where you keep pictures of me."

I was in absolute shock at this point. I had always been so careful to hide these things, especially everything on my computer. However, I could tell from the smile on his face that he had something in store for me that I was surely going to enjoy.

He walked over to me, menacingly holding my dildo. I mustered up the courage to say "What are you going to do to me?" He got to my bed, leaned over, put his face right in front of mine and whispered "You're just gonna have to wait and see." He then leaned in farther and pressed his lips to mine.

At first, I was resistant to the advances his tongue was trying to make, mostly from the disbelief that this was actually happening. I finally gave in and let his tongue pass through my lips and explore the rest of my mouth. After a few moments, I lashed my tongue back at him and began discovering his mouth. He pulled away for a moment to set the dildo down and hop on top of me in my bed. He wrapped his arms around my head and leaned back in to continue the kiss.

It seemed like hours had passed before he finally broke away again. This time, he started trailing kisses down my body, pausing at my nipples and toying at them with his teeth. By the time he got down to my groin, my 6" dick was already rock hard. He completely passed by my dick with his mouth, but wrapped his hand around my manhood as he lifted my hips up. His tongue hit my asshole and it took everything I had to not shoot my load right then.

After a few minutes of tongue fucking and eating my asshole, Matt set my hips back down and began to knee-walk his way up to my head, his still flaccid, 7" cut dick swaying gently as he moved. He leaned forward a little and put the head of his cock right up against my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and fit as much of his dick as I could into my mouth.

As I worked on his dick, I could feel it hardening in my mouth and I could taste the pre-cum beginning to ooze from it. I backed my head away and let his cock pop out of my mouth, so I could take some time and just lick the pre-cum from him. He made the next move by thrusting forward and forcing his dick back in my mouth. He proceeded to face fuck me, jamming his cock deeper into my mouth on every thrust until I began to gag on it.

By the time he pulled his dick out of my mouth, he was fully hard and his manhood stood at a full 9" He hopped off the bed and went over to his desk drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube and made his way back over to my bed. He lifted my legs up again and I shivered as he squirted some of the cold lube onto my ass. I then felt the warmth of his hand slide across my ass and spread the lube around the outside of my hole, caressing my sensitive entrance with his fingers. He pulled his hand back and put some more lube on his fingers. He then took his middle finger and shoved it up my ass, spreading the lube all around my interior. A few moments later, another finger was added and a third soon after. Matt finger fucked me for another minute or two and withdrew his hand. He brought his head back up to mine and began to make out with me again.

The kiss was just a distraction. While our lips were locked, Matt reached over and grabbed the dildo he had placed on my desk. We were still making out when I felt something press up against my asshole and pop in. There was quite a bit of pain to start and had his tongue not been in my mouth, I would have screamed. When the pain subsided, Matt broke the kiss and hopped back up onto my bed. He made his way down to my ass and, with his hand still grasping the dildo now impaling me, began to thrust.

All I could do was moan when he asked "Do you like this?" and when he said "Do you wish it was my cock in you?" I nodded my head furiously and managed to utter a breathy "Yes!"

He left the dildo in me as he grabbed the lube and spread it all over his dick. Then, he began to slowly pull my dildo out of me. He watched my ass cling to it as it was pulled out. I started feel empty, but that feeling didn't stay for long. Matt quickly thrust all of his manhood into my ass as soon as the dildo was out. A gasped a little at first because Matt's dick was about 2 inches longer and slightly thicker than the dildo I was used to. Matt held his cock in me, unmoving, until I was used to his size. Slowly, he started to undulate back and forth. I was doing all I could to keep from exploding as Matt's cock continually brushed up against my prostate.

"You like this bitch?" Matt said as he started to pick up some speed and power in his thrusts. He pulled his cock most of the way out of my ass, leaving only the head in and then thrust his entire cock back into my ass. "Yeah, take my cock." Matt said as he did it again. He thrust in me completely one more time as he collapsed on top of me and began to hump me fast and hard.

"I'm gonna cum." I yelled as I could feel myself passing the point of no return. My dick was sandwiched between my body and his as I started to shoot rope after rope of hot cum. The spasms of my ass while I shot my load took Matt over the edge. He thrust his cock even deeper into me as he began to shoot his seed into my ass. It felt like he deposited a gallon of his sperm in me by the time he finished.

We laid there on the bed, Matt still on top of me. His dick was still in my ass as it began to soften and his cum started spilling out of my hole. He kissed me again and said "So, was I as good as you fantasized?"

I kissed him back and said "Better. Much better."

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