tagGay MaleRoommates and Romance Ch. 02

Roommates and Romance Ch. 02


I was lying in my bed, awake, but forcing my eyes shut. I did not want what I thought was a very good dream to end. The bright sunlight in my room let me know that it was around noon, as that is the only time my room gets any light. My eyes flickered open as I reached for my phone. The time read 12:30pm. "Damn," I thought "I must have been tired."

As I went to put my phone down, I noticed that I had a message. It was from Matt. "Shit!" I said aloud, thinking that I must have said something in my sleep that Matt had heard. Reluctantly, I opened the message. It read "Meet me in the shower when you are ready to clean up :P"

This confused me at first and I have a puzzled look to my phone. However, as I got up and went over to my dresser, I saw myself in the mirror. I had been so engrossed in my "dream" that I had not paid attention to my own body. I was naked and had a sticky substance on my stomach and chest that was beginning to crust over. With this realization, I took a moment to look around the room. Sure enough, I saw my dildo sitting on my desk, right next to a bottle of lube. A rope was laid across Matt's bed. I checked my wrists and saw red marks where they had been tied together. At this point, I knew that my so called dream had been a reality.

At this point, I became as giddy as a little school girl with her first crush. I quickly ran over and grabbed my towel and my body wash and went to run out the door. As I opened the door and ran out into the hall, I remembered that crust that was forming on my stomach and I quickly looked around. Lucky for me, the only other person in the hall at that moment was walking away from me and couldn't see me. I ran to the bathroom, which was right across the hall from our room.

Once in, I headed over to the shower stalls. There were only two of them and only one was in use. Just to make sure I wasn't going to walk in on some random person showering, I asked "Matt, is that you?"

He didn't say anything right away, but I could see his feet as he moved over to the curtain. He pulled it aside and poked his head out. ""Bout time you woke up." he said as he shined that smile that made me melt every time I saw it. "Now get your ass in here."

With that, he withdrew his head and left the curtain open. I took off my towel and threw it up on a hook and walked into the shower, closing the curtain as I entered. I bent down and set my body wash on the ground. Before I could stand back up, Matt slapped my ass.

This startled me and I quickly finished standing up. Matt laughed and smiled at me. I couldn't help but lean into him and lock my lips with his. Matt wasn't expecting my aggressiveness and we almost toppled over, but he regained his balance and leaned back into me, intensifying our kiss. After a few minutes of making out under the steaming water of the shower, I broke the kiss and grabbed my body wash. I poured some into my hands, lathered it up, then went after Matt and began to rub him down. He was in full control of my body earlier that morning, so I was intent to control his now.

I started by gently massaging Matt's arms with my lathered hands, spending extra time with his fair sized biceps. I moved my hands to begin fondling his pecs, which were firm and unyielding. I paid special attention to his nipples, gripping them and flicking at them until they were rock hard. Matt let out a moan. I took a moment away from worshiping his well toned body to stand back up, eye level with my toy. I

continued to use my right hand to toy with his right nipple as he reached his head in to kiss me. I leaned away and pressed the index and middle fingers of my left hand to his lips, forcing his head back as I stated "Oh no you don't. I'm calling the shots right now." He began to pout like a little kid who was just told he could not have dessert until he finished his vegetables, which made me smile as I went back to washing him.

I let go of his nipple and put some more soap on my hands before continuing to worship and wash the rest of his body. His abs were the next thing I attacked with my sudsy hands. I rubbed my hands up and down his well defined six-pack and ran my fingers along the creases. Out of my peripheral vision, I could now see Matt's 9" dick was rock hard. I resisted the temptation to put it in my mouth right on the spot, wanting to torture him a little more.

My hands slid from his abs around to his ass, which I gently fondled. I moved my left hand between his buttocks and began to caress his hidden entrance. I took my middle finger and pressed it up into his hole. He moaned as my finger broke through. I pulled my finger out and gave him a firm strike with my right hand causing him to flinch. He let out a chuckle as my hands made their way down to his legs, the very thing he was defined by on the football field.

I really spent my time worshiping them. His thighs were large, but firm and his calves were very well defined and shaped. I liked his calves so much that I kept massaging them well after the soap had washed away from my hands and his legs. I then maneuvered myself around to Matt's back and planted kisses on the backs of his legs, trailing up to his ass. When I got up to his ass, I spread his cheeks and stared at his secret ring.

I leaned in and began kissing his hole. A loud moaned escaped Matt and I could tell that he was enjoying this as much as I was. With my lips pressed tight to his hole, I stuck my tongue out and began to tongue fuck him. His ass bucked back into my face when I first lashed my tongue into him. From the corner of my eye, I could see Matt taking his hand and reaching for his cock. I pulled my head away from his ass. He seemed to get the hint and whined as he dropped his hand back to his side so I went back to my work.

When I had my fill of his ass, I stood up and made Matt turn around. I grabbed his head and forced it into mine and I forced my lips upon his, making him taste his own ass. When I thought he had a good enough taste, I grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him down until his face was level with my 6" dick. I moved my right hand to the back of his head and slowly thrust my hips forward until my rock hard cock was pressing against his lips.

He opened his mouth and wrapped his tongue around the head of my cock. He inched my cock into his mouth until he had all of my manhood inside him. I could feel pre-cum leaking from my piss slit and pulled my dick out of his mouth. "Lick the pre-cum off" I commanded. His tongue lapped up the salty liquid until I began forcing my cock back into his mouth. I began to face fuck him until I was close to coming, at which point I pulled out and forced Matt back to his feet. We kissed again so I could get the taste of my own manhood.

I broke away from the kiss, turned Matt around and bent him over. I spread his ass cheeks apart and put the head of my rock hard dick right up against his hole. The water from the shower was flowing down my front and along my cock to his ass. I began to apply some more pressure. The combination of my saliva and the water provided lubrication as his virgin hole popped open and my cock began to slide into him. With a mixture of pleasure and pain, Matt let out a loud moan. As I slid further into him, he bucked back against me. It only took a few moments for his ass to be flush against my pelvis. I grabbed his hips and just held him there for a minute, giving his virgin ass a chance to get used to feeling full.

When he felt comfortable, he tried to shift his hips. I held him still, but began to pull out and slowly push back in. As I undulated slowly, I loosened my grip on his hips. He began to move against me, making each motion more intense and pleasurable to both of us. I picked up the speed of my thrusting as I re-tightened my grip on his hips, forcing him to stay still. Matt's unceasing moans were pushing me too far too quick and I was forced to decelerate after a few minutes of intense fucking.

I pulled dick entirely out of Matt's ass, leaving the head pressed against his recently penetrated hole. I quickly shoved my entire shaft back into his ass and slowly pulled back out. This time, I lifted Matt to a standing position right after re-entering him and began to hump his ass like a wild animal. His 9" boner was just being tossed about. I reached my hand around to give his ignored tool some attention. As soon as I wrapped my hand around him, he went into spasms and started to yell "Oh, fuck." He blew his load before I could even stroke his shaft once. His ass clenched around my dick as he shot rope after rope of hot, sticky spunk and I couldn't hold back any longer. I gave one last, large thrust. "I'm cumming" I shouted as I shot my seed deep into his ass.

While I was still inside of him, Matt turned his head back to me and I leaned my head forward to lock my lips again with his. We made out until my dick softened and slipped out of his ass with a small pop. Matt turned around while maintaining our deep kiss. After another few minutes of making out, we both pulled away. "Did you like that?" I asked. All Matt could manage was his killer smile.

We finished cleaning up. Matt turned off the water as I slightly parted the curtain to get our towels. We wrapped our respective towels around ourselves, grabbed our soaps and went to head back to our room. When we pulled aside the curtain and walked out, we were stopped by our RA, Zane, who seemed to have been there for a majority of our shower fuck session. He had a seriously pissed look on his face and forcefully said "I should write you two up for this, but I'm gonna give you a choice." His lips curled up into a cruel smile. "You have the option to not get written up, but you will owe me." He looked down at his crotch after he finished speaking, bringing our attention to the tented towel around his waist.

Matt and I looked at each other for a moment, silently discussing our dilemma and the proposition. We both smiled, knowing exactly what Zane implied. We turned back to Zane. Matt answered "How about we owe you man."

"You're asses are gonna regret that." Zane stated.

"I don't think they will." I replied as Matt and I began to leave the bathroom holding hands.


Shortly after drying off from our hot shower session, I had to use the toilet. While I was in going to the bathroom, I could hear moaning coming from the showers. I knew that it was Zane masturbating in the shower as he fantasized about ravaging both me and my new lover. I smiled, knowing that there would be more fun in our future.

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