tagGay MaleRoommates and Romance Ch. 03

Roommates and Romance Ch. 03


(Note to readers: Thank you for all of the comments on all of the chapters thus far. After some consideration after reading these comments, I have decided that I did not like where this story was headed after the second chapter, so I am going to be picking back up from there and revising chapters 3 and 4 and hopefully continuing on for more. For clarity, the revised chapters 3 and 4 will be 3.R and 4.R respectively, so look for those to see where the story is truly developing. I do plan on keeping the first rendition of those chapters up and will use some parts of them in future chapters. Keep those comments flowing. I really do appreciate the feedback. If you haven't read the first two chapters yet, please do, as I am trying to keep the flow of them going.)

Matt and I returned to our room to dry off. We watched each other, but refrained from helping each other. It was a hot site to see Matt drying off his sexy body, his flaccid cock swaying the whole time, but I was spent from our shower session and wasn't getting hard like I normally would. Once dry, I threw on a pair of shorts and went use the bathroom. While in the stall, I could hear Zane moaning in the shower and figured he was masturbating.

When I got back into the room, Matt was still naked and was lying on his bed. He motioned for me to join him by rolling onto his side so his back was against the wall and patting the bed. As I walked over, he said "Take those shorts off before you climb in." I did as he said and stripped to my birthday suit before climbing into the bed beside him. He rolled me so my back was towards him, then wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him until our bodies were flush to each other. I could feel the slight dusting of hair on his pecs, his happy trail and his amazing legs tickle my bare skin. I also recognized the sensation of his monster cock, still soft, resting between my ass cheeks. Comforted by Matt's body against mine, I began to doze off, faintly aware of him planting little kisses on the back of my neck.


I woke up the third time that day to the sound of someone knocking at the door. "Be there in a moment" I yelled to them, before hopping out of bed. I headed to the door, but stopped half way, remembering that I was in the nude. I quickly grabbed the shorts I used earlier and the nearest t-shirt and opened up the door.

"Damnit dude, do you not pay attention to your phone?" It was Jen, another freshman in my building, but on the floor below. She and I were instant friends when we met the first week of classes. She stands at about 5'2" and is plump, but has a fiery spirit and personality. She was also the only person that I had ever come out of the closet to.

"What?" I replied as I headed to grab my phone from my desk. As I went to get it, it hit me that when I got out of bed, it was not my bed that I got out of. The events of the morning suddenly came flowing back into my head and I had to try to calm my dick, which was starting to become hard. My dick quickly softened back once I realized that Matt, who was holding me when I fell asleep, was not around when I woke up. This had me both confused and angry at the same time.

"Earth to Wade. Jesus, what's gotten into you today."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Oh, I doubt that. Let's go get food and you can tell me all about it as were eating."

"Ok, but give me a moment to actually put something warmer on."

"I'll be in the lounge. If you aren't there in two minutes, I'm going without your sorry ass." Jen said before turning away and walking down the hall. I quickly shut the door, changed into a pair of jeans, putting my boxers on first, and a nice navy blue polo shirt and, knowing it wasn't super cold yet, a gray hoodie from my old high school. I had a minute to spare, so I grabbed the note off of my laptop and read it. It was from Matt:

"Sorry I had to leave you this afternoon. Shortly after you fell asleep, I got a call from Sarah. She needed my help with something urgent. Be back later. Dinner together?"


'Of course Sarah had something to do with why he was gone' I thought. His girlfriend since who knows how long. He is on the phone with her at least once a day and I often hear him call her "baby girl." Oh, how I loathed that bitch, as she had him and I wanted him, at least until this morning when I actually had him. 'Wait a minute. Did he just use me for sex while still with her. That fucking bastard.' I was instantly mad at Matt. I set out to the lounge to meet Jen and tell her about my crazy morning. While walking down the hall, I began to plot out my revenge for the cheating asshole.


It was about 3:30 by the time I got back to my room after lunch with Jen. She couldn't believe what happened. I didn't tell her the part about Sarah though. I knew that if I did, she would insist on helping me get back at Matt, and I wanted no help in that matter. Matt said he would be back later in the evening, so I knew I had some time to kill and booted up my Xbox to play some games and kill some time.

After a couple of hours playing games, my rage about Matt and Sarah had calmed down a little bit and I began to think a little more rationally and realized that by going off on Matt right when he got back would not be the best idea. I would want to have more tact. After all, he would still be my roommate for another semester and I didn't want the tension to escalate too far. Therefore, I would honor Matt's request to have dinner together and would wait for him to get back. I gave a quick check to my phone to see if Matt had sent me a message, as I was starting to get hungry again, but there was nothing from him. It was already 6:00pm, and I was really hoping that Matt didn't mean that dinner would be late tonight. I changed games and started playing more.

Another hour passed, still with no contact from Matt. I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up and walked across the hall to go. When I walked back into the room, Matt was standing there, phone in hand. He looked at me as I came into the door. His face showed that he was worried and he asked "Did you already get dinner?"

"No" I replied. "Just had to use the bathroom."

Matt sighed and his facial expression changed from worry to relief. He went over to the counter between our closets, where a bag was lying. "We may need to warm this up first. I got it from my favorite place back home." He said as he pulled out what looked to be take-out containers of Chinese food. I went over to the counter and stood next to Matt as he finished taking the food out. There was lo mein, egg rolls, sesame chicken, and a handful of fortune cookies. The last thing he pulled out of the bag was a container of general tso chicken. "I got this specially for you. I know you don't like it too spicy, so I asked them to not add the peppers to it" Matt said, as he handed me the container.

'How did he know what I liked and why did he care? Why did he go back home, which is over an hour away? Did he really do that just for food?' My thoughts were spinning and I was really confused at this point.

We both got plates of the food and nuked them using my microwave. We sat in our desk chairs and, as we ate, talked about almost anything and everything, except for the events of earlier that day.

When we were both done with our food, we each grabbed a fortune cookie and opened it. I read mine in my head 'The answers to all of your questions will be revealed. All you have to do is ask.' 'Duh!' I thought. Then, in a light-bulb moment, I realized how pertinent the "fortune" actually was. I looked from my fortune up to Matt and said his name to get him to look up at me. Then, I asked the question that had been on my mind since I read his note to me this afternoon:

"Who is Sarah?"

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