tagGroup SexRoommates and the Erotic Massage

Roommates and the Erotic Massage

byMistress Kalpana©

I sat the on the futon with my roommate as we watched her boyfriend playing a video game. I was bored beyond belief. I noticed my roommate as she started to rub her neck and rotate her shoulders. "Long day?" I asked

"Yes," she sighed, 'On my feet all day, sore neck and back."

Being a student in the art of massage, I offered my assistance in relieving the pain of her stiff joints.

I had her lay down on the couch and started to rub the knots that had formed in her back, feeling the muscles yield under my fingers. "You are really knotted up," I commented and got up. I walked over to the cupboard and pulled out some oils, "Here take off your shirt and I will do this right." As she complied, her boyfriend glanced over his shoulder to see what was going on, but then returned to his game.

I uncorked the bottle, and the sweet scent of sandalwood filled the small space of our little apartment living room. She and I pulled he edge of the futon and let it collapse into a bed-like state. I climbed up next to her and started to rub my hands over her back, trailing my fingers up and down her spine as I rubbed the slick and luscious oils over her. I heard her sigh in appreciation of my skillful fingers as I started from her shoulders, kneading the skin, down her spine and to her lower back., "You have such smooth skin," I whispered in her ear, and watched the goose bumps rise on her skin. I could feel her excitement, her anticipation, and I smiled.

I undid the latch of her bra with a quick flick and heard her sharp inhale as a slipped my hands under her and slowly removed it, letting my palms skim over her supple breasts, already peaked with excitement, and down her flat stomach to the top of her jeans. I paused and waited for the go ahead. She raised her hips and I undid her jeans and slowly pulled them off, savoring the sight of her curved ass hugged by the light blue panties, I could not resist as I lightly nipped at the beautiful cheek. I felt her press against me. Still dressed, I hiked my short skirt up and lowered myself onto her back, and slowly slid down to that glorious rump so she could feel my warm pussy on her exposed flesh, and I heard her groan.

I bent over her and started to nibble on her neck, my clothes feeling heavy, "Should I remove mine too?" I whispered the question into her ear, my tongue traveling around the ridge, my teeth scraping against the lobe. I heard her moan and sigh :yes,: she whimpered, "yes please."

I quickly ran a finger over my nipples that were pressing against my t-shirt and then ripped the shirt over my head. I bent down and trailed my hardened nipples, my aching breasts over her back, using my fingernails to brush her sides. I felt her hips shift up again, grinding her ass up against my heat and I watched her move her and under herself as she toyed with her clit, trying to find release from the sweet pressure.

I moved farther down her body, my tongue slowly sweeping circles along her lower back/ With my teeth I pulled at the panties up so they would wedge tightly between the valley between her ass cheeks. I squeezed them with my hands and heard her moan louder. I looked over to where her boyfriend sat, game was now forgotten, eyes wide, stroking his growing erection through his pants. I winked at him and tore the fragile panties off her and pulled her hips up as I buried my face in the soft mass of curls. She cried out, gasping for air as she shuddered in the first wave of pleasure. Her taste was of honey and milk, such a sweet taste I could not get enough of. The flavor of the oil mixed with it, adding a spicy taste. I inserted a finger, then two into her and enjoyed feeling her grind into my face and I slid in and out of her folds, flicking her clit with my tongue until it became a hard nub.

I did not notice that her boyfriend got out of his chair, but I saw as his hand clutched the back of her head, raising it back up and passionately kissing her, yet his eyes were on me. I thrust harder into her and felt her grow even more wet. He pulled away from her, and I watched his rough hands run down her smooth skin sending more shivers down her back. His hand got to her ass, and he squeezed as I watched him he grabbed my head and pushed my face deeper into the dampness and rubbed it in, causing more friction, more squeals of pleasure from her throat. He then pulled my head back and looked me in the eyes, His head dipped down and his mouth came down on mine, tasting her juices on my face, licking every drop from my lips. I shivered as I felt his rough hands on my nipples, squeezing them hard, trailing his teeth down my jaw to my neck and biting into my shoulder. I then felt her hands on me as well, tugging my skirt and panties down to my ankles and helping me step out of them. I felt her then press against my back, her hands doing to me what I had done to her, as I stood there being eaten alive by him, and tortured by butterfly touches by her. Then, he pressed his leg between my thigh and nudged my leg open wider, both of them paced their hands on my aching pussy and entered it together. In a tantalizing rhythm as they both pressed against me, nibbling and licking and squeezing until they felt the rush of dampness between my legs and I almost collapsed on them.

I wanted more, so I spun around and grabbled her and crushed her mouth to mine, our tongues darting against each other, our bodies pressed tightly against each other, we both felt his hands cup our asses, encouraging us in our discovery of each other. He traced his fingers between the crevice, exploring us as he bent down and explored me with his tongue, while exploring her with his fingers, I could smell the mingling of her and my essence, it had a drugging affect. I stared into her eyes and glanced down at him.

"Unfair he is still dressed," I said slyly.

"I so agree," she said cocking her eyebrow with a wicked grin spreading over her lips that were bruised and plump.

She and I leapt upon his hard body, shredding his clothing off him like wild animals needing to feed. Our bodies rubbing down his length in unison, in an erotic dance of flesh and lust. Her fingers clasped around his hardened cock, pumping it, as I cupped his balls in my hand. She and both bent down and teased the tip with our tongues, like sharing a popcicle, licking up and down and back up again, as our lips met in a passionate kiss the head caught between us. I then stroked my tongue down the hilt as she took him into her mouth. I moved around pushing him back onto the bed and stood above him. I placed his arms between my feet, trapping him so he could not touch and lowered myself an inch above his face. I could feel the heat of his breath, could feel the moisture of his tongue darting up, trying to reach me, to taste me. He quickly pulled his arms free and grabbed my ass pulling me down on top of him as he tore into me with his mouth. His tongue darting into me, his fingers running over my backside, pinching me, running a finger along the crevice of my ass and entered me as I squealed in delight and pressed my thighs hard against the sides of his face.

I came hard onto his face as he savored every last drop of me. "More,he demanded, and I rolled off him and switched places with his girl friend. She lowered herself onto his face, her back to the wall, as I lowered myself onto his awaiting cock, facing her. She leaned forward and started to massage my clit as I rode him, I heard someone gasp in delight as he pushed her closer to me. His fingers were inside her as she took my breast into her mouth, biting on my nipple until I screamed out in ecstasy. He pulled her back on top of his face and then tossed her aside for a moment. He then pulled me off him, onto the floor on my hands and knees, he pointed to her to get on the floor under me and he pressed my head into her warm center as he entered me from behind. He gazed at her, watching her eyes glaze over in pleasure and him fucking me, harder and harder. I could feel his ball sack pounding against my clit, I felt her shudder as she climaxed on my tongue and I came as he burst forth into me with a violent shudder.

He pulled me to him and kissed me, tasting her on my tongue as she crept between my legs, now glistening with him and lapped the mingled juices up.

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