tagGroup SexRoommates Ch. 01

Roommates Ch. 01


This is a new series I am working on, and this chapter was originally meant to be a prologue of some description; to make it easier for everyone, it is named Chapter 1. I have taken the decision to place this in 'Group Sex' as nearly all other chapters feature group sex to some degree and I feel it easier to keep the story all in a one place. For anyone who is interested, I am still working on my other series, 'The Switch Up', but this was actually written prior to that and I have more chapters almost ready to go of this one. I am also in search of an editor, send me an email if you are interested. Enjoy!


I kept my head down and chewed quietly, knowing the next eruption from the twin volcanoes that were the Scott sisters was imminent. On the left of myself was Georgie Scott, my beautiful girlfriend of all but two years; directly opposite me was Eva Scott, my girlfriend's equally beautiful, but rather less personable, twin sister. Eva had taken a pass or two at me over the years, but I was never interested as Eva did not have a single quality that bettered my Georgie. My girlfriend was more loyal, generous and kinder than her sister, and that was just three qualities on a long list of aspects of Georgie's personality in which she bettered her sister.

"You are more than welcome to stay over tonight, Ben, if you wish," Mr Scott, the girls' father, offered. He, like Georgie, was very kind and went out of his way to make me feel part of the family. "Especially as it is your anniversary tomorrow."

"Thank you, sir," I said. "That would be lovely, Georgie and I were discussing it just before dinner."

"You're welcome, and how many times have I told you now? Please, call me Mike," he reminded.

"Sorry, sir!" I joked, which produced genuine chuckles from my girlfriend's parents.

"What were you discussing about it?" Eva hissed, the question seemingly directed to me, but her eyes clearly trained on Georgie. "What position you are going to fuck my little sister in tonight?"

"Eva!" Mrs Scott admonished, as she gave her a literal slap on the wrist.

"Actually, we were," Georgie began, and I closed my eyes not liking where this was going. "We were deciding which one would get you the wettest, so you could finish fingering yourself quicker tonight; that way we don't have to listen to you moaning about the thought of Ben being in you, rather than me, all night long! It's a shame I'm not your 'little sister' by more than three minutes, or it would be more embarrassing for you that I was getting some and you weren't!"

"We weren't," I said quickly, turning to Mr Scott who held his hands up in defence as if to say there was no issue. We had learnt it was best to let them throw as many wild insults as they wished; it allowed them to burn themselves out or they would be at it all night, and despite not having discussed it with Georgie, I certainly wanted her to be at something else all night.

"I could have ten guys here in the next ten minutes who would be a million times better than your excuse of a boyfriend!" Eva yelled, to which I tried to protest but Georgie beat me to it.

"No you couldn't, there's no one left in your contacts you haven't fucked, you slut!" Georgie shrieked. "And they don't seem to be begging for more, I've never seen you with the same guy twice! It can't be the way you look, because we're identical, and Ben seems to like to come back for more. Maybe it's because I can satisfy my man."

"We're not completely identical because one of us can have kids, and one can't, so you can have sex a million times more than me but it won't make any difference!" Eva said, delivering the hammer blow, well below the belt. Georgie had discovered that she was unable to have children when she was checked over following a scare that I may have gotten her pregnant; ever since, the subject of children was a sore one for her.

"That is enough," Mr Scott bellowed, finally stepping in. "Eva go to your room, immediately."

"No Dad, it's fine," Georgie said, fighting back the tears in her eyes as she stood, and gave each of her parents a kiss on the cheek before grabbing my hand. "We're going, have fun trying to sleep tonight Eva."

As we headed up the stairs I heard the end of the conversation behind us, "Are you just going to let her go up there, and have her brains fucked out by that moron?" Eva said.

"That moron is the best thing that has ever happened to your sister, and if I hear anymore language like that you'll be grounded until you're twenty-one," Mr Scott shouted. "I have invited Ben to be a guest in our home, and what your sister chooses to do behind closed doors with her long-term boyfriend is neither your business, nor ours!"

The way Georgie's father had dealt with his other daughter brought a smile to my face, and an even bigger one to Georgie's which had seemed to replace her tears. I followed her up the winding staircase until she reached the top, still holding her hand; she turned towards me, taking my breath away. The light flowing out from her bedroom framed her beautifully, giving her an angelic quality- something she already had in a way. Georgie was a natural beauty, incredibly attractive, who wore little makeup as she had no need to. Her naturally slightly wavy, brown hair reached to just above the small of her back, and complemented the pale tone of her skin which stemmed from her mother's Irish heritage. Her breasts were more than ample, easily filling out anything she wore, but was slim in figure. Even her ass was pert and firm, and more than adequate in size, despite it not being the majority would consider a stand out feature of hers. My personal favourite was her high cheekbones, coupled with slightly pointed chin that more than completed her girl next door look; a look that was reinforced with what she was wearing: a blouse that showed a little cleavage, but not too much, along with black leggings that really showed off her legs and aforementioned ass. Georgie was an all-rounder, in more ways than one, and an incredibly hot one at that; she knew it too, but did not like to flaunt it in public. In private, though, she certainly did not have a problem with utilising her assets.

Her superficial look, matched with her typical manner, would lead you to think she was sweet and innocent- vanilla, almost. However, I knew better, and I was proved right when she opened her mouth, "Okay, so you're going to fuck my brains out as loudly as you can to piss Eva off. What? Why have you stopped there?"

"I was just thinking how lucky I was to have such a stunning girlfriend," I answered honestly.

"Aw, Ben," Georgie said, stepping down a stair so we were now level in height despite my being a step lower than her. "For that, I'm going to let you fuck me in my ass that you love so much!"

"Really?" I replied, almost squealing with joy, as she turned and smacked her ass before walking into her bedroom.

"Don't get too excited and blow your load already! It's not like you haven't fucked me there before," she laughed as I reached her room where she already had her blouse off, and was stood in an incredibly sexy white lace bra. Georgie may be 'girl next door' on the outside, but her lingerie obsession made her look every bit the Victoria's Secret Angel underneath.

"I'm twice as excited as he is!" I said, pointing to my now semi erect cock, which drew a laugh from my girlfriend.

"Well, keep saying more incredibly sweet things like that and you might get to do it more often!"

"What about if I said I thought you were better than your devil of a sister in every way?"

"And now you're getting a blowjob, too."

I grinned as Georgie shimmied off her leggings, leaving her in just the bra and matching panties. She gave me a long, passionate kiss before unbuckling my jeans, and sitting me on the bed. Georgie dropped to her knees and threw the pants behind her, causing me to notice the door was still open. I was about to tell her, but realised what she was doing; she knew her sister would come upstairs before their parents, and that Eva had to walk past the door to get to her room, giving her more than enough time to see Georgie and I going at it. My girlfriend was sweet, but when it came to her sister she was most certainly not; and, as I was reminded when she took the first lick of my cock, she was certainly not vanilla when it came to sex.

Georgie continued to slowly lick my cock, targeting areas that she knew from experience to be particularly sensitive. She ran her tongue along the underside of my head causing me to moan a little, and clench the bedsheets within my fists. Satisfied I was now completely hard, my girlfriend took my length into her mouth. She stopped once she had reached the halfway point before pulling off, slowly with a sticky mix of precum and saliva connecting her rouged lips to my now throbbing cock. Georgie took the plunge once more, getting an inch more of my shaft into her mouth than before but I knew she was just warming up; this girl could take all of my seven inches with her eyes closed, a fact well proven by our experimentation with blindfolds. Our eyes met as she lingered in the same position, no movement just holding me there in her mouth. I was at her total mercy.

Georgie began to pick up her pace, creating a steady rhythm. Her head bobbed up and down with her lips forming an unbreakable seal around my cock, but inside her tongue was ever moving which caused the occasional whimper to escape my lips. As she got more into it her hair was gradually falling in front of her face, so I gently pushed it behind her ears. The soft, fruity smell of her shampoo that was released when I moved her hair clashed with the increasingly potent smell of sex that filled the room.

I was close to cumming, which Georgie realised without a warning and released me from her mouth. After having done this so many times together, she knew my body almost as well as I did. She afforded me momentary respite by reaching around and undoing her bra. As it fell to the floor, her incredible tits were exposed to me for the first time today; I would never tire of seeing them. Despite their relatively large size, weighing in at a 34C in measurement terms, they had little to no sag following the removal of her bra. Perkiness was just one of their great qualities, alongside their near-perfect round shape and light pink areolas that matched her lipstick. Despite being the one giving the pleasure she was evidently turned on, as was proved by her nipples.

Unaware of still how in awe I was of her breasts, despite seeing them more than a couple of times, Georgie got right back to the pleasuring. She dribbled saliva onto the head of my cock as sexily as anyone could, and pushed the foreskin out of the way with her tongue which caused a ripple of pleasure in itself. She grasped my shaft, and gave it a few long, slow pumps. Suddenly, we both heard footsteps at the bottom of the stairs, and Georgie gave me several quick pumps before using every trick in the book the get me off just as the mystery person reached the top of the stairs. I was powerless to resist, but I just hoped to God that it was not her father.

"I'm cumming!" I called, unable to hold back the tidal wave of cum that was building inside of me. A grunt was the only response I got with my girlfriend's mouth now stuffed with my cock. The footsteps were now halfway up, and Georgie pulled me out of her mouth with her hand and gave me a few last strokes. That was enough. She continued pumping causing string after string of cum to cover her face and tits, as my possible future sister-in-law's head came into view at the top of the stairs. Finally, my Jackson Pollock style painting was completed on my canvas of a girlfriend and I lay back panting despite it being Georgie who had done all the work.

"Hey, sis!" Georgie said cheerily. "Do you want a taste? You can lick some off of my tits if you want? I'm sorta into incest, you know..."

"I think I'll just get it from the source, it will taste better fresh rather than off a slut like you," she spat, as Georgie's latest jab became the straw that broke the camel's back. I heard footsteps coming towards me, but I was still lying down so did not realise what was happening; by the time I did, Eva's lips were already around my cock. Georgie let out an almighty scream and yanked her sister back which made Eva's teeth graze my cock. Eva was thrown to the floor, and Georgie pounced. Slap after slap rained down on Eva, as my topless girlfriend straddled her.

As hot as it was, I did not enjoy this side of Georgie; I liked her to be protective, but I did not like when she became bitchy and it only happened with her sister. I grabbed Georgie by the waist and pulled her back, as my cock accidentally probed her ass. It normally did not take me long to get hard again, but this had really been a catalyst for the process. I threw Georgie, as gently as I could, onto her bed and pulled Eva up.

"You bitch, you just raped my boyfriend!" Georgie yelled, getting up and running at her sister once more but I held them apart.

"He wishes I raped him," Eva said sassily. "You're just upset because you're now not the only girl who has had her lips around his cock. Say bye, bye to the whole 'we have only fucked each other' thing. Which I bet is a lie anyway!"

"Okay, I think you should maybe go now, Eva," I said.

"I should go? It's my house!" Eva exclaimed.

"Okay, I think you should maybe go now, to your room," I clarified.

"Who are you my dad?" she said, before pausing and proceeding to ooze sheer sex appeal. "Because, actually, I would love it if you were my daddy."

Georgie let out a shriek and shoved past me to push her sister into the hallway, before slamming the door shut. She ran at me, and jumped. I managed to catch her as she wrapped her legs around me, and kissed me hard. I could taste the slightly salty flavour of my own cum, as our tongues clashed. We fell back onto the bed, with her on top. I pulled her panties down with one hand, which she kicked off, and seized her ass as our tongues continued to fight in one of the most passionate kisses we had ever shared. Gently, I slipped a finger into her already dripping pussy and began sliding it in and out as I added another. She thrust her tits in my face, more cum now on me; as she did so she began to dry hump against me, rubbing her clit on my cock as it was pressed against my body by her weight.

"I need you in me, now" she commanded, her level of horniness, and apparent desperation to rid her sister form our thoughts, seeming unbearable. "I need to forget about Eva."

"But what about the anal you promised?" I asked, disappointed.

"Another day, you can even do it twice," she gasped as I continued to finger her. "But right now I need your huge, thick cock in my pussy- don't make love to me. Fuck me. Hard, like an animal."

Flattery will get you anywhere in life, and I let out a primordial roar as I flipped us over like two crocodiles in a death roll. In truth I was a little larger than average, but was nothing out of this world at seven inches, and my girth was satisfying enough but not life changing. However, because we had done this so often, it did not really matter how big I was as we both knew how to make it great regardless. Either way, I was now on top and fully in control. I raised up on my knees, and slid my girlfriend up the bed so her head was on the pillows. She let out a moan as I displayed my dominance, and an even bigger one as I pulled my top over my head. Finally, I lined up my cock with her pussy, but evidently took too long for her liking; Georgie thrust me down with all her might, by grabbing my ass, knowing I was already lined up. The one positive that had come from the discovery that Georgie was infertile was there was no need for condoms anymore, it saved us a small fortune and greatly improved my pleasure and performance. I slipped inside her with ease, it was almost like her pussy had changed shape to provide the best fit for my cock over the time we had been together. The feeling as her pussy enveloped me seemed to dissolute my senses, and I pulled out slightly to get more leverage. Remembering her plea, I thrust in hard and with speed, my whole length penetrating her in one go. I pumped in and out a few more times, before being told to be louder by Georgie.

"Louder? Why?" I asked, but not stopping

"All I want you to do is fuck me so hard that I scream out, loud enough that Eva can hear us. A little grunting from you would not go amiss either," she replied, her voice juddering from the pounding she was taking

"Well what about your mom? If we do that your parents will hear us downstairs," I warned. "Every time we have ever fucked when they were here we have done so pretty much silently. I've had to gag you before!"

"Who are we kidding, they know what we're doing up here!" Georgie said in a shouted whisper. "Besides, we are going to be out of here in a couple of months and at college, in our own place fucking whenever we want and as loud as we want. So right now, I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard. Don't even bother trying to get me to orgasm, just fuck me till I scream and Eva can hear us."

"Why are you so desperate for Eva to hear us?"

"Because she's a bitch, and I want to make her jealous and..." she tailed off.


"And she's right! I'm now not the only girl who has had her lips on your cock, not the only girl to have done anything sexual with you. I want to prove you are mine," she admitted, with tears forming in her eyes.

"I am yours, and only yours."

"I know, but she clearly doesn't think so," my girlfriend said. "Let's prove it to her."

Realising I was not going to win, I pushed myself up off of Georgie's body which I had been half laying on, half hovering over during that exchange. I was shocked to feel that I was still hard, despite my cock having been dormant in her pussy for two whole minutes; the possessive manner in which Georgie talked about me did help matters; it really turned me on when she was like that. Once I reached the highest height I could without slipping out of her, I shoved myself back in roughly. She let out a shriek, and instinctively clawed at my back.

"Sorry!" I said in a panic as I quickly tried to pull out. "Was that too rough?"

The only reply I got was a deep kiss, and Georgie's pelvis pushing up towards mine. I took that as a cue to continue, and decided if we were going to do this that we were going to do it properly. Instead of thrusting back in, I pulled out completely much to Georgie's dislike. Her complaints soon disappeared as I picked her up, flipped her over and unceremoniously entered her from behind. She got the idea, and propped herself up on all fours with both hands gripping the headboard. I very quickly got into a rhythm, pulling off four thrusts a second or so; I would not be able to maintain this pace for too long, but it was certainly meeting the goal of making noise. Each movement I made exerted a scream or moan of some kind from my girlfriend, how much of which was exaggerated I was not sure but I was certainly doing something. When coupled with every forward motion of mine causing the headboard to slam into the wall, along with the sound of our skin slapping together and the occasional grunt from me, we were fucking at a considerable volume.

"Oh yes, Ben, fuck me! Harder! Harder!" Georgie yelled out, finding her voice now she was used to the sensation of jackhammer pounding. "You feel so good inside me!"

Despite knowing much of her sentiments were put on for her sister's benefit, it still spurred me on. I maintained my pace, which helped my stamina. With a spare hand, I grabbed a tit and with the other I fiddled with her clit which brought a genuine cry of joy.

"Oh yeah, babe, keep going I could have you in me like this forever!" she shouted, slapping the wall with her hand before lowering her voice to a whisper. "Seriously, finish yourself off. I can't take much more of this. Say something loudly when you cum, too!"

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