tagGay MaleRoommates Ch. 03

Roommates Ch. 03


Jackson awoke the following morning feeling very mixed about the previous night's romp with Derek. He decided to quietly get ready and leave before his roommate woke up. He really didn't want to talk about what had happened last night. He didn't want to talk about it, but he couldn't stop thinking about it either.

He headed to the bathroom to take his shower but all he could think about was Derek's dick in his mouth. As if it had a mind of its own, his dick started getting hard. As the shower water poured down on his head, he tried to think of other things, but to no avail. Before he realized what he was doing, he was soaping his cock into a full-blown erection. The combination of the hot water and his soapy hand felt good as he brought himself to orgasm. He quickly finished up in the bathroom, dressed and made ready to leave for work. He glanced toward Derek's room and noticed the door open. Against his will, he paused to look inside – Derek was already gone.

Jackson wondered if Derek was feeling apprehensive as well and wanted to avoid him that morning. He walked into Derek's room and glanced around. It was a mess with clothes strewn about. On the floor beside his bed was a stack of magazines – Penthouse, Playboy, Club and a few others. Jackson smiled to himself and bent to pick one up. It was an issue of Penthouse Letters.

The magazine fell open to the section boys/boys and girls/girls section. The way the magazine had been folded, Jackson could tell Derek had been recently reading these letters. As he read, Jackson felt his dick start to swell. Hmmm, perhaps this is where Derek got the idea to broach the subject of dick sucking last night.

Jackson closed the magazine and set it back on the pile and started to walk out when his eye caught the slightly open drawer of the bedside table. Was there a dildo in there? He cautiously looked around and then proceeded to open the drawer. There, Jackson found that his roommate did, indeed, have a dildo. It was one of those jelly types, at least 8" long. But that was not all he had. Beside the dildo was a multi-speed vibrator, a cock ring, one of those pretend "pussies" and several types of lube. Jackson's head was spinning as he closed the drawer and left Derek's room.

On his way to work, Jackson's mind was a jumble. Apart from the previous night's experience, he was now thinking about Derek's collection of toys. He went through the motions of working, but clearly his was distracted. He found himself wondering if he was turning gay. He wondered what his co-workers would say if they found out.

That morning, a co-worker named Donald asked him if he was alright. "You look a little distracted today," Donald said. "Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry. Yeah, I guess I am just a bit." Jackson replied.

"Care to talk about anything? Donald asked.

Jackson replied a little more quickly than was warranted, "No, I'll be fine."

As Donald walked away, Jackson found himself wondering about Donald's dick. Had he ever had anyone suck him? Had Donald ever sucked a dick? Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Jackson returned to his job but it was hard to focus.

Later that afternoon, Donald came back by Jackson's desk, "You really seem off today, like you're in another world. You sure you're okay?"

Yes, I'm fine. I appreciate your concern, but I'll be alright. "Jackson said.

Donald continued, "You want to grab a drink after work? You look like you could use a stiff drink."

Jackson was a bit startled by the use of the word "stiff." He had had an erection most of the day thinking about his roommate.

"Well?" Donald was waiting for a reply.

"Sure," Jackson finally said. He really didn't want to go home after work anyway. He still wasn't ready to see Derek.

When quitting time rolled around, Donald approached Jackson, "Listen, why don't we head over to my house for that drink. I've got some great single malt that will beat the shit out of anything the local watering hole has to offer."

Without thinking much, Jackson agreed and soon found himself following Donald's car to his house. He had known Donald for several years. A good family man, Donald was marred with three kids, and had a nice home in the burbs. Donald pulled into the garage and Jackson parked on the driveway as the two made there way into the house.

The house was quite, but Jackson didn't think about it too much. Donald held up a bottle of 21 year old scotch and asked, "Do you take ice?"

"No thanks, I like it straight." Jackson said. Donald nodded approvingly and poured two healthy glasses and offered one to Jackson.

"Here's to your health," Donald said, and the two clinked glasses and took the first drink.

Jackson savored the first sip and then let out a sign, "Ah; that is nice. Thank you for the invite."

"No worries," Donald said. "I'm glad to have the company. Helen and the kids are away for a couple of weeks visiting her parents." He sat back on the couch and kicked off his shoes and took another drink.

Jackson panicked for a moment. Was this all a coincidence? Could Donald somehow have known what was causing his distraction that day at work? Of course not; he was just being paranoid. He smiled at himself and took another drink as he sat in an overstuffed chair next to the couch.

"What?" Donald asked.

Jackson looked up in a start, "What do you mean?"

"What were you thinking just now? That's the first time I've seen you smile all day," Donald asked.

Again, Jackson was startled, but he convinced himself that it was the product of an over-active imagination, "Nothing much. I was just thinking how nice it was to be in this quite home drinking great scotch."

The two chatted about life, work and family and before long Donald asked Jackson if he'd like a refill. He was feeling a bit lightheaded, but accepted the offer.

Donald refilled the glasses a little higher than the first time and handed Jackson back his glass. "Let's see if there is anything to eat in this house," Donald said as he made his way toward the kitchen. Jackson got up to follow him and noticed that he was a little more than just lightheaded.

As he followed Donald he absentmindedly glanced at Donald's ass and wondered what he would look like naked. He quickly shook his head of such thoughts and focused on the task at hand, food. Jackson was looking around the kitchen as Donald pulled out some cheese and crackers. The kitchen looked out on the backyard. It was beautifully manicured, with a swimming pool and a hot tub. Donald grabbed the tray of cheese and crackers and motioned Jackson into the backyard.

The two sat at a patio table overlooking the backyard and continued their conversation.

"How long you been here?" Jackson asked.

"About eight years. It's taken me awhile to get it the way I wanted it, but I am sure happy with it now." Donald offered.

"Do you use the pool much?" Jackson asked.

"Kids use it most. Helen and I like the hot tub. That was a good investment!" Donald smiled as he made this comment. Jackson wondered about the comment.

As the second glass of scotch came to an end, Donald asked Jackson if he wanted another.

Jackson declined, "I'm not sure I'd be able to drive home if I did."

"A dip in the pool will clear your head. Interested?"

Jackson's mind reeled at the question. He looked at Donald trying to see if there was anything behind the offer, but he could detect nothing."

"Come on," Donald continued. "It will clear the mind. We're about the same size; you can use a pair of my trunks."

Without waiting for an answer, Donald got up and went to his bedroom, returning in a few moments with several swimsuits. Some were boxer style and others were speedo style. Jackson knew he couldn't wear a speedo swimsuit. He was afraid of getting an erection. He selected the boxer style and Donald motioned him to a changing room just off the hot tub.

Jackson's head was spinning. Was it the scotch? Was it the night before? Was it being at Donald's house alone? His dick was already getting hard as he tried to think about other things. At least the suit was baggy. The cold pool water would help him to refocus. As he came out of the changing room, he saw Donald standing there in a speedo. Involuntarily, Jackson looked at his host's swimming suit. He could clearly see the outline of Donald's cock as the thin material clung to his body.

Donald smiled and said, "Last one in is a rotten egg!" The two men dove into the pool. It was cool, but not cold. Jackson again tried to clear his mind, but all he could think about was Donald's cock. He swam a few laps but his erection would not abate. He wondered how he was going to get out of the pool. The two continued to swim and talk and soon, Jackson started to relax. It was all in his head. Nothing was going on. Nothing was going to happen. Thankfully, his is dick began to go limp.

After about thirty minutes, Donald said, "Let's finish this off in the hot tub. It feels great after a brisk swim." Without waiting for Jackson's response, Donald got out of the pool and pulled the top off the hot tub and started up the jets. Jackson watched as his host busied himself around the pool deck preparing the hot tub. He found himself staring at Donald's ass wondering...."

Donald turned to look at Jackson and said, "Come on; you're going to love this."

Jackson stole a quick glance at Donald's crotch. Was Donald sporting an erection? He tried to focus but Donald had quickly turned and climbed into the hot tub. Jackson's own dick had started to swell. He was glad for the baggy swimsuit as he climbed out of the pool and into the hot tub.

Thousands of bubbles streamed toward his body as Jackson eased into the hot tub. It did feel great. His body was tired from the swim and the scotch and the thought he could easily go to sleep in this thing. Donald smiled as Jackson began to relax in the hot tub, then he said, "Jackson, sit over there next to that jet. It's the best spot in the tub. Jackson moved over to the indicated spot and sat down. Much to his surprise, as soon as he sat down he felt a powerful jet shooting bubbles right at his dick!

He looked up in surprise at his host, who smiled and said, "Feels great, doesn't' it?"

It did feel great. That was the problem. His erection returned with a vengeance. After a few moments he knew it he didn't move soon, he was going to cum in his friend's hot tub. Donald just smiled and started talking about the hot tub.

"The wife and I had this installed a couple of years ago. We enjoy coming out here naked when the kids are in bed. It's been the prelude of some pretty incredible sex."

Jackson couldn't believe his ears. Did Donald just talk about having sex with his wife in this hot tub?

Donald continued, "You enjoying my favorite spot in the tub, Jackson?"

He was enjoying it, too much. "Yeah, but I think I better move before I have an accident." Jackson moved away from the jet but his dick was incredibly hard.

"Come on," Donald said, "Let's go back into the house."

As Donald got out of the hot tub, Jackson could clearly see Donald's erect dick pressing against the fabric of the speedo. He shut off the jets and motioned Jackson to follow. Reluctantly Jackson followed. As he got out the material of the suit clung to his body revealing that he, too, had a raging hard on. Donald looked at Jackson and smiled. He tossed Jackson and towel and took one himself and dried off before going inside. In side the kitchen, Donald pealed off his speedo and set it on the counter. "Leave your suit here, Jackson. I don't want to get water in the rest of the house."

Jackson looked at Donald, standing there in the buff, with this dick standing tall. It had to be a good 8 inches long. Donald saw Jackson staring at him and offered, "It looks good enough to eat, doesn't it. " With that, he reached down and gave his cock a few strokes.

Jackson had to admit to himself that it did look good enough to eat. Dropping all pretenses, Jackson took his suit off revealing his own 7" inches standing proudly. He took a few steps toward Donald and dropped to his knees and began licking Donald's dick like it was a Popsicle. He could taste and smell the chlorine on Donald's skin, which made the whole scene somehow more erotic.

Donald moaned softly and he placed his hands on Jackson's head. After a few moments Donald pushed Jackson's head away and said, "Let's take this to the bedroom." Jackson silently stood and followed Donald to the master bedroom.

"Let's get the chlorine off first." Donald suggested as he led Jackson into a large bathroom. The shower was enormous, with multiple shower heads all around. Donald got in and started turning on facets and soon several streams of water were beating down. Jackson marveled at the shower as he entered the shower.

Donald grabbed a bottle of body wash and squirted a large amount onto his hand. He sat the bottle down and started applying the wash to Jackson. Donald's hands went everywhere – his back, his chest, his ass and even his cock. Donald's hands felt wonderful as they washed the chlorine from his skin. He took extra care with Jackson's ass and balls, making sure they were clean. "Go ahead and rise." Donald commanded; Jackson obeyed.

Wordlessly, Donald handed Jackson the bottle. Jackson took it knowing what was expected. He squirted a large amount into his own hand and started soaping Donald. He felt good to his touch as Jackson worked his way down to his cock. He grabbed the body wash again and applied some directly to Donald's dick and then began to work it in. He cleaned his cock very thoroughly, even managed to slip a finger or two up Donald's ass. When he finished, Donald rinsed off and told Jackson to turn around.

Donald came up behind Jackson and pressed his body up against Jackson's backside. Jackson could feel Donald's cock pressing against his ass. Donald took the body wash and squirted a large amount on Jackson's back and ass and then pressed himself against Jackson. He then started rubbing his body against Jackson's. He reached his hands around Jackson's waste and grabbed Jackson's dick and slowly started stroking it while grinding his cock into Jackson's ass.

Jackson leaned back against Donald, pressing his ass against Donald's cock. Donald pulled back a little and positioned his cock right at Jackson's ass and started probing for an entrance. Knowing what he was doing, Jackson reached around and spread his ass cheeks, helping Donald find his target. With dick and ass covered with slick body wash, Donald found Jackson's asshole and gently pressed the tip of his cock against the opening. As the tip penetrated, Jackson let out an involuntary scream. It hurt like hell, but there was no stopping the process.

Donald paused for a moment to allow Jackson's ass to accommodate his cock. Then he began to slowly press his advantage and slide his dick into Jackson's ass. Jackson moaned, but Donald didn't stop until the full 8" of his dick had penetrated Jackson's ass.

Jackson was in pain, but his dick had never been harder. He bit his lip as Donald started pulling out and then pushing his way back in. Soon, Donald was rhythmically fucking Jackson's ass. The pain subsided a bit and Jackson found himself enjoying his first ass fuck.

Donald continued to fuck Jackson's ass with a hand on either hip, pounding away. Jackson felt Donald's dick start to get even bigger and he knew Donald was about to cum in his ass. He squeezed his ass cheeks as tight as he could and continued to push against Donald's thrusts and then he felt it – Donald's dick began to spasm sending stream after stream of cum into Jackson's ass.

A moment later, Jackson's dick began to swell and he knew he was going to cum as well. He was somewhat amazed for Donald had long since stopped jacking him off. As Donald finished his final plunges in Jackson's ass, Jackson began to cum. He looked down as his dick spit out several streams of cum. Jackson couldn't believe it, but it felt incredible.

Donald pulled out of Jackson's ass and cleaned off his dick with the remaining soap. Jackson turned around and looked at Donald, who smiled as he finished washing his cock. The two rinsed off and turned the water off. Donald offered Jackson a clean towel and the two dried off.

Jackson's asshole hurt like hell as he dried himself off. He didn't quite know what to do or say at that moment. Finally, Donald broke the silence and said, "Come on, let's go." He followed Donald into the bedroom, where Donald collapsed on the turned back bed. "Come on," Donald said, 'Lie down and relax a bit. Was that the first time you've ever been fucked in the ass?"

Jackson replied, "Yes. It hurts like hell but it sure felt great. How did you know?"

Donald said, "All day long I've been watching you. You were stealing glances at all the guys when you thought they weren't looking and I could see that your dick was hard most of the day. You were acting like a guy who had just sucked his first cock and were wondering if he was gay or not."

Jackson listened in disbelief. "Was it that obvious?"

Donald laughed, "Yes, it was that obvious. Anyway, I thought I'd take advantage of the situation with Helen and the kids out of town and see where things went. Don't worry; I doubt if you're gay; probably just bi – the best of both worlds." With that, Donald picked up a remote and turned a large TV on in the bed room. He then hit play and the screen was filled with beautiful babes with very little on. The scene quickly got heated up as the girls began to rub up against each other and take their clothing off. They were licking and sucking one another's breasts and fingering their pussies. Soon, Jackson's cock began to harden. Donald, noted the erection and said, "See? Women still turn you on. Nothing to worry about."

Jackson looked down and smiled. He looked over at Donald and then he started jacking off while turning his attention back to the screen, but Donald had other ideas. He reached over and pulled Jackson's hand away, replacing it with his mouth. Donald took long, slow licks up and down Jackson's cock and swirled his tongue around the tip several times. He repeated this several times stopping from time to time to lick and suck Jackson's balls.

Jackson put his hands behind his head and alternated his attention between Donald's work and the beauties on the screen. Donald continued to pleasure Jackson with his skill. Soon, he felt Jackson's balls tighten up and his dick start to expand. He lowered his mouth down over the shaft and began sucking with all his might while fondling his balls. Then Donald reached up and began tweaking the nipple of Jackson's breast. The sensation totally overwhelmed Jackson as he began cuming in Donald's mouth. Donald took every last drop as he milked Jackson's dick dry.

Donald leaned back and put his hands behind his head and started watching the show on screen. When Jackson recovered from his orgasm, he looked over and saw Donald's dick standing tall. He positioned himself between Donald's legs and lay down in a prone position and began working Donald's dick with both hands. He took his time exploring Donald's dick, the texture, the feel, the smell. Donald spread his legs for Jackson giving him plenty of access to his cock.

After several minutes of playing with Donald's cock, Jackson noted a small amount of precum emerging from the piss slit. He lightly touched it with the tip of his finger and pulled back, leaving a thin line of precum that connected his finger to Donald's cock. He watched with amazement as the stream lengthened and then finally broke. More precum came out of Donald's cock. Jackson milked Donald's cock and watched as more precum came out. He took his finger and pressed it against the tip and he began smearing the precum on the underside of Donald's shaft. He started rubbing little circles on that spot just beneath the tip of Donald's cock as Donald moaned with pleasure. Precum continued to provide lubricant for Jackson's work as he played with Donald's cock.

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