tagGay MaleRoommates Ch. 03

Roommates Ch. 03


Harvesting the Seed

Julie broke up with me two weeks before summer break and I did not take it well. We had been spending most of our time together with Henry and Julie's friend Pam. Threesomes with Henry or Pam were commonplace and foursomes with both of them were not uncommon. Henry had become comfortable with his sexuality and he seemed to be transitioning away from openly bisexual to openly gay. He would still on occasion fuck Julie when we were all together but he always finished inside my mouth or my ass. I was in love with Jules and I craved her more than anything but the hedonistic decadence of our sex life spiraled out of control.

The biggest issue that I had was that Julie and Pam had become a serious item and I became an almost unwanted third wheel whenever they were together. Pam was a lesbian from the start so when we were all together my contact was limited to just Jules. I didn't mind though because I had no desire to fuck another woman.

When Julie broke up with me she and Pam became an exclusive couple. I was alone and devastated. My days were often spent in a daze and my nights were spent completely drunk. My class work suffered but I had lost hope.

I was naked in the middle of the afternoon on my bed watching porn when Henry walked in unexpectedly. He was supposed to be in class and I was fully engrossed in the hot action on the screen.

"Hey, enjoying yourself?" He teased as he closed and locked the door behind him.

"Oh, hey," I replied nonchalantly as I continued to openly stroke my cock and watch the couple fucking on the tv screen. Henry had seen me cum dozens of times so I was unfazed by his presence.

"Get down here," he said calmly. His comfort with his sexuality had made him a much more confident person and he had evolved into a definite top. I knew what he wanted and even though we had never fooled around without Julie present I was horny and willing to do what he wanted.

I climbed slowly down from my loft and walked naked toward my roommate without hesitation. My heart was racing in anticipation of what was to come.

Henry grabbed my shoulders and pushed me roughly against the cold concrete wall of the dorm room. His hands slid from my shoulders to my throat and he pinned me against the wall. I saw a raw power in his eyes, a lust fueled power that I had never seen before. He pressed his mouth against mine and kissed me aggressively. His tongue forced its way between my pursed lips and slithered against mine as he ground his body against me. In the many times we had sex we had never kissed. Kissing a guy was not something that appealed to me at all.

His strong hands squeezed my throat as he kissed me deeply. His hard cock pressed against my thigh through his shorts and I wanted it.

Henry kissed me forcefully. His insistent tongue plunged in and out of my mouth like a cock pistoning into a wet cunt. His body ground against my naked flesh as I stood submissively with my hands at my side.

"Undress me bitch," Henry ordered as he ended the kiss and released my throat.

I looked into his eyes as I caught my breath and nodded slowly. I pulled his shirt over his head exposing his tan muscular chest to my hungry eyes. I ran my hands down his smooth shaved flesh and unfastened his shorts before falling to the floor at his feet. My eyes traveled up his taught muscular body as my hands tugged his shorts down to his feet releasing his huge hard dick.

"May I," I asked submissively. My voice was thick with lust and it sounded distant and foreign to me as though it came from someone and somewhere else.

"Yes," he said softly. He was clearly pleased with my submission. "Suck it bitch."

"Mmm, thank you," I moaned as I grabbed his long thick tool with both hands and rubbed it against my face. My tongue slithered along the underside of Henry's magnificent cock. I could taste the salty sweat of his musky essence.

Henry closed his eyes and threw his head back as I wrapped my lips around his hard pulsating member. I had always enjoyed the taste of his cum and I moaned loudly as the flavor of his precum caressed my tongue.

My right hand stroked Henry's long shaft as my head bobbed over his thick bulbous head. My left hand caressed his balls and ran slowly over his tight rippled abs. I lost track of time as I sucked and slurped Henry's delicious cock.

My jaw ached and tears streamed down my cheeks as Henry forcefully mouth fucked me. He pushed his cock deep into my throat making me gag violently before letting me up for air. His cock sank deeper and deeper until my nose touched the coarse patch of fur above his hard cock.

"Enough," Henry said as he pushed me off his big dick. "Bend over." I knew what he wanted and I quickly scurried over to his bed like a needy slut.

Henry reached into his night stand and grabbed some lube as I bent over with my ass in the air and buried my face in his pillows.

I felt the cool slick liquid run down the crack of my ass and I groaned softly in anticipation of his hard cock filling me up. He plunged two and then three fingers inside my tight ass as he slathered lube over his condom covered tool.

"Do you want it bitch?" He asked coolly. He pumped his fingers into my ass until I started pushing back to meet his thrusts. I was ready.

"Yes," I hissed. I was a randy whore and Henry knew exactly what I needed. He ran his hard slick meat across my gaping

asshole and I looked back at him. "Please," I begged.

"Please what?" He teased as his smooth cock slid enticingly down the lubricated crack of my ass.

"Please fuck me," I replied softly.

Henry smiled triumphantly as he aimed his dick at my asshole and pushed his hips forward. He had been inside me dozens of times and my sphincter offered little resistance before he slid inside me with a wet pop.

My eyes rolled back with the incredible combination of pleasure and pain as he slowly sank his giant cock balls deep inside me.

"Oh god," I groaned loudly into his pillows.

Henry fucked me with long slow strokes as my ass stretched to accommodate his long thick cock. He fell into a steady rhythm and his heavy balls slapped against mine with each delicious stroke.

"Do you want it harder bitch?" Henry asked loudly as he slapped my ass cheek leaving a deep red welt and making me moan with excitement.

"Yes, please fuck me hard," I pleaded.

"Good answer slut," he chided. He grabbed my hips and thrust his cock into me hard and fast. His dick stroked my prostate and I felt my climax starting to build deep inside me. Henry slapped my ass again and again I moaned with masochistic pleasure.

My breathing was ragged and I knew I was close to the point of no return when Henry stopped and pulled his huge cock from my gaping asshole. My eyes shot open in shocked surprise. My body felt cold and empty and I looked back at him with soft pleading eyes.

"Don't worry slut," he said dismissively, "I will make you cum. Get on your back and pull your legs back."

I scampered onto my back and grabbed my ankles. I pulled my feet up and watched as Henry positioned himself and guided his big dick back inside me. My stretched ass offered no resistance and he quickly sank all the way inside me.

My hard cock bounced as Henry thrust his dick into my ass. I watched as sweat ran down his chest as he thrust his dick hard and fast into my ass. I wished I could run my hands over his sweat covered torso as he fucked me. I watched his taught muscles ripple with each thrust of his big powerful cock. His hard rod stroked my prostate and re ignited the flames of my climax.

Henry fucked my ass with long hard strokes pushing me past the point of no return. My eyes closed tight as my body shook with the most amazing orgasm of my life.

Cum burbled and shot from my cock leaving a huge puddle on my stomach as I moaned and groaned like a bitch in heat.

Henry continued fucking my ass hard and fast as I rode out a powerful climax. My chest heaved and sweat rolled down my brow as he pulled his big dick from my ass and tore off the magnum sized condom. He moved off the bed and stroked his cock as he waited for me to turn to face him.

I parted my lips and he sank his cock down my throat. I sucked hard on his dick and stroked his long shaft as he approached his climax. My hands caressed his heavy ball sack and his taught muscular stomach while he fucked my mouth.

Henry's balls tightened and he cried out loudly as cum filled my mouth. I quickly gulped down his seed and milked his shaft.

"You like that don't you bitch," Henry chided as I swallowed his hot creamy cum.

I moaned and swallowed his cum like a good cock whore.

"Thanks," Henry said dismissively as he walked naked to the bathroom. I heard the powerful stream of pee hit the toilet water and it sent shivers through my body though I had no idea why. He dressed and left me naked and disheveled in our room.

I crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep as I contemplated what path my life may take.

Henry fucked me and I sucked his big delicious cock every day for the next two weeks. He occasionally kissed me and while the thought of kissing a man continued to repulse me I got excited when he did it. Our sexual escapades were always one sided with Henry the clear top and me as his willing bottom but he always fucked me until I came without ever touching my own dick. Henry may not have been a good fuck as a straight man but he was a fantastic fuck as a gay one.

My mind was a mess and my grades suffered. I didn't study when finals came around. I knew I was going to flunk out of school but I didn't care. Julie had broken my heart and I wallowed in a deep depression.

The night after our last final Henry had a party in our room. None of the girls we had known showed up but plenty of Henry's new friends were in attendance. He had jumped full force into the campus gay community over the prior months and there wasn't a straight man at the party.

I drank heavily, as I had done consistently since Julie had dumped me for Pam. Sometime after midnight I found myself outside the dorm with two of Henry's friends. Ken, a short effeminate Asian had pulled out his dick in a dark corner of a parking lot to take a leak. I openly ogled him as he started to pee.

Ken's dick was small but I found myself staring as clear beer piss flew from its head.

"Do you want some," he teased as he stopped the stream of pee and waved his little dick from side to side.

"Yes," I slurred drunkenly as I knelt down in front it him. I took his flaccid cock into my mouth and started to swallow when he resumed pissing. I gulped down his yellow treat and then sucked his dick until it was hard.

I sucked and stroked Ken's small dick in a dark corner of the quad beside my dorm. He came quickly and I swallowed his hot cream before turning to face the other guy, whose name I didn't even know. He was stroking his cock and I looked up at his girlish face as I crawled over to him. I knelt on the grass and sucked his cock with reckless abandon. His breathing was heavy and he cried out loudly as his dick spit hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed his cum like a wanton whore and looked around to see if anyone had witnessed my slutty behavior or perhaps for another cock to suck.

"Thanks," they both said in unison. They laughed loudly at my disheveled appearance as the straightened their clothes.

They left together and I returned to the party. Everyone but Henry and his lifting buddy Ted had left.

"Watch this," Henry said to his friend as he moved quickly to my side. He grabbed me by my throat and forced his tongue into my mouth. I returned his kiss with surprising enthusiasm and wantonly ground my body against his.

"He claims he's bi but I think he's lying to himself and he's a fag like us," Henry told his friend.

Henry pulled out his cock and told me to bend over. He spit into his hand and rubbed the saliva over his massive dick as I pulled down my pants like an obedient bitch. He spat on my ass and pushed his cock bareback into my ass.

Ted moved in front of me and fed me his cock while Henry's big dick sank easily into my stretched out ass. They fucked me hard from both ends. Within minutes my cock erupted onto the floor and several minutes later they both came inside me.

I fell to the floor panting. I was embarrassed, humiliated and still horny as hell. My dick was still hard and I jerked off as they both watched and laughed at my randy state.

"My roommate the submissive little cock whore," Henry said as he and Ted pulled up their pants and laughed.

I didn't care. I stroked my cock until I came as I lay on the floor. They both left the room and I crawled into my bed and passed out drunk and satisfied.

I awoke at noon the next day and quietly packed my stuff into boxes. My car was loaded and I was on my way home before Henry got back to the room.

Two weeks after school ended I received a letter from the University. I had failed out of school with a GPA of 1.23. I never saw or talked to Henry, Julie or any of my so called friends from Miami U again.

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