tagGroup SexRoommates in a Shower

Roommates in a Shower


She heard the door open when she was in the shower but didn't worry about it much. She lived with one male roommate, Mark, and one female, Lissa, but she'd had crushes on both of them for about six months now so she got more excited than nervous. Maybe this was her accidental chance with one of them. She stayed quiet, although, the shower running was a great tell that someone was already in the bathroom. She didn't hear much except some rustling of clothes so she finally asked, 'Lissa, is that you?'

She heard Mark's slightly awkward reply. "Um, no."

Oh, that voice. His gravelly deep voice had made her panties wet from the first day she'd met him. She felt an instant gush at just those two words. She continued to languidly soap herself from breasts to the juncture of her thighs, playing with her nipples and clit just a bit, under the guise of hygiene.

"Oh, um, what's up?" She asked this trying to sound casual when what she wanted to say was "FINALLY, get your clothes off and get in here!"

He answered, "Well, I have a date and was just going to grab my razor from the sink so I could get ready, but then I was eating pizza on the way to do that and got it on my shirt. So, um, I'm just rinsing it out."

She stuck her head round the curtain, holding it with one hand and still caressing herself with the other. She felt herself get even wetter when she saw him without his shirt on. He was just young enough to still have the charm of a teenager, but his body was that of a fully grown man. His chest, especially, she liked. It was like he'd somehow gone back in time and stolen the physique of an old time, hardworking macho man. His muscles were defined but not in that shiny-new-gym-equipment way of so many show-off muscles were today. He simply looked like he did a lot of physical things. And she supposed he did.

He grinned at her lopsidedly as he caught her watching him rinse out his shirt.

She cleared her throat and said, "Are you sure you want to go out tonight?"

"What do you mean?" He really was innocent and unassuming.

"I mean, I could use a hand in here if you'd like to lend me one." She figured if he said no she could laugh the bold offer off and pretend it'd been a joke.

He looked up, those doe-brown eyes melting into her for a moment. He didn't say anything but she began to breathe again when his hand moved from the wet shirt to his own waistband.

She stepped back in and let the curtain close, forcing herself to take deep breaths and leaning under the stream of water. This really might happen! She had to calm down.

She hard the jangle of the shower curtain rings and opened her eyes to see him, gloriously naked and still silent step into the shower.

"I've wanted you since you moved in." She told him, totally emboldened now.

He grinned again, said nothing again, but grabbed her by her waist and pulled her toward him. He kissed her hard, backing her against the cold tiles under the spray and sliding his tan skin against hers, letting the soap and water cover them both.

He pulled back and said, "Why didn't you say so before?"

Now it was her turn to grin, shyly. "I didn't think you'd feel the same way."

She gestured a bit helplessly at herself. She'd never been a small woman, though she usually felt sexy. She was busty and curvy and her pale skin never seemed to tan much. He looked her up and down once, decidedly attracted, and reassured her, "You should've said something before."

She thought of the stick thin women he dated and was surprisingly proud of herself. Proud that he was so obviously into her body despite it being totally different from his usual dating fare.

She moved her hand up to her own breasts, unconsciously playing with her nipples again, aroused by seeing him want her. He growled a bit and pulled her forward by the waist so that her breasts were under the hot cascading water.

He watched eagerly as the water cleansed her beautiful, full breasts and when they were free of soap he moved his head to the breast she wasn't touching. He took her nipple into his mouth, gently at first, then with more force. He nibbled and sucked and had her writhing her soapy hips against his, creating lovely movements that were slick and somehow still full of friction. His hard on was raging by now and he was beyond surprised that they'd crossed this line so quickly. Shrugging off his wonder, he dove back into the moment, allowing his hands to wander from their grip on her waist. One hand slid down her back side pulling her groin into closer contact with his and he ground his hips into hers for a moment, dry (or wet sort of) humping while his mouth still explored her nipples, his eyes fascinated by her still self-pleasuring hand on the opposite breath. He timed his movements to match her fingers' motion and was rewarded by her breathing becoming shallower by the second.

Soon he made a bit of room between their groins and let his other hand come in between them, sneaking into her crevice and touching ever so lightly her pleasure center. She moaned and jumped a bit, surprised in the best way. She just kept having to remind herself "This is really happening!" as she drowned in the pleasure of it. His long, blunt fingers had always been one of her favorite things about him. He had tough hands, like any man who did hard work would have, but they were so sexy to her. She writhed against him as he slid one of his fingers up inside of her, working her g-spot expertly and turning her shallow breaths into moaning gasps.

She must've been kind of loud because the door creaked open again just as his mouth was working it's way up from her breast to that ultra sensitive favorite place on her throat. She swallowed, nervous all over again, as she heard Lissa enter the room. "What are you guys doing in here?"

Lissa wasn't innocent and unassuming, she was just pretending. She knew from what she'd heard through the paper thin walls of her room that Lissa was anything but innocent. The tone of her question gave it away too.

"Why?" She asked, ready to take one final chance tonight if it meant fulfilling her ultimate fantasy.

"Oh, I don't know... sounds like more fun than watching TV..." Lissa trailed off but she could already hear her shedding clothes. Soon the curtain parted again. Mark had paused in shock and, judging from the expression on his face, abject joy at the sight of her. He started looking back and forth between them like a kid who'd just been given not one but TWO puppies for Christmas. His eyes just screamed, "This is too awesome! I get BOTH??"

She and Lissa exchanged a knowing look as Lissa stepped closer to them. She knew when to keep quiet, too. Lissa took the final step toward them and kissed her dead on the neck. Soon she felt Lissa's hand cupping over Mark's, her finger sliding into her with his, forcing his hand to move again, forcing him out of his overjoyed stupor. He resumed his kissing and suckling of her neck and she melted against the tiles, letting her hands roam over both of them, overjoyed herself. Her left hand felt all muscle and sinew, going over and over Mark's shoulders, arms, and chest. She'd claw into his back while he and Lissa both stimulated her, and then realize what she was doing and soothe the clawing with wet, sweet touches. She let her left hand follow his happy trail to his large cock and she cupped him in a hot, soapy, wet hand. She started moving her hand up and down mimicking the movements and following the rhythm of his and Lissa's fingers moving inside her. Lissa was kissing her on the mouth still, tasting her mouth inside and out, she was a spectacular kisser and this plus all the other stimuli was making her lose her mind, quick.

She let her right hand move over Lissa as her left was moving over Mark, both of them still with one hand inside of her, one hand exploring her and each other.

Her right hand, in contrast to what her left felt, was feeling softness and femininity. She was caressing Lissa's nipples one moment, and moving her hand down into her soft curls the next.

With all the input to her senses things were accelerating quickly and she was determined they'd all come together so she moved her hand to Mark's free hand and guided it in between Lissa's thighs. She nodded at him when he looked at her, bewildered. He started fingering them both in unison, using the same rhythm and Lissa caught on quickly. She moved her hand from exploring the both of them, keeping the other still inside her, helping Mark, and she clasped his cock with her. Their fingers were entwined and the soap and water and heat of it was wonderful. They all moved in unison to the same unheard rhythm and writhed against each other the same, forming a hot, wet, moaning, moving triangle. Soon Mark's and Lissa's breathing caught up to the choppy cadence of her own and she felt herself start to relax and get ready to let go. She whispered, not wanting to break the spell. "You guys ready?"

She heard affirmative moans and whispered again. "Okay, all at once, 1... 2... 3.... "

They all groaned together, and came together. She gushed against the two hands sharing her inner heat and felt Mark shoot against her thighs as his mouth took hers. She felt Lissa move against Mark's hand, both of them pressing against her and Lissa's mouth moved over her nipple while she groaned out her orgasm.

Even though they'd all come, none of them was ready to stop. Mark kept licking the inside of her mouth, kissing her deeply and with so much passion and Lissa was working on the nipple she'd formerly been using her own fingers on. She felt Lissa move southward and worried for a moment. She'd never had an actual lesbian experience. Kissing and such with a man involved had seemed ok but she wasn't sure she'd even be able to get pleasure from a woman "down there". Would she be too freaked out?

Still, she felt butterflies start and, if it was even possible, became even more wet as Lissa worked her way downward. She kept kissing Mark, moaning into his mouth and holding onto his strong shoulders for dear life. Lissa's mouth hit her most sensitive place and she jerked, surprised at how instantly it pleased her. She moaned long and loud, melting a bit so that Mark had to hold her up. He chuckled into her mouth and then drew back, looking at her, then looking downward with that ultimate male pleasure on his face. She looked down too, fascinated that this was happening at all. She noticed Mark's hard on had returned with a vengeance and gave him a knowing smile. She gently tugged Lissa's hair until she looked up at them. They all three grinned at each other, enjoying each other's young, lithe bodies.

Marks' hands never stopped moving, one up and down her wet back, the other all over Lissa's shoulders and back. He pulled Lissa up to stand, kissed her full on the mouth, and she couldn't help but think that they were both sharing a taste of her right then. He smiled as he pulled back and he pushed Lissa toward her, wanting them to kiss. They did, writhing against each other in delight and she moved her mouth to Lissa's long, elegant neck, sucking and meaning to mark her. She wanted each of them to have a visual reminder of this for the morning.

Mark was moving now, behind Lissa, grinding into her a bit and moving his hands between them, the palms on Lissa's breasts and the rough, stimulating backs on her own. She pushed into those hands, her woman's place aching for something to fill it. She ground restlessly against Lissa's thigh.

She was almost to the point of begging when she had a brilliant, brave idea.

She looked up, disengaging her mouth from Lissa' throat. She kissed Mark over Lissa's shoulder, simultaneously moving him from behind her. She turned them all so that mark was under the showerhead and moved his arms up so that he was holding onto it. She grabbed the ribbon that was still in Lissa's long sable hair and untied it, using it to secure Mark's hands to the showerhead. He looked a bit bewildered and so she kissed him, sharing yet another knowing glance with Lissa.

She turned her back to Mark, one hand reaching behind her to play with his engorged knob, keeping him hard and ready for her. She kissed Lissa again, her free hand moving all over her, touching her breasts and even between her thighs.

She pushed gently on Lissa's shoulder so that she sat against the back of the tub, legs splayed open, looking up at her.

This is where she thanked whoever had invented Yoga. She moved backward, using the hand that was still grasping Mark and winking at Lissa. She bent forward and slid her ass backward, pulling Mark's length and girth into her tight pussy from behind. He couldn't do anything except jerk into her in happy surprise. She now grabbed Lissa's hips with her hands and moved her down a bit, toward her own mouth. She heard Mark groan loudly and felt him physically trying to keep himself from moving inside her, trying to prolong everyone's pleasure. When she had Lissa positioned perfectly under her, she wasted half a second thinking "Oh my god, I've never done this." And then she just dove in. She used her hands to hold open Lissa's pink pussy lips while she moved herself on Mark's cock whether he needed her to wait or not. Her hips caught a good rhythm against him and she couldn't help but hum happily as her mouth moved on Lissa's sweet pussy. She was surprised that it did taste sweet, happily surprised now herself. She used just a bit of teeth and heard Lissa gasp and felt her hands in her hair, holding her there. She licked her clit and slid a finger up inside of her, still moving and thrusting herself onto Mark's hard, throbbing cock. She heard him gasping and breathing faster and faster behind her as he counter-thrust into her tight, so wet pussy. She adjusted the movements of her finger and tongue so that Lissa would come along with them. She felt herself getting ready and tightened her inner muscles on Mark's cock just as she licked a slow, strong motion from the place where her finger entered Lissa to the place where she knew Lissa's pleasure centered. She let her bottom teeth follow her tongue over Lissa's clit, lightly, just as she felt Mark's cum gush up inside of her and let her own orgasm overtake her. She heard Lissa scream loud enough to wake the neighbor's and felt like doing the same herself, ecstatic in her double sexual conquest of the evening.

She lapped Lissa one more time, then kissed her so she'd taste her own juices, smiling like a Cheshire cat at Lissa's sated, exhausted face. Lissa kissed her back hard and then let her head fall against the tiles. She let her dripping pussy slide free of Mark's now limp member and turned to face him. He was smiling like the cock of the walk now, and she supposed that's just what he was. She ran her hands up his chest and twined them around his neck, standing on her tip toes to kiss him too. He smiled as he kissed her back. She reached up and undid the ribbon holding him to the showerhead and his hands came to her hips, pressing her into his own groin once more and growling, satisfied.

They turned and helped Lissa off the floor of the shower and out of it, turning off the water. They dried each other off and walked, arms around one another to her room, the room with the biggest bed. They dove under the covers and she sighed. Who would've thought one simple question to a roommate could lead to her fantasies coming true?

She fell asleep ultimately happy and eager to see what tomorrow would bring for the three of them.

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