tagFetishRoommate's Revenge

Roommate's Revenge


I was dreaming, I was in a strange place but I wasn't alone, I could hear the screams of voices I knew echoing through my mind, begging forgiveness, grovelling for mercy. I didn't know what I had done to gain this power over them, nor did I know what It was that they wanted. All I knew was that it felt good to be the one in control.

Saturday 5.00 am

Time to put my plan into action, I crept across the hall and opened their door a crack, they were both sound asleep. I quickly tiptoed across the room and removed the video from the VCR. Next I went into the living room, slid my hand under the cupboard on the wall and found what I was looking for... the key. I crouched in front of the closet and unlocked it, pulling out a video I looked at the label. "Rachel #14" I grabbed the rest of them replaced the key and hurried back to my room. One by one I pulled the real out of each video, cutting it into small pieces, I placed them all in the fireplace struck a match and watched as they went up in smoke, breaking me free. This was the only weapon my roommates had to keep me in their grasp.

Saturday 11.30 am

Just as I had expected Gillian called me into their room, I had my plan in motion, the trap was baited, all I had to do was sit back and wait. Or rather lie back and wait. Tony wanted me first, forcing his prick into my mouth until I sucked him hard. He pulled it out with a wet popping sound, turned me around and bent me over the arm of the sofa as he slid into me from behind. "Play with yourself." He ordered and my hand obediently went to my clit, as I rubbed my clit, and felt his thick shaft plunging inside my hot wet cunt I began to feel an orgasm building deep within me. Gillian slid onto the sofa, manoeuvring her glistening pussy beneath my face. I bent my head and began working her clit with my tongue, my idle hand slid across her slit, my fingers probing deep inside her, with each of Tony's thrusts into me, my tongue pushed harder on her clit and my hand rubbed harder onto my clit, bringing us both to mind blowing orgasms. As my pussy convulsed around Tony's prick he thrust deep within me and held it there shooting load after load into my cunt.

Saturday 11.30 pm

Tony and Gillian finally went to sleep. I crept into the closet that holds their recording equipment and removed the tape I had placed in there earlier. I knew what I was looking for as I took the tape back to my room and fast forwarded through it looking for the material I need. It wasn't there, there were scenes of us fucking each others brains out, screwing each other from every angle imaginable, tied up, laying down, standing, clothed, unclothed, me and Tony, me and Gillian, Tony and Gillian, and all together. But there was not one scene of the two of them on their own without me in the picture. That's what I needed, if my plan was going to succeed. I drifted off to sleep.

I was dreaming, I was in a strange place but I wasn't alone, I could hear the screams of voices I knew echoing through my mind, begging forgiveness, grovelling for mercy. I didn't know what I had done to gain this power over them, nor did I know what It was that they wanted. All I knew was that it felt good to be the one in control.

Sunday 1.00 pm

Plan B, I know what I need to do today and as I am called into their room I know what I must say.

"Gillian" I say quietly, "did you ever think of spending the day with Tony, having sex with only Tony, not getting me involved?"

"No" she said, "it's so much more fun to have someone as a slave."

"Well" I said, "maybe you should tend to Tony's needs yourself for a change, just once, so you don't forget what it's like to give and receive simply for his and your pleasure alone."

"Maybe" she replied, "things have been a little strained between the two of us recently, maybe that'll help get things back on track." So there it is, the trap is set, Gillian tells me to take the day off, that she and Tony are going to spend some quality time alone for a change. I had already set up their little recording system so that I could watch them from the lounge as I recorded their goings on, when Tony got home and Gillian dragged him off to their room explaining that she had given me the day off, I settled in from of the TV and began to watch. They started off slowly at first, sitting on the bed talking, after a few minutes I saw Gillian's hand reach out and begin to undress Tony, first his shirt was removed, then his trousers, finally she removed his shorts. She took his thick shaft in her hand slowly caressing it from the base to the tip, she bent her head and her tongue shot out dancing over the head as she continued to rub him harder and faster, his cock suddenly sprang to life and she bent her head further taking the entire thing into her mouth. As I watched her head bobbing up and down on his prick my hand slid down to my wet clit and I began rubbing myself, my eyes never left the screen as slowly Tony began removing Gillian's clothes.

He pushed her to her hands and knees, and as he knelt behind her he rubbed his cock along her wet slit, she began begging him to enter her, I couldn't believe how much it turned me on hearing her beg and plead him to fuck her, to bury his prick deep inside her. As I watched he turned slightly and I saw him grab a 12 inch dildo off the drawers at the side of the bed. Gillian couldn't see this from where she was, and as I watched Tony smother it in K-Y jelly she just continued begging for his cock. Tony placed the head of his prick at the entrance of her dripping cunt, and in one simultaneous movement he thrust himself inside her and forced the dildo all the way into her ass. Gillian screamed at this unexpected intrusion, crying and swearing at Tony, cursing him. But he just continued pumping his huge organ into her while fucking her ass with the dildo.

Suddenly I realised that I was pumping my own cunt with three of my fingers, I grabbed a wine bottle from the table beside me drained the last few dregs from the bottom and plunged the neck of the bottle into my cunt. The cool glass was a shock to my hot wet lips and as I thrust it in and out I felt my orgasm welling up deep inside me, just as I began to cum I looked at the screen again and realised that Tony was pumping his load into Gillian too. As he pulled out of her he continued to pump her ass with the dildo, and she continued to scream in pain. Suddenly he pulled the dildo out of her ass and rammed it into her cunt, he slipped three fingers into the widened hole of her butt, after finger fucking her a few times he showed his hand deep inside her, fist fucking her, pounding his hand deep inside her nearly up to his elbow. He grabbed hold of one of her tits with his other hand squeezing and rubbing, twisting her nipple. Her face was contorted in a mixture of agony and pleasure, suddenly she was coming, her whole body shook around his hand she trembled for a moment then collapsed on the bed. Tony withdrew his hand from her and forced her to lick his fingers clean. He grabbed the dildo out of her cunt and shoved it into her mouth, grabbed his clothes and headed for the bathroom.

Sunday 3.00 pm

I couldn't believe two hours had passed while I'd been sitting her watching them, I'd given myself god knows how many orgasms and I was exhausted. But I had no time to spare. I raced to the closet and removed the video, darting into my room I threw it in the VCR to make sure it had recorded, I couldn't believe it, the quality was great, Gillian's face was a sight to see. I threw on some clothes put the video in my bag and headed over to my friends.

Sunday 4.00 pm

Jack was a good friend of mine, he was the only one of my friends at college that I had dared tell about the situation at my apartment, he'd assured me that if there was anything he could do to help that I should let him know. I knew he had a way of copying my tape, I wanted three copies. One for me, One to be put in a safe deposit box at the back, and the other I told Jack to hold onto for me, in return for copying them he would be able to watch it himself and it would give me the added bonus of having easy access to another copy if I needed it. Jack was quite happy to help so I left the tape with him and headed home.

Sunday 6.30 pm

As I walked through the front door I hear the sound of crying, I poked my head round Gillian's bedroom door and saw her lying on the bed, tightly curled in the foetal position, she was still naked and I could see her ass hole was still wide open. "What is it?" I asked softly. Slowly through hysterical tears she sobbed out the story of how Tony had fucked her, how much he'd hurt her and how he'd told her he was no longer willing to play a part in my enslavement. She finished the story by explaining that he'd taken his things and left her.

"Maybe it's for the best" I said "anyone who could do such a thing to you isn't worth hanging around for."

"You're right," she said "at least I still have you to fulfill my sexual needs." "

No you don't" I said. She looked at me quizzically. "I took the tapes, I burned them, I recorded you and Tony, now I'm in control, now it's my turn" I told her. From now on you are my slave, you must do as I wish, if I want a man to fuck me you must go out and find one, bring him back here and do as I say. If I want you to fuck me you must do as I command, I am no longer the weak party, you are, you are completely under my control, and if you don't do as I say then copies of the tape will be sent to your family and friends. I'm not willing to discuss this, it's my final offer. You are mine, forever." I left her room and went to sleep, I slept soundly better than I had in months.

I was dreaming, I was in a strange place but I wasn't alone, I could hear the screams of voices I knew echoing through my mind, begging forgiveness, grovelling for mercy. I finally knew what I had done to gain this power, I finally knew what it was they wanted, as I drifted through sleep I realised it was the voices of Gillian and Tony, begging me to destroy the tape. It feels good to be the one in control.

(This is the third part of my Roommates story, once again i ask you to let me know what you think of it, if anyone has ideas for any other storied please let me know i'd be happy to try and write something.)

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