tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoommates With A View

Roommates With A View


Huffing and puffing, Sally Reisel finished climbing the last few steps to her fifth floor apartment. It'd been raining all day and the traffic from work was almost as bad as the lines to check out at the grocer's. It was one of those days when everyone else seemed to not be in a hurry and you were the only one who was.

The elevator had been out in her complex for the last several weeks and judging by the unhurried attitude of the super, it would probably be several more before workmen would approach it. Balancing, grocery bags and purse, she fumbled for her keys and dropped them. As she put down the bags to retrieve them, she heard an astonished gasp coming through the door, followed by giggling.

What the hell? She turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open. By the far wall, sitting in dining room chairs, her roommate Becky and Trish, a mutual friend were looking out the window, sharing a pair of binoculars.

Sally grabbed her groceries and kicked the door wide. "Hey, you two. What's up? Why are all the lights out?"

Binoculars in hand, Trish quickly spun around, waving. "Shhh! Close the door - quickly." Becky held a hand over her mouth, giggling.

Sally sat the bags on the entry table and shut the door. "Why? What's going on?"

Becky kept laughing as Trish waved her over silently. Sally looked at Trish's face and saw that she was staring out the window, looking down.

Sally looked outside, but saw nothing in the growing darkness. "What is it?"

Trish pointed. "There, by the light in that third floor window."

Sally looked again, squinting at the faint blue glow in the window two floors down. "It's a computer. So?"

Trish thrust the binoculars at her. "Are you blind? Check it out."

Confused, Sally took the glasses and looked outside again. She held the binoculars up, sighted down them to the blue light and then held them to her eyes. She adjusted the spread of the glasses, then looked through them again. She saw the blue glow, but everything was blurry. She rolled her finger along the focus on top of the glasses and the image sharpened. A man was sitting at his computer, reading something.

Sally lowered the glasses and looked back at Trish and Becky. They stared through the window blinds as if their very lives depended on it.

I must be missing something. Sally raised the glasses again and looked at the man. He was young - early twenties? Maybe a college student? He had on t-shirt and jeans possibly; difficult to tell in the darkness. Sally tried to look at the screen, but a lamp was in the way. She lowered the glasses.

"I don't get it. What's so special about this guy? Is he someone's boyfriend or something?"

Trish rolled her head back, sighed, then looked at Sally as though she'd done something really stupid. "Did you see what he's doing?"

"Yeah, he's reading something on his computer."

Becky laughed. "I've met him."

Trish gasped. "Never!"

"Yes, yes, on the elevator. He flirted with me."

Trish looked out the window, gesturing. "No way, he's too young for you."

"Oh, well fuck you very much, he is not. Well, maybe he is, but his cock isn't." Becky leaned into the window from her chair.

Sally was puzzled. "I am totally missing something here."

Trish put her arm around Sally. "Okay, look through the binoculars. I'll show you."

Sally raised the glasses once again and found the young man on the third floor.

"Okay, what do you see?"

"Same thing as before. He hasn't moved - a young guy looking at his computer."

"And what is he looking at?"

"I can't really see what he's reading. There's a lamp or something…"

Trish grabbed Sally by the shoulders and pulled her to the right. "Oh, okay, stand over here then."

The lamp slid off to the left and she could see the screen clearly now. She adjusted the focus. A picture was in the center of a dark screen. She focused on it then she smiled. It was a video of a big-boobed woman masturbating. "He's looking at a porn site!" She looked over the top of the glasses at the window outside.

Becky chimed in. "Not just a porn site. It's one of those interactive video chatroom porn sites. He's watching some chick get herself off - live."

"Really?" Sally looked through the glasses again. The man's eyes were open, rapt and staring at the screen. His lips moved. "He's talking!"

"Duh," said Trish. "He's got on a headset, talking to her."

Sally followed the light up the man's face and saw a wire coming down from his ear. "You're right. He is wearing a headset."

Trish whispered into Sally's ear. "Okay. Now look down, see his neck?"


"Now do you see his shoulders?"

"Uhm, yeah."

"Notice anything?"

In the faint blue light, Sally could just make out his right shoulder moving back and forth in a steady, quick rhythm.

"His shoulder's moving. What's he do… Oh shit."

Sally looked over the glasses, putting one hand to her mouth in surprise.

Trish smiled at her. "That's right, darling. Our little Adonis down there is jacking off."

The surprise faded and Sally felt a tingling sweep past her breasts, heading south. She smiled and looked through the binoculars again. It was really dark below the desk where the young man sat. She squinted, looking where his lap should be. Is that movement? She looked hard, but couldn't make out anything.

Becky said it for her. "I'd give anything for a little more light down there."

"Yeah, then maybe we could see if this guy might be worth paying a visit." Trish laughed at her own joke. Hand over her mouth, Becky just giggled again.

Sally looked up at them. "How long have you two been watching him?"

"Not too long. Maybe fifteen minutes. Of course, that's today," said Trish.

"Today? Have you been watching him before this?" Sally was truly surprised.

Trish smiled, indicating Becky. "Well, I've only been watching him today, but your roommate here tells me this has been going on for what - weeks?"

Becky looked away from the window, furtively stealing a blushing glance at Sally, and then she laughed through her nose, looking back.

Sally's mouth dropped open. "And you didn't tell me?"

"Well, it hasn't come up in, ah, normal conversation, Sally. But, now that the cat's out of the bag, he does this same time, every day. My guess is he gets home from work, thinking about his girlfriend there. If that's what she is. And can't wait to get off with her. Horny little bastard."

Sally looked out the window again, trying to see in the dark. "Is it the same girl, then, each time?"

"I think it is. Hard to tell, really. From this distance, one busty redhead looks like the next."

Sally thought for a moment. "You know, maybe he's got a long-distance relationship or something. Like, this is his girlfriend back home. He might be going to University here and this is the only way they can…"

Trish interrupted. "Or he might just be a horny little bastard, like Becky says."

"Shhh…you two, there he goes. Oh my God!"

"What, what? Let me see." Trish crowded the window by Becky, pushing the blinds aside.

Crowded out, Sally moved to the next window and looked through the glasses. The man's head was stretching back away from the screen and he was shouting something. Suddenly, he stood up. In the blue glow of the computer screen, Sally could clearly see his really long hard cock come into view. His hand stroking along its length like it was trying to set it on fire. He thrust his hips forward at the screen and his body spasmed. A spurt of white flew from the head of his penis at the screen, another, then a long rope of cum splattered the monitor and the keyboard. More long spewing trails of sperm flew through the air as he pulled the cum out of his cock, spraying the equipment in front of him. Finally, his shoulders sagged and he fell into the chair behind him, panting with his head thrown back.

Sally's eyes were glued wide open, her breath was rasping through her mouth, her lips gone dry. Feeling the sensation first, she looked down and saw her nipples trying to poke holes through her linen blouse. She inhaled deeply, licked her lips, and then squeezed her knees together. Oh. She could feel her labia slip against one another.

Trish spoke first, fanning her face. "I'd say that's worth a little investigation."

Becky stood up, brushing the front of her shorts down. "We're got to find out what apartment he's in."

"But how?" Sally sat down, her knees still weak.

Trish paced and thought. "His window is the third from the corner of the building. We simply have to go down there and count apartments from the corner. Should be easy."

Becky smiled. "But who'll go? All of us? That'd be suspicious."

Trish stepped into the kitchen and returned with three toothpicks extended from her fist. "We'll draw lots. Long straw has to go." She straightened the toothpicks and held them out. "Becky, you saw him first, you draw first."

Becky licked her lips and leaned forward, taking the toothpick on the right.

* * *

Sally quietly walked along the third-floor corridor, watching the numbers to her right. She felt nervous, but tingling from head-to-toe. She knew that the apartment they'd been watching must be one of the ones she was walking past, but couldn't figure out exactly which one. They'd counted windows in the courtyard, but they didn't really know the layout of the rooms. Was three-twelve at the corner or three-fourteen? She walked by apartment three-twenty and fantasized for a moment.

She'd knock on the door. A startled young man would answer.

Stepping quickly into the apartment, pushing past him, she'd walk straight to the back. "House maid. Just here for a quick clean-up."

She'd open the bedroom door, walk to the computer and see the incredible mess of sperm on his keyboard. "Hmmm… My, my what do we have here?"

Sally smiled to herself as she rounded the corner past three-twenty and walked to the end of the short hall, leading to the courtyard stairwell. At the end of the short hall, was a window. This was the fifth window from the corner; the man's room was two back. Sally stood at the window and looked up at the black windows of Becky's apartment. She pulled out her cel phone and dialed.

The phone rang once. Becky answered. "Sally?"

She whispered into the little phone. "Yeah, it's me. This is the only courtyard stairwell from the corner."

"Then his is two back. Which apartment number is that?"

Sally smiled and turned to look back down the hall. "Apartment three-twenty."

"Great! Then all you have to do now is go to the mailroom at the front and look at the name on box three-twenty."

"Me? I have to go? I've done this, why don't one of you…" A door slammed down the hall. Sally turned her head to listen carefully.

"Oh, Trish is right. You are such a pussy, Sally. Just go down…"

Footsteps were coming closer.

Sally fiercely whispered. "Shut up! Shut up! Somone's coming!"

Sauntering around the corner with his hands in his pockets, the young man walked up the hall towards Sally.

Sally's face grew pale and she turned toward the window, talking steadily. "It's him."

Becky laughed loudly through the little phone.

The footsteps stopped. "Is it still raining out?" He had an Austrailian accent.

Sally turned slowly away from the window and looked at the man. He was tall, over six feet, blond hair cut short. Nice chest.


"Sorry to interrupt, but did you hear me?"

Sally's eyes snapped off his pecs and looked him in the face. He was very cute, athletic-looking.

Becky's voice banged out of the phone. "Say something, you idiot!"

Sally lowered the phone. "Yeah, it's still wet… Eh, Outside. Has been all the time, all night - all day, I mean."

"So, you're waiting on it to clear then?"

"Oh, no, I'm not doing anything. Just standing… Here. Uhm, waiting… On a friend." Sally's knees started to tremble. He was very handsome. His accent is gorgeous.


His eyes flicked down to her breasts, then back to her eyes. My God, he's checking me out.

He gestured with his thumb. "I haven't seen you around here before. Do you live in the building?"

Sally calmed down a bit at this. "Oh. Yeah. Lived here for two years. Nice place. The Super's kind of a drag."

"Who? Tim? Naw, he's not so bad. Fixed my bath last week." He smiled. Dimples popped out of the sides of his face. Sally almost swooned.

"Who's on the phone?"

Sally looked suddenly down, having forgotten about Becky. "Oh, no one, just… Just my answering service. Checking messages and stuff."

"I see. Well, I should be getting on. Terrance's my name, but everyone calls me Terry." He held out his hand to Sally.

Sally took his hand, smiled and shook it. "Hi. Nice to meet you, Terry."

Terry got a curious look on his face. "And you are?"

Sally looked up quickly, feeling foolish. "Sal… Uh, Sally. Sally Reisel."

"Nice to meet you, Sal. Now, if I could just get past you to the stairs…"

Sally looked to her left and realized she'd been blocking the door to the stairwell. "Oh, sorry, sorry. You should've just pushed me out of the way." She stepped aside as he opened the door.

"Oh, couldn't do that, Sal. Beautiful women don't like being treated that way. See you round." The door closed quietly as he thumped his way down.

Sally watched him go through the window in the doorway for a moment, then she heard a faint voice call out. "Sally! Sal! Sal-ly!"

She looked down at the phone in her hand and quickly put it too her ear. "Yeah?"

Becky was laughing. "We heard the whole thing. Boy, are you smooth or what? Ha, ha, ha!"

"Oh, fuck you, Becky Iverson. I was scared to death."

"Of what? Afraid his cock was going to leap out and bite you?"

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny, bitch. I'd like to have seen you do better."

"That wouldn't have been too hard."

"Fuck you."

"But it looks like ol' Terry took a shine to you."

"Oh, come on."

"No, really. 'Beautiful women don't like being treated that way.' I believe he was referring to you."

Sally smiled, remembering the sound, the cadence of his voice.

"Besides, look out the window below you."

Sally turned around, stepped to the window and looked down. Terry was standing there, looking up at her. He waved. Startled, Sally's mouth dropped open.

The phone buzzed. "Wave back, you moron!"

Sally waved back and Terry walked back into the building, carrying a box.

"Oh shit, he's coming back. What'll I do?"

"That depends."

"Depends on what?"

"What you want to do. Do you want to get to know Terry a little better? Think about it."

Sally thought about it. Thought about Terry smiling at her. Thought about his hard cock. Thought about him kissing her and the lump she'd feel as she hugged him.

"I see that smile. Look, when he comes up the stairs in two seconds. Ask him what he's doing with the box. Maybe it'll get you inside."

"Inside where?"

"His apartment, Sal."

"His apart… I don't think that's such a good…"

The stairwell door pushed open. Sally lowered the phone. "Hey Sal, glad to see you're still here." He stepped into the hallway, his hair a little damp from the drizzle outside.

"Hi, uh, Terry."

He shook his head and smiled a toothy smile. "Know much about computers?"

"A little." If you counted a two degrees in Medieval History as sufficient. "Why?"

"I've got some new gear to install and I don't know shit about computers. Do you have any time right now to help me?"

Sally looked at Terry, the honest expression in his eyes. She squeezed the phone in her hand. "Sure, I guess. I wasn't going anywhere."

"Are you still waiting on your friend?"

"What fr…? Oh, yeah. She…uh, called me and said she couldn't make it."

"'Cause of the rain, I suppose."

"Rain? Uh-huh, the rain. She's stuck in traffic and said, uh, let's do it another time."

"Great! Then, you're free, right?" Terry took a step down the hall.

"Yeah, I guess so. Let's see what you've got."

Terry smiled and led the way down the hall and around the corner. He turned the knob on the door to three-twenty and stepped inside, holding the door. Sally followed him and looked around the apartment. The door shut behind her.

"Don't you lock it?"

"What? The door? Naw, what for?"

"Well, robbers, rapists or worse."

"I guess I just never got in the habit. Where I come from, there's no need really." Terry put the box down on the kitchen counter.

The apartment was decorated with the furniture it came with. Apartments, furnished or unfurnished. Becky and Sally had long ago started collecting little items, creating their own style and look inside their place. Terry, obviously had gone for the furnished apartment - same green material on the sofas, chairs, dining room chairs, same dark wood paneling with matching tables and shelves. She'd seen it dozens of time repeated around the complex.

"Get you a drink, Sal? I'm a little limited." He threw open the fridge and stooped down to look. "Uh, coke, seven-up, water, tea and uh, beer."

She still felt a little nervous. "A beer. What kind do you have?"

"Just the usual." He pulled an enormous can of Fosters from the box and popped the tab on it.

"You want it in a glass? Or as is?" Terry reached for a cabinet above the sink.

"'As is' is cool. Thanks." Sally put her phone down on the counter and took the Fosters in both hands, feeling the icy cold metal in her fingers.

Terry popped another one and held it up to her. "Cheers, Sal."

Sally grinned and clinked cans with Terry. "Cheers, Terry." She tilted the cold can back and let some of the icy liquid pour into her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted what must be the door to Terry's computer room. It was shut. She thought about what she knew about that room - the desk, the lamp, the computer monitor, the chair, the bursting cock spewing its sticky contents all over the keyboard and wood of the desk. Terry shouting his girlfriend's name to the ceiling, jacking off his big cock as he came. She pictured it in her mind's eye, trying to turn it away from the perspective of the fifth-floor window in her apartment. Her nipples grew hard into tight little crinkles under her blouse.

"So, two of them, eh?"

Sally lowered the beer. "Two?" She looked down at her blouse. Her nipples were sending up flare signals. She crossed her arms in front of her.

"Two years, here at the complex."

"Oh. Yeah, two years here so far. How about you?"

"I've just moved here. Just two months. I've started graduate school this fall over at the university."

"Oh really, that's where I went. What's your major?"


"That's interesting. You want to be a reporter or something? Like for CNN?"

"Naw, just a writer. I'd love to be a novelist really, but got to pay the rent, you know. Are you cold?"

Sally hugged herself tighter. "Me, no… Well, maybe a little."

Terry crossed to the wall near the bathroom. "I'll turn up the heat a little. Sorry, I guess I keep it a little too chilly - typical bloke."

"No, it's okay. Really." Sally lowered her arms. It looked like she was smuggling thimbles in her bra. Terry's eyes quickly glanced at Sally's breasts, his face showing a little surprise.

"What's in the box?"

Terry took another sip of his beer, set it down and crossed to the kitchen counter. "Oh, just a new-fangled gadget. Just arrived this afternoon. Here, let me show you the computer." He picked up the box and walked to the bedroom door, opening it and stepping inside. Sally watched him go. Nice ass.


The bedroom desk was exactly as she had pictured it, albeit without puddles of sperm littering the keyboard and monitor. "Nice computer, love the flat screen."

"Yeah, wish I could get a bigger one. Just can't afford it."

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