Roopa & Me


I was working with a multinational construction company, as an assistant engineer, which undertook major construction projects throughout India.

I had been transferred to a new dam project which was located in a remote area and where the nearest town was almost 200 kilometers away.

By the time I reached the site in my jeep it was almost dark. It was a long and tiring eight hour journey on the bumpy roads and each and every joint in my body ached.

When I reached the site I was greeted by Ramesh, the peon. He had prior information of my arrival and had made all the necessary arrangements. He took me to a small and cozy cottage which was especially built for the project in charge.

Rest of the company staff lived in the village a few kilometers away. I felt kind of isolated where the only company I had was that of Ramesh and his wife who lived nearby in a small hut.

As I entered the cottage I was surprised to see that it was a neat place with all the amenities. I felt a bit relaxed.

I unpacked my bags and went to take a shower. The warm water from the shower washed away all the dirt on my body and most of my weariness. When I came out of the shower I found Ramesh busy in arranging the dining table.

Ramesh had arranged a nice supper for me, which he told was prepared by his wife. I was so tired that as soon as I finished the supper I felt my eyelids heavy. And the next thing I knew was that I had hit the bed.

I woke up by a tinkling sound. Slowly I opened my eyes to find out the source of the sound. I saw a lady moving around my house and male voice coming from outside. I sprang from the bed and my sleep vanished in a second as the adrenaline rushed through my veins.

But to my relief the lady was Rupa, Ramesh’s wife and the male voice was that of Ramesh. On seeing me awake she greeted me respectfully and came to my room with a hot cup of tea. It was a surprise as well because I was living a bachelor life up till now and this surely was a luxury.

For next few days I had a hectic schedule and didn’t get time for anything else. I would leave my cottage early in the morning and returned only by night. I would even have my lunch at the construction site.

My subordinates sometimes told me weird stories about Ramesh being a gay. Even I had noticed Ramesh behaving in peculiar manner but never paid attention to it.

It was almost a month of stressful work and now the stress was taking its toll. I had worked continuously for more than a month and desperately wanted a break. As the saying goes, according to me, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy “.

One fine day I woke up to find heavy rains outside. It was raining cats and dogs and I was sure we had to stop the work at the site. I was pissed as we had no time to waste but somewhere in the back of my head I felt a bit relieved as I had the break which I longed for so desperately.

I was awake but didn’t get out of the bed. Laying on the bed lazily my thoughts wandered to my girl friend Carol, and out sex life. We were going steady for more than a year and had a wonderful sex life. Carol was a sex lover and so was I. I didn’t realize how my thoughts wandered on our sexual relations and gave me an erection.

My thoughts were disturbed by the familiar tinkling sound. It was Rupa holding my bed tea. Mostly I slept in my shorts and vest and my erection had made a tent in my shorts. Rupa was watching it and smiling creating an embarrassing situation for me. She left the tea near my bed and left smiling. I was kind of embarrassed.

This was the first time I watched Rupa as a women and not as a servant. She was about 35 with a slightly heavy built and a voluptuous body. She finished her household chores and before leaving came to me and asked whether I needed anything. I told her to leave as I had no work left for her.

I couldn’t help watching her full grown breast through her sari and as she turned her nice bums were in the view.

It had stopped raining so I decided to take a stroll. I lit a cigarette and started to walk. As I crossed Ramesh’s hut I heard sounds of quarrelling. Rupa was mad at Ramesh and was shouting like anything. Curiosity kills the cat. Before thinking I opened the door and headed in with an intention to ease the tension between them.

What I saw inside was unbelievable. Ramesh was sitting on the bed with a guy and both were nude. All the three of them were shocked to see me and I had a clear picture of what might have been the cause of their fight.

Without saying I returned to my cottage. I still couldn’t believe what I saw.

After a couple of hours I was relaxing in my cottage smoking and reading “ANNA KARENINA”. I heard the door open, it was Rupa. I called her in my room and asked her the details. I could see her face turn red as she reluctantly told me the story.

Her husband was a gay and she had caught her many times and even warned her of giving him divorce. But he was so involved that he didn’t pay attention to her. She couldn’t leave him as she had no other place to go.

I was wondering about her sexual life especially as she had no kids. I gathered all my courage and asked her whether her married life was affected by his gay tendencies. Now she was a bit relaxed and told me about her married life which was shit. Her husband preferred men than women and he hardly made love to her.

Atmosphere in the room started to heat up as we discussed more of her sex life. Our discussion had gone to the extent where I was asking whether she felt excited sometimes and whether she used unnatural methods to fulfill her desires.

Rupa’s face turned red and I could see crimson threads in her eyes. I was sure she was enjoying every bit of our chat and was a bit aroused too. It was all unplanned.

Suddenly she asked me about my sex life. As our earlier discussions had broken all the barriers I told her about my Carol and out super charged sex life and even that I missed it a lot.

All these discussions had again created a bulge in my trousers which were quite obvious and even I did not make efforts to hide it. Roopa looked at it admiringly.

I took a step forward and asked her whether she had tried oral sex. She looked amazed but blushingly said that she had tried and the guy was not her husband but her previous lover. She was sitting on the floor near my bed. She slowly shifted her legs suggestively.

It was quite evident we both wanted it but none had the courage to make a physical move. We were chatting nothing but sex and while chatting I started massaging my cock from above the trousers. She saw it and pressed her palm between her thighs.

Tension was growing and something had to be done. I noticed she was wearing a silver chain. I asked her to come near as I wanted to see her chain. As she neared I slowly took her chain in my hand and more than that I caressed her neck all the while praising her chain.

I slowly slid my hands on her blouse, she didn’t react. I slowly cupped her breast and praised them. I think she was not ready for that move as she pushed my hand back and moved away from me.

I was a bit scared but she kept smiling and told me not to touch her private parts as they were her husband’s property. I told her that her husband’s dick was not her property so she should also be a bit liberal. She said nothing but smiled in return.

It was now or never, I got up and pulled her on my bed. She was not ready for this move. She lost her balance and fell on her back. Before she could think I jumped on her and pressed my lips on hers. She struggled a bit than started to reciprocate.

My lips were pressed on hers and my hands roamed all over her body. I felt her breadth grow faster as my hands played between her legs. I held her hand and guided on my throbbing dick. She hesitantly held it at first then started to stroke it.

I got up and removed each and every piece of cloth on my body. I was now stark naked with my tool projecting. She looked at it in admiration as I climbed her and guided my tool towards her face. She made mo resistance and took in inside her mouth. She was now giving a blow job better than all my previous girlfriends.

She sucked it hard and I lost all my control. I could feel the orgasm built up in my balls. And suddenly I ejaculated right in her mouth with a gush. Soon her mouth and face was covered with my semen.

She ran to the bathroom to clean herself. When she came back she had already removed most of her clothes and was clan only in her petticoat tied to her breast. I pulled her again on the bed and pulled the cord of her petticoat. Before she could react she saw herself nude in my arms.

I pushed her on her back and got up to admire her beauty. She had large breast and her nipples were erect. She had a flat stomach and she had silky thighs. And the love nest was slightly covered with silky pubes.

Rest of the story in the next part………

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