tagBDSMRoped In Ch. 02

Roped In Ch. 02


I have no editor so I have down my best to make corrections. Should errors in grammar or spelling distract you from the story please save yourself any unpleasant moments and pass this story. Thanks to those that encourage.


Stratton awoke Saturday morning. He was feeling the warmth of a wonderful dream, although he couldn't fully remember it. His hand fell to the other side of the bed. There was no one there. He knew there wouldn't be but he wanted so to find her there.

He looked up at the ceiling as he took a few moments to collect his thoughts. It was 'chore day'. It was time to roll out and follow his routine. Getting up from the bed he looked at the wrinkled sheets and bedding. How he wished she had joined him there. Making the bed it was time for his shower.

After he was dressed he looked about his apartment. There was something missing. It was nothing he could put his finger on, but it was absent. Taking a deep breath he smelled a hint of her perfume.

At that moment the room felt big and lonesome. After a minute of self-pity he tied to put it out of his mind. He at that moment was thankful for his established routine.

He cleaned his apartment and got everything in order. He had a strange and warm feeling as he took the chair from the living room back to its place at the dining table. With that he had thoughts of Keira. But looking at the clock he saw he had no time to waste.

He checked his weekend schedule before collecting his clothing for the laundry. Then it was time to be off. Grabbing the clothing bundle and his gym bag he was out the door.

As usual he stopped and made the exchange at the laundry. With clean clothes he headed for the country club. He arrived at his usual time and found his tennis partner waiting for him. Baxter Craine and Stratton played tennis every Saturday. They had shared many classes together at the university and had studied many times together. They were more academic acquaintances than social friends. For their only contact was concerning mathematics or tennis on Saturday.

"Looks like just me and you today Stratton, Bill and Noel haven't arrived."

"They aren't very dependable, perhaps their lack of discipline is the reason they play so poorly."

"Might be that or their nightly schedule. I have heard them brag about their sexual conquests. On those occasions I have smelled liquor on them. So I have wondered if they fabricated stories to cover their drinking."

"Might be the case, or it might be true. I understand a person does strange things when inebriated. Loosens the moral and social standards they say. But with such encounters their might be a price to pay."

"Such as?" Baxter smiled.

"I understand STDs are rampant in promiscuous individuals. And some have no cure."

"Stratton Adams, are you now studying for the cloth?" Baxter taunted. "Or just jealous?"

Stratton didn't answer. His mind went to Keira. Was she that type of girl? He hoped not for even with the one date he knew he was more than mildly attracted to her. He was brought out of his thoughts by his friend's voice.

"Are you really considering taking up Seminary, or picturing what they say they do with those girls?" It was asked in jest but was meant.

"Sorry, was just thinking..." he hesitated then went on, "about...Shelby." Stratton didn't want to mention Keira for what they had done was deeply personal to him.

"Shelby Taylor! That cold fish? Surely you can't still be interested in her! I know you have seen her naked...but bet you had to wear gloves to touch her."

What could he say, "It wasn't like that. Just wondering what she might do if she indulged a little too much."

"Well if you do, let me hear all about it when you tell Noel. I am sure he will want to set his sights to out do you and boast about it later."

"Enough of this, let's play tennis," Stratton challenged to get out of the locker room and on to the court. There he could concentrate on the game and clear his mind for a while.

The game helped and when they parted way just after a sandwich at the club bar Baxter commented on how far off his game Stratton had been. "You know you were almost as bad as Bill. Well Bill after a long night, as he calls it. You and Shelby didn't, did you?"

Stratton rolled his eyes, and laughed.

Keira had awakened on that Saturday and lay in bed thinking of Stratton. She felt a warmth between his legs. She closed her eyes and visited the night before. She took her time and savored the feeling. She remembered the orgasm she had experienced as he had filled her mouth with his seed. She had had many in her youth but never one as intense.

After a few minutes she got up and showered. Down stairs at breakfast her mom looked at her with an inquisitive eye. "You certainly look in a good mood this morning."

"Yes mom, I had a great time with Stratton."

"And you met him at a lumber yard?'

"Mom, it was Lumber Warehouse. They sell all kinds of things, much more than lumber."

"What were you there for?"

"I dropped by to get...some of those damage free picture hangers." She didn't want to say what she was really there for. How would she explain the need for D Ring anchor points and rope? She was quick to remember what other item Stratton wanted.

"What do you need to hang? You just finished redecorating. You pretty much covered your walls. What's new?"

Again Keira had to think fast. "Oh mom, I have a photo of the Volleyball Team that I want to hang. I had a frame and all I needed was the hanger."

Her mom thought a moment as if considering her answer. "Didn't know you were that interested in the team. You have complained about the practices."

"We did do good this year and it might help me when I need to get a job if I show I was part of a winning sports team."

That seemed to end her mother's curiosity and the conversation went to the day. Keira found that she would have the house to herself till late afternoon. She smiled as her mind began to plan her day.

As soon as her parents left she cleaned her room and did her chores. All the time she worked she thought of Stratton. She didn't care about Shelby; she wasn't competition at all. She was cold and demanding without any consideration for Stratton. With all she had to offer Keira knew she could claim him as her own.

She worked quickly. Just after noon she had completed all she needed to do. Then she placed a text book on the kitchen table and spread her homework. Now was the time to do a little research. She went to her mother's closet. Looking one last time out the window toward the garage she went to work. Slowly and deliberately she began to remove the boxes that blocked the suitcase. She took care and placed each item in order so it could go back in place quickly should she need to.

She was sure she could put everything back in place and make it to the kitchen table should your parents return unexpectedly. For how would she explain what she was doing to her mom, much less her dad.

She took the suitcase and placed it on the dressing bench adjacent to the open door of the walk in closet. That way she could listen for the drive way gate and see her parents approach. All was ready and she took a deep breath as she opened the latch.

With hands trembling from excitement she lifted the top of the suitcase open. She had seen inside once before but just a glimpse. She had searched for this cache for three months before locating it. And on that occasion she confirmed its contents and then replaced it due to time restraints. As it turned out she had plenty of time to explore it but had she done so, she might not have been able to calm herself before facing her parents.

Looking down on the contents she realized the items had been rearranged since she had found them. With a smile she wondered if her mom and dad had played last night as she and Stratton were on their date. The thoughts both embarrassed her and excited her. To think of her parents doing such naughty things, the same things that excited her. The very same thinks she had found the courage to explore with Stratton.

The rope that had been on top was now covered with a lawyer of leather straps, a glove like sleeve, a mask and a hood. She picked up the leather and smelled it. The aroma of the material was intoxicating. What would it be like to be encased in the soft but restricting material, she wondered? In the pouches on the top she found some plastic goods. She held one in her hand.

Through the magic of the internet she knew what she held was a butt plug. She had the vision of Stratton placing one of these monsters in her virgin bottom. Knowing her mom had accepted one made her realize it was not just for porn stars.

In another pocket she found three sets of nipple clamps, each pair connected by a chain. Holding them she imagined what they might feel like on her tender buds. She felt her sex warm with the heat of desire as she thought of how it had been when she used clothes pens on her nipples.

The last pocket had gags. A ball gag, a spider gag and a ring gag. With each items she realized her parents were well experienced in the bdsm scene. Yes a loving and committed couple could engage in such 'perversions' and still live a normal life.

After looking and feeling every item in the stash she placed them back and closed the suitcase. She returned it to the place she had found. Then using care she placed everything back in the exact place as she had found it.

The ordeal had exhausted her. She sat down to catch her breath and rub her material covered lower lips. Soon she had to stop, less she be found there on the floor of her mom's closet in a pool of her own making.

She was about to get up when a pair of shoes caught her eye. There in a dark corner, in the shadow of hanging clothes, was a pair of black high heels. She reached for them and found they were tanged in another set. All in all she found three pairs of shoes with 6" heels. One black pair had strong looking straps and a buckle with a small hole in the prong that could take a small luggage lock. She knew that there were shoes that could be locked on. Was this a pair?

Another pair was patent leather and had one delicate strap that went round the ankle to hold them in place. The last was red and had lace that went up the legs to just below the knee. What must it be like to walk in them, she imagined.

Putting them all back in place Keira became curious. What would her mom wear those shoes with? She stood and gently spread the clothes at the very back of the closet just above the shoes.

She gasped at what she found. There was a see thru back dress that would leave nothing to the imagination. The was a red dress with a V neckline back and front that has a skirt so short the woman's panties would be exposed. Last there was a dark blue jump suit that was obvious tailored and covered with snaps, loops and connectors. It had been hung with the legs secured together with snaps and looped over the hanger hook. That way the garment was easily concealed.

Keira thought a minute. With what she had witnessed in the basement she should have guessed that her parents were well past the experimenting phase. And with all she had discovered she realized they must play as often as possible.

She was about to leave when her eyes caught her mom's chest of drawers. It might be interesting to see what lingerie was contained there. Gently probing she found some very scanty and sheer bras stored with equally as scandalous panties.

She put everything back in place and took one last look. It was just as she had found it. It was time to get back to her day.

At the kitchen table she began to toil with her homework. But her mind wasn't on it. She fought for concentration and had just finished up when her parents returned that evening.

Stratton had just gotten home from his errands. The last stop was the grocery store. He was putting things away and thinking of Kiera when the phone rang. He looked at the number and saw it was Shelby. He hadn't taken her number out of his phone. At that moment he wished not only that he had removed her number but she had done the same.


"Stratton this is Shelby."

"And what do I owe the pleasure of this call?" he asked without any pleasantries.

"Well you should know! I would have thought you would have been civilized enough to call me before now to offer an apology!"

"An apology? I am puzzled."

"Don't be absurd! You own me an apology for the way your...your date insulted me!"

"I do not believe Keira insulted you. As per my memory, it was you that expelled all the insults. What you got in return was a promise of a violent retort if you continued."

"That is not true! That...that gutter trash started it! And you know it. You have just forgotten your breeding and want to excuse that little tart's performance."

"I must express my sorrow..."

"See you can do the civilized thing when you are around others with culture and breeding."

"No Shelby, my sorrow is for you if you expect any form or fashion of an apology from me. Now if that is all you want it is time for this conversation to end."

"Stratton Fain Adams, how can you be so crude and uncouth? That gutter trash sure has her hooks in you. But I will let you suffer that without me. All I want is my coat and sweater back."

"What coat and sweater are you speaking of?"

"The ones I left in your closet. The sweater is cashmere and I don't want her touching it. I would have to fumigate it if that were the case."

He thought a minute. He didn't remember any of her things in his closet. It would not be unlike her to make such a demand. Then swear he had thrown the things away to spite her. But he no longer cared.

"Shelby, I have none of your clothing here. You must be mistaken."

"Well you leave me no choice, I will have to make the trip there to prove it to you, that is if you haven't given it away to some...some...thing."

"That is your choice. Now good-bye!" and he ended the call. True to her form she called back several times but he didn't answer and deleted the voice mail without listening to it.

He set about preparing ginger salmon on a cedar plank. He also made a Cesar Salad, broiled asparagus, and wild rice. When he finished and set his table. Sitting down he was suddenly lonely. Not lonely because he was alone, but more feeling the absence of Keira Foster.

After the meal his mind began to fill with other thoughts. Was Keira out with another man tonight? Was he just a one night stand? Was she telling all her friends about the lanky fellow she tricked into being tied to a chair? Did she pick him up on a whim? Most of all he felt sick that she might not have as same feeling for him he felt for her. Why had she asked that he not call till Monday? Did she have plans she didn't wish him to interrupt?

Those thought caused him great discomfort till her went to bed. After tossing and turning a while he went to sleep. There he was with Keira again and for the time all doubt erased.

Keira had done her homework by the time her parents got home. She cleared the table of her material, placing them in her room. Back in the kitchen she helped her mom with the meal as they made small talk. A couple of times she caught herself with the thoughts of enjoying some of what she had found in her mom's closet. What fun she and Stratton could have.

When the meal was over and they were in the den watching their favorite program she drifted off again. She wondered how her parents used the toys. Did they use roll play? Did they dress for a scene? Obviously the clothing she had located was not public attire. How often were they able to play?

Then a thought struck her, was that why her dad required her to let them know when she would be in. Was it not only out of concern for her safety, but to allow them to enjoy their adult play? The time she had caught them she had come in over an hour early. With her friend having a family emergency Keira had neglected to call home before walking the few blocks. Had she called she might have never stumbled onto their secret.

Her mom noticed her mental distance and asked.

Keira told a little of the truth. "I was thinking of Stratton. I do hope he call me Monday. I sure want to see him again."

Her mom accepted that and allowed her daughter privacy of thought.

At the usual time they hugged and went to their perspective bedrooms. Keira was lying across her bed daydreaming what it might be like to wear the red dress and sandals. Stretched out on her stomach she felt pressure on her sex. Shifting just a bit brought pleasure.

She had wiggled several times and was feeling a wave of pleasure when her mom knocked on her door. "Can I come in?"

Rolling over and sitting up Keira responded, "Sure mom, just sitting on the bed."

"Just wanted to make sure you were OK. You weren't with us tonight."

"Sorry, guess I got a lot on my mind. School and all. And thinking about my week."

"Is that all?" her mom asked with one raised eyebrow?

Keira smiled thinking of the warmth between her legs. That had come not only from the friction of the bed but mostly from thoughts of Stratton. "Can you read minds?"

"I know when you are preoccupied. And I am guessing it is that young man we met last night."

Keira was certainly happy that her mom could not read her thoughts. For the thought that flashed into her mind was her mom wearing that black dress, locked in heels, with a ball gag between her lips and her hands cuffed behind her. That made her blush.

Her mom saw that and smiled. "I thought so. But take your time and get to know him. Don't rush into anything."

"Oh I won't mom."

"To tell the truth you have me a little concerned. You have never shown so much interest in a young man before. Your dates are few and seldom with the same boy twice."

"Don't worry mom, everything will be fine. It is just that I feel so...so comfortable with Stratton."

"Well I won't do any more prying. See you in the morning." With that her mom was up and out the door.

Keira waited a minute then went to her bathroom. She needed relief in the worst possible way. Stripping off her clothing she noticed how her panties were soaked and that left a small dark spot in the crotch of her shorts. At that moment she had no thoughts as to the possibility her mom had noticed.

Stepping in the shower she enjoyed the warm water and leaned against the back wall. Her fingers were already busy massaging her swollen clit. Her breath quickened and the tensed. Forcing her hand away she slowly fell away from her impending orgasm. She wanted to have some idea of what she had put Stratton through and she wanted to prolong her own pleasure.

Beginning to plan her next date with Stratton she went back to work with her fingers. She quickly neared the threshold of no return. Just wanting to get a little closer she rubbed her sensitive nub one more time. That little nudge took her over the edge. Her orgasm was stronger than she had ever been able to self-induce. But she knew Stratton could top the knee weakening explosion she had just enjoyed.

When she dried off she began set about her preparation. Taking a box she began to collect what she might need when she was again with Stratton.

Stratton was up a little later than normal. He didn't want to get out of bed. He was revisiting the wonderful dream he had felt just before waking. And his body was reacting to the mental stimulus. He had an erection that would have been used for a tent pole. He couldn't help himself. Soon he was stroking like a steam engine with no thought about anything else. He closed his eyes and remembered her hands on him and the warmth of her mouth. In his minds eyes he saw her lick and kiss the sensitive head of his member as she teased him to erotic agony. At that moment he wanted her more than anything in his life.

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