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Rory's 18 Birthday Wishes


Author's note:

This story is co-written with another author called LL. It's based on Gilmore girls and is a Rory/Lorelai pairing so if you don't like mother/daughter stories you should read no further.


"Sweet eighteen and never been..." sang Lorelai Gilmore as threw herself on the bed like it was a trampoline and it was her Eighteenth Birthday, not her daughter's. The bed groaned as she landed; Rory sympathised - she knew exactly how it felt. She opened one eye and looked at the alarm clock sitting beside her bed. On seeing the display hadn't yet flashed onto six she closed it again. She vaguely remembered there being a rule in the Gilmore house about no talking before nine or at least two mugs of strong coffee.

Unfortunately today was one of the day that Lorelai was so full of the joys of life that she forgot she had a serious caffeine addiction. She leant over her daughter and pulled open one of Rory's eyelids, if the teen hadn't been woken by the charge of the she-elephant trying to pry open her eyes would have woken her. Weakly Rory batted at her Mom's hand; "Stop, too early..."

"You are awake," Lorelai said as if she was confirming a hotel reservation to a particularly slow Japanese tourist.

"Mmmmn," replied Rory in a tone that suggested she wasn't convinced by her Mom's word. To emphasise the fact it was way too early she pulled her covers closer to her chin. This didn't seem to make any difference to Lorelai...

"Sweet eighteen and never been...." Lorelai sang again. She paused and repeated in a more normal tone, "Sweet eighteen and never been, well you've been kissed, so it can't be that... I know sweet eighteen and never been got up by the Stars Hollow Brass Band!"

That woke Rory like her Mom had just plugged her into the mains. She sat straight upwards, the bedding falling down to her waist.

"You haven't booked them? Have you?" she shrieked in panic, looking round the room to make sure they weren't about to tumble out of her closet serenading her with a collection of show tunes.

"Er, no," said Lorelai looking down at her daughter's chest, "That would be cruel. Though it's lucky I didn't as the boys would be swallowing their trombones with the eye-full you're giving them."

Reaching up Rory quickly covered her naked titties, blushing furiously. They weren't a bad pair and Rory was quite proud about how well they were developing. It was just that compared to her Mom's... well her cleavage still had a way to go; "It was warm last night - I took off my top. I didn't know I was going to have morning company..."

There was a cluck like a mother hen from Lorelai, "I always come in on your birthday. Anyway I wouldn't worry I've seen them before..."

"You have?" Rory squashed her arms tighter over her titties, so hard indeed that they almost popped out again to get themselves some space. Rory went redder - it was bad enough that ever since she'd heard her Mom in the shower she been thinking about her - it would be too embarrassing for words to find that her Mom had been spying on her as well.

"Sure," replied Lorelai with a smile, "It only seems like yesterday that I was buying that first bra and you were proudly parading round the kitchen. They've grown since then."

"Oh," said Rory, she wasn't sure whether she was relieved or not. She started to reach for her nightie, at the end of the bed. It was just beyond her reach; she leaned forward.

Lorelai was quicker, the young Milf very seldom could resist a bit of mischief. She rolled forward and grabbed the cotton nightshirt. Jumping up Lorelai paraded her trophy like she had just braved the wilds of the mountains for it, "I've got Rory's nightie, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah."

The teen struggled forward to get it, harder than it looked as she was trying to cover her nudity at the same time as chase her Mom. It was no surprise that she failed, ending with a sheet wrapped round herself and facedown on the floor, with Lorelai on the other side of the room waving the nightdress round her head like a lasso, "Still got Rory's nightie, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah."

"Give it back," squeaked Rory, trying to disentangle herself without flashing her slit at her Mom. She gave a further plaintive cry, "It's my birthday."

"Whoops," laughed Lorelai as she threw the nightie out the window. By the time Rory had picked herself up, wrapped her sheet round herself like a toga and hopped over to the window the nightdress was flapping merrily on a tree branch. She turned to look at her Mom, trying to give her a stern look, which was made next to impossible by Lorelai's look of comical innocence. The Milf shrugged and smiled, "Whoops?"

"I'll whoops you," grumbled Rory and sat on the edge of her bed, "So have you anything to say?"

"What like, I'm sorry that I threw your night dress out the window?" Lorelai grinned teasingly, "Or was it something like now you've seen mine I want to see yours."

"Mom," blushed Rory as her Mom pulled up her jogging top and waved her tits at her daughter like she was a drunk co-ed on Spring Break. The teen averted her eyes, but not so far that she couldn't see her Mom's tits juggling in the periphery of her vision.

Luckily for Rory's heart-rate, if not for the vivid dreams she was likely to have, her Mom only flashed for a few moments before pulling down her top. The Milf grinned and waited for Rory to look up again before speaking again, "Happy Eighteenth, Rory."

"Thanks," Rory smiled back. It was hard to believe that eighteen years ago her Mom had been pushing out a tiny Rory Gilmore - she weathered the years well and looked even younger than her thirty-four years, more like an older sister or girlfriend than a Mom; "So what have you got me?"

"I tried to get you out of Grandma's on Friday - that's got to be worth something," replied Lorelai.

"Oh," replied Rory, "Did you succeed?"

Lorelai shook her head, "No Emily Gilmore was more insistent than ever. I tried I really tried, but she's laid on a full bash for Friday. All presents to be opened then - no exceptions. Expect something good from Prince William and I think the Bangles have cancelled their tour dates so they can play for you."

"You're kidding, right?" Rory was pretty sure her Mom was, seriousness was not a trait notably strong within her. At the same time her Grandma could sometimes go over the top in spoiling her.

"I'm kidding," confirmed Lorelai, "Well apart from the no presents to Friday. Your Grandma wants everything opened in her presence; after three hours on the phone I lost the will to argue it any longer."

"Oh," replied Rory. It was disappointing, it wasn't that she expected much, but on her eighteenth she had at least expected a CD to open, even if the main present had to wait a few days.

As if sensing her daughter's disappointment Lorelai continued, "But whilst I can't give you a present to open I can still give you a special present."

"You can?" asked a confused Rory.

"Eighteen wishes for eighteen years," said Lorelai, "All to be used before midnight tonight. If they are in my power I'll grant them, so no wishing that Pizza is suddenly discovered to have slimming properties or that Paris lightens up - I can't do miracles."

"Okay," grinned Rory. It sounded like a fun idea and, depending on the wishes, it might make her birthday a much more memorable experience that the new P J Harvey album. In fact if her Mom was true to her word it might allow Rory to fulfil a dream that had being starting to dominate her nights.

As her daughter became lost to a thoughtful silence an impatient Lorelai sighed and said, "Come on Rory, there must be something you want which I can give you."

There was, but even as her mind whirred with possibilities of how to get that one thing she wanted more than almost anything else, there was one thing Rory wanted even more, which at least made her first wish easy...

Wish 1

"I wish, you will always love me. Promise me, promise me you'll always love me no matter what." Rory said softly

"Ooh let me think about that one," teased Lorelai, "I did say I can't do miracles."

Rory gave a false pout, "Think carefully, your own birthday is coming up and you know how much Grandma likes a party. A few words..."

Lorelai laughed, "Okay - I love you for now and forever. When you're old and grey with lots of little Lorelai mark fives running around your knees, I'll be in the old folks home with you, telling my great-great grandchildren how much I love my little girl."

Rory smiled, but there was a brief instant when it faulted and she looked like she was away somewhere else. It was such a swift, there and gone moment, most people wouldn't have noticed. But Moms have a way of noticing these things; it worried her because it wasn't the first time she had seen that brief look cross her daughter's face. It had been happening a lot lately and understandably had Lorelai worried, but just like all the other times she opened her mouth to try and ask what was wrong she found herself interrupted...

Wish 2

"I wish, for a big expensive meal." Rory said, her smile turning into a grin.

"That's more like it." Lorelai grinned, her worries momentarily forgotten, "So what will it be, Chinese? Indian? Lukes? All three? The most expensive things on the menu, of course. Oh, oh, oh, I could get Sookie to do an extra special meal for us."

"Actually I was thinking somewhere more... high-class." Rory said.

"Oh." Lorelai responded. It wasn't that she didn't want to spoil her daughter on this most special day, but consuming mass amounts of unhealthy food was a tradition in the Gilmore household. Perhaps that was why Rory probably wanted to do something different, but she had never expressed that much interest in more 'restauranty' type places... And there was always the terrifying possibility of bumping into Emily Gilmore in a place like that, but this was Rory's day. So, faking a smile Lorelai said, "Sure hun... did you have anywhere in mind?"

"Actually there was this one place, it's out of town, but it's supposed to be really good." Rory said, sounding nervous for a reason Lorelai couldn't fathom.

At least it would mean it was less likely they would run into Emily, "Okay... so, dinner there, and then what?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." Rory said.

"Okay... it's first thing in the morning and you don't know what you want yet, that's fine, but you better spent most of your day in class thinking about some really awesome things we can do tonight. Otherwise we're going on a trip down birthday memory lane, complete with that donkey ride which made you throw up." Lorelai said jumping off the bed and letting her daughter get ready for school.

Rory waited until her mother was out of the room before softly declaring, "Don't worry, it'll be a night to remember..."


"Wow... you look beautiful." Lorelai marvelled at her daughter dressed in one of the most elegant dresses she'd ever seen, low-cut and sparkling. Her mother had a lot of flaws, but her taste wasn't one of them. It still surprised Lorelai that Emily had been persuaded to buy it for Rory for the last Chilton Dance - or perhaps not, Emily Gilmore could be a bit too competitive and it wasn't unlike her to be boasting to all and sundry how Rory had been the belle of the ball.

"Me... you look amazing." Rory said softly, her eyes lingering over her mother's dress which was a lot cheaper than her own but hugged her Mom's curve so, so wonderfully, and... and she wasn't going to be distracted by it, at least not now.

"So, are you finally going to tell me where we're going?" Lorelai asked.

"No." Rory smiled.

"Okay, so what, you're going to drive us?" Lorelai questioned.

"No." Rory answered, before opening the front door and indicating to the first surprise of the night.

"Rory!" Lorelai exclaimed, taken off guard by the limousine outside their home.

"Grandpa's paying for it." Rory quickly explained, "I called, explained I wanted this night to be special and it would be a one time thing, so he agreed, as long as Grandma never, ever finds out I got a birthday present early."

Lorelai opened her mouth to complain, after all with her parents there was no such thing as a free favour, but she closed it again when she realised whatever price she would have to pay later would be worth it. After all the day was more than half over and Rory had only cashed in two of her wishes so far. Speaking of which...

"Okay, but are you sure you don't want me to order you something before you go? I know I said no books, but if you really can't think of anything else..." Lorelai began.

"I can think of plenty." Rory assured her mother as they got into the limo, "Don't worry, everything's in place."

"Ooooooh, mysterious." Lorelai teased, getting comfortable after the driver shut the door behind them.

"Toast to it?" Rory offered, holding out a wine glass.

Lorelai raised her eyebrow, "So what, one of your wishes is to grow three years older?"

"Grandpa said I could have one glass for the ride, and one glass at dinner. Actually, he kind of insisted. Something about giving me a taste of the finer life so I don't..." Rory stopped herself before completing the sentence, quickly tried to think on her feet, something she wasn't always that great at, and came up with "Erm... become a non-wine drinker."

"Uh..." Lorelai grunted, not really as put off by her father giving her a non-deliberately spiteful backhanded comment as she was concerned for her daughter drinking underage. Lorelai had been breaking into her father's drinks cabinet at the ripe old age of fourteen, and while the last thing she wanted was for Rory to end up like herself she doubted a couple of drinks would send her sensible daughter spiralling into alcoholism.

"Just this once." Lorelai said.

Grinned Rory, her smile enigmatic. She sipped at the wine and swilled it round her mouth, before swallowing and putting on an expression looking like a slightly mad professor, "Mmnn, acceptable don't you think?."

Lorelai swallowed her own wine, she could tell a cheap two dollar bottle from a something which her Dad would keep in his cellars to be uncorked for a special occasion. This was definitely the latter. She put down the glass and rolled her eyes upwards as if she was thinking, "It has a certain je ne sais quoi. That intangible quality that separates the mere palatable from the positively divine."

"A certain fruitiness," responded Rory.

"Like strawberries. Or bananas," said Lorelai, quickly trying to think up some fruits, "Or apples. Or oranges."

"MMnnn, fruit flavoured wine. It's like those juice packs we see in the store, look at and then ignore in favour of coke," said Rory.

"Hey, I like coke," protested Lorelai, smiling, "Though I think you'll find this has a higher alcohol content. Good choice, by the way."

Rory tried to look both smug and angelic at the same time, coming off as merely beautiful, "Grandpa said to pick something from his cellar."

"Lucky it wasn't a spider," joked Lorelai.

"Oh, I got one of those as well," Rory shot back as quick as her Mom in quipping. She raised the wine glass again, "Cheers."

"And you were being so sophisticated," laughed Lorelai clinking her class against Rory's, "To my darling daughter, happy birthday and may all your wishes come true."


Thinking about it the line was pretty snazzy so Lorelai repeated it with the second toast, this time in the middle of a dimly lit restaurant with soft jazz playing in the background. However while the surroundings were very different, Rory's response remained the same, "I hope so."

Frowning Lorelai asked, "So... what's up with you?"

"What do you mean?" Rory asked, trying not to panic.

"Nothing, I just... I don't know, you seem a little off lately, and you just seem a little worried about something." Lorelai said, gently taking Rory's hand in hers, "You know you can tell me anything, right? Anything at all, so if something's bothering you..."

"Your dinner Mademoiselle." the waiter, who although shared Michelle's accent didn't share his unique take on customer service placed Rory's food down on her plate before turning to Lorelai. His eyes briefly falling to their linked hands before he quickly apologised, "I am sorry, your order requires a little longer, but should be along shortly. Yourself and your partner have our most humble regrets."

As he left Lorelai frowned again, "Partner... does, does he think we're a couple?"

"I... I don't know..." Rory said, a little distracted by the physical contact.

"Huh... I kind of like it." Lorelai beamed, "Unless he knows we're mother and daughter, in which case ewww, right? But I mean, if he just thought I was just your Sugar Mommy instead of your actual Mommy, then that's kind of cool. I mean, me as a cougar, picking up girls and boys half my age, fun right?"

Lorelai expected her daughter to yell out 'Mom' and 'gross', but instead she softly echoed, "Ewww?"

This took Lorelai by surprise.

"Well, yeah. I mean, it's not like I want you or anything." Lorelai almost panicked at how unconvincing she sounded. Quickly regrouping she said more firmly, "And it's not like you want me either, right?"

"Right." Rory quickly responded.

There was a long silence.

"Your dinner Madam." The waiter said as he briefly returned with Lorelai's food, however for the first time ever food was laid before the Gilmore girls and it went ignored for several moments.

Then Lorelai picked up her cutlery and began. Rory felt relieved as she followed her Mom in starting their meal, that silence had been a little long and uncomfortable, though not quiet as uncomfortable as the words before it.

"Have you thought of your third wish?" Lorelai asked to stop them descending into another period of silence.

"I have," replied Rory.

Wish 3

The teen took a deep breath," I wish you would listen to me, and not interrupt, because what I want to say is really, really important, and I need you to not say anything or judge me, at least not until the end, okay?"

A terrible feeling of fear gripped at Lorelai, freezing her stomach into a twisted Gordonian knot, "You're not pregnant?"

"No," Rory shook her head.

"Because it would be fine if you were," Lorelai regretted speaking so quickly; she'd spent the last eighteen years telling Rory she could be open and suddenly she'd almost blown it in a moment of panic. But Rory becoming pregnant was the terror that always gripped her, the fear that no matter how sensible her daughter seemed that children made the mistakes of their parents. Lorelai took a deep breath, whatever Rory said she would be fine - she wouldn't be Emily, "Okay it's a deal. You sure you're not even a little pregnant?"

"Not even a teeny-bit," Rory held up her two fingers so close that there was only a tiny half-inch gap between their tips, "I'm Mary remember...Virgin not Magdalene."

"I bet you say that to all the boys," laughed Lorelai, "It worked for me on your Dad... no, I told him I was Magdalene."

"There's sharing and there's sharing too much," retorted Rory laughing. Suddenly she became serious, "You listening."

"Yes," Lorelai reached out to stroke Rory's hand to show that whatever she said Lorelai would still be here, still be her Mom, still love her daughter. She was a little surprised and not a little put-out that Rory snatched her hand away as it Lorelai was neither the Virgin or Magdalene, but Typhoid. Still she smiled and pretended nothing had happened, "Speak, Virgin Mary. Confess your sins."

There was a long pause from Rory, as though she was either regretting that she had mentioned this wish or was wondering what to say. The silence went on for so long that Lorelai almost called the waiter over and ordered another bottle of wine, but eventually Rory spoke, "I think I like girls. I like boys too, Mom, I think I'm bisexual..."

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