Rosalita Ch. 01


"Thank you," I replied. I felt my cheeks burn and I felt a little ashamed for having such wicked thoughts about her -- even at that moment -- sensing that underneath that robe she was naked and I yearned - ached to see her nakedness.

She leaned back as if my gaze was a little too intense to endure at such a short distance. "And you remind me a little of my Hernando. He was a honest, caring man. Brave and true to those he loved -- a man worthy of being loved." Rosalita stared at me now with a gaze so powerful, I shifted around a bit, trying to get comfortable. I wondered if she was wondering what I looked like underneath my clothes.

I began to talk just to ease the sudden tension I felt in the room. "And you never remarried -- you've been alone all this time?"

Rosalita shrugged her shoulders. "I wasn't always alone -- my parents lived me with afterwards and then I took care of them until they passed. My brothers and sisters -- we still see each other, but not as often as we want. I have friends and such. I even date once in a while, but no one ever made me feel the way Hernando did. I sometimes have thought that my heart died with him and Juan, that I will never feel love again."

She stood up and smiled down at me. "But once in a while, I remember how much I did love and I feel my heart come alive again. Especially thanks to a certain little boy." She walked over to a book shelf and took a knickknack off the top. She held it out, "Remember this?" It was the snow angel I'd given her so many years ago.

"You gave me this the first Christmas after I lost my husband and son. I sometimes think that if it weren't for this and the wonderful little boy that gave it to me, I might have killed myself. But, I had my angel -- this little thing and the angel that gave it to me."

Rosalita sat it back on the shelf and then walked over to me. She bent over and cupped my face with her hands. "Thank you, mi amado hijo," she said and then she kissed me, her lips pressing against mine. It was a kiss that seemed to go on and on, just the soft, velvety pressure of her lips on mine and her hands on my cheeks.

I was lost in that sweet sensation -- my heart pounding and my cock hardening as we kissed. Not a soul kiss, our mouths never opened, but a delicious, loving kiss all the same that I never wanted to stop, but suddenly a jangling noise broke us out of the moment and we slowly, almost regretfully let ourselves part. "Te quiero," she whispered as she turned and went into the kitchen.

She picked up a cordless phone sitting on the breakfast table and said, "Hello?" A pause and her face grew serious. "Yes, officer? Yes." The cloud of seriousness evaporated and she turned and grinned broadly at me. "That's good to know, officer. I'll sleep better knowing they're locked up. Thank you. Good night."

Hanging up the phone, she said, "That was the police. They picked up those creeps. Said they even confessed! Isn't that a relief?"

I agreed it was and she quickly returned to the couch. The mood seemed to be changed. Whatever had begun to build between us wasn't there. I sat and chatted with her for maybe an hour, but now we seemed to be on familiar ground, almost relating as we did at school -- except I was still reliving that kiss in my mind and I could not look at her without feeling aroused by her. The robe she wore, covered her well, but even so, it didn't hide her very feminine shape and each time she laughed or smiled or just looked at me, I felt my cock stir -- swelling and deflating by turns.

As we talked, something seemed different about her and then it hit me. "Your hair!" I said, surprised that I hadn't noticed it earlier. She had let her hair down from its customary bun and it fell in long black tresses over her shoulders. "Your hair is beautiful!"

Rosalita laughed and touched a strand of her jet black hair. "Thank you, Johnny. It is a pain in the butt to take care of, but I've always kept it long." She paused for a second. "Hernando never wanted me to cut it short. He said it was the hair of a passionate woman." Suddenly, all that tension returned to the room as she looked away and then turned her head to gaze into my eyes again.

"He was right, Rosalita. You're even more beautiful when you wear it down like that!"

"Thank you, mi hijo," she laughed. "My Johnny is going to be a ladies man. You know how to make a woman feel lovely -- we can never hear that enough." She fell silent and for a long moment we just looked at each other. I shifted to get a little more comfortable and my moving drew her eyes downward to the crotch of my jeans which were bulging hugely. She considered my hard-on for what seemed forever and then returned her gaze to my eyes.

Rosalita smiled and bit her lower lip with that delicious overbite of hers. She glanced up at a clock on the wall -- one of those cat clocks with the moving eyes and tails. "It's getting late, hijo," she said. "Your parents will be getting worried. You better go."

Every fiber of my being screamed for me to kiss her, but I couldn't summon the nerve and I told her she was right -- "You've had a rough evening too and you should get some rest."

She walked me to her front door, offering to get dressed and drive me back to school. I shook my head and said, "No, I think you should take it easy, Rosalita and besides, I think I'd like to walk awhile -- you know, think about stuff."

Rosalita nodded and replied, "I understand." She stepped up close again, the front of her robe brushing against my chest. "Again, mi hijo, thank you. Thank you for everything." In the span of a heartbeat, Rosalita's arms flew around my neck and she kissed me again. Like before, her mouth never opened, but with her wonderful, full lips pressing against mine, it was a passionate kiss anyway. It went on a long time, her embrace tightening as she kissed me, her body against mine, separated only by that damned robe.

When it finally ended, she kept her arms around me and whispered gently, "Te quiero, mi amado hijo."

"What does that mean?" I said in a breathless voice.

Rosalita smiled and replied, "I love you, my beloved son."

I leaned into her and kissed her again, still a chaste, but passionate kiss. After another long minute, I felt her tense up and I broke the kiss. Rosalita started to step back, but I caught her hands as she moved them and held them for a moment as I said, "I love you, my beloved Rosalita. Goodnight."

I stepped out the door as she watched me, walking backwards to see her staring at me with those lovely dark eyes, still sadness evident in them, but maybe, maybe not as much as there had been before. When she finally closed the door, I turned and walked briskly down the sidewalk, whistling and striding jauntily as only a young man in love can do.

I was only a couple of hours late getting home, but my parents didn't seem to mind much, especially after I told them about the attempted mugging of Rosalita. Dad clapped me on the back and told me he was proud of me, then disappeared into the den to watch the last couple of innings of the Braves' game.

Mom fussed over me, checking in on me after I climbed into bed. She applauded me for my bravery and worried over my brash action. "Maybe you should've gone for help instead of taking on two thugs, Johnny." I endured Mom's motherly attentions, enjoying her closeness -- Mom was wearing a silk bed robe that was much more revealing than the one Rosalita had on. Mom's body was a lot trimmer than my Rosalita's, but very sexy and her satin robe did more than hint at the skimpy nightgown underneath, exposing much of her cleavage. Mom's breasts were a 36D (yes, I peeked at her bras one day).

"Heck, Mom -- it was no big deal. Those creeps are a couple of bullies and I'm not afraid of any asshole that would hit a woman."

Mom smiled at me and sitting on the edge of my bed, leaned over and stroked my hair affectionately. "You're a fine, young man. I'm proud of you." She sat back and studied me for a moment. "Rosalita Sanchez -- isn't she the woman you had such a crush on when you were in grade school?"

I blushed and nodded. Mom laughed and said, "Maybe my Johnny still has a crush on his Rosalita?" I felt my face burning even more and Mom sighed and shook her head and leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "Ah, my son, the ladies' man. You always have liked older women." Her eyes darted downwards, following my gaze to her exposed cleavage. She chuckled and said, "You better be careful -- it's real easy to get in over your head with an older woman."

I could feel my mouth open in surprise. I had not realized that Mom knew about my inclination towards mature women. I wondered what else I didn't know about my mother, but before I could mull that over Mom sat up and winked at me and then stood up and walked to the door. "I love you, son. Be careful."

Mom closed the door behind her and I finally remembered to breathe. Mom has always been a bit of a flirt, but that was way beyond anything she had done before. My cock was as stiff as a bar of iron and I quickly began to stroke it under the blankets. Then there was a knock in the door and Mom popped her head in and said, "Oh honey, I almost forgot -- your father and I are going up to the Mountains for the weekend. You're on your own for food -- I'll leave you some money on the kitchen table." Again, she gave me that sexy wink and said, "Maybe you should check on your friend, Rosalita, tomorrow and see if she's all right -- maybe take her to lunch or something. Goodnight, Johnny."

And then she was gone and my mind was reeling as I jacked off. Was Mom encouraging me to see Rosalita after flirting with me? Images of Rosalita flashed through my mind as I approached a quick orgasm -- too long delayed. These images of my Hispanic friend were interspersed with images of Mom as well. I cried out to both as my cock began to erupt, spraying a huge load of semen over my hand and the blanket. It was so powerful it took my breath away and it was several minutes before I could gather the energy to begin cleaning up.

Even after that, as the day's events weighed on me and dragged me down into sleep, erotic images of Rosalita and Mom dominated my dreams. In those dreams, it seemed as if the two mature women, completely different in looks were constantly changing from one to the other. One moment I would be riding Rosalita, her urging me -- "Fuck me, hijo, ti quiero. Fuck your Rosalita," and the next time I looked down, I was on top of Mom who smiled at me as only a mother can, whispering to me, "I love you, son -- but remember, its easy to get in over your head with an older woman!"

Needless to say, I woke as horny as an eighteen year old can get! Even after my morning piss, my cock hovered between full mast and half mast. After showering, I dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and headed downstairs. It was already 9:30 in the morning and I discovered Mom and Dad had already left on their trip -- the latest of a series of "romantic" getaways to try and spice up their love life. From overheard conversations and out in the open arguments, I pretty much knew their love life had kind of dried up and that Dad was in the middle of a mid-life crisis.

Mom had left me an envelope with a hundred dollars inside and a note that said, "Here's some eating money. I hope you have a good weekend. I hope your friend, Rosalita is okay. Behave and remember what your mother told you about older women! Love, Mom."

As I sat at the kitchen table, eating my corn flakes, I considered what Mom was trying to tell me, but all I could think was that somehow Mom had given me the green light to pursue a woman that was the same age as her. The fact that my mother knew that I was hot for a woman who was at least her age was an incredible turn on and when I left the house, I had a raging hard-on in my pants.

Thirty minutes later, I pulled up in front of her house and parked behind her car. I sat there for a few minutes working up my courage and then the next thing I knew I was ringing her doorbell and hand behind my back.

The door opened and Rosalita was there, looking so beautiful she took my breath away. Her long black hair hung down over her shoulders and gleamed from a good brushing. Rosalita was wearing a white caftan that had a scooped neckline and my heart began to trip hammer as I saw the upper portion of her massive breasts for the first time. Her smile was the best thing of all -- an 'I'm so happy to see you!' smile.

"Johnny! What are you doing here on a Saturday morning?" she said, stepping back and motioning me to come in. "I'm not complaining, hijo -- it's so good to see you!"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay, Rosalita," I replied. "I-I couldn't -- can't stop thinking about you."

"Oh, Johnny -- you are so sweet, mi amado hijo." Rosalita said, blushing a little -- her dusky skin darkening.

I remembered that I was holding something for her and from behind my back, I produced a flower bouquet. "Flowers!" Rosalita squealed. "Oh, Johnny -- no one has given me flowers in ages! Thank you, mi hijo!" She came to me and pressing herself against me, kissed me on the lips. Instinctively, I put my arms around her waist to hold her in place, savoring the sensation of her lush body against mine. Her caftan was much less thick than the plush robe she'd had on the night before and I was more aware than ever of the huge meaty breasts mashing against my chest.

The kiss, like all the others was chaste, but seemed to go on and on. After long seconds I felt her sag against me a little and a happy little sigh escaped her mouth. I tightened my embrace, pulling her a little tighter against me. Then I felt Rosalita's body tensing up and she pushed away, her face dark with excitement or embarrassment or both. I looked at her with what I hoped was an expression of love on my face, but it was too much for her to bear and she ducked her eyes and taking a deep breath, tried to regain her control of the situation. "This was so sweet of you, Johnny. I don't know what to say."

She finally looked up into my eyes and seemed to be debating what to do next. Finally she waved me towards the living room. "Please, mi hijo, come in."

She motioned me to the couch and I watched the beautiful Hispanic woman as she found a vase for the flowers and got them settled. I admired her voluptuous body as she strode about the room. The caftan was slit up one side and as Rosalita walked, her trim, shapely leg came into view again and again. I quickly realized that she wasn't wearing a bra under the gown and I think my openly staring at her quickly had an impact as I began to see thick, round nipples appear, jutting out against the white material. As my Rosalita finally sat down next to me, I realized that her weighty breasts pushed out against the material so much that I could even tell the outline of her aureoles around her large nipples.

"You look lovely this morning, Rosalita," I managed to say without stammering. My heart was pounding and I could feel the blood rushing through my veins. "Um, I've been practicing -- let's see if I can do it right." I took a deep breath and looking into Rosalita's big, beautiful eyes said slowly, "Te quiero, mi amado Rosalita."

"Oh, mi tiamo." Rosalita whispered softly. She scooted a little closer to me and took my hand. "I love you too, my beloved boy." She leaned in as if to kiss me, both of us looking into each other's eyes, but paused -- her lips open and a scant inch from mine.

I moved forward, but my lips only grazed hers as she moved back to maintain that minute distance between us. "Rosalita?" I asked, my hand tightening on hers.

"Johnny, oh mi hijo, I want to -- I mean, we can't do this."

I moved closer to her, again my lips just barely brushing against hers before she eased back. I could feel her free hand against my chest -- not pushing me back, just there. "Why not, Rosalita? I love you and I know you love me."

"Johnny, I'm an old woman and you're a young boy. Mi hijo, I'm old enough to be your mother! I think of you like you were my own son."

Somewhere in my brain, I idly wondered what she would think of what I would love to do with Mom if I ever had the chance, but just her words enough inflamed my desires. I liked her calling me her son; it made my desire for her even more powerful. A terrible hunger swept through me and I quickly pressed my lips to Rosalita's mouth, catching her off guard, offering her my tongue before either of us could think about it.

Rosalita gave a muffled squeal and made a mild effort to push me off her, but the moment my tongue brushed against hers, she was kissing me back with all the passion I had known was bottled up inside her. Our tongues darted and dueled as we kissed hungrily, giving into desires too long held in check.

The kiss seemed to go on and on, becoming even more powerful as we wrapped our arms around each other. I could feel her heart pounding in counterpoint to mine as our tongues roiled over each other and made love on their own. Rosalita tasted sweet and I knew immediately that a lifetime of kissing this woman would never sate my hunger for the touch of her soft lips and the taste of her tongue.

At some point our hands began to roam. I think I started it by running my hands through her thick, black hair, letting it cascade through my fingers before finally cupping her face with my hands. Rosalita's fingers ran through my hair before running down my back and pulling my T-shirt out of my jeans and caressing my back. My hand found the slit in her caftan and I slowly stroked her soft thigh back and up until leaning her forward I was able to cup her meaty ass cheek. My other hand cupped a heavy, pendulous breast through the soft cotton fabric of her gown, savoring the sensation of her erect nipple throbbing against my palm.

As if our minds were joined, we stood up as one, our kiss still raging, not wanting to surrender each other's tongues, until our desires finally overwhelmed us. We ended the kiss, a single shiny strand of saliva between us as we stared at each other with fiery lust. Rosalita lifted my shirt up and tore it off over my head, flinging it across the room.

She pressed herself against me, her mouth showering my chests with little kisses. She closed her lips over my right nipple and after rolling her tongue across my little swollen pebble, slowly bit down on it. As she did this, her hands were busy fumbling with my belt buckle.

For my part, I discovered that Rosalita's caftan unzipped behind her back. As I felt my jeans slide down around my ankles and Rosalita's warm hand palm my erect penis, I unzipped her gown and then as she regretfully took a step back, I tugged her caftan down around her shoulders, over her massive breasts and then it was pooled around her feet and I felt my breath catch as I gazed at the naked beauty of my lusty Rosalita.

Words failed me and I could only stare with frank lust at her Rubenesque body. Her breasts were indeed massive, dwarfing my mother's large breasts. Like two enormous gourds, Rosalita's tits hung down against her chest -- meaty, bountiful mounds of titflesh capped with large, meaty nipples that stood proud and dark against her cinnamon skin. Her waist, though a little thickened with age, was narrower than her old work suits ever revealed, her luscious hips flaring outward and between her legs was the most incredible forest of pitch black pubic hair I could ever have imagined. It grew thick and unruly, covering her mound and trailing upwards and outwards. Even as thick as it was, I could see a wet strip of pink, aroused flesh parting the forest of her muff.

Rosalita stood proudly before me, letting me take her gorgeous body in, but her desires were strong too and I guess my erect cock, slapping up against my belly was too much for her. With a feral growl, Rosalita leaped at me, her mouth crushing against mine as she pushed me back, my knees folding up against the edge of the sofa, forcing me to sit. My beautiful woman never slowed down, but climbed atop me, squirming herself into my lap, sending shivers through me as her furry bush rubbed into my crotch and against my hardness.

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