tagMatureRose Ch. 03

Rose Ch. 03


Bob worked alone the next several days on the deck with Rose's asshole husband staying close to home. He never offered to help but came out often to watch and ask questions. Rose would come to the basement door and leave ice water or ice tea but they could not say much more than a quick hello. Bob was frustrated and wondered if he should just forget it and move on. Every time he thought about Rose he knew he could not do that because he had given part of himself away.

After a week of hard work the deck was finished. It was beautiful and even the jerk was complimentary as he wrote the check and shook hands with Bob. When Bob drove away his last vision was Rose standing on the deck in shorts and a halter top smoking a cigarette and waving to him. His heart was pounding as he drove away.

Bob didn't want to be alone so he went to a a friends house and they talked and visited for a while and then picking up some fast food he drove home. As Bob drove down his long driveway he saw a car parked, not in the driveway, but in his backyard. He recognized Rose's Ford Taurus. Forgetting about food, Bob rushed to the car and then onto his back porch calling her name. When he did not find her he went back out and stood in the yard with his hands on his hips.

He remembered telling Rose about the hill behind his house where he often sat and watched the sun set. He didn't follow the path but cut through the woods because it was shorter. Bob had grown up in the woods and slipped nearly silently between the big oak trees. When he came to the top of the hill he saw Rose standing by his cedar bench facing west. She was wearing the same brief halter top and shorts as when he left her house. He stood for a second catching his breath and saw her light a cigarette as she stared intently into the west.

Bob slipped from the tree line into the mossy clearing and walked up behind her. Softly, trying not to startle her he said, "Rose." She turned with a dazzling smile and they melted into each others arms with their lips quickly finding each other. Both of them were wild with joy to be in each others arms but their kiss was still deep and gently. Her mouth was wet and smoky and her tongue and his made love as their bodies pressed tightly together.

They kissed for a long time and them Bob led Rose over to the bench and sat straddling it. He pulled Rose down onto the very end of the bench with her back to him and his arms around her. They were facing the red western sky and the rapidly setting sun. As they watched the sunset they sat quietly. Rose smoked her cigarette as Bob kissed her neck and under her ear. His hands found their way under her halter and he gently kneaded her breasts.

When he began to roll her sensitive nipples between his thumbs and fingers she turned her head and they kissed deeply again until she turned back and leaned heavily into Bob. The sky was red and orange and they were both very happy and content in that moment together. They both felt like they were alone on earth and there just for each other.

Finally, the red sky faded and twilight made the woods dark. Bob stood up and Rose took a last drag on her cigarette and extinguished it. "We don't have much time, I have to be home in less than an hour," she said regretfully.

Bob took her hand and led her down the darkening trail. They reached the house and went through the back door straight to his bedroom. Clothing fell from them as if by magic and Rose lay back on the bed spreading her legs widely for him. He looked at her with her outstretched arms and took in her hard blood darkened nipples and her furry pussy and underarms.

Bob's cock was hard and his need was strong and as he knelt between her legs he kissed Rose deeply as her hand found his hard cock and began rubbing it up and down her wet pussy. She was moaning already as she rubbed the bulbous head against her clit over and over and then guided him into her depths. Bob slowly slid himself all the way inside her, kissing her all the time.

"Fuck me hard, fuck me and don't hold back." Rose pleaded with her voice and eyes and Bob began to stroke in and out of her soaking wet love tunnel. Rose thrust to meet each of Bob's strokes and soon began her moaning that signaled her orgasm. Bob began thrusting harder and faster and soon Rose's moans were very load and turned into deep groans.

Bob was fucking her as fast and hard as he could. He had dreamed of making slow love to her but this was pure hard fucking that both of them desperately needed. As Rose's cries became louder still Bob felt his own orgasm rising. He groaned loudly himself as he felt his hot cum begin to empty into her hot pussy. Feeling his cum spurting Rose let out a very loud, "ohhhhh.......yes........fuck me...........cum in me.......OHHHHHHH".

Bob's cries matched Roses as they spent themselves in each other. As Bob's cock emptied it's load he kept stroking into her pussy as long as his cock was hard at all. Finally as his erection softened he slowed and collapsed. Still inside her, they lay side by side holding each other. They were both drenched in sweat and spent but were both happy and satisfied.

Finally, Rose looked at the clock and told Bob she had only a few minutes. Bob and Rose walked together into the bathroom and stepped into his shower. Rose was careful to keep her hair dry but they scrubbed each other with lots of kisses and caresses. When they finished their shower Rose quickly dressed and Bob pulled on a pair of cotton gym shorts. He walked with her to her car.

At the car Rose lit a cigarette and told Bob she would be leaving for a couple of weeks. She was driving to her daughter's to spend time with her daughter and grandchildren. It was a two day drive. "I had to make sure we were together before I left, I could not stand the idea of not touching you for two weeks without saying goodbye."

Bob started to kiss Rose and then broke away with a surprised smile on his face. "How would you like a driving companion?"

"I would love that," she said, "is it possible?" They quickly planned and when Rose drove away ten minutes later after a long kiss and lots of quick talk they were both smiling. Bob was going to drive to the next town and park his car at the bus station parking lot. He would then spend the next two days with Rose, who told him she always took a leisurely drive and spent the night in a motel. When they got to the town her daughter lived in she would drop him off at the Greyhound station and he would buy a bus ticked back to his car. In two weeks when her visit was over he would do the same trip in reverse.

Both Bob and Rose went to bed that night happy with their plans and the next morning Bob woke early and began to pack his bag. Two days of travel and a night in a motel were a dream come true with this beautiful and sexy woman.

The next morning Bob got an early start and arrived at the bus station 20 miles away long before Rose. He found that parking was free and he bought a diet Pepsi and sat in the shade to sip it while he waited. As he thought about Rose and how much he was looking forward to this trip his pants tightened. Just picturing her face was giving him an erection.

When Rose pulled into the parking lot, her face erupted into a huge smile as she saw him standing there with his bag in hand. Bob slid into the passenger seat and leaned over to press his lips to hers. The kiss lasted for over a minute with their tongues finding each other. Rose tasted fresh and fresh brushed minty. When they broke the kiss and bid each other good morning verbally, she drove back out to the interstate.

Bob could not stop looking at Rose. She looked younger this morning and he realized it was because she was smiling and laughing so much. She was wearing a loose short sleeved blouse and loose shorts with white tennis shoes. After a couple of minutes she reached over and took his bottle of diet Pepsi and took a long drink. This intimate act made Bob feel warm and happy.

For the next two hours Bob and Rose covered a lot of miles talking nonstop. They talked about their kids and grand-kids and about their childhoods. Bob held Rose's hand most of the time and occasionally caressed her face with one of his hands. They had begun as lovers and now were becoming good friends. When they finally stopped talking Bob was holding Rose's right hand in both of his. He had been caressing it as he held it and Rose was enjoying his attention a great deal.

A sign said "Rest Area" and Rose immediately hit the turn signal. They pulled into a large shady rest area and both got out of the car and went to the restroom. Bob noticed that Rose took her large handbag with her. When Bob came out he walked to a shaded picnic table to wait for Rose. He sat there daydreaming and almost missed Rose when she walked across to meet him.

Rose had changed blouses. She was now wearing a bright and loose tank top covered in a black and pink flowered print. It was low cut in front and the arm holes were very large and open. He could tell by the movement of her breasts that she had removed her bra.

When Rose got to the table she said, "I wanted to be more comfortable and you seem to enjoy my underarms and breasts so much that I thought I would wear this. I got this silk tank top years ago when I was a bit heavier but have not worn it at all since he wanted me to stop shaving my underarms."

Rose stood then facing Bob and put both arms up as she pinned her hair up on her head. Her underarm hair was very dark and long and he did enjoy looking at it. Rose stepped closer and Bob put his arms around her and buried his face between her breasts as he hugged her close. His hands slipped under the loose top and slid up to her breasts. He found her nipples hard and looked quickly to make sure no one could see them. She worked on her hair as he kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples and then ran his fingertips back and forth through her long silky underarms.

Rose shuddered and bent down to kiss him tenderly. When she broke the kiss she smiled and said "Here we are in our fifties acting like a couple of horny teenagers."

"Are you complaining? " Bob asked, "I certainly am not complaining about anything."

"No" she said as she bent to kiss him again sinking to his lap facing him with her knees outside of his legs. She slid close until their crotches were touching as he continued to manipulate her breasts and their tongues did a slow dance. Her mouth was so warm and wet and as they kissed they literally were "swapping spit" as Bob's grandfather used to call it.

Bob was painfully hard under his jeans and he could smell Rose's arousal. It was a faint but musty sweet smell and he longed to taste it. When they finally broke the kiss both were breathing deeply. "I don't think we can do anything here with all the cars going by, maybe we should get going," she said with a broad smile.

As they started back to the car she tossed him the keys and said, "your turn".

After Bob got the seat and mirrors adjusted they drove back onto the interstate and as he set the cruise just under the speed limit Rose unbuckled the seat belt and slid over to the center of the seat. She buckled in there. Bob silently blessed Ford for putting bench seats in most of the Taurus's. Rose leaned over and put her head on Bob's shoulder and he put an arm around her.

Rose told Bob how happy she was that they were together and he agreed this was the finest thing that had happened to him in many years. They drove in peaceful bliss like this for almost twenty minutes when Bob lowered his hand over Rose's breast. It felt so right to fondle her as he was driving. He found that he could slip his hand inside the large arm hole on her tank top and hold her bare breast in his hand. Rose pulled a light jacked over that side of her body so no one could see what he was doing.

"We don't want the highway patrol stopping us for lewd behavior do we?" she asked with a smile.

"No, do you want me to stop?" Bob replied.

"You had better not!" Rose said laughing.

Bob continued to fondle her breast with occasional trips to her silky underarm with his fingertips. Rose obligingly kept her arm propped up so he could touch whatever he wanted. After a while, Rose pointed out the bulge in his jeans. "You have a wet spot there, did you spill something? " she joked.

As Bob began to roll her areola and nipple back and forth between his fingers Rose breathed deeply and quicker. He new just how much pressure to use by her breathing and reaction. Rose reached down and unzipped his jeans. It took a little effort but she finally got his hard drooling cock out in her hand. She used part of the jacket to cover his cock as she began to stroke it up and down.

Bob was afraid things out of hand and was having trouble concentrating on his driving so he took the next exit from the interstate. They were a long way from the nearest town and the blacktop road gave way to several farm roads. He turned onto one of the farm roads with Rose still stroking his cock and his fingers still on her warm breast. This was a gravel road and was pretty remote. There was a dirt road opening in the fence along the road and it led into a large hay field.

Bob slowly pulled into the field and then into a grove of trees at the edge of the field. He parked in an area hidden from the road. As he turned to Rose she just said, "Relax, this is for you for being so sweet." She pulled her tank top over her head and he marveled again at how beautiful her skin and breasts were.

Rose quickly pulled his belt loose and he helped her unfasten and pull down his jeans. He followed Rose's directions and soon was sitting naked from the waist down with his back to the driver's door. His legs were extended with the left leg stretched out across the floor and the right over the back of the seat.

Rose lowered her mouth over his cock and slowly wet it all the way down to the base with her first stroke. She straightened back up and began stroking him with both of her hands. After each three or four strokes she would slide her hands in a twisting motion in opposite directions. With his cock so slick with his pre cum and her saliva the sensation was wonderful.

Bob fought the urge to cum too quickly. This felt so good and he wanted it to last. Rose took her time and after a dozen or so strokes she again took his hard cock into her mouth and slowly stroked up and down several times. Her hands followed her mouth and then one hand began to gently rub and knead his balls.

Bob knew he could not last long. He wanted to touch her breasts but laying back like this she was out of his reach. Just as he was trying not to explode Rose stopped stroking him and opened the car door. She smiled and stepped out leaving him with his cock sticking in the air. She quickly pulled off her shorts and panties and got back in the car leaving the door open.

Now fully naked, Bob stared at her as she got into the car. Her smooth skin and her dark pubic and underarm hair contrasted to a beautiful picture. Rose's nipples were hard and sticking out like little pegs and her areolas were wrinkled and bumpy. As Rose got back into the car she knelt with one knee on the floor and the other leg extended out on the seat.

Rose leaned down and again took his cock into her mouth. The short cooling off had given Bob a little more stamina and he wanted to enjoy this as long as he could. Bob found that he left foot was close to Rose's pussy. His shoes and socks had come off with his jeans and he began to carefully feel for her pussy with his toes.

Rose jerked her head up and her eyes met his when his big toe found her soaking wet pussy in the thick matt of slick pubic hair. She kept stroking her mouth up and down his cock without pause as he rubbed his toe up and down her slit. When he got to the top and grazed her clit she breathed in sharply.

As Rose continued to suck his cock Bob wiggled his long big toe and managed to get it into her pussy lips to the first knuckle. This was too much for Rose and she adjusted her body and lowered her pussy firmly onto his toe. Bob's toe was now as deep as it could go into Rose and he could feel her juices running between his toes and down his foot.

As Rose began to suck his cock in earnest she began to grind her pussy onto his foot. Bob moved the toe a little but most of the movement came from Rose and when after a couple of minutes of this she began to groan, Bob felt his own cum starting to rise. Her hot mouth felt wonderful on his cock and her tongue was doing wonderful things to the underside of his cock on every stroke.

As Rose began to cum on Bob's foot, he began to cum in her mouth. Both arched their bodies in pleasure and moaned loudly as they both began to cum hard. Bob felt himself shooting ropes of thick cum into Rose's mouth and feeling the hot cum, she sucked harder with longer strokes as her hand jacked him furiously behind her mouth.

Rose was wiggling her ass and grinding her pussy onto Bob's foot almost painfully and she continued to orgasm until Bob's cock grew limp in her mouth. She kept sucking until he was fully limp and then sat up. She closed the car door and first came up to kiss him lingeringly on the lips, sharing the taste of his cum with him and then she sat back leaning against the other door in an identical pose to Bob.

His now limp cock and her pussy were now pressed tightly together. Bob was so spent he did not even try to pull himself up and Rose seemed to be in the same condition.

"Damn, is there any part of your body that can't make me cum. How did you do that? Your toe? I never even heard of that." Rose smiled as she said it and pulled Bob's still wet and slick foot to chest.

"We aim to please, mam. Actually, I never did anything like that before but it seemed like the only way I could touch you and give you pleasure. I so much want to give you pleasure any way I can." Bob was really exhausted. He felt like he could sleep for hours and never get an erection again.

After they sat in their odd positions for a few minutes Rose reached for her purse. From it she took a cigarette and lit it. Rose had told him she didn't really smoke that much and Bob realized this was her first cigarette of the day. Rose drew deeply on the cigarette and as she slowly exhaled he let his eyes roam up and down her naked body.

Rose watched Bob and felt a slight twitch of his cock against her sensitive pussy. She was shocked because she thought she had drained him for hours. Smiling at Bob, she took another long drag and inhaled. She pulled his foot to her mouth and exhaled into the air slowly over it in a long white stream and then took his still slick and wet toe into her mouth. As she sucked his toe into he mouth, wisps of smoke escaped her nostrils for several breaths.

It tickled and yet......Bob had never felt anything like this. Rose sucked his toe like it was his cock and both of them felt his cock stirring to life again against her pussy. As Rose slowly smoked her cigarette she gave his toe little licks and sucks and when his cock had become half erect she reached down and tucked it into her pussy.

Bob only had to move a little to penetrate her. He could not penetrate very deeply from this position and could not move much but his cock soon became fully erect as Rose smiled at him and continued smoking and moving herself to meet his little thrusts. When she started to rub her own hard nipples Bob suddenly had lots of energy. They were making minute thrusts against each other and Bob's cock was very happy and inspired in it's new home.

Bob pulled himself up and over and was quickly on top of Rose with his cock buried in her to the hilt. He slowly withdrew his cock until just the head was inside her and then slowly slid it all the way back in. As he kissed her he could taste his cum and hers on her lips along with the cigarette that was still in her hand. As Bob raised up again he did not move his cock but simply looked at her face and body. Rose took a deep drag on her cigarette and as she exhaled he began to stroke his cock out and into her body.

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