Rose Ch. 03


Rose placed her reached behind her head to hold against the car door so she could push and meet Bob's thrusts. She knew that he enjoyed seeing her dark underarm hair and smiled as he stared at her breasts and armpits. Rose's breasts were bouncing with each deep thrust and Bob lowered his head to capture one of her rock hard nipples in his mouth. He continued thrusting hard into her pussy as his tongue lashed back and forth and he sucked her nipple hard.

As his mouth left her nipple he buried his mouth and nose in the long hair under her arm. She loved the feel of his tongue slicking the hairs down and his teeth tugging at them. As Bob raised back up on his arms to again look at her she brought her hand down to her mouth and took another deep drag on her cigarette. Bob thrust even harder and saw the exhale of thick white smoke coming from both her mouth and nose. It took her several breaths to rid herself of all of the smoke.

Rose felt another orgasm approaching. The feeling welled up from her pussy and as she began to loudly cry out Bob began to fuck her faster and harder. They could hear their bodies slapping together and Rose began to writhe in the seat as the orgasm took over her whole body. She humped and thrust upward to meet Bob's every movement.

Since Bob had cum so hard earlier he had plenty of control and kept slamming into Rose's wet abused pussy until she settle back and became more calm. Bob slowed right away to a gentle deep pace. They were both sweating. Rose placed her cigarette between her lips again and took another very deep drag on it. With smoke coming from her lips she said, "Your turn big guy, any way you want it."

Bob actually slowed down and she saw his eyes half close as he enjoyed every stroke into her pussy. Remember his sensitive nipples she reached up to pinch and fondle them and was delighted when his tiny nipples got hard in her fingers. As she began to flick them with her fingernails Bob groaned and speed up his thrusts.

He kept groaning as she met every thrust with her own and kept flicking his nipples She took one last drag on her cigarette and flipped it out the car window. As she stared to exhale Bob groaned very loudly and pressed his lips to hers tasting her smoky mouth. She felt him shudder as he emptied his cum into her pussy. She felt an orgasm of her own in response to feeling him cum and they kept kissing deeply as they both moaned and kept stroking until they were both exhausted.

Bob kissed Rose tenderly and lay his head down next to hers. He wanted to do no more than sleep in her arms. After a few minutes he smelled smoke and realized it was not cigarette smoke. He raised up and looked out the window and saw the dry stubble from the hay smoldering where her cigarette had landed. Bob jumped up, his cock sliding out of Rose and grabbed his shoes. He used the shoes to beat the small fire out.

Both of them were very much awake and alert now so they cleaned up with a box of tissues and dressed. Agreeing they were very hungry they set out for a diner that Rose had often stopped at on the trips to see her kids.


I want to thank all who have read my stories for the positive comments and emails. I do appreciate them very much. If you are still enjoying my humble words, there will be at least two more chapters of Rose.

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