tagMatureRose Ch. 05

Rose Ch. 05


Bob and Rose woke from their nap a little after 5 in the afternoon, They woke in each others arms with their naked flesh pressed together and both of them loved the feeling. With no urgency they kissed gently with their tongues probing each others mouths. As they lay there in each others arms they enjoyed the moment and the feeling without the need for more. If each could read the others mind, they were both thinking that this was turning into something much more than just good sex.

Finally, Rose sat up and Bob's eyes followed her body appreciating every curve, freckle and hair. She watched his cock start to rise and grabbing his hand she led him into the shower. Again, he washed her hair and she loved the sensation of his hands gently massaging her scalp. They washed each other slowly and then stood embracing beneath the warm water.

Finally, Rose said, "I am hungry, let's go eat." They dressed and Bob watched as she put on her long skirt and halter top with no underwear. They left the room hand in hand and she led the way to a small restaurant a block away. Inside they again chose a booth and sat side by side as they looked at the menu and ordered.

Rose and Bob held hands and he often leaned in to gently kiss her lips. He could see her nipples were hard through the thin silk halter and slid his fingers under the material to caress them. They enjoyed their meal and being able to touch and kiss while they were eating. Occasionally Rose would reach to squeeze Bob's hard cock through his pants. When they finished they ordered desert. The meal was leisurely and unhurried and they agreed it was the finest supper they had ever enjoyed.

After they paid their bill, Bob and Rose strolled around the small town holding hands. They sat for a while in a small park and watched people walking past. At one point, Rose put one arm over the back of the high bench they were sitting on and Bob noticed her long underarm hair was fully exposed and very visible.

Other people noticed too. A young couple walking by openly stared and Bob whispered in Rose's ear, "Check out the front of his pants." The young mans pants were tented with a huge erection. His wife noticed too and pulled him along faster looked horrified. "I loved that, " said Bob, " another guy lusting after MY lady." Rose put her arm down but reached over to kiss Bob deeply.

Finally Rose stopped and looking up to Bob said, "We need a few things from our room and then I want to take you to my favorite place to watch the sunset. " In the room Rose took her small bag and put bottles of water and a large blanket in it along with her handbag. Handing it to Bob she led him out the door and back to the small park. Bob saw a narrow path leading up a hill away from the town and they slowly walked up it together.

Hand in hand they made their way up the path and through a grove of trees. Finally at the top of the hill she led him to a bald knob that had a wonderful view of the river below and the western horizon. They stopped and stared at the great view and then turning Rose, Bob kissed her long and tenderly. "You know I have fallen for you don't you? " he asked.

Rose smiled and said, "I hoped you felt the same things I have been feeling." They kissed again and she led him to a large rock jutting from the ground just below the crest of the hill. "This is where I have watched the sunset a dozen times over the past several years. I have always been alone and I sat here smoking and dreaming about a wonderful man to share the moment with, a knight in shining armor to make me happy. I am so glad to have found you."

Bob kissed her again and told her how happy he was to have found her. Together they spread the blanket on the soft moss covered ground against the big rock. They sank to the blanket and as Bob sat with his back to the rock Rose sat with her back against him, both facing the west. As Rose leaned back Bob slipped his hands under her halter cupping her warm full breasts. Rose turned her head and reached back with one arm to pull his mouth to hers as she kissed him deeply again.

As they broke the kiss Rose left her arm back with her hand holding Bob's head and he gently stroked his fingers through her soft and silky underarms. With his other hand he untied the halter behind her neck and back and pulled it away from her body. Rose reached back to fondle his hard cock through his pants.

"This would be more fun if you took them off." she said. Bob quickly unsnapped and kicked off his pants and underwear. Rose unbuttoned the big buttons up the side of her skirt and it lay open as she was now naked in his arms. Bob threw off his polo shirt and they pulled the blanked up since it was still light enough for someone in the town to see them.

They sat back with Bob again fondling Roses breasts and her turning to kiss him until Bob placed one hand over her hairy pussy and began to fondle it. The sun was sinking lower in the sky and Rose raised up to guide his cock into her soaking pussy. They slid down until they were laying sideways, facing the soon to set sun and she wiggled until his cock was firmly embedded inside her and then leaned back to kiss him over her shoulder again.

Bob began to stroke and she said, "Not yet honey, wait for the sunset and let me just feel your cock inside me for a few minutes." Bob reached to the bag and got her cigarettes. He placed one between her lips and lit it for her.

"You said you enjoyed a cigarette while you waited for the sunset, so you enjoy your smoke and I will enjoy.......you." His hands again found her nipples and again he rolled and pulled them with his fingers giving her pleasure. She turned to kiss him often and when she turned back to take a drag from her cigarette he nestled his face in her neck.

Bob held Rose close and once every minute or so he would slowly stroke his cock almost out of her soaking pussy and then just as slowly sink back in to the hilt. Each time Rose shuddered but he knew she wanted this to last so he did no more. Bob continued to fondle Rose's breasts. His wife had always pushed him quickly away from her breasts claiming they were too sensitive. Rose seemed to never tire of his attention to her breasts even though he knew her nipples were probably getting sore from his constant play.

Rose finished her cigarette taking a long deep last drag. She reached to put it out in the dirt and then leaned back into Bob again slowly exhaling as he kissed her cheek and again slowly stroked her pussy. The sky was streaked in red now and the sun was almost to the horizon.

Rose turned again to press her lips into Bob's and he ran his tongue around her smoky mouth and gave her several short thrusts of his pelvis. "Fuck my now Bob, make me cum baby."

Bob began to slowly fuck Rose. He knew she wanted it to go slowly and he was enjoying ever slow measure stroke his cock made into her. He could feel her abundant juices dripping down his balls onto his legs. The sky was more red now and they both stared at it as they made love. It was beautiful but Bob thought seeing Rose like this in his arms with the sun before them was the perfect picture.

Bob heard Rose moan deeply in her chest and a slight whimper escaped her lips. He ran one hand down and through her thick muff until it was over her clit. With his fingers he could reach and feel his cock slowly stroking into her. He had never felt his own cock as it was entering a woman and he let his fingers touch himself for several strokes. The light was fading and the sky was a blaze of red.

Rose moaned again, more loudly and Bob realized that the head of his cock was probably hitting her g-spot. He placed his had over her pussy and began to massage his palm over her hard clit in a circular motion. Rose moaned louder.

Bob leaned back a little to stroke deeper and harder into Rose but was limited by the reach of his long arms. He knew she was enjoying the double pleasure of his hand massaging her clit and his cock stroking her pussy.

Rose was now meeting his thrusts with her own. She moved backwards to meet his cock and forward into his hand. Her moans were very loud now and if there had been anyone else on the hill top they would have been easily heard. As Rose arched her back and leaned back into Bob again, he looked down and in the fading light he saw her chest and neck were mottled and red, a sure sign of her orgasm.

Suddenly Rose yelped and then began a constant deep moaning as Bob kept up a steady pace of sliding his cock in and out of her. His hand had worked her juices into a froth in her thick pubic hair as he continued to massage her clit. Rose's moans were now open mouthed and very load and he could feel her pussy quivering and shuddering around his cock.

Bob's control had been very good up until now, probably because of all of the good sex the past couple of days, but feeling the contractions and quivers of her pussy sent him over the edge. Bob groaned loudly and then also let out a loud and repeated, "Ohhhhh......ohhhhhh" as Rose was doing the same thing.

Deep in her own orgasm, Rose heard Bob's groans and as impossible as it seemed, her orgasm took on a whole new level as she felt his hot cum spurting into her. Now Bob's thrusts were fast and as deep as he could manage and he was supporting her whole weight on his cock and arms.

Gradually they slowed. Bob took his hand from Rose's clit, knowing that after her deep orgasm she would be too sensitive for touch. She lay back in his arms, their sweat soaked bodies sticking together. Bob wrapped both arms around Rose and pulled her close. His softening cock retracted until only the thick head was between the lips of her pussy. She liked the feeling and clamped down tight to hold him there. Bob's arms crossed and he held one of her breasts in each hand, not moving but appreciating the hardness of the nipples and the warmth of her body.

They both were breathing hard and gradually their breaths came slower and their hearts slowed. As the cooling night air began to chill them them they gathered the blanket tight around themselves and finally Rose turned her head to kiss Bob again. The kiss lasted a long time and when they parted she said, "That was better than I ever imagined, do you know why?"

Bob kissed her again with his tongue parting her lips to again taste her and then they broke away and with his lips still touching hers he looked into her green eyes and asked, "Because you know I love you?"

Tears filled Rose's eyes and she pulled him close finally turning to face him and hold him fully with her arms around him and their bare bodies pressed tightly together. Bob pulled the blanket tight and they lay back on the soft mossy ground. Both knew they didn't need to say anything more and soon they fell asleep in each others arms.

When Bob woke up he smelled smoke and thought someone was shining a light in his eyes. While they were asleep for several hours the moon had risen and was lighting the hilltop brightly. Rose was sitting by him and his head was in her lap. Her breasts were next to his face and he gently reached to suck on her hard nipple as he watched her smoke.

"Don't you ever get tired of them? " she asked laughing.

"No, and I am pretty sure I never will." Bob continued to look at her beautiful moonlit face and occasionally licked and sucked at her nipples. Finally they agreed they were cold and pulling on their dew dampened clothing they gathered their things and walked slowly down the hill hand in hand. Rose was a little nervous walking through the woods at night but she sensed that Bob was completely at ease and comfortable there.

When they entered their motel room 25 minutes later they looked at each other in the light and began laughing. Their clothing, hair and bodies were covered with leaves and grass and smudges of dirt were everywhere. Dropping their clothes into piles they again entered the shower to together and took advantage of the seemingly unending supply of hot water, they slowly and lovingly bathed each other.

Rose was again amazed at Bob washing her hair and seeming to enjoy doing so. After finishing the shower they dried each other and slid beneath the cool sheets. Bob had adjusted the air conditioner to a low setting and they spooned together under the blankets and fell sleep.

Both slept deeply and much later that usual the next morning. Bob woke first and lay watching Rose sleep until finally her eyes fluttered open. "You are as beautiful asleep as you are awake." he said. They kissed and then just lay in each others arms contented.

Finally, they began planning their day and then both began laughing as both admitted they were very sore from the previous day's sex. They packed and acting like young lovers they left the motel. After a country breakfast at a small restaurant they drove the short distance to the town where Rose's kids lived. The good bye kiss at the bus station was painful for both of them, but they both knew there was going to be a lot more to come. After all, Bob was going to ride the bus back and ride back with her at the end of her visit.

Bob and Rose both knew that they were going to recover from their sore and worn genitals but both also knew they were not going to recover from the warm feelings they felt for each other.


Thank you for the emails and positive feedback most of you have left for me. Some of you sent sour comments. "People this old are not sexy." and "Real people don't act lke that." Some of us at this age do feel this way act like that, and would do it more if with the right person. These people are very real.

I know this got serious and romantic, but it is my fantasy and it kind of took on a life of it's own. I am grateful to my "Rose" for inspiring me. Thanks to all who took the time to read these stories.

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