tagFetishRosemary and Her Daddy Ch. 04

Rosemary and Her Daddy Ch. 04


I came downstairs in a grumpy mood that day. Daddy had been busy the past week and I was feeling awfully neglected. I had chosen my own outfit even, a pink skirt and white blouse that fit me in all the right places. My underwear was lacy and sheer in hopes of minor seduction. Daddy was at the table when I entered, reading over documents while he sipped at his coffee, I glanced over and purposefully dropped the book I was holding, bending down so that he would get a nice view of my ass. He didn't look up from his papers, only mumbled "Careful, Kitten," and took another sip of his coffee. I restrained myself from grumbling and got myself some cheerios, sitting down at the table with a thump. Daddy still wouldn't look up at me.

"What's that, Daddy?" I asked, peering across the table.

"Work stuff," he mumbled, taking another sip, eyes trained on the papers.

"What kind of work stuff?" I made sure that he would be able to see down my shirt if he looked up, yearning for his attention.

"A couple of important files I need to review," he glanced up at my face quickly and back down just as fast. I frowned and grudgingly ate my cheerios, brainstorming how to get myself in trouble. I wanted him. I wanted him now.

"Are you doing work all day?" I asked, working my magic puppy dog eyes.

"I should be done soon, I'll have a conference call in a couple of minutes though," he responded. I nodded at this, an idea forming in my mind.

"Ok, then we can play?" I asked, putting my dishes away.

"Maybe, I'll still have some paperwork though," he drained the rest of his coffee, put the cup in the dishwasher, and headed to his office. I grinned, sneakily following behind him. My lacy socks made it easy to creep down the hall after him and I slipped in the door. He was now on the call and I came to kneel before him. He glanced down and gave me a little smile, still talking on the phone, clearly a little confused as to my presence. I reached up and fiddled with the button on his pants, his eyes narrowing slightly. Before he could stop me I unfastened the zipper and pulled down his underwear so that his cock lay in my hands.

His voice faltered on the call as I began to jerk him off, him growing long and hard in my hands. I smiled devilishly as I took him in my mouth, him stuttering on the line again. I moved faster, tasting him as I moved my tongue in circles around his tip, focusing on the sensitive underside. He let out a soft groan, pulling the mouthpiece away from his face.

"Kitten, stop that. I can't focus," he reached to pull me away but I quickly deep throated him, earning another groan. I heard a sales associate ask if he was alright through the call and sucked harder, making it difficult for him to confirm that he was indeed alright. I felt him growing larger in my mouth, precum beginning to leak down my throat and gazed up at him, Daddy sweating slightly and fighting to stay composed. I quickly pulled away, remembering his technique for punishing me and grinned evilly. His expression was one of shock and frustration, his cock quivering, ready to deliver a hot load. The call continued, his tone now dark and brooding. I made sure to taste him a few times, keeping him on the edge, knowing that both his hands were occupied with a phone and note taking. The fear that the call would soon end slowly rose on the horizon, a final tone resounding in his voice. With a last few teases I scrambled away, him saying goodbye and hanging up. I leaned on the edge of the desk, my expression now emotionless.

"What did you think you were doing?" He asked, standing up so that he towered over me. He put away his papers, clearing his desk, his long hard cock bobbing slightly. Suddenly a hand clamped down on my arm and he was kissing me. I realized that I was now on the desk as my legs were shoved open and his cock into me. I let out a gasp, lucky that I had been so wet from blowing him, and clutched the edge of the desk tightly. He rammed in and out of me, bringing me nearly to an orgasm and letting out a load. But he pulled out before I could cum, leaving me writhing and hungry on his desk. I had been so close and he so cruel.

He lifted my chin with a hand. "I am your master, your daddy. You will respect me. None of these shenanigans again," his tone was cold and foreboding. A tiny object slid into my drenched pussy, and my underwear was resituated. He matched my devilish grin from earlier and pulled my underwear back into place. "Let's see, I have some time. Why don't we go for a walk around town?"

We strolled down a park path in the middle of a small town to the west of the manor. Daddy's arm held the small of my back as we walked, slowing at the sight of a bookstore. Without a word spoken we headed inside, me loving books and him knowing this very well. I reached up to a shelf, him lagging behind at the entrance, and suddenly a warm buzzing feeling flooded my nether regions. I jerked down off of my tippy toes and glanced over at him. He smiled innocently as I continued to browse the book shop, trying my best to concentrate. I swiftly pulled a Lovecraftian horror novel off of the shelf and looked up at him for approval. I loved H. P. Lovecraft but was afraid that I wouldn't be allowed to read it. He simply nodded and walked me over to the checkout, handing me a bill.

"Hello," I greeted quietly, smiling at the store owner. The vibrations in my pussy grew stronger as I slid the book across the counter. I held on tightly to the counter, knuckles turning white against the wood grain.

"Are you alright, Miss?" The woman asked, taking the bill from me. I tried to smile and nod but it came out very forced. She still looked concerned but handed the book and my change back to me. Daddy thanked her as we left the shop and the vibrations increased even more. I clutched the book in a death grip, leaning back against the brick wall once we had exited. Juices began to run down my leg, aching for release. The vibrations grew even more, Daddy reaching a hand inside on pocket as I let out a small moan.

"P-please..." I mumbled, remembering to ask before cumming this time. The vibrations decreased, Daddy shaking his head and shooting me a wink.

"You won't get off that easy, follow me."

We wandered into a empty part of the park next to the street we were on, devoid of all human life, and he slipped something black and leathery out of his pocket.

"All fours," he commanded, gesturing to the ground. I glanced at him quizzically. The vibrations increased and I quickly followed orders, hoping that good behavior=orgasm. I knelt on all fours in front of him, trying to see what the black leather object was. A crop? Not in the park, would he?

A collar slipped around my neck and I realized what this was. He began to walk towards the center of the park, where people were, and I pulled back no wanting to embarrass myself in the case that someone saw. He tugged in response and I was forced to follow. We continued in this fashion for a time, everything I misbehaved the vibrations would go up, nearly bringing me to an orgasm, and then they would abruptly stop. I was panting soon, luckily not running into any other people, and we stopped at a bench. Daddy sat down and motions for me to do the same. I stood and sat next to him, then was pulled onto his lap. I straddled him, realizing that he was unzipping his pants, and let out a moan as he shoved into me, the vibrator being pushed deep inside of me. He was long, hard, and throbbing, filling me up and then some. The vibrator turned on again, now at full strength, causing me to let out a loud moan. He grinned and began to bounce me up and down on his cock, looking around for any other people.

"Shhhh Kitten, do you really want the whole park watching us?" He whispered in my ear. A hand wrapped around, covering my mouth as he began to fuck me harder. I moved my hips in time with his, whimpering out a "please," and waited for his command. After a few more rough thrusts, he murmured "now," and we came. He shot a load into me, filling me further and spilling into my womb and out of my pussy. I held back my moan and shook at the intense orgasm, collapsing against him. He rubbed my back and placed soft kisses on my forehead, whispering how much of a good girl I was.

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