Roses and Ropes, I Love Your Friend


"Doesn't Susan have a great body, Tom?"

"She does," said Tom with both of them talking about me, as if I wasn't even in the room. "You have a beautiful body, Susan," said Tom, the gentleman that he is to address me, instead of ignoring me in the way that Jason has a habit of doing.

Now, I wished I wasn't wearing a blindfold, so that I could see Tom's reaction to seeing what he was seeing of me in my underwear. I remembered now. I was wearing my powder blue bikini panties and matching blue bra, the one with the pink flowers. I'm glad I wore that today. I like how I look in that.

Feeling faint, I couldn't believe I was there before Tom in my panty and bra. Oh, my God. I remember when he danced with me at my wedding and for a second, I wished I could have run off with him, instead of going on a Honeymoon with Jason to the cabin in the mountains. Knowing Tom, he would have taken me some place more romantic than a hunting lodge.

If Jason thought this was his fantasy for me to be tied to the bed and blindfolded, he was wrong. This was my fantasy to be tied to a bed and blindfolded in my panty and bra with Tom in the room. Okay, maybe being tied to the bed and blindfolded wasn't part of my fantasy, but any way that I could have Tom in the room with me, while I was in my underwear and about to be stripped naked was okay with me.

"Jason, are you sure about this? There's no returning, once you cross this line. Knowing how jealous you are, do you really want Tom to see me naked?"

I was so nervous, I was so excited, that my voice was shaking. Breathing shallowly, I could hardly speak.

"Are you kidding? Yeah, I'm sure, Susan. This is so hot having you helplessly tied to the bed, while I strip you naked in front of another guy."

"Tom," I said.

"Yes, Susan."

"How do you feel about seeing me naked?"

"Honestly, Susan, I'm excited, but if you were my wife, I'd never embarrass you in this way, that is, unless it was your idea and we both agreed to it. Still, it's exciting just seeing you in your panty and bra. You have such a beautiful body."

"Thank you, Tom," I said realizing that because one of my senses was blocked, I was over compensating by talking louder than necessary, while wearing the blindfold.

"How you ended up with this guy, instead of someone like me, is beyond me," he said with a laugh.

My heart skipped a beat when Tom said that.

"Thanks a lot, buddy," said Jason laughing, too.

Only, Jason had no idea that Tom was poking fun of him, instead of joking with him. If only Tom was serious about wanting to be with me, I'd dump Jason in a heartbeat, especially after going through this episode of embarrassment and humiliation. Okay, I'm not totally embarrassed and humiliated because it's Tom in the room and not one of his equally as perverted friends. Yet, there's been a laundry list of me having to pander to Jason's sexual peccadilloes over the years and I'm tired of feeling so sexually used and emotionally abused.

Moreover, I just know that this latest thing of tying me to the bed and stripping me in front of Tom is Jason's Pandora's Box. With this just the beginning, it's not going to end here. Next, he'll be inviting all his friends to see me naked, while hoping I'll have sex with them, as he videotapes all the sordid sexual behavior, before playing it on the Internet. I know him like a book. He loved to watch me have a gangbang.

Starting with making me flash his friends up skirts and down blouses, to answering the door to the pizza guy wearing just a towel and dropping it. He's had me flash my panty to the shoe store salesman and forced me not to wear panties in public, while going up an escalator and bending over in front of a couple of guys behind me. He's had me get out of the car with my legs spread to flash a man passing by my pussy. He's even talked me into flashing my tits to truckers on the highway.

Enough already. I'm done. This carnival ride of carnal, deviant lust has already sickened me one too many times.

Yeah, sure, some of it was fun, especially in the beginning, when I thought I was doing it for him, but now it's all the time. He's not able to get aroused, unless he has me doing something that's so sexually inappropriate. As a married couple and as a man who should respect his wife by never asking her, coercing her, and forcing her to do such nasty things, I fear, it's only going to get worse.

He coerced me to have sex with him in public places hoping that someone was watching us. He wanted me to blow him in an elevator, but I wouldn't. He also wanted me to serve his poker buddies topless, but I wouldn't do that either. He even wanted me to attend a swingers' dance, but I put my foot down, stood my ground, and told him no. I wasn't about to have sex with a bunch of swingers. He's such a sleaze. He always wanted me to go to a nude beach with him and when I finally relented and did, it was all gay guys. I was the only topless woman on the beach.

Now, here I am tied to the bed and blindfolded. His latest thing is wanting to have anal sex with me. That's all he nags me about. He begs me to have anal sex with him and I won't do it. That just doesn't appeal to me. What's next? A gangbang? When will this end? Why can't he be satisfied with just me? Why must he flash my body to every guy he knows, especially when he's so jealous? I don't understand. It doesn't make any sense to me.

I felt Jason lift the front edge of my bra and I held my breath, when I felt the cold metal of the scissor blade against my skin. Tom was about to see my tits. I was glad that I was wearing my most comfortable bra, one that doesn't leave bra marks.

I was nervous. I was excited. I wish I wasn't wearing the blindfold. I'd love to see the look on his face, when he sees my breasts. For me to be denied that one erotic thing was a real tragedy.

"Wait Jason. Stop. Please don't. This is nuts. This is really embarrassing for me. I don't like this. I'm feeling a little used and abused. At least remove the blindfold," I said not so much hoping that he'd stop and not cut off my bra, but because I wanted to see Tom's reaction to seeing my tits.

A memory that comes to my mind because it was the only time he held me and held my hand, perhaps, but I remembered dancing with him at my wedding again. With him being so tall and my wedding dress being so low cut and open at the top, I knew he had a good view down my wedding dress at my breasts and, after I married Jason, that was one of the favorite fantasies to masturbate about, when in the bathtub, Tom seeing my tits. He was going to see them for real now and not just in my mind.

"No sorry, but the blindfold is part of your Valentine's Day surprise. It will be okay, Susan. Really, it will," he said cutting the front of my bra in two with one snip.

"I could feel that I was already wet with the thought of Jason peeling off my bra and exposing my tits to Tom."

"Fuck, Jason! Whatever? Okay, I'm ready," I said taking a big breath. "I don't give a shit. Go ahead, show Tom my tits, if that's what you really want to do," I said making my feigned protest, so that I could throw all of this shit back in his face, when he goes off on a jealous rage over something imagined and/or stupid.

I felt Jason peeling off one cup and then removing the other. I was topless in front of Tom. I couldn't believe it. Tom was seeing my tits. Oh, my God.

The fact that Jason was orchestrating all of this and was in the room with me, too, had nothing whatsoever to do with how I felt or didn't feel about him. It was all about Tom, now. Jason was already in my past. He crossed the line by tying me to the bed and stripping me and, as far as I was concerned, I was done with him. This relationship, effective, now, is over and if it wasn't Tom who was in the room, I would have put a stop this charade long before this.

Tom was the one who excited me, especially now that I was topless in front of him. Now, it was more than just a fantasy that I occasionally masturbated over, when I was horny and thinking about Tom having sex with me. This was the real deal and Jason is already my history and my unpleasant past.

My nipples came alive, as soon as the cold air hit them and I felt Jason's hands feeling my tits and fingering my nipples to coax them out even more. Then, he leaned down and sucked them, first one and then the other. Now, they were really erect.

"Go ahead, Tom, grab a handful. Have a feel. You don't mind if Tom feels your tits, do you Susan?"

"You keep changing the rules, Jason. First you said you wanted to tie me to the bed. Then, you said you wanted all your friends in the room to watch you strip me. Then, you pleaded with me to just agree to one of your friends watching you strip me naked. Now, you invite Tom to touch me, even though you said no one would touch me. What's next, Jason? Sex? Is it your plan for Tom to have sex with me?

"What's the big deal, Susan? It's just your tits. It's nothing Tom hasn't seen before, after dancing with you at our wedding, while looking down your wedding dress. Right Susan?"

I was sick. I couldn't believe it. I thought I was going to puke right then and there.

"You read my diary, Jason?"

"You left it out."

"Asshole. That was private, Jason. That was just my thoughts, desires, and fantasies. I can't believe you violated me by reading my diary."

Just as I couldn't believe he read my diary, I couldn't believe it when he invited Tom to touch me. I was starting to understand where this is going now. He knows all my secret thoughts. Why I married this guy, I'll never know? He's such a foul man. Yet, I was so excited with the thought of Tom touching me that I was literally shaking.

"So, is it okay for Tom to feel your tits, Susan?"

At least he asked me. I wanted and was hoping Tom would feel them anyway.

"Sure, what the Hell, Jason, we've gone this far. So, long as you promise me, Tom, that you won't tell anyone else about this, you may go ahead and feel my tits."

"I promise," he said with a nervous laugh.

Then I felt his big hand feeling my breast, first one and then the other, and I quivered with his touch. Tom was feeling my tits. Tom was fingering my nipples. Tom was cupping and caressing my breasts. His hands were so much bigger than Jason's hands and if his hands were bigger, I imagined his cock would be, too. I closed my eyes and imagined Tom kissing me, while feeling my breasts.

"Go ahead, suck them Tom. It's okay. Right Susan? You don't mind if Tom sucks your nipples, do you?"

"Is it okay, Susan, if I suck your nipples?"

Be still my heart. Whereas Jason has become such a foul, little man, Tom was such a gentleman asking my permission to suck my tits.

"Yeah, sure, Tom, it's okay. We've gone this far with Jason's little game, why not continue?"

Dying to see how far Jason would take this sexual game, I held my breath while waiting for Tom's mouth to engulf my nipple and when he did, I let out a breath of passion. Oh, my God. Tom, my fantasy man was feeling my tits, while sucking my nipples. I couldn't believe all this was happening.

I was delirious with the erotic excitement and sexual passion for Tom that I could never feel and muster for Jason. Having sex with Jason, was just going through the motions and faking my orgasm, before giving him what he really wanted, a blowjob, so that I could be done with it and with him. It felt so good for Tom to touch me in this way and I so wanted him to kiss me, while he felt my tits.

"You can't just feel her tits without kissing her Tom. You don't mind if Tom kisses you, do you Susan?"

As if he could read my mind, of course, now knowing that he read my diary, with me just thinking that, I couldn't believe when Jason said just that. Even while blindfolded, did I show it on my face that I wanted Tom to kiss me? A dream come true, I was finally going to know what it's like to kiss Tom.

"Sure, it's just a kiss between friends," I said. "I don't mind, Tom, if you don't," I said dying for him to kiss me.

I couldn't wait to masturbate over all of this later. After living out my sexual fantasy with Tom, I'll never have sex with Jason again.

"It's okay by me," said Tom.

As soon as Tom's lips touched mine, I buried my tongue in his mouth. I wanted him to know that I wanted him, really wanted him and, I swear to God, that if Jason asked him to put his cock by my mouth, I'd suck it, until he exploded in my mouth and I swallowed every drop of him. I was so hot for Tom. Without Jason even realizing it, with him thinking that this was his fantasy, this was my fantasy and my serendipitous way to have sex with Tom.

Oh, my God. He blanked my mind with his kiss and I didn't want the kiss to end. Keeping my tongue in his mouth, I kept kissing and kissing and kissing him, until I felt the cold blade of the scissor against the top of my thigh.

Snip! Snip and Jason cut off my underwear. I was naked. Tom was seeing me naked. Tom could see my trimmed, blonde pussy. Now he knew that I was really a blonde.

"Susan, you don't mind if Tom gets naked, do you?"

"Why would I mind that? I can't see anything."

I couldn't believe Tom was actually getting naked. Was he going to have sex with me? Was Jason going to have me blow him? Was he going to have Tom fuck me? Oh, my God. This is the best Valentine's Day gift Jason could have ever given me.

I tried to remember what I wrote about Tom in my diary. Of course, it was all there, my fantasy of fucking and sucking Tom. No doubt, Jason knew everything about his loving wife, some loving wife I am, lusting over another man, his best friend and our best man at our wedding. Only, I never should have married Jason.

He changed for the worse. He's a pervert now. He doesn't care about me. It's all about him. He cares more about showing off my body, so that I'll give him pillow talk later, while sucking his cock. I know his game now. It's not about love and caring, it's about perversion and debauchery.

All this time I thought it was about Jason having his wicked way with me. Instead it was about Tom having his wicked way with me. That's when I heard it. With Jason standing by my feet and Tom standing on my left side, by my head, I heard the sound of a zipper to my left, then a belt buckle and the snap of a jean button on my left. Tom was removing his pants. With my eyes covered, my hearing was heightened and I could even hear him removing his underwear. Oh, my God. Tom was naked. I wished I could see his big cock.

"How do you feel now, Susan?" Jason had a bit of anger in his voice.

"How do I feel? What do you mean, how do I feel? This is your game, Jason, not mine. I don't understand your question. If you want the truth, I feel naked and vulnerable. I feel embarrassed, Jason. I feel humiliated. I feel used and abused, but a deal is a deal and one that you wouldn't allow me to back out of, even though you changed the agreement by introducing Tom into your perversion. Is this your plan now for Tom to have sex with me?"

"Well, that's too bad," said Jason with a bit more anger to his voice. "Now you know how I feel, in the way you look at Tom, when you don't think that I see. Whenever Tom is around, I'm invisible. I don't exist."

"That's not true and I'm sorry you feel that way, Jason."

"Sorry my ass. It's too late for sorry, Susan. I read all that you wrote about Tom in your diary, you slut. I even found your notebook, the one with Tom's named doodled in it a thousand times, his name instead of my name. How do you think I felt, when I saw that, Susan? I'll tell you how I felt, I felt betrayed. I felt unloved."

"Maybe I should leave," said Tom.

"No," we both said at the same time.

"I'm sorry, Jason," I said feeling the color drain from my face, not so much about Jason's feelings but about the thought of Tom leaving, before I could hopefully suck him and he could fuck me.

Fuck, then when I thought about it, I can't believe he found my notebook. I can't believe he went snooping through my stuff and read my diary.

"I'm the one who feels embarrassed, humiliated, used, and abused, after I've been nothing but good to you," said Jason.

"Jason, I--"

"I did this Susan, brought Tom here today to show you that it's not so much the outside package, as more what's inside a man. I love you, Susan, really I do and for me to give you to another man is my desperate way to show you that Tom is not all what you think he is. Your place is with me and not with him."

"I love you, too, Jason, but--"

"Go ahead, Tom."

"Wait, what are you doing? Jason?"

I felt Tom's cock touch my lips and I rejected him by turning my head away, but he persisted and put a hand to the back of my head and stuffed his cock in my face. Then, when, I still refused to open my mouth, I felt Jason's fingers pinch shut my nostrils and when I opened my mouth to breath, Tom filled my mouth with his cock.

Oh, my God, as if Jason wasn't even in the room, I started sucking Tom, as if I were a porn star. At this point, I didn't care. I didn't give a shit about Jason's feelings anymore. For him to do this to me was wrong, but I'm glad he did. All I knew was that I had Tom's cock in my mouth and I was going to make the most of it. At the very least, if nothing was to ever come of this, it would give me something to masturbate over later, while taking a hot bath.

"Suck him, Susan. That's right, blow your fantasy man. Suck his big cock. Gees, you do have a big cock, Tom, much bigger than mine but it's not the size that matters," said Jason. "Right Susan? What matters more is the man and not the cock. Okay, that's enough Tom. Fuck her now."

"Hold on, Jason. Don't I get a say in this? It's one thing for Tom to see me naked and to suck my tits and it's another thing for me to blow him, but him fucking me is something else. That's more personal. My pussy is only for you, Jason and not for Tom."

"Duly noted, Susan, duly note. Now, go ahead and fuck her, Tom."

"Susan, never mind what Jason says. Is it okay with you if I--"

"Sure, why not? Fuck me, Tom. This is what Jason wants, so I'll complete his Valentine's Day fantasy," I said. "We've already gone past the point of no return. Only, do me a favor and untie me, please, so that I can enjoy this, too. Besides my arms hurt. And one last request," I said whispering in Tom's ear.

"What is it, Susan?"

"It's Valentine's Day, the day of love and romance. Don't just fuck me. Make love to me and whisper in my ear that you love me."

"I do and always have, Susan."

Oh, my God, Tom loves me. He's always loved me. In the way he said I do, I imagined us standing at the altar taking our marriage vows, that is, after I divorced Jason's ass.

Tom removed the blindfold and Jason untied the ropes. Finally, I was free to see and to touch my new lover, my fantasy man.

"Go ahead, Tom, fuck her," said Jason. "Really fuck her. Bang my wife, Tom. Give it to her good, really good. I want to hear her cum, if you can, in the way that I always am able to do."

I so wanted to tell Jason that he never gave me an orgasm and that I faked every one of them, but I didn't. I was afraid he'd pull the plug and tell Tom to leave. Better that Jason believes his fantasy that he gives me an orgasm.

"Wait," I said. "I want to see and feel what I was sucking before. Let me see your cock, before you bury that in me, Tom."

Tom walked closer to me and I took him in my hand and stroked him, before taking him in my mouth again, while looking at Jason. Now a slut for Tom's big cock, I wanted to hurt my husband for all that he did to me.

"C'mon, c'mon," said Jason. "Let's get this over with, so that I can have my wife back without you in the picture," he said pushing Tom.

I felt the weight of Tom's muscular body and when he stuck his big prick in my wet pussy, it was as if I was plugged into a wall outlet. Suddenly, my body came alive with energy and I tingled everywhere. Never have I felt such pleasure with Jason, as I was feeling now with Tom. Then, when we kissed, French kissed, while his cock was buried deep inside of me, it was as if Jason wasn't even there in the room.

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