Rosetta settled her huge butt on James's face. She couldn't imagine the stink he must be smelling right now. She had given up on wiping her incredibly protrusive bottom. It stuck out a full 24 inches past her lower back. She hadn't wiped in over 20 years, since she was about 13, right before her posterior began growing like a wildfire due to her steatopygia. She had gotten used to having the smell of her poop constantly in the air when she met James. He was very submissive and timid, which she loved. He was the only man who was not turned off by the smell of her shit. She was naturally dominant over men, who would typically see her size and personality as threatening and leave her. She had come to the conclusion that only a very submissive man would do. Also being just over 5 feet tall, the puny white accountant was dwarfed by his Nubian queen. She immediately took the reins in their relationship, making all the decisions for everything from dinner dates to finances. She knew he was inexplicably, magnetically attracted to her magnificent rump. However, she decided to tease him with it and not let him have his way with it.

They dated for only two weeks before she decided she would move in with him. After that, they lived together more or less as friends, with him cooking and cleaning for her. The most intimate contact she would grant him was wiping her asshole after pooping. She would make him stay in the room and hold a conversation with her while she used the toilet, seeing his reaction to her fumes. Despite his attempts to cover it, she saw his cock grow hard from watching her use the toilet. She smiled to herself, thinking about all the possibilities of controlling him with her giant buttocks.

While he gently wiped her anus, she would moan slightly. It was the only time he could physically pleasure the massive woman, and so he would endure the stink and take his time. Forcing him to clean her dirtiest part pleased her in a way she had never experienced. She would instruct him on how to wipe well to clean her best, which was no easy task. Just separating her giant cheeks, each larger than his torso, took all of his effort. He would grunt, spreading those giant fleshy buns and wedge himself in between them to hold them open. Once that was done he would grab the roll and begin to dig his hand far into her 18-inch deep cavernous bottom. His hand would inevitably be covered in her digested waste when he brought it out. It would sometimes take him half a roll to clean her to her satisfaction, and of course she made him pay for the toilet paper.

She smiled, thinking of how willing James had been to give up everything for her; his job, his last name, even his genitals. She thought back to how she convinced him that having his genitals removed and given to her would be the ultimate act of surrender. James was terrified, but after many nights of her convincing him it was what God wanted for him, he finally agreed. She had convinced him of many things, she thought, smiling while sitting on top of him. The poor man was terrified of the world, so it hadn't taken much to convince him to quit his job and decide to spend the rest of his life tending to her every need.

She knew what they had was more intimate than any other relationship in the world. A true Master-Slave relationship; she had tested James rigorously to ensure his full surrender to her. Upon removing his genitals before their wedding, she had them covered in gold and made into a necklace to wear, ever reminding him who he was indebted to.

After marriage, she further tested his love by having him clean her bottom with his tongue. Though initially she could tell he was disgusted, she convinced him that her anus was a portal to divine realms, and what came out from the other side was divine. Soon, he began to hunger for her digested gifts, and she started serving it to him on hot dog and hamburger buns. She began saving all of her gifts, as they called them, having him freeze each one to be consumed later. He would make smoothies and cakes out of her chocolate, and nothing brought her more pleasure than watching him eat her droppings. She would sit at the table with her food in front of her; 12 eggs, a pound of bacon, a footlong sausage, six pieces of toast with a stick of butter spread over all of them, four cans of beans, and a plate full of cheese. She also had a full pot of coffee every morning to keep her regular. She would smile at her husband as he worked on her pile of gifts from the night before. She would always gleefully remind him how much catching up he had to do, knowing he never could.

She ate like a horse and shat like one too, causing them to get a custom made toilet bowl just for her. She might pinch off 15 footlong logs in one sitting, making sure James was there to break them up so they could be disposed of. She would have him pick 3 or so for his consumption.

She had him purchase an industrial freezer in their basement for storing her poop. Hundreds of pounds of her shit was stored there. Occasionally, to get rid of some due to it piling up, she would allow James to bathe in her poop. She would have him fill the tub with it, and, wearing gloves, she would rub her shit all over his body, covering him in it. It was only after he was covered in it that she would allow him to ejaculate. She did this once a month. Rosetta was a psychologist, and knew exactly how to mold James's male mind to associate highest pleasure with her digested waste, and thereby her asshole also.

On this particular day, Rosetta read the paper as her diligent husband worked on the feast she would have for lunch. He had inherited a large fortune, which was very lucky because that was what it took to feed her. She weighed over 400 lbs, a good half of that situated in her gargantuan bottom. She had had her bottom weighed, and found each cheek weighed 95 lbs; nearly as much as her husband! She had informed him that he would increase her feedings until each cheek outweighed him.

She ate 6 meals per day, each one ranging from 6-10,000 calories. She seemed to never be full, and though tiring, James got joy from seeing her immense bottom grow. For lunch today, he was making her 3 lbs of steak, 2 lbs of chicken, 6 cans of beans, a wheel of cheese, a massive salad, a dozen eggs, and 2 lbs of salmon on 6 bagels, each with a full container of cream cheese. She would also have a second pot of coffee for the day to keep her bowels moving. While she ate, she would fart constantly, and close all the doors and windows to ensure James breathed it all in.

She told James she had two clients for the day. Her prices were extravagant, but she was very popular among extremely wealthy women for being able to make their husbands more subservient. She had many methods for this, all involving her immense rump. One hour inside it, and a man would be begging to serve his wife, as long as he could leave. One hour with her would cost the men $100k, yet they would still find their wives repeatedly sending them back to Rosetta Browning for further deepening of their submissive nature. Rosetta had rave reviews, leading to a flourishing business. She had James handle the paperwork, yet she was in charge of all of their finances. Life was good... very good, for Rosetta.

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Please write more

So descriptive, I love it

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