tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRosie, Carla and a Sexy Binman

Rosie, Carla and a Sexy Binman


Hi, Rosie here again, with more of my racy stories from Coronation Street.

Remember last time? I had just had lesbian sex with my sister Sophie. We both loved the experience, but Sophie turned out to be really gay and was very much in love with Sian, so reluctantly we decided to call it a day. It was an amazing few weeks though, Sophie was real experimental and taught me, the old hand at this lezzy stuff, a thing or two.

Anyway I was still doing my promotion work and a bit of modelling, the odd one night stand accounted for my sex life, so I was on the lookout for a new sexual adventure.

One day I was working at the Trafford Centre, modelling underwear for a big fashion store. It was quite a good job, paid well and there was always the chance I may be spotted by an agent and signed up for more work.

I had just finished my last outfit of the afternoon show, a rather sexy red and black basque, with black nylon stockings and wickedly high heels. I had drawn loud cheers and wolf whistles from the audience, they seemed to like me.

I had a couple of hours off before the evening show and just strolled around the centre.

Then a voice I had not heard for a while cried "Rosie, Rosie Webster, over here."

It was Carla Conner, my old boss and lesbian lover. With her was a tall dark haired, good looking guy, he looked really fit. I then recognised him as Janice Battersby's lodger Trevor, sexy Carla Conner was dating a bin man.

"Well how's my little Rosie? You are looking fab girl, life treating you good? Have you met Trevor? Trevor, Rosie Webster " said Carla.

Trevor offered his hand and said "really good to meet you Rosie."

"What are you up to these days? " enquired Carla

"A bit of promotion work, a bit of modelling, in fact I am doing a lingerie show at Next at the moment, just on a break, back on at 6.30, pop along and have a look." then leaning over to whisper in Carla's ear, "see what you have been missing for the past few months."

Carla smiled and said "We might just do that." and kissed me on the cheek.

An hour later Carla & Trevor were on the front row of the fashion show. When I appeared in a skimpy bra and panty set, I could tell the look in Carla's eyes, it screamed "I want her!" When a while later I displayed my considerable assets in the sexy basque and stockings, Trevor's mouth dropped open a little and he gave a slight gasp, as I stared straight at him, the look on his face told me that I was on his wish list to.

After the show, they gave me a lift back to Weatherfield and the three of us went to the Rovers for a drink.

Carla and Trevor sat side by side in a booth , I was opposite. When Trevor went for the drinks, I slipped off my shoe and started to rub my foot up and down Carla's leg, causing the older woman to smile. When Trevor returned, I got a little bolder, extending my foot to rub seductively into Carla's crotch.

Carla squirmed a little, but did not indicate anything wrong as I continued to tease her.

After a while Carla said "I need the little girls room." and squeezed past Trevor, kissing him on the way past.

"Ah sweet," I said, seizing the moment "I think I will go to."

Once inside the ladies toilet, Carla grabbed me and pulled her into the cubicle. The confined space pushed our bodies together, as Carla thrust her lips onto mine. In the months since we had parted, I had dreamed of this moment and kissed Carla back with a passion that had waited to be unleashed. Our mouths mashed together, tongues lashing in and around our mouths, hands all over our bodies, pure animal lust.

Finally parting Carla heaved a great sigh and said "Oh Rosie, my Rosie how I have missed that."

I smiled and said, "plenty more of that to come, why not invite Trevor, it could be quite a threesome." with that I kissed her again, and let myself out of the cubicle.

I was adjusting my make up when Carla appeared, from the cubicle smiled, stroked my backside seductively and walked back into the bar.

Steve McDonald was talking to Trevor when we returned, Trevor said "Why do girls always have to go together? I wonder what they get up to in there." If he only knew.

Two weeks passed with no word from Carla. I was going mad, the thought of sex with both of them would be a dream. At night I played over the scenario in my mind, me and Carla then involving Trevor the three of us giving and receiving the ultimate pleasure. Whilst this was racing through my thoughts, my fingers were playing games in my soaking wet pussy and oh so sensitive nipples. Finally my self induced orgasm tipped me over the edge into a dreamy sleep.

Then finally I received a text from Carla "Doing anything Saturday? T & C would love to meet up for fun. My place 7.30, wear something sexy. Love C." it read.

My heart was thumping, only two days to wait, then the big adventure.

All day Saturday I was feeling very excited as I prepared my body for the sexploitation it was to undergo that evening, and well into the night hopefully. After a long hot soak, I covered my body with a very expensive lotion, painting my nails a deep red to match the lip gloss I was to wear, I was determined to leave my mark. I had trimmed my pubic hair, remember I liked to keep my feminine triangle, but made sure my inner thighs were smooth, as I know Carla loves to kiss and lick in that area.

Finally what to wear? Carla said sexy, so on opening my wardrobe, I spied the very thing, it was perfect.

After dressing and fixing my hair, I finished my makeup and was ready.

For some reason I was nervous, but they soon disappeared when I entered Carla's apartment. The lighting was dimmed, some soft jazz played in the background and there sat on the large leather sofa were my playmates for the evening.

Carla was dressed in a white blouse, black mini skirt and what appeared to be black hold up stockings. Trevor's outfit was a yellow polo shirt, cream chino's, he was barefoot.

I stood before them in my white 1940's style raincoat.

"Well young lady, lets see what goodies you hidden beneath your coat" Carla said in a very husky voice.

Trevor started pouring me a glass of wine, but quickly stopped and stared as I unbelted my coat, then very slowly undid the 5 buttons. I eased the coat from my shoulders an then let it drop.

"Oh my god" gasped Trevor, Carla just smiled.

I stood before them wearing the Red & Black basque with the black nylons and killer stiletto heels that I had worn at the fashion show .

Carla turned to Trevor and said "I told you she was special, now who wants her first?"

Trevor, handing me a glass of wine said "Ladies first, I cant wait to see you two together, this is every mans dream."

I took a long drink of wine and slowly walked over to Trevor. I put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down. Our mouths met and instantly opened, tongues flashing against each other. His masculine smell was helped by a very expensive after shave, his stubble barely noticeable as my scarlet coated lips worked their magic on his. My hand dropped down to his crotch and found him already erect and ready. He was big, this was going to be a great night.

I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear "take that as a taster, there will be much more later."

Turning to Carla, I tilted her head slightly backwards and began to slowly kiss her neck. I knew from past experience this drove her wild. As I continued to kiss her, my fingers started to unbutton her blouse, my hand caressing her breast through the silky material. Her hands were slowly stroking my nylon clad legs, occasionally reaching the bare flesh above my stocking tops. Finally our lips met, her tongue so familiar, her kissing technique unchanged. Her tongue slowly wound itself around mine, darting probing for those tiny sensitive areas, that bring so much pleasure.

I now had her blouse undone, revealing a white lacy bra. I slid my hand into the cup, finding her nipple already hard, I took the nub and gave a little squeeze, her reaction in my mouth told me she liked it.

Breaking away, I reached behind and unhooked her bra. Her large gorgeous breasts sprang into view, the nipples deep red inside quite large aureoles. I lowered my head and began to lick the soft yet firm flesh of her right breast.

I was now laying on top of Carla as I continued to feast on her breasts and nipples. Moving my hand down I undid the zip if her mini skirt and slid my fingers into her panties, which I was pleased to note were soaking. Combing my fingers through her pubic hair I finally was reacquainted with the centre of her femininity. She squirmed under me as my fingers moved slowly in and out of her pussy.

"Oh god Rosie, I had forgotten how good you are at this." gasped Carla.

I then removed her skirt. She was wearing a very small white thong. Kissing the inside of her thighs, I pulled the tiny piece of material to one side, revealing her pussy. The full lips glistened with the juices my fingers had aroused and I slowly licked up and down the lips, before inserting my tongue into the velvety skin inside her.

I was so engrossed on giving Carla as much pleasure as I could that I did not notice Trevor had undressed and was now behind me on the sofa. His hands caressed my backside, followed by his tongue, long weeping strokes over my bum cheeks.

I then felt the material in my basque being pulled aside as Trevor began to lick my pussy. His tongue was very long and was soon reaching deep inside me. I helped by forcing my arse into his face.

This continued until Carla had the first orgasm, of what was to turn out to be a fairly orgasmic night.

"Time to show you a body to die for." said Carla to Trevor ,as she stood me up and undid my suspenders before rolling my stockings down my legs, stroking each leg as the nylon slid down.

Then from behind me, she slowly undid the hook and eye fastenings of the basque, with each unfastening she planted a light kiss on my back until the garment fell from my body.

I stepped away stood stark naked before them.

Carla and Trevor were stood opposite, Carla stroking his erect cock, I could not take my eyes off it, it was at least eight inches long and very thick, it seemed to grow under Carla's skilful hands.

"Holy shit Carla," exclaimed Trevor, "you said she had a body, but nothing prepared me for this, she is incredible."

Hearing things like this boosts a girls ego no end, so I was very keen to agree when Carla suggested we move to the bedroom.

No I was very familiar with Carla's bedroom, having spent many a happy hour giving and receiving lesbian love, but this night was different, this time we would have a juicy cock to play with.

And that's what we did.

Firstly Trevor lay on the bed, Carla and I positioned ourselves either side, as Carla went down and took Trevor into her mouth, I began kissing him. For a guy he was a good kisser, but I still prefer girls. As we kissed he started to play with my breasts, tweaking the nipples, which I adore. Carla's head was still bobbing up and down as she sucked on his cock, changing position to enable me to insert fingers into her as she sucked.

Then Carla extracted his cock from her mouth and said "Rosie, come down here and taste this." I did nt need asking twice as she fed Trevor's cock between my lips. Now the first time I sucked cock was Craig Harris, my first boyfriend, god that seems years ago, but I have never tired of the feeling of having the very core of masculinity, the reason we are all here, deep within my mouth, I just love giving head.

I sucked eagerly on Trevor's cock, taking him deep into my mouth, then almost all the way out, balancing the end on the groove of my tongue, before plunging it all the way in again. Then taking the tip in my hand, I ran my tongue along the length, savouring the blood engorged veins, before swirling my tongue around the now deep purple head and then back into my hot eager mouth.

Meanwhile Carla was busy, first of all she had taken Trevor's balls into her mouth, individually I might add, she had a large mouth, but not that big. Then positioning herself over his face had lowered her soaking, hairy pussy onto his waiting mouth.

I glanced up to see Carla, naked except for her hold up stockings, being licked and sucked by the guy who had his penis halfway down my throat, it did not get much better than that.

This scenario carried on for a while, until we changed positions. This time I was on my back, legs wide open with Carla licking my pussy, whilst Trevor was embedded deep inside her from behind.

Again I had almost forgotten how good Carla was at eating pussy, her tongue was weaving incredible patterns inside me, I was soaking wet and each time the tip of her tongue touched my clitoris I almost passed out with pleasure. As she was eating me, her hands were all over my breasts, tweaking the nipples and causing untold pleasures.

I felt Carla orgasm yet again, before Trevor finally succumbed to his urges, withdrew from Carla and came all over her lower back and bum cheeks. Carla stopped licking me and sank her head to the sheet exhausted. I swung my leg over her body and could see the white fluid. Glancing up, I saw that Trevor was still semi erect and took the half flaccid cock into my mouth and sucked the remaining semen from him, savouring the sticky feel and salty taste of him. I then leant over Carla and licked the jizz from her body, holding it in my mouth, I tapped her shoulder, she turned her head to face me and I slowly dribbled Trevor's semen into her mouth. When I had transferred it all, I moved my mouth over hers and we shared our lovers juices until we had swallowed every drop.

We just lay for a while, Trevor in the middle, arm around each of us, gently playing with our breasts, kissing each in turn. It was heaven.

Eventually, with much stroking from both of us, Trevor was once again, very stiff and very ready.

"I think its time you fucked our guest." said Carla to Trevor, "that ok with you?" looking in my direction.

I could not take my eyes off the huge penis before me and just lay back and opened my legs.

Trevor gently eased his cock into me, it felt fantastic, I threw my legs around him driving him deeper inside me. He was very experienced and my head was spinning with desire. In and out, seemingly effortless he thrust into me. On and on, I never wanted it to stop.

Then Carla joined in. With Trevor's cock pounding me, Carla closed her lips around mine for the most sumptuous kiss imaginable. Her tongue rolling slowly around mine, my mind could not decide which end was getting the most pleasure. Then she turned her attention to my breasts. Taking each in turn in her hand and covering them with tiny kisses, before taking the nipple between her lips and then nipping it with her teeth, my whole body rocked with the most powerful orgasm of my life. As the climax surged through me, my pair of lovers continued to make love to me, without breaking their fantastic rhythm.

Finally Trevor exploded inside me, filling me with hot, sticky jizz. I lay back as he rolled off me, the sweat off our bodies clinging to us, my legs still wide apart, when Carla placed her head between my legs and began to lick Trevor's sperm as it slid slowly out of my pussy. It was the most erotic moment of my life.

We lay awhile, gently stroking our spent bodies, luxuriating in the afterglow of intense, thrilling and utterly satisfying sex.

Then Carla straddled my body, her hands caressing my breasts, then she moved towards my face, I knew what she had in mind as the dark hair surrounding her most intimate parts loomed into my vision. I could see the extended outer lips, glistening with her moisture, as she slowly lowered herself onto my waiting mouth.

I instantly thrust my tongue deep inside her and started to lap like a thirsty dog at her sensitive skin. The musky scent, unique to women, sent my senses reeling as Carla forced her pussy down onto my oh so eager mouth.

Then I felt my legs being eased apart, followed by Trevor inserting first his tongue then what felt like several fingers inside me. Then something strange happened. Carla eased her pussy away from my mouth by adjusting her body slightly, my face was about eight inches away now, when Trevor's hand appeared between her legs and is fingers entered her. Carla moaned loudly as the fingers worked heir magic. It was weird, yet wonderful to see such an intimate act at such close proximity. Then Trevor's

fingers, glistening wet with Carla's juices, withdrew from her pussy and he placed them between my lips. I hungrily sucked his fingers, coated in Carla's juice, which tasted wonderful. He repeated the actions over and over, until Carla literally fell off me, causing much amusement to all three of us.

Utterly exhausted, after hours of intense lovemaking we fell asleep.

I was having the most wonderful dream. It was back in the Caribbean, I was on a white sandy beach, with a turquoise blue sea, being massaged by a beautiful, full breasted black girl. Then I awoke with a start and a incredible need to pee. I looked over the two sleeping bodies beside me and decided it would be easier to climb over Trevor. Trying not to disturb him, I got out of bed and just made it to the bathroom.

As I approached the bed on my way back, I heard a voice whispering "Hi, Rosie, shame to waste this don't you think," it was Trevor, holding his erect cock in his hand and slowly rubbing the skin up and down. He was huge again.

I climbed onto the bed and went down on him, sucking the whole length into the back of my throat, cupping his balls in my hand, gently rolling the tight bags between my fingers. Withdrawing, I licked down his shaft and took each ball in turn, sucking it into my mouth, before planting tiny kisses all the way up to the bulbous purple head, before plunging all eight inches back into my hot eager mouth.

All this time Carla lay fast asleep at the other side of the bed.

"Climb on top I want to fuck you." gasped Trevor as I swallowed him again, I was only to happy to oblige.

I straddled him and taking his cock in hand, guided him into my pussy, again so moist and hot, ready to receive his magnificent tool.

I was moving my body in perfect time with his, his cock sliding effortlessly up into my pussy, then almost out, halting at the very last second, before plunging all the way inside me again. I fell forwards, Trevor still impaling on his cock and we began to kiss.

By now a stubble had formed and the slight scratching around my mouth was quite a turn on. Our mouths were clamped together as we continued to kiss and fuck, oblivious to the fact Carla had awoken and was now behind me stroking my backside and pushing a finger into my anus.

I had experienced this in lesbian love making, but to have a cock in my pussy and a finger up my ass, was something else. I just exploded, quickly followed by Trevor, splashing his jizz, deep inside me.

Again we fell asleep, completely sated, though Carla and I had a little, kissy, feely ten minutes before we drifted off to sleep.

I woke at about 7.30, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and was astonished to see Trevor & Carla in a classic 69 position. My first thoughts were, where do they get the energy. I saw Carla's head bobbing in a rhythmic way as her mouth worked its magic on Trevor's cock. Whilst at the other end, Trevor had pulled Carla's pussy lips apart and was slurping away deep inside her.

Unable to resist such an opportunity, I joined Carla at the cock end. Taking Trevor's balls yet again into my mouth, I sucked quiet hard on the fleshy orbs, before joining Carla as we took turns to suck on his rock hard cock.

Carla untangled herself from Trevor, allowing him to sit up, whilst we continued our task below. We both took hold of him and at the same time, licked either side of him, before I took him deep into my mouth, smearing his end with my wet tongue, before handing the throbbing cock to Carla, who repeated the actions.

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