tagLoving WivesRoss the Boss Rides Again

Ross the Boss Rides Again


This is written as a freestanding story, but it is also an instalment in an ongoing series. Ross first appeared in "Hey, Legs", followed by "Ross the Boss Ch. 02"; "Ross' Power Point Performance"; "Eating Lunch In" and "An Older Man Experience". Whether you read them first to better understand Ross, Molly and leggy Lorna's history, or sample them to read more about Ross, if you like Ross, I hope you read them.


"Your cock is so hard, Ross, darling -- is there a new hottie at work?"

My wife, Molly, was more than tolerant of my attraction to my lovely, leggy assistant, Lorna. Some time ago, she had even joined in, serving as the main course for lunch eaten in my office. Allowing me to realize my fantasies at work had spiced up our lack lustre love life. In addition to Lorna, I had had sex with several other staff -- the exotic Elena, and Cindy, a voluptuous brunette who had worked briefly as our receptionist.

Then there had been young Natalie, the Big Boss', nubile blonde daughter, who, after hearing about Molly, Lorna and I eating lunch in, had sought out her older man experience. Nat had set out to seduce me, offering me her virginity in the process. Delectable Nat had graduated and moved on, returning only occasionally to haunt the periphery of office parties at the Big Boss' estate. Just knowing she was there made my cock surge, and during one such function, Molly and I had fucked standing up against the door of the guest bathroom. We were so in the moment that we failed to realize that the door was noisily thumping against its frame until, walking out; a small crowd of amused coworkers treated us to a round of applause.

"Good thing it's your wife," the Big Boss' trophy wife joked as we sheepishly walked past her down the hall. I was not quite sure whether I felt her elegant beringed fingers quickly caress the curve of my ass as I went past, but the whole situation left me speculating that although she might be a gold digger, she seemed to have a delightfully dirty mind. In the months since, she had starred in several 'step-daughter threesomes' fantasies with Nat and me, but only in my mind. I had not seen either of them in quite a while.

In addition, Lorna had been away on leave, caring for a sick relative, Elena had accepted an offer with a competitor, and Cindy had left town. As a result, Molly had me all to herself. She loved to tease me by taking me clubbing, dressing provocatively, and dancing with hot young women. More than once, she had almost dared enough to invite one home, but so far, only the fantasies had fuelled our sex life -- sometimes, the passions became so intense that Molly ended up blowing me in the parking lot.

"It really is reassuring to be such an open book to you, my dear," I smiled. Before Lorna's unconventional approach to marriage therapy, Molly and I had drifted apart. The openness about my sexual attraction to other women had become another topic to share. Molly's willingness to experiment was like the icing on the cake.

"You do know that Lorna's been back for a while," I continued. "But we haven't had an occasion to ... well ... you know. I had started to think that she viewed the orgy with you at lunch as a sort of ending, that she thought that I was once again your property, or that after all the time she was off, I no longer needed or wanted her."

"But, you did, just as much as before that first time, I bet. Your passions would be like the embers of a fire, just waiting for a breeze to ignite that old spark into a fresh flame."

"I really was trying to keep it professionally friendly. She seemed reserved since she came back. Besides ..."

I paused. I could feel my heart race, my cheeks redden, my cock surge upwards.

"... there was a new girl that started at work since Lorna was off."

Molly wrapped her fingers gently around my shaft, just allowing me to sense their presence, barely touching, if at all.

"Who is that?"

Molly had not been by the office for a while.

"Danielle, she's French, French Canadian actually, about twenty-five, just moved to town ..."

My voice trailed off then as I sank back into the pillows and sighed. Molly had pumped her fingers up my cock, just one pass, and was squeezing the rim below my head.

"I'm betting she isn't a three headed space alien," Molly giggled. She gave my weighty meat a playful squeeze.

"Definitely not."

Molly had turned three quarters towards me, her tits pushed together by her arms. I could see a flush of excitement on her upper chest, spreading down to that valley between her mounds.

"Does she tease you?"

Molly's toes were stroking my shin. Her thumb rubbed the spot where the underside of my shaft met my scrotum.

"I bet you wish she'd please you."

As Molly spoke, she shifted her body across my legs, her face in front of me, and licked my chin, her tongue playfully dancing across the tip of my nose. Her breath warmed my lips.

"Well, there was one day, not long ago, when she wore these shoes ..."

I had to pause while Molly kissed my nose.

"We do know about your foot fetish," she purred, pumping my shaft again, wrapping her palm around the silky head of my cock, rubbing softly. "What were the shoes like?"

"I'd say about four inch stilettos, adding nice tense musculature to her otherwise thin calves, which disappeared up a tight grey 'above the knee' skirt. The top was sheer but not see through -- darker grey, loose fitting, just hinting at her delicate firm breasts ..."


I could feel Molly's thighs rub against mine as she shifted closer, until my upright erection was trapped between us, the downy hairs of her tummy teasing the sensitive skin under the cock head.

"Not large, but high on her chest, girlish ..."

"Like Lorna or Elena ..."

"... only younger, firmer, even more mouth-watering ... sort of a raven haired version of Nat."

Molly giggled and stuck out her tongue. She was amused that in spite of marrying her, with her voluptuous figure, I had a thing for women with just enough to fill a champagne glass. I leaned forward and kissed her lips, just once quickly. While she was distracted thus, I ran my fingers up her arms and hefted her own bountiful boobs, my thumbs quickly tweaking both nipples.

"She likes to showcase her chest in those new sort of t shirts -- the formfitting ones with Lycra woven in. She wears nice push up bras under those, but the heels show off her calves, and the tilt of her ass, which is just a single handful for each cheek."

"Can you see her nipples poking against the bras?" Molly moaned as I rolled her nubs.

Before I answered, I leaned closer and drew my wife's pendulous lower lip between my teeth, tugging slowly, suckling on it.

"I think they are mainly padded bras."

Molly returned my playfulness, nibbling the point of my shoulder.

"So you just are left imagining them getting excited as she walks away, knowing that you are watching."

"Do you think she does?" I asked eagerly.

Molly giggled, pausing from running her tongue down from my shoulder towards my nipple.

"I love your boyishness. The young lasses really bring that out in you, don't they?"

My cock answered for me, swelling even larger, filling the space between our bellies. Molly squirmed a bit, toying with the swollen mushroom poking her navel."Women generally know if men are looking at them."

"Do you think she minds?"

"Of course not. Attention is exactly what she wants. No one wears 'fuck me heels' to work for nothing."

"Sometimes, she wears patterned stockings too."

"I bet you fanaticize that they are held up by garters. You would love to run your hand up her nice shapely leg to find out, wouldn't you?"

As Molly spoke, she curled her body, all the better to lick around my left nipple. She also slid her hand up my cock again, teasing the slit with her thumb.

"Honestly, I usually skip right to imagining both my hands filled with her gorgeous ass as she bounces up and down on my hard cock."

Molly giggled and bounced once on my thighs, teasing me. Her fingernails raked the head of my cock. She slid backwards, bending over to stick just the tip of her tongue in my slit.

"I guess that I'd have to check for you then," my wife said, looking up at me wide eyed and grinning. "And afterwards, lick her taste off of your cock."

She slurped me like a Popsicle to illustrate her suggestion.

"Would you also want to lick my cream out of her?" I asked, flashing on how enthusiastically Molly had eaten out Lorna. Then, from somewhere, a practical thought rushed into my head. "Shouldn't I wear a rubber? Danielle might be a newlywed, but if she'll fuck me, who else might she have fucked?"

"Maybe she pulled a train at her wedding," Molly chuckled, her warm breath bathing my cock. "But that's too much like a Literotica tale. I'm betting that she and hubby both have had a spell of 'true love' and fidelity. What you need to do is be first in line when she wants her itch scratched."

"You wouldn't mind?" I imagined that my tone of voice conveyed the fact that I knew very well Molly would love it if I fucked Danielle, but I wanted to hear her say it.

"Of course not, sweetie. Though I'd enjoy it more if I was there to see your fat hard meat spearing into her tight young cunt."

As she spoke, Molly shifted, rising up suddenly onto her knees, and forcing my upper body deeper into my pillows, plunging her sodden cunt down upon my erection as she spoke of me doing that to my sexy young staffer. She bounced up and down on my thighs, one hand ripping the base of my shaft tightly, like a cowgirl holding the pommel of a bucking horse's saddle, except Molly was not grabbing to stay aboard, but was extending the ride in a very different sense -- her fingers acted as a cock ring to prevent me from coming. Without that restriction, I would have exploded great gobs of goo up her cunt the moment her labia enveloped my head.

Molly thrashed about, throwing her head from side to side, hair falling over her face and then whipping around. She arched her back, pressing her pelvis hard against me, and then snapped forward, driving rock hard nipples into my chest.

"Fuck me like you want to fuck Danielle, Ross -- hard fast and deep."

I really did not have much choice in the matter, since Molly retained control, her butt slamming against my thighs as she drove herself down onto my cock.

"And bareback ..." Molly continued, panting now, "fuck Danielle bareback like you are fucking me. I need to eat your cream out of her tasty tight cunt."

Somewhere along the way, I noticed, this had turned from a fantasy of fucking my young co-worker into an assumption that it would become reality. My already stiff cock throbbed with excited anticipation. Molly's abdominal muscles clamped her pussy walls tightly around my girth, slowing our fucking. However, my excitement was causing my hips to start thrusting up off the bed to meet my wife's bouncing, so what we lost in pace was made up for in energy.

"Will you nibble her hard little nipples while I fuck her?" I taunted Molly.

"Ye ... es ... sss," Molly gasped, her body shuddering with a tiny wave of preorgasmic bliss.

"Will you help undress her?"

"Please ..."

"Will you make her eat you too?"

"I will spank the little bitch if she doesn't." This time, Molly was almost screaming, unable to restrain her excitement.

"You'll need to stop by the office for ... lunch," I suggested, and then reached up to grab her nipples, holding them tightly in my fingertips as she rocked backwards, creating a natural tugging force.

This time, Molly growled like a lioness. As she whipped her upper body forward, she released her grip on the base of my cock and slammed her pelvis against mine without any buffering. I felt her orgasm blast through her body as my seed burst into her womb, pumping with gusto.

She slumped onto my chest, gasping for air, her muscles still convulsing as aftershocks rattled through her . My cock slowly drained its last drops into her pussy as my love muscle finally relaxed. If it could talk, I'm sure it would have thanked me for the rest.

Since it couldn't, I kissed the top of Molly's hair and whispered "Thank you."

"Mmmm ... my pleasure ..." she mewed kittenishly. "Now go shower and go to work. If you play your cards right, you might find a naked chef willing to relieve any fresh frustrations when you get home.

As I hopped out of bed, excited to face my day, my wife playfully swatted my butt. "That's assuming you can restrain yourself," she laughed.

All of which was a great way to start my day. I quietly had hoped that perhaps Molly would join me in the shower for round two -- her insistence that I pursue fucking Danielle had left my cock hard again -- but she lounged in bed until I turned off the water.

Our renewed sex life had also revived her ability to read my mind, it seemed, because I was thinking of just doing a flying leap and landing on top of her, imagining her still snuggled in the sheets. She pre-empted that possibility by being out of the bed. As I reached to open the bathroom door and release the steam, naked with my damp towel in my hand, Molly slid past me towards the shower. She paused ever so slightly just long enough to tease the tip of my erection with a couple of finger tips, and to slide her thigh along mine, making my aching cock bounce.

"Now, you get dressed without touching that," She laughed. "I want you nice and horny when you see Danielle today."

Again with the mind reading -- her back was turned, how did she know that I had already cupped my balls in my palm, two fingers automatically curling around my own shaft? Molly's wish was my command. After all, it had been her who had conspired with Lorna to revive our sagging sex life. If I had learned anything, it was to appreciate my wife's wicked mind.

I somehow managed to dress and drive to the office, but was in a fog all day, my hormones all abuzz from by Molly's morning surprise. Danielle doesn't work in my department, so the morning flew past without seeing what she was wearing, let alone flirting. In my heart, I knew that was all that could happen -- maybe enough to fuel fresh fantasies with Molly, but no chance of actual fucking.

It was mid afternoon before I paused at Lorna's desk when she was not seated. As she stood, bent slightly to read a document, I noticed that she was dressed in what I instantly labelled her 'best schoolgirl outfit' -- a white blouse with a thin tie, under a grey v necked pullover with a tartan check pattern, a grey skirt that stopped about halfway down to her knees, patterned stockings, and high heeled 'fuck me' boots ... she looked like a very naughty student. My cock instantly assured me that it was fully recovered from its earlier exercise, filling to that tingly state I call a 'chubby'.

Lorna seemed to sense my presence. She turned. Her dazzling green eyes met mine for only a moment before flashing down my body to the area south of my waist. When she looked up again, she was smiling.

"Glad to see that I still have that effect on you," she whispered. "I was starting to be afraid that while I was away, you had ceased to stray ..."

I felt my chin instinctively waggle side to side, in the negative. I realized that my cock was now about halfway hard -- as fat as it could grow without bursting my zipper. I barely could focus on what Lorna was saying, or maybe all the blood engorging my cock was impairing my brain.

"... or found a new object for your affections," she giggled. Then her eyebrows arched up to her hairline. I could feel the warmth of my blush.

"You have!" she exclaimed.

I glanced nervously about, but it seemed unlikely anybody had overheard. Ever since my dalliance with Natalie, I was worried that the Big Boss might find out that I had been swimming in the secretarial pool.

"Your office?" Lorna suggested, again reading my expression, or my mind.

She did not wait for me to answer, knowing well that I was tongue tied when in this state. She squeezed past me, allowing her hard nipples to press into my chest. Her hand casually caressed the lump in my pants as she went past.

By the time I closed my door, Lorna was sitting on my desk, her long legs crossed, and one boot slowly describing circles in the air. Her skirt had ridden up so that her lacy black thong was easily visible.

"You're a naughty little girl. Those panties are not part of the approved uniform," I automatically said. "I might have to spank you."

Lorna chuckled, and then leaned back further. The movement pulled her collar wider, baring more of her beautiful chest. Just a hint of cleavage showed where the top button strained against the fabric. Her tongue flicked quickly across her lips, and then she drew it along her lower lip once again, slowly, as if she had a hard cock in her mouth to lick. My zipper was strained to the point of bursting.

Danielle was temporarily forgotten, as I pictured the fun I had been missing -- Lorna, across my knee as I sat in the big chair which had replaced the one that we had broken the day Molly had eaten lunch in, and then bending her over the desk to fuck her doggy style.

"After I spank you, I want you to lick my fat cock, and lube it up so that I can slide deep into your nasty love box, you slut," I growled, grateful for the sound muffling technology I had recently installed. No need to entertain the alcoholic bookkeeper in the next office. "Or would it be better to just go directly to ass fucking?"

Lorna returned my smile.

"Not until you fess up about your new playmate," she said, giggling, which kept the mood from suddenly turning too serious.

I took a moment before I answered, standing there, appreciating her nipples, which were now visibly swollen, pushing out against her white shirt, begging to be kissed, and then sucked, and then, since Lorna loved playful pain, nibbled, held in my teeth, and tugged away from her modest mounds until a flash of electricity surged into her clit. Only then did I really understand how much I had missed playing with my lovely assistant. I made a quick mental note to thank Molly later for reviving my interest in extra marital affections.

As if reading my mind again, Lorna chose that moment to lift her right hand off the desk and caress the side of her breast, briefly, hefting the flesh just for a moment until her fingers curled around and reached that top button. With a simple twist, she released the fabric, revealing more of her freckled chest.

My tongue wet my lips as Lorna swiftly unbuttoned the rest of the shirt, revealing her bra, black lace to match the thong. Her hand rested on her flat stomach, casually rubbing around her navel, darting down to reach just above the waistband of her skirt before rolling back up and around. She was humming softly, her eyes hooded, retreating into a private moment.

I just stood and watched for a moment, mesmerized. I could feel my hardness throbbing with each beat of my heart, my cock yearning to escape, pleading with me to tear Lorna's panties off and shove my meat forcefully into her wet ready cunt.

"Don't ... touch ... yourself ... not yet ..." she commanded, just before throwing her head back and arching her back, her tits thrusting into the air.

One hand slid up inside her own thigh, brushing aside the scanty obstruction of the thong. The other hand freed a breast from the bra, cupping it, flicking the nipple with a nail. My hand had crept over, almost caressing my bulge, but stopped on her command.

"First, tell me ... about your play toy," Lorna gasped for air.

Her fingers were busy, kneading a nipple, and stroking her pussy. I admired the reddish flush spreading across her chest.

"I don't really have a toy," I insisted. "More like window shopping ..."

Lorna chuckled, from deep in her throat. "Ross, you're such a boy. What are you waiting for, Christmas?"

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