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This is my first story that isn't exploring a sub/dom relationship. It's the story of a young man with social anxiety gaining sexual and social experience. Most of this is based on some personal fantasies but there's a little bit of reality in there somewhere too.

I'm actively seeking feedback both positive and negative, I also love the idea of writing stories inspire by or based on people's fantasies and experiences so if you like the idea too then feel free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy it.


My eyes snap open to the sound of the alarm on my bedside table. I shut it off and see that It must have been going for some time as it's 5:47. Only 13 minutes till I need to be out and on my way to work, I'm in my second year at university and have a job at a nice restaurant a short bike ride away from the campus.

I'm only a waiter and had the stupid idea of volunteering to help with food prep too, I want to be a chef one day but it wasn't my best idea considering that I already have other things to do at uni. That's why I'm going in early, the guys at work were nice enough to let me do this for some extra pay and I don't want to let them down by stopping now.

The kitchen and utilities are shared with a handful of other people but none of them get up this early so we normally hang out later in the day. I'd say I'm friends with most of them but we never really get to socialise outside of the few hours that overlap in our schedules. I take the time to make a quick breakfast out of a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice.

After shovelling in spoonfuls of cereal and milk I rush to get ready, brushing my teeth and grabbing some things that I'll need. With a few minutes to spare I head out towards the bike shed nearby. My bike's the same one that I've had for years, the orange paint is chipped away in a few places but not in bad condition overall.

I sort out my padlock and don a helmet, setting off without pause out through the closest exit and onto the road. I see a couple of cars on the way but other than that it's an uneventful journey. Pulling up to the restaurant I notice an unusual number of other bikes outside but think nothing of it.

After letting myself in I head through and into the kitchen, with it being the early hours and the large amount of work we have to do the couple of kitchen staff working just shuffle aside so that we can get right to it. By 7:52 we're done and everything is ready and set up for when we open at 9:30 so we just chat amongst ourselves to pass the time.

The staff are nice but I'm not a very social person and especially not with people older than me, I have issues connecting to them and more often than not I just try not to draw attention to myself. Even with my dorm mates I can be awkward and they're my age.

As the doors open and the first customers walk in, a handful of regulars that always sit together and typically order the same thing, I walk over and ask "would you like your usual orders?" and get a nod from each of them. Even with customers I can falter but I keep it in check as much as I can, I'm just thankful for regulars like them that are predictable.

Back to the kitchen and I pin up their orders, the kitchen staff barely glance at the written orders because they've cooked the same combination of things every Friday morning for years.

From that point on the day was a bit of a blur until mid afternoon, taking and delivering orders to the 50 or so customers that came and went. At around 3pm one of my dorm mates walks in with what looks like her parents and an older sister bickering amongst themselves about where to eat from the little I heard.

When they've sat and had a few minutes to look at the menus I head over and do the usual. The girl notices me but unfortunately doesn't keep quiet about it "oh hey, I didn't know you worked here" she said knowing full well that I worked here as i'd mentioned it a few times.

"Yes, I've been a waiter here for almost a year now. So are you guys ready to order yet?" Trying to suppress the possibility of a lengthy conversation with her and her family I switch topics away from me as fast as I can.

"Now Marie who's this? is he a friend of yours?." Her mother chimes in and I just stand there looking down at my pen and paper.

"Yeah he's a friend from university. I see him around sometimes and we talk about all kinds of stuff, he has some social anxiety so maybe best if we just give him our orders."

They give their orders and I mouth a silent thank-you to Marie, who I don't think I had even known the name of before now, before continuing with my routine. She had her fun bringing me up but she thankfully isn't cruel.

A couple of hours go by and they're still there, the first group I've ever seen that ordered both lunch and dinner in one long sitting at a restaurant. I heard more smatterings of their conversation and they were talking about the campus and catching up a little because the older sister had recently come home after living elsewhere.

Finally they begin to leave, after paying a hefty bill, and the mother insists on talking to me and trying to get me to go out with her daughter. I politely decline and have to get saved once more by Marie who drags her mother away and .

End of the working day, back to campus I go. The journey is more eventful this time as it's in the evening and it takes a little longer due to the traffic. Back home I drop off my phone and keys on my bed, preparing to make some dinner.

As the only one with any real cooking experience and drive It normally falls to me to make something for all of us. Supplies were a little low so I just did something basic, buttery mashed potatoes and some fried mixed vegetable with store bought chicken goujons. As it's done I plate it all up and send out a group text.

One by one my dorm mates head in, grab a plate, and leave with a "hey! thanks, looks great" or something along those lines each including Marie until she comes back and says "whoops, forgot to tell you that my sister is going to be here with me for a few nights. She's heading back to uni to get a degree in Sociology but there was a mix-up with her dorm placement. Could you do another plate for her?"

"Well, I don't actually have any more goujons or mash. There's just a bunch of veg left, would she be alright cooking something for herself?." none of us had really every had many visitors staying over, we weren't exactly party animals. But with family I guess it's a little different.

"I don't know, she could just about handle beans on toast from when I last saw her cook. I'll check." She heads back out and I hear her shouting down the corridor and the sister shouting back. I hear footsteps heading towards the kitchen and in walks the sister, around my height but a few years older and very pretty.

My social anxiety on a regular day is bad, but when dealing with an attractive woman who's also the sister of an acquaintance it goes through the roof. Not that I have much of a frame of reference, it's a fairly specific thing to happen.

"Hi there, I'm Rosie. Saw you earlier but thought i'd let you do your job, you alright with helping me make something? I'm terrible with cooking food but I'm a master of eating it."

I avoid making eye contact with her and just said "sure, what do you like to eat? we don't have much" trying to get through it as quickly as I can.

"hmm... hmm... hmm... nah... maybe? hmm... nah... oh! how about beans on toast?." She looks through the fridge and cupboards before making her suggestion, it seems her sister wasn't wrong. "Just fucking with you, I could hear what you and Mar were saying, the door was open and so was hers."

"Mar?" I reply at a low volume but try not to mumble.

"Yeah, don't tell her what it means though. I call her that because she messed up a car at one point, had to replace most of the interior." She shuffles around behind me as she speaks and gets out a plate for herself before putting the rest of the fried veg on it in a heap.

"Oh just wait a sec" I don't want a plain old plate of food meant as a side to be her whole dinner so I quickly go over to the cupboards and pick some things out for her. I sprinkle some mixed dried herbs over it with some salt and pepper too. Then just a load of sesame seeds and that was really all I could do, not much but our kitchen was in dire need of a restocking.

"Ha, thanks. So what's your favourite dish?" She leans onto the kitchen counter right next to me, elbow on it with her face in my peripheral vision.

"Probably a sweet vegetable stir fry with noodles, used to make it a lot but not so much now. One guy doesn't like mushrooms and another can't stand the taste of red onion so I scrapped it all together."

"Sounds nice, shame about having to stop. So do you really like to cook? Mar actually mentioned you yesterday I think, said one of her friends wanted to be a chef." she now had her back to the cupboards and both arms on the counter, her ample chest jutting out in view causing my cheeks to redden slightly.

"I do and that was probably me she was talking about, I like making people happy and cooking's the only way I know how." I turn away and move over to start washing some things up in the sink and she audibly moves towards me to be a similar distance away than she was before.

"A noble goal I guess. Long way to being a chef though, but good luck with it. Anyway I'm gonna head back to Mar's room and try to nab one of her goujons. Maybe i'll see you around."

"See you" I half halfheartedly reply glad that she was gone. Conversation without looking at her was manageable but with her flaunting her body and making sure I could see it got me close to breaking point. She had probably been having a little fun teasing me thanks to Marie telling her family about my anxiety.

I take my own plate and eat it right there at the counter, wolfing it down and doing more washing up with my own plate and cutlery. Back in my room and on with the earphones blaring some music from my coursework playlist. About 40 minutes pass and I get a knock at my door. It's a light tapping and I barely even heard it with the music playing.

"Compliments to the chef, it was magnifique" The sister is standing there speaking with a surprisingly good French accent but soon switches back to her usual one.

"Just what we had left, but thanks. What do you want?" I manage to maintain eye contact for a good two seconds this time before glancing back at my laptop and then settling on looking just to the side of her face.

"Hmm very direct, well I thought you could do with some company. You seem nice and Mar always talks about you like you're worth getting to know so thought i'd try. Okay?"

"Sure, but I don't have a second chair or anything. I don't have people over in here much or... ever." I reply hoping that the lack of chairs will somehow convince her to avoid coming in.

"It's fine, i'll just sit on your bed and we can talk" She slides past me, long copper coloured hair gently brushing past my face as she goes. "You never have people over? come on you're at university, should be having fun."

"I do have fun, I talk to people and we sometimes do stuff after work. We're all busy right now though and I'm a little tired too." She's got her legs spread out a little and her arms either side, chest jutting out just as it was when she was against the counter. Her flowery skirt was helping me to avoid blushing too much though, not sure If I could have handled it if she was sitting there in tight jeans.

"That's not really the sort of thing you'd expect from a uni student. Aren't you, you know, getting it on with all the ladies?" she stretches out the word ladies while raising and lowering her eyebrows in an exaggerated way that manages to get a chuckle out of me.

"I'm not really... I don't... I don't have women over ladies or otherwise. Other than you now and helping a few people I've always kept my room just to me." Sitting on my swivel chair I stare up at the ceiling going a little to the left and right at random as we speak.

"Surprising, you might be a little timid but you're alright. If you were there when I was at uni the first time i'd have been all over you." I stop my swivelling and can't help but imagine what that would be like "maybe not too late... up for some fun?" I resume swivelling and it takes a couple of seconds before I realise what she said and the implications.

"I've never done anything with women, not like that. I'm not even comfortable talking to you so I don't think i'd, you know be able to do much. It would just be awkward." I try to imagine that I'm talking to myself without her there to avoid an anxiety overload.

"Aw you mean you've a virgin? I mean I'm not surprised, no offence meant, with work and how hard you push yourself I doubt you have the time to do much else. Well I don't mind, you're a nice guy and seems to me you could do with a bit of a confidence boost."

I remain silent for a while, breathing intensifying before I calm myself down and reply "what would we do? I mean, how far would we go?." she grabs one of my hands and pulls lightly, I stand and she sits me down on the bed beside her.

"We can stop when you're uncomfortable, or just when you want to. You say you like to please and your life is about pleasing, about time someone turned the table on you." she rests a hand on my left thigh, the one closest to her "now come here." she beckons over with her other hand and I somewhat hesitantly lean in.

Before I know it she's leaned in too to kiss me and the hand that she was beckoning with is round the back of my head with her fingers running through my hair. She draws me in close and I try to follow what she's doing, it's my first kiss and I don't really know what I'm doing. It feels odd but nice, warm and wet but at the same time I'm comfortable despite what i'd expected.

Then she wraps both arms around the back of my neck and draws me in even closer than before. She starts using her tongue and it dances around in my mouth, takes me a minute to work out how to respond without disrupting her rhythm but I get there eventually and it feels great. A few more minutes pass and we've got a good thing going now, lips and tongues moving in sync.

She loosens her grip and pulls back a little giving a few tiny kisses on my mouth, neck and cheek. "I'm going to suck your cock, lean back and i'll do all the work. Just relax and you'll have a good time."

I can still barely believe that this is happening but I lie back on my bed without even thinking. Then her hands are at my hips and she's pulling my trousers, down then off onto the floor by the bed. Next it's my underwear and I flinch defensively for a second before easing up and letting her take it off, it's the first time woman with these kind of intentions will have seen my cock.

Off they come and down besides my trousers they go, I hear a sharp exhale from her as she stares down at my groin. "You ready?" I nod in response and tilt my head up a little to see what she does. The first thing she does is open her mouth wide and take my cock into her mouth, it's warm and wet just like when we were kissing but it feels a lot better.

My instant reaction is to buckle slightly due to the pleasure of what she's doing. It's very different to masturbating, it isn't better or worse in terms of pleasure alone but it's more fulfilling in some way I can't describe or understand. Slowly back and forth she goes, sometimes darting her tongue around my tip and shaft.

It's my first time having my cock sucked but I know that I won't last long. "Uh... I think I'm... going to... cum soon" I let out little moans and my mouth involuntarily open slightly between words.

Rosie clearly hears me because instead of stopping to speak she speeds up and starts cupping my balls. The feeling gets more and more intense, building up so much that I grasp the bedding beneath me with my hands and wrap my legs around her somewhat in response.

It's coming, I'm going to cum in her mouth. She keeps going and tightens her lips around my cock as she takes it into her, it feels better because of it but that just brings on my orgasm even faster. "Fuck, I'm... ah... cumming."

In the middle of my warning I cum, my whole lower body shudders slightly and my cock throbs strongly for a few seconds before slowly starting to settle down. When the throbbing is strongest I'm letting out bursts of cum into her now hot mouth and as it settles down the bursts get progressively weaker before it's all out. It feels amazing as she tightens her lips around my cock to prevent any cum from escaping and twirls her tongue around to enhance the feeling.

She finally withdraws her mouth after gently sucking a little more to get out any left in there and visibly swallows my seed before licking her lips comically "Yum, that was a big one. Glad you enjoyed it, would you like to return the favour? or would you rather skip straight to fucking me after a short break to get that cock nice and hard again?"

I'd never pleasured a woman before so I wasn't really sure how to. But at the same time I knew that I wanted to, in a bold move that surprises me I say "could we get naked first? I want to please you".

Rosie giggles and says "alright then, but no turning away while I strip. That's the deal okay? if you watch then you can fuck me however you want, this is all a massive turn on just so you know." Keeping eye contact with me she removes her long-sleeve shirt over her head revealing her prominent and now largely visible cleavage. I can tell that she's in good shape because of her almost flat stomach and close to flawless skin.

Next her skirt. She reaches down and undoes the mechanism on the side so that it just opens up in front of me to reveal her panties and bare legs. She throws both her shirt and skirt away and they land near my clothes from earlier. Then she takes a break from stripping to lean in again. I remove my shirt and socks so that i'm now completely naked. She leans in more and we kiss again, this time being a slower one with more tongue while our my hands grab her hips.

Pressing her chest and crotch up against me throws me off my balance and I fall back down flat on my back, in the same position I was in when she had my cock in her mouth. She falls on top of me and her body is pressed up against me even more, I can feel the hardness of her nipples against my chest and she kisses me even more passionately than before.

She grabs my hands and places them on her panties clad ass. I squeeze her ass cheeks and she starts grinding into me, groin starting to rub against my thigh and cock while it gets wetter. Her dampness is seeping through and enough time has now passed for me to get hard again, my cock springs to life over a few seconds and it feels good immediately with her movements.

While continuing to grind on me she reaches back and undoes her bra, throwing it to the ground and rubbing her now bare tits up against me. I move my hands from her ass and cup them, unable to fully due to their large size. The grinding speeds up and she reaches down once more this time to remove her panties.

I stop her and between kisses say "no, let me" before she clambers off and lays down on her back on the opposite side of the bed. I position myself over her and can't help but suck on one of her tits, the softness of them is intoxicating and I know that I could play with them for hours given the chance. I then start to gently suck on one of her nipples.

Pushing her boobs together and playing with both nipples at the same time does it for her, she reaches down and starts playing with herself. Sticking her hand down her underwear and moaning softly. After a short time of doing this she tells me "take them off, I want you down there with that tongue and those lips."

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