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Roth & Rulongh


This is my first attempt at this subject matter. I am not authoritative in the matter of Femdom so any input would be greatly appreciated.

* * * * *

Roth had only been divorced a short while but it seemed forever. He was ready to throw his hat back into the ring but he wasn't interested in any formal kind of commitment. He wanted to date but he knew he wasn't ready for a total commitment, nothing steady or marriage. He wanted to experience new things. He and his ex had an active and good sexual relationship and had dabbled in some light bondage and even a little D/S, but he wanted to switch roles.

His enjoyment lately came from his chatting online and he had formed a network of friends he chatted with and even on the rare occasion he went into one of the chat rooms. Months ago he had begun talking to a local woman named Rulongh, although they were close in age she seemed somewhat motherly yet worldly. A friendship was formed but the real bond wasn't formed till one day when he IM'ed her and they began really talking. She was a very open and straightforward woman, she told it as she saw it and if you didn't like it you shouldn't have asked.

He and Rue started with their usual innocent conversation which oddly turned a bit racy. Through this evening's conversation he learned far more about her. She was married but they had an open deal going. She was an attractive woman to start, a BBW, with the most captivating eyes. While she was no raving beauty on the outside he knew from talking with her that she was a sexy, beautiful woman inside where it counted. This night she was sitting at home having a drink talking to him. While their conversations always had sexual overtures tonight she really let him see a whole new her, and he was even more impressed. They began talking about their interests, he knew with her he could tell her anything and it would not cloud her view of him. He commented about eating pussy and she told him it was great. He thought he had misunderstood her but he was half afraid to ask as he didn't want to offend her, so instead he made another comment to see if he got the same response and she said pretty much the same thing again. He stored the information away for future reference, just like many of the other things she had told him. He told her he would love to try a 3sum and again she said it was great. This time he decided to delve further into the matter, so they began discussing the fact that she had done both a mfm and a fmf 3sum and enjoyed both but preferred one on one. She also mentioned enjoying watching a good stripper so he said maybe they would go together sometime. Finally he bolstered his courage and asked if she was bi and when she readily admitted she was his appreciation of her grew in leaps and bounds. The flirted back and forth a while longer and said their goodnights.

They frequently talked about getting together to go see the dancers or just have coffee but both wondered if it would come to fruition because of their work schedules. The sexual innuendo was always thick in their conversations and they knew there was a strong sexual tension that would become sheer electric when they did meet. They admired one another and had shared many an intimate thought and secret.

Roth had been living back at home and was really in need of a place of his own as living with his parents put a definite cramp in his love life or lack there of. He had begun looking for apartments close to work which conveniently was also close to her work. Being the friend she was she offered to help him in his search. They found a day convenient to both and set about checking ads and lining appointments to see some apartments.

The day arrived and she got her boys off to school and he picked her up and they had breakfast while looking over the list they had made. She nixed several because of locale. They began their search. Noontime came and they went to a little cafe type place she knew well around the corner from work to eat and peruse the ads some more. The waitress took their order and when she brought their drinks she asked if they were looking for a place. They told her they were and she told them that there was an empty apartment upstairs that would be perfect for the young couple and she would have the owner show it to them after their lunch if they liked. They didn't correct her but told her they would check it out.

Several of the landlords had taken them for newlyweds and being that she wore her wedding set she could not very well deny it as they thought it a bit funny and just went along.

When they had finished lunch the owner took them upstairs to one of the furnished apartments. He showed them the small 4 room apartment, kitchen first. It was small yet functional. Then he took them through the living room to the bedroom. He joked with them that this would probably be the most used room anyway. They entered the room and the first thing they to catch their eye was the antique 4 poster bed. They looked knowingly at one another and their mind was made up. He took the apartment on the spot. The landlord went downstairs to get the paperwork and they looked at the bed and giggled, both knowing the fun that could be had in this antique. The landlord returned and didn't pry when only he signed the papers, handed him the keys and told him he could move in whenever. Since the afternoon was still young they drug themselves from the apartment and went to the mall to scope out some homey touches for his new place. They bought some linens and bath and kitchen accessories and wandered around.

They went into Spencers to browse, of course they headed to the adult novelties. As in part a joke they bought a cat-o'-nine-tails and a feather tickler and a bondage set, a finger sized and regular vibes, giggling like teens the whole time. They took their purchases back to the apartment and he took her home.

They talked online as usual that evening and made plans for the big move later in the week. On the appointed day she walked around the corner and saw his car laden with boxes sitting in front of the apartment. She grabbed a few boxes and went upstairs, the door was open so she walked in and said hello, he came out of the bedroom. Her box was marked for the bedroom and she took it in and came back out and gave him a hug and a kiss and they went downstairs for an iced tea as neither of them drank coffee.

They went back up and began unpacking boxes. He didn't have that many belongings and it was easy to get things set up. He went downstairs to get the last load and she went into the bedroom to start unpacking his clothes. She set the Spencer's bag on the dresser and hung the whip on one post and the tickler on the other then went about putting his clothes away. The first box was all hangered and she hung it, the next was t shirts which she began placing in a drawer. Then she ran across his underwear which she unabashedly began putting in the top drawer closest to the bathroom. As she put them in she checked them out, she was surprised to find several pair of silk and leather thongs. She hadn't figured him the type but she was impressed. She finished the unpacking and set about making the bed with the sheets they had picked out. Suddenly she felt as though someone was watching her as she fought to get the sheets on the bed. There in the doorway stood Roth, his eyes glued to her ass as she looked over her shoulder at him. She was a bit self-conscious but she continued in the bent position to finish the last corner.

"Wanna help me with this spread pr are you enjoying the view too much," she chided as she knew he was able to look straight down her shirt at her breasts pushing out of her bra.

He stood braced in the door, the hard on he always got whenever he talked to or saw her more than evident now. He wanted to come to her and take her in his arms only to lay her on the freshly made bed and make love to her but he didn't want to strain their relationship. He just wasn't sure enough to press the point. "I'm sorry, what did you say baby? I was kinda lost in thought I guess," he managed.

"I asked if you are gonna help me make the bed or just enjoy the view, which I see you are already doing," she said nodding to the evidence.

He blushed and mustered the strength to walk across the room past her to the opposite side of the bed and helped her put the spread on and then they folded the quilt at the foot. She had half hoped he would have come to her and took her in his arms and tossed her on the freshly made bed but he hadn't and this oddly disappointed her. She surveyed the room and was satisfied with the results. He still looked at her wishing he could make the move he wanted to. She walked to his side of the bed to look at it from his perspective and also to give him another opportunity to make a move on her. He didn't move so she laid down on the bed with her head on the pillows. This time the sight was too much for him to pass and he came to her.

He didn't want to move too fast and yet he couldn't help himself, he had to hold her. He laid down beside her on his side and propped his head his hand as he snuggled close to her placing the other hand on her belly. He sighed contentedly at his boldness and her response. She hadn't slapped him or his hand away so he was encouraged. Even though they had been together often and had held hands and walked arm in arm and hugged and such he had never made this bold a move. His hand rose and fell with her breathing and he thought her breathing a bit excited like his own but he wasn't sure.

He bent over and kissed her and she kissed him back. The kiss was full of passion and hunger. She wrapped her arms around his large frame and rolled into him as he wrapped his arms around her, their bodies melted together and both knew that even if they wanted to there was no turning back now. With one hand he stroked her hair and the other her back to her full ass. She pressed harder against him as their tongues intermingles and her fingers played with his hair and traced circles on his back. Intertwined they rolled and she was on top of him, his hands slid under the back of her shirt, he could feel the silkiness of her teddy now. As he slid the back of her shirt up her legs slid to either side of him so that she was straddling him and she raised up and he slid her shirt off easily to reveal the red silky teddy she had on. Their pelvises ground together and each could feel the heat of the other through their jeans, her moistness against his hardness.

She wiggled on him and her breasts bounced and he pulled her back down on top of him and kissed her again. Her hands climbed under his shirt and she found his nipples. She broke the kiss and slid down his body a bit as she raised his shirt teasing his nipples with her tongue and mouth. She managed to raise his shirt further up tangling his arms in it above his head. He was a bit taken aback by her boldness as he knew she wasn't into bondage in any manner no matter how light. She left his arms in the tangle above his head and began kissing and licking down his back. She got close to his jeans and she quickly undid his belt and pants and yanked them down. She left them bunched around his ankles in effect binding them too. She sat back and surveyed her handiwork and his raging hard on. She was pleased with both. She grazed his balls with her long nails and watched as his jutting cock twitched under her ministration.

She had never done kind of bondage before and was not quite sure where she was going with this. She was the romantic type herself, but they had often discussed his interest in submission and bondage and such. He frequently told her he was willing to try anything with her, whatever her wildest fantasy was so she decided she could at least give his a try. She was unsure just how far she could take it but she was willing to give it a try. She looked into his eyes and could see the lustful gratitude and knew she had to go further, all the way with this. She now sat beside his haphazardly bound figure lying there trying to figure out what to do next. She tried to recall all the stories and pictures she had seen to grasp for ideas, she raked her nails over his body absently as she thought. His nipples were as hard as his cock and she flicked one absently then suddenly pinched it tightly between her nails. He whimpered a moan and she was afraid she had hurt him until she saw the pleasure on his face. She released it and dug her nails around his breast again. When she let go she was ashamed to see the marks she had left but she continued and gave the other the same treatment.

She loved sucking and nibbling on breasts be they a man's or a woman's so she lowered her mouth to the side left unattended and began sucking and nibbling. One free hand was flicking and pinching the other nipple while the other had gone to massaging his balls. She used her nails on his balls and each downstroke brought her nails closer to the base of his balls. She momentarily grazed the base with her nails and let one nail roam towards his asshole. She was getting into this somewhat now as she sat back up, still holding his balls and teasing his asshole. She sat up now looking at the pleasure on his face. She wanted to suck him now, oddly enough this was something she was quite good at but didn't particularly like doing it, but she wanted to feel his twitching, hard member in her mouth. She looked into his eyes and it was as if he was begging for some relief but she knew he couldn't have it just yet. Her fingers and nails still teased his cock, balls and asshole idly as she contemplated what to do next.

Roth moaned and squirmed under her touch, this was a dream come true. He was wondering just how far she would go with this because he knew her feelings on it, she had made it perfectly clear several times that she was not into this and he was fine with that. He was surprised by her actions thus far and it strengthened his feelings for her. He admired her even more, he knew however far she was willing to go it would be great.

Rue decided she would just try to go with her feelings and his reactions. She didn't want to cause Roth any pain yet she knew he craved it all the same. As she thought she allowed her nails to dig in a bit. She took her hand from his throbbing cock and scrapped her nails up his body towards his nipples which she pinched roughly. Suddenly she stopped teasing him and got off the bed.

She saw the look of despair cross is face. She knew he was worried that she would quit and decided to play on that. She stood at the foot of the bed watching the man she had come to adore oddly bound on his bed, bound with his own clothes, cock jutting and nipples hard. She, still dressed, decided she needed a soda so she turned and walked out of the room. As she retreated out of the room she heard Roth's frustrated moan. She knew he thought she was backing out and leaving him. She went to the kitchen and filled a glass with chipped ice and tea and took a sip to steady herself and then returned to the bedroom. He laid perfectly still on the bed waiting and praying for her return. She stood in the door frame sipping her tea staring at him. He began to blush as he suddenly saw himself as he knew she was seeing him.

"What? You are feeling modest all of a sudden?" she asked a bit harshly. "Feeling a bit odd? Bullshit!! Maybe I should just keep you like this, or maybe fashion a collar and leash for you," she mused.

"yes Mistress, whatever you want. I am for your pleasure Mistress," he intoned.

"Oh yes, you will pleasure me that is a given. You are now and forever will be my slave. How do you like that?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress as you wish," he sighed, a smile creeping onto his face. He was loving this more than even he could have imagined.

"Later we will buy you a collar and leash but for now you will obey my every command or be severely punished," and with that she sat the glass on the dresser and walked to the end of the bed. She began to undress for him. She unfastened her jeans and pulled then down to reveal the teddy was a thong. She bent over and the strap went deeper into the crack of her ass. She tossed her clothes over his head using them as a mock blindfold. She eased to the side of the bed and arranged her clothes so she was positive he couldn't see anything. Then she walked to the dresser and picked up the glass, it was really cold and sweaty. She switched hands and placed the cold hand on his nipple. Roth jumped and gasped but said nothing.

She climbed on the bed again and reached for his pants and pulled them back a bit so as to part his legs a bit. With his legs parted the vee in his legs appeared to her to be the perfect glass holder. She took another long sip of the tea allowing a few ice chips to slide in with the liquid. She eyes his engorged manhood with an evil grin and leaned over and suddenly swallowed it into her icy mouth. He jerked and gasped as her mouth and the ice ran down the length of his hard cock till he could feel her warm breath escaping her nose dusting his balls. The contrast of the icy mouth and the warm breath was exhilarating and made his cock swell further. He had never had anyone try this on him before but he loved it. Her mouth warmed a bit and he was a bit sorry it was when she suddenly plunged the cold sweaty glass between his legs tight against his balls and ass. A shiver went through his body and he thought he might cum on the spot. She felt it too and dug a nail into the base of his dick to prevent it.

He felt the bed rise as she got off the bed. With her clothes over his eyes he couldn't see anything and with the carpeting he couldn't hear if she was moving or not. She was being exceptionally quiet and he didn't know if she had left the room or not.

Rue stood beside the bed wondering what to do next. She was actually a bit suprised that this show had made her hot. She decided her first move would be to get herself off a few times and then let him get off partially before unmasking and unbinding him and allowing him total pleasure. She was still in her heels, thong and bra. She decided to take off all but the heels as she could use them as spurs later if needed to prod him along. She finalized her plan in her mind and smiled that she could even think of some of the things she had already done and planned. The tickler was on the post closest to her so she took it off and began to dust it across his body avoiding his rock hard cock which was already twitching. He wiggled under her tickling but couldn't move too much because he still had the glass between his legs and he didn't know how full it was and didn't want to spill any of it. She began lightly dusting his cock with the feather tickler. It felt so good, he thought he would pass out. She stopped suddenly.

"Well, well, it hardly seems fair you getting all the attention now does it? No, I think not." And with that she clothing head gear from his mouth and nose. She got back on the bed and was suddenly astride him. He could feel her hot, damp pussy on his chest sliding forward till it pressed hard against his mouth and nose. He breathed in her womanly scent loving it's musky, aphrodisiac smell. He licked at it but she dug her heels into his side. "Just breathe in my scent," she ordered. "Breathe it in deep as I want this to be the only thing you smell for a long while," she said. He breathed deeply.

He didn't know a woman's pussy could smell so good. He drank in her heady aroma. She leaned forward and rubbed her wet slit over his nose several times leaving it soaked and then continued to rub it over his face leaving her womanly trail.

"Now my love slave, you will pleasure me as you have never pleasured any woman before. Eat me Bitch!!" she commanded.

Roth began gliding his tongue over her bald pussy. He so loved a bald pussy because he could lick everywhere. He lapped and sucked all over her pussy wishing he could see it's beauty as he ate. He drove his tongue deep into her juicy hole, digging his tongue around inside exploring every nook and cranny. He could feel her squirming on his face so he knew she was enjoying as much as he was. He pulled his tongue out and slid it towards her swollen clit, just flicking it with the tip of his tongue at first and then licking and sucking it. He wiggled his head deeper into the pillow so he could draw back a bit allowing her pussy lips to close so he could lock his mouth over her mound and suck. She moaned and he shoved his tongue into her slit wiggling it around.

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