tagIllustratedRotic: The Erotic Elf II

Rotic: The Erotic Elf II

byMy Erotic Trail©

It was the night before Christmas and Santa was in the house, slumped over his desk with his calculator out. Pressing buttons to add and subtract, calculating probabilities to be exact. For a problem had arisen with the evening's route; time and distance left too much room... for doubt.

He pulled his long white beard and rubbed his eyes, then Santa sat back when he realized, what he had to do about his current delima, and just in time for the presents to be delivered.

Mrs. Claus was in the toy factory double checking the nice and naughty list, supervising, pointing and inspecting Christmas gifts. Ensuring that each present was wrapped with holiday paper, and topped with a bow with their ends slightly tapered.

Mrs. Claus said, "Get the Reindeer ready, load up the sleds, the clock is ticking... let's do our best!"

Mrs.Claus stepped inside the Erotic Toy Department to see if Rotic; the erotic elf, was on schedule and ready. She browsed the shelves with a sensual stroll till she came upon an un-tagged dildo.

Rotic, the erotic elf was not shy, he took it from her and made sure that the batteries were inside. Mrs. Claus sat down and spread her legs, Rotic couldn't help but say...

"Now I know why Santa says... Ho Ho Ho." Rotic let a little tiny giggle be exposed.

He watched Mrs. Claus as she became the master of her baiter, fishing for her hole with a candy cane vibrator. "A little to the left... no, more to the right," Rotic gave her directions, while Mrs. Claus pressed it slowly, deep inside.

She exposed a breast and gave it a squeeze, while her other hand was burried deep between her knees. Rotic went back to tending to his chores, while Mrs. Claus explored her little brown... back door.

Rotic was in charge of the Erotic Toy Department. A creative little gnome with unchallenged sexual knowledge, he kept in stock the most erotic exotic toys for Santa's border- line bad... little girls and boys.

Santa walked into the Toy Factory, the elves were as busy as honey bees. He called 'out' for all the elves to gather, "Oregano, Basil, Paparika and Platter... elves, reindeer and gnomes. All of those whom call the North Pole home."

The Grand Hall of the Toy Factory filled with elves, workers and reindeer chattering. Whispering laughter that rang out loud, with Christmas cheer from the gathering crowd. Everyone gathered and settled down, as Santa began to speak, wearing a solemn frown.

"As you know, the world's population has grown each year, we have divided the task of delivering presents with a fleet of sleds and reindeer. The era of the baby boom, the population explosion, has pitted us against a miraculous task of 'over night' distribution." Santa paused and scratched his head, before he finally continued and said. "We only have seven sleds. Some will not receive their presents I fear, so I have had to select which community will not get their gifts this year."

The elves murmured a sad noted chatter, then attentively listened to Santa, and how he is going to address this desperate matter.

"I have chosen... the land of Lit-Ville, a community of slightly naughty girls and boys. They will not be getting presents this year because we cannot deliver their toys. So... load the sleds and get the reindeer ready, pilot elves should leave in exactly one hour."

Santa said this rather sad and the elves whispered to themselves what they had to add. "Lit-Ville has been selected by Santa to be scratched off the delivery list, to ensure that the rest of the world gets their Christmas presents."

Rotic was watching Mrs. Claus playing with herself, when Santa walked in and walked up to Rotic the erotic elf. He wanted to discuss this matter with Rotic personally, after all most of the erotic presents went to the Lit-Ville community.

Santa explained his decision to Rotic, who turned as red as trees in Autumn. His sadness was painted on his face in the shape of a frown, as his green curled elf shoe, kicked the ground.

"Wait!" Rotic said to Santa with a curious smile, ushering Santa to follow him down a long warehouse aisle. "I have an invention that I have been working on... 'its really bitchin' that just might help in this situation." Rotic said with excitement as he walked to the back, where the rare erotic toys are kept. They came to the covered object of Rotic's intention, he pulled back the sheet and revealed his latest invention.

A nine foot 'pink' dildo mounted like a sled, that had been converted into a flying snow mobile instead. He grinned, "I couldn't find anyone needing a dildo this size, so I turned it into something useful. Aren't you surprised?"

"It flys?" Santa asked curiously with one eye brow rather high.

"Yep, and it is a snow plow as well," Rotic said as his grin began to swell.

Santa rubbed his long beard as he thought long and hard, "I don't know about this Rotic, Lit-Ville is very, very far! And it just doesn't represent the Christmas theme properly!" Santa said honestly and openly.

"Santa, I am giving you an opportunity to fulfill Christmas dreams, to try... would be the least we can do it seems. The pink probe is twice as fast as any reindeer pulled sled, and I have an invisible mode too." Rotic said.

He reached in and pressed a purple colored button, and the nine foot pink dildo, disappeared rather sudden.

"Okay," Santa said reluctantly. Rotic screamed out joyously. Santa turned around and looked at Rotic then roared, "Do not make me regret this!" Santa said as he walked out the door.

Rotic began to load his sled with eager excitement. He opened the bay doors and rolled his invention onto the frozen pavement. All the reindeer and sleds lined up for take off. They laughed at Rotic's nine foot pink dildo, in whispers Rudolph mocked.

Rotic snow-plowed the runway, then backed up to its fullest. He sped down the tarmat and took to the air like a bullet. He shot across the night sky like a rocket heading for Lit-Ville to deliver Christmas toys ensuring dreams are fullfilled.

A jet-liner just ahead came into view, Rotic knew exactly what to do. Without even looking he accidentally pressed, the button for a hologram instead. A projected virtual reality appeared of a man and women making love in the air, as the jet-liner neared.

"Dang it!" Rotic pressed the button for invisibility just in time, as the jet-liner grew closer then quickly went by. The nine foot dildo may have disappeared, but the halogram did not, both lovers, wrapped in love and totally bare. Streaking through the sky toward Lit-Ville, Rotic set back and enjoyed his ride, which was a chilling thrill.

Rotic made it to Lit-Ville and he delivered his cargo; erotic toys, christmas presents and/or lumps of coal. Dildos, anal beads and exotically scented oils... Leather, lace and long whips wrapped in a coil. Paddles, hand-cuffs, strap-ons and books. Anal intruders, breast pumps, pocket pussys and high heeled boots. Candy canes with an added clit tickler and penis loli-pops for the beginners.

He flew down the main forum and up the general board, he circled around the Lit-Ville threads, in his pink craft, an invisible dildo snow plowing sled. Till all the presents were delivered to the Lit-Ville boys and girls; just in time as a snow blizzard's winds began to swirl.

Rotic turned the pink dildo towards the North Pole and decided to test how fast this craft will go. He accelerated the throttle to its fullest, and the nine foot rocket sped across the sky like a turd in the toilet.

The nine foot flying dildo, spit, sputtered and began to descend, "Oh Shit!" Rotic exclaimed while the craft began to spin. Rotic worked the controls to regain speed, only to have the engine stop completely.

The nine foot dildo began to fall like a tossed rock. Rotic pushed the button for the emergency elf signal to go off. Then he pulled the lever for the parachute to eject, it open and slowed them just before they wrecked.

Rotic continued to try and revive the craft's motor, but to no avail, it continued to spit and sputter. The craft came down and landed in Lit-Ville's streets. An elderly woman witnessed the craft's landing just in front of her feet. As the parachute slowly fell it engulfed the old woman, she wrestled with the fabric as well as any 'ole' man.

The craft's motor started the moment the vehicle landed. Rotic thrust the throttle forward and the craft took to the air, un-damaged. The old woman was not injured, only shaken from what had accured. Rotic found a comfortable pace and flew the nine foot dido back to the North Pole. Without any other problems he safely made it home.

He was greeted with cheers and laughs as he returned to the Toy Factory. Where he parked his new invention and covered it satisfactory. An errand elf came bursting in and relayed to Rotic, that Santa wanted to see him and was proud of the pink comet.

Rotic walked into Santa's office smiling, Santa was sitting before a radio, his hand on the knobs, dialing. Santa turned up the volume for a radio station, as he offered Rotic a not so hearty, congratulations.

The radio announcer proclaimed; "Grandma got run over by a nine foot pink dildo," Rotic dropped his head in shame. "...And passengers aboard a jet liner witnessed a man and woman making love, at thirty-five hundred feet in the air above."

Santa looked at Rotic then grinned, "This will all be blamed on the aliens." Rotic stood with his head down low. Santa smiled a cheerful glow.

"Rotic!" Santa said

"Yes Santa!" Rotic raised his head.

"Thank you for saving Lit-Ville's Christmas," Santa said with a smile and Rotic's spirit was lifted. Rotic kept the nine foot dildo tuned up all year, just in case Santa needed another Christmas Savior.

So if you ever happen to encounter a flying nine foot dildo pulling a Christmas banner through the threads of Lit-Ville's avenues, then you'll know who... is strapped into what appears to be a soaring nine foot pink strap-on; Rotic, the erotic elf, ensuring that Christmas goes on!

Merry Christmas to all and to all an erotic night!

Rotic: the Erotic Elf II (by Art) 2006 (Pictures drawn with windows 98; paint program)

Rotic; the erotic elf, part I, (Humor and Satire) written under the member name My Erotic Tail for... Literotica's Winter Story Contest 2004

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