tagHumor & SatireRotic: The Literotica Elf

Rotic: The Literotica Elf

byMy Erotic Tail©

"He's made his list...he's checked it twice. He already knows who's been naughty or nice. Santa Claus is cumin...in town." The elves sang out in unison, busy as beavers. Boxing and bagging cheese and cheese cleavers. Pulling on paper and pushing big leavers. Wrapping Christmas presents with a holiday fever.

The Reindeer where reigned, the presents tagged and named. Wrapping the gifts and garnished them with bows. Then just as quickly, to the sleigh they were stowed. The elves all gathered on elfish elf grove. Way up north, at the North Pole.

Christmas cheer filled the air, as the elves worked with a festive flare. The assembly line symbol'd as the list checkers checked. Making sure all the presents were ready to inspect. Some elves were naked and some wore turtle necks. Santa's workshop was really a wreck.

"Where is Santa?" one elf yelled out. Another shrugged and another pout. "He'll be here, I have no doubt." As screams rang out from the big house.

Santa was in bed, "Stop," you could hear him beg. Up in the air was both his legs. "I can't take it anymore," Ole Saint Nick said. Squeaking and swaying was His bed of red.

"Faster...faster, don't stop now, I'm almost cumming...HOLY COW!" Mrs. Claus blurted excited and proud. She straddled Saint Nick, like a snuggling shroud. Wild and voluptuous she thrusted on Santa's big pole. Then she gave him a blow.

The head board pounded against the wall. Never did Mrs. Claus stall at all. She tugged and pulled at poor Santa's balls. Santa scratched the head board with a death gripped claw.

Bouncing breasts and pouncing thighs, Mrs. Claus rode him like a cowboy riding high. Big breasts a flopping like flopping breast do, then she fingered his little brown "Do...not go there!" Santa yelled as he blew his goo.

Till her ecstasy surged and she finally arose. Kissing Santa on his rosy red nose. Smiling and giggling she settled for a smoke. Then Santa's beard she gently stroked.

"Your amazing old man," Mrs. Claus said with a grin. But poor Santa was a tad bit shaken. He even looked a lil' bit thin. Nothing on but his red socks and skin, pulling the covers up to his chin.

"I don't feel very well," Santa finally said, his face was flush and fully red. Mrs. Claus put her hand up to his head. Her eyes lit up as she finally said.

"You have a fever my jolly husband." She rushed into a drawer and pulled out her hand. A thermometer she probed into Santa's rear end, as it was starting to become clear. Santa was sick, this Christmas she feared.

She called down to the shop and demanded an elf. Put the thermometer, back on a shelf. "One hundred and three is a feverish degree," Mrs. Claus said as Santa sneezed. His poor cock was limp and hung down to his knees. But Mrs. Claus had been pleasantly pleased. She hugged Santa and gave him a squeeze.

A knock came abruptly at the front door, Mrs. Claus scooted across the large floor. Opened it up and let the Elf in. Looked at his crotch with the usual grin. "Come in...come in." She said again and again. Shutting the door with a seductive spin. Her revealing nighty was mighty thin. Hiding hardly nothing, hanging down to her shin.

"Santa is sick and can't make the ride. Get a replacement this Christmas Eve night." The elf looked shocked as he saw Santa's sock. Puzzled a bit then looked at the clock, that let out a jolly tick tock.

"Oh my," the elf sighed, then quickly jetted outside. Running across the North Pole snow. When back at the shop his disappointment showed. Shaking and shivering from the chilling night cold. Or was is the thought of Santa blowing his load?

"What's wrong." Asked an elf, she was wearing a tong. Her hair was blonde and really really long.

"Santa is sick and can't make the flight what will we do this Christmas Eve night?"

"Not to worry Rotic is here, he knows the route he can drive the reindeer." One elf said with a floppy cap on his head. Pointing to the sign above him that read:

Adult toy department.

It was in bold letters as an elf flicked lint from his sweater. Rushed through the door was a group of worried elfs. There was Rotic emptying the shelves. Filling a bag with erotic toys. For all the older, naughty girls and boys.

"Santa is sick and can't make the flight, You'll have to do Christmas this Christmas Eve night." The elves all chattered and mumbled with uncertain words. "Hummm..." Rotic just pleasantly purred. With whiskey breath his words slightly slurred. It finally sank in, what he had just heard.

"Get Rudolph ready for me ride, I will meet you in a minute, just outside," Rotic said with elf elfish pride. Then he turned and zipped up his fly.

The band of worried elves jetted out the door. Concerned that Christmas, may not be no more.

"You got the bags? You got the list? You got some snacks on Santa's favorite dish?" The elfs all readied the sleigh for the night, as Rotic the erotic elf finally came outside.

"I have the bag and I have the list," Rotic the erotic elf said in a whisplipping lisp. Then climbed aboard and gave a farewell wish.

The reindeer bucked and started to go, across the cold, North Pole snow. Away the sleigh went as Rudolph's nose glowed. Rotic the Literotica elf gave an elfish, "Ho ho." Across the night sky, Rotic and the reindeer did go.

Snow flurries flew and windy wind whipped as a blizzard began to nippily nip. Rotic put goggles over his elfish eyes. "On Dancer...on Prancer..Vixen get your nose out from between Cupids thighs."

Rotic checked his list that was rather long. First on the list was Lauren Hyndes thong. Dropped with precision it went down the shoot. Hoping it didn't get pigeon pooped.

Next was a strap-on that was rather huge. Dropped from above to bamagirl's house, that was a hue blue. Annora got lingerie with a pair of red shoes. "Over there Rudolph is the house of dr_mabuse."

Rotic was enjoying delivering these toys. neonurotic got a stack of playboys. oggbashan's house was quiet as a mouse as Rotic delivered a gift for him and his spouse. On to Sir hugs with nipple ring plugs. Rotic tried them out, with cold nipple tugs.

Wickedeve gets this book, filled with lots of erotic poems. "Come on Rudolph we've got to keep going." Boomerengue gets a boomerengue from way down under. sarahhh gets the dildo so she can toy, play and plunder

Tunguetied2u gets a tongue ring with interchangeable bulbs. Tathgatta gets a rubber ducky to play with in the tub. Boxlicker gets a box that's filled with erotic toys. Mismused gets a magazine of playgirl's naked boys.

Templeminded gets a video, you know what it shows. On through the night Rudolph's nose still glowed, never did they ever, ever start to go slow. Blacktullip got a book on how to do a sexual prose. CharleyH gets photos of nude girls exposed.

DanaQt gets a nighty and Tristesse gets these. "Oh my...won't she be pleased." echoes_s gets stockings that come up passed her knees and Ydd gets a string of large anal beads. impressive gets a BMW to help them be impressive. Joseki ko gets a get out of jail free card, in case he gets arrested.

twelveoone gets a watch with a naked girl that glows. Angeline got a plastic pecker that sings when it's blowed. simply cyn gets a nipple ring hope she knows, it's not for her nose. Tantaliza got a membership to LaBares where the men's man thing, is always exposed.

Tatelou's house approached as Rotic dropped her a rose, that were edible panties, there was a dozen of those. Cloudy got a riding crop that was for her ride. Not for the horses, it's for pleasures inside. DirtyAngel got a soap in the shape of cock. Rotic quickly looked at his wrist clock.

"On Dasher...on Comet, go faster and gas on it." He dropped Maria a book on erotic sonnets. Liar's house was lit up cause he's a night owl, drinking Java with tonic. He got a Doll...pull the string and POW. A woman appeared, she was very well endowed. Rudolph nearly had a cow, as across the roof top snow the sleigh plowed.

Rotic was festive and began to sing, as he was doing the christmas'y thing. "Jingle bells...Batman swelled...Robin gave him head." Rotic kept singing while driving the sled. While naughty boys and girls were doing it in bed.

ChilledVodka's present was dropped, floating till it fell into the mantle sock. A flask of the finest, vodka around. All of this was done without making a sound. Champagne got champagne, that bubbly brew. Across the night sky, Rotic and reindeer flew.

"Come on you deers, dawn's almost here," Rotic rang out with holiday cheer. Then reached down and took a swig of Santa's homemade beer. Dropping a clit vibrator to the mermaid Raindeer. Hooping and hollering with a holiday cheer. He never did never, feel the emotion fear.

"Si...lent night...boy, was she tight." Rotic sang as they were in flight. Across the night sky, this Christmas Eve night. Annaswirls gets a mug, of a man that wants to hug. SoundsErotica got a glove, with a karaoke that won't budge. Dennis Hale gets pecker pumper, that is definitely an upper. While Alex De kok, got a naked girl swatch. Rotic reached down and scratched at his crotch.

Rotic checked his list when he realized, he had the list of the naughty, he had a look of surprise. His lips slightly puckered and then slowly rised. Being erotic was always his demise. Rumple Foreskin got a machine, that makes his pecker any size. Rudolph then dove into a steep dive.

Cookiejar's present fell gently down to her house. It was for her computer, a pecker shaped mouse. Elizabetht got a new, submissive collar and LilDarlin got a stocking filled with some Krisp Khris krinkled dollars. MizTabby got a pussy with a colorful bow, that cat 'meowed' all the way, 'you know!'

Honey123 got a box that sailed to her parlor, filled with some sex oils, that makes a cock taller. Rotic flew through the air on this Chritasmas eve, everyone's presents he cordially would leave. Collen Thomas got a garter for her thighs or her sleeve. Rotic like looking at the picture of her sexy knees.

Un-tamed heart got some panties that were of course unstarched and CGraven got a deck of nudity nude cards. Succulent_one got a sucker that was jokingly fun, shaped like a cock that was very well hung. Rotic checked his watch and ticked away was the clock. Sandralynn got a smock with undies that lock.

Across the horizon, away Rotic went, with Santa's reindeers that were tired and spent. The bags were getting emptied and the dawn soon approached, Rotic ate Santa's snack and he nearly choked. Over the house of LadyShianne, Rotic dropped her some pictures, of good looking naked men. Rudolph led the reindeers around the next bend. Rotic had his usual, wickedy wicked grin.

He came to perditas, festive la casa, dropped her her present, of Italian pasta. hippiedude got a bag, that looked like weed, down in the bottom was a sheet of psychedelic LSD. Pops gets a china doll and Minsue got a goose, that hangs on the wall, while LiteraryArt got the noose.

Rotic began singing, loud once again, "Frosty the snowman..was into BDS and M." jesse19 got handcuffs and a feather not for dustin'. Georgia girl got a hanging basket designed for sexual fun. Fawkin Injin got a pouch full of new sheriken. Looks like Christmas will surely get done. Rotic was having way to much fun.

R Richard got a book, on Karma sutra, while jthserra got a white, soft cotton glove. Uncle Pervey gets a video of 'Who's your Daddy,' Svenslicka gets T-shirts with sayings that are tacky.

Lucifer Carroll got a barrel, of peppermint snops, while darkeyeddemon got a bunny, not the kind that hops. Christmas trees were lit in the Lit-ville town, while Rotic delivered the presents, square, retangle and round.

Then Rotic found, that almost all the presents were gone, while he continued singing, his favorite Christmas song. "Dashing she will blow...a horse hung man you know...," Rudolph's nose shown in the sleet snow that was blown.

Santa's sleigh flew through the air, delivering the gifts with a festive flare. Everyone got a gift at Lit-ville that was there. Some got some razors and some got some Nair! Rotic was freezing with his wind blown hair.

Then to Laurel and Manu's house, they dashed without fail. They got a slew, of brand new tales and a winkidy wink, from My Erotic Tail. Prancer waggled his deer waggin' tail.

"On Dasher..on Cupid, onward Comet and Vixen, you better hurry or your ass's I'll be whipping." Rotic sat back as his work was finally done. The Reindeer flew across the sky, like a bullet from a gun.

To the North Pole, Rotic did go. Rudolph's red nose, constantly glowed. Poor little Rotic was nearly froze. His pecker never thought of trying to grow. But that is what happened, one Christmas Eve night. When Santa couldn't make, his usual Holiday flight. Winter will go away and the snow will finally melt, but they will tell the story, of Rotic: the Literotica elf.


(I know there were a lot of people I didn't put into this tale but I tried to use all the ones I recall that left comments on my stories good and bad <grin> Thanks to all. Remember this is a story in the winter holiday story contest so please vote/comment and/or send feedback!)

Have a Happy and safe Holiday season to everyone here at Lit-ville~ Art~

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