tagMatureRough Day

Rough Day


I'm at home waiting on you to return. You've been out and about all day today, running errands for work and home. I hear you come in the front door. The moment you enter the living room I can tell something is up. You drop your stuff on the floor and flop on the couch next to me. You don't even look over at me, you just stare at the celing. I give you a few moments to relax a little before I climb up on the back of the couch behind you and begin to give you a massage. Your head falls forward with a groan. You're very tense so I work my thumbs and the heels of my hands on each knot in your neck and shoulders. The way you lean forward to give me better access to your lower neck lets me know I'm doing exactly what you needed.

Once I feel the knots starting to ease I move and straddle your lap. You open your mouth to say something but I stop you with a kiss. A kiss that burns a trail from your lips, along your jaw, to your neck, and back up to your ear. I give your ear a light nip as my hands slide to the waistband of your jeans. The button is pushed though the hole and the zipper is pushed down. I slide my hand inside your pants and wraps around your cock. My hand pumps you lightly, the fabric of your boxers adding to the feeling.

I slide off your lap, my hands grabbing the waist of your jeans. You push against the back of the couch to lift yourself up and I drag your pants and boxers down your legs leaving them to rest at your ankles. I give you a devilish grin as I slide a hand down my own pants and cup my pussy before pulling it back out. I reach for your cock and the light glistens off the juices that cover my hand. I wrap it around your cock and begin to stroke you, my juices helping my hand slide along your length with ease. When your eyes fall closed and a moan escapes your lips I tighten my grip and stroke faster and I hear you hiss your pleasure. I don't let you enjoy this feeling too long before I replace my hand with my mouth. Sucking and licking my juices off of you. My tongue ring grazing the sensitive spot between the head and shaft of your cock.

I force my head down taking your entire length into my mouth and throat. I look up at you as I suck and slowly pull my mouth off of you. I stand before you and start to pull my shirt off. When you lean forward to help me remove my cloths I step back and tisk you until you sit back again. I sway my hips to music only I can hear and slowly remove my jeans, bra, and finally my underwear. I straddle your lap and lower myself on you. I can't help but moan at the feeling of your large cock spreading my soaking pussy. I begin to move my hips to the same rhythm as I stripped, making my pussy grip and release your cock as I move up and down on it. When I sense you're getting restless with that speed I place my hands on your shoulders and use them to help me bounce fast and hard on your cock. The sounds of how wet I am around your cock can be heard each time my hips sink on your cock. I feel your cock twitch as if it's close to release and I get off, before you can protest I turn and straddle you with my back to you. I place your cock at my ass and slowly lower myself down.

Your hands grip my hips tightly as you moan loudly. Once I get adjusted to you in this hole I begin to bounce again. Because of how close you were before and the new tightness on you now you don't last much longer before you start to explode. I push my hips down, burying you in my ass as your cum fills me up. Before you start to go soft I turn around and put your cock back into my pussy leaning forward and putting my forehead on your shoulder.

"Don't worry love. This is only round one." Your arms wrap around me, holding me to you as we both catch our breath.

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