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Rough Play


The girl struggled against him as he ripped the last of her underwear from her body. He had her penned against a table, forcing the blindfolded and gagged woman to bend at the waist. She tried holding off her attacker with her hands, which were cuffed behind her back. She tried to scratch his hands when he grabbed the chain connecting the cuffs and pushed them painfully high up her back. Electric pain froze her in place, forcing her to remain still while the man opened his pants.

She shivered when she felt the cold metal of the man's belt buckle on her exposed ass-cheek as he lowered his pants. She cringed when she felt the hot head of his cock as it made contact with her inner thigh. The man leaned his weight on to her back pushing down savagely, slamming the air from her body, holding her still with his weight, pressing the breath from her as he slid his cock into her, a long strong push that did not stop until he was buried to the hilt in the warm soft center of the shivering girl

She was dry; he felt the resistance as he had pushed in to her. That was cool though, he liked it when he could get it in them before they could get wet inside. He kept the pressure on with his hips against her ass, pushing his cock into her, and held her there. He looked down at her body, so fucking nice, so soft and smooth, so feminine. Holding still yet keeping pressure against her he waited. He could feel the walls of her pussy oozing lubrication slipping down the shaft of his cock.

She bucked against him, mistakenly thinking that his stillness was a sign of his indecision or maybe weakness. Not recognizing it for what it was, a small mercy, she reared her head back, vainly hoping to break his grip.

He brutally pushed down on her back slamming her torso hard onto the table. Keeping all his weight on the center of her back, forcing the breath from her. As she began to need air she thrashed and squirmed. The ball gag in her mouth only added to her panic.

One hand stroked up her back to hold her by the neck, the other stayed on her back but he let up on the pressure to let her catch her breath. The hand on her neck slid up to the back of her head, gathering her dark and luscious hair into a ponytail in his hand. Gripping it painfully hard he viciously jerked her head back.

The young lady was forced to try to move backwards to avoid breaking her neck. Forcing her spine into a bend that it was never designed to make. When she did move back she pushed herself further onto her attacker's hard cock. It began to be too much for her mind to handle.

The pain of having a large dick pushed into her dry tender channel as far as it would go was bad enough. The tape over her eyes was pulling out her eyelashes. Her jaws ached from having the huge ball gag pushed in so hard. She was forced to snort through her nose to free it from the snot and slobber so she could breathe. She couldn't catch her breath. In the quite room all she could hear was her pathetic wheezing and gasping as she desperately tried to suck enough air into her chest. She felt the walls of her pussy slip down the shaft of the man's dick, allowing him deeper penetration. She could feel her juices flowing inside her, could feel her body adjusting to this invader. She cried, her tears running out from under the duct tape that covered her eyes. The tears, mingled with the snot that was dripping from her nose, formed a small puddle on the shiny surface of the table. She seemed to be getting wet everywhere it was as if her whole body was excreting fluids. She was wet with sweat and the air felt very cool on her skin as the man pulled her back by her hair.

The high pitched pain of her hair being pulled so cruelly was an unwelcome distraction from the deeply disturbing feeling of what was happening to her below her waist.

Her body's defense against rape was to lube up as best as you can and wait it out. While she still fought against this act in her mind her body had truly surrendered and was now working to limit the damage.

The man felt what was happening inside the woman's body, and felt that he had a pretty good ideal of what was going on inside her head. He hoped he could make her like it but one way or the other he was going to enjoy this fuck. With that thought in his mind, he began to move his cock into the girl who lay before him. Long strokes of his hard dick, slow and easy he entered her to the very bottom of her cunt and then he so slowly pulled out until he almost popped the head outside of her lips. He lingered there putting such gentle pressure on the woman's clit with his cockhead, before he let himself slip back down her now buttery slick hole to the bottom.

She tried to pretend that this was not happening, even as the first ripples of sexual arousal coursed through her nervous system. She was almost grateful for the tape over her eyes and the gag in her mouth. Without them he would see how bad she wanted this.

He felt it when she first reached back for him with her cunt. He smiled and started to stroke her back like cat, at the bottom of her back he raised his hand and slapped her cheek hard. She jumped when he hit her but he had her by the hair and reined her back onto his cock. It only took twelve slaps before she locked down on his cock and he felt her spasm as she had her first orgasm of the night.

Deep shame spread through the woman. She was amazed that this man could make her cum against her will. Was she only a sex toy in the control of others if they only have the courage to take her? Even worst was the fact that the man was still going strong and the feeling was starting to rise in her again.

The man felt his own climax approaching. He decided to let it happen, get the first one out of the way and do the long grind with the next one. His mind made up he began to ride her hard. Pulling back on her hair and slapping her ass like a jockey coming down the home stretch, the man rode her for all he was worth. .

She felt herself swept along with the galloping pace and the pain of the hand on her ass only added to the flood of events and feelings washing away her ability to resist. She felt his swelling and throbbing bigger inside her. Her cunt muscles milked at his cock as he rammed it deeper and deeper into her. Her own orgasm rushed ahead of her rapist's as she beat him to the finish line. Her ass pushing back on his rigid cock as he shot his load into her welcoming womb, she rode the crest of her climax.

The couple stood like statues, neither wanted to break the mood. The lights came on and the sound of applause filled the room.

The man withdrew from his wife and got the keys from his pants pocket. Unlocking her handcuffs as he helped her up from the table. Someone handed him a pair of scissors and he began to cut the tape from her eyes. They had wrapped saran wrap around her head before they had used the duct tape so it wouldn't pull her hair. It had bunched up over her eyes causing her to lose a good many of her eyelashes but otherwise she was fine. . Everybody seemed to be flowing back into the kitchen. They went with the flow finding a place at the large table. Friends came by to tell them how hot their scene had been. Some kind soul had fixed them both a cup of coffee which they both accepted.

Thirty minutes later the folks in the basement came up to sit at the table and the talk shifted to the new scene just finished downstairs. The man needed the rest room so he left. When he returned his wife was back from the other washroom looking refreshed and ready to go again. He couldn't hide the big smile that spread across his face when she raised her skirt to reveal the strap-on she wore. With one hand she beckoned to him curling her finger in the 'come here' signal, in her other hand she held the hand-cuffs.

Holding his arms out before him he approached his temporary mistress and his some times slave, his wife.

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