Rough Rider


After my sexcapades in Amsterdam I had such a thrill from playing dressup and just getting fucked silly. Summertime came around and I was on vacation and still in Paris. So I decided to do something similar to my weekend in Amsterdam. But where? I decided to go to Spain. I got a train ticket to Sevilla and decided I would do the same thing I did in Amsterdam. Sadly though I couldn't find many gay sex clubs in Sevilla. Maybe I looked in the wrong places or just not hard enough but I didn't find any. I was so bummed. I had already bought my ticket. But as luck would have it I decided to find a fuck buddy via the internet. It wasn't hard I just went through some name brand sites and within moments of subscribing and fixing my profile I got a message from a hot Spanish guy in Sevilla. His name was Alex and his profile said he was 6'1 and from his pics he was in amazing shape and had a gorgeous cock. Not only did it look nice but it was a good 9" and had to be around 2" thick. My kind of snack. So I head down to Sevilla for a week long excursion and when I arrive I realize that it's going to be a great week.

As soon as I get there I call Alex and he's very happy to hear from me. The first thing he says is that he has been thinking of pounding my tight hole. I get so hard at this thought. He has a deep voice and is just a manly man. Perfect for a little crossdress slut like me. So I finally decide to tell him where my hotel is and what room to find me. He says he'll be at the hotel at 11 at night. I of course hate that he wants to wait so long to come over but then I look at the bright side and realize I can get nice and clean and get myself ready. I had thought about another fantasy when I saw his pics. I wanted to be a dominated dominatrix. I wanted to be dressed like a domme but serve as his fuck slave. So I decided on my latex open-crotch corset, gloves, black mask, red lipstick, black fishnets and of course my black thigh high boots with gold heel. It hits 11 and so far he hasn't gotten there. I'm impatient at this point because I just want to start getting fucked by his cock. 15 minutes pass and finally I hear a knock on the door. I look through the eyehole and see its him so I run over to the bed and yell, "COME IN!" He opens the door, walks in and closes the door behind him. He then stops in his tracks and sees me sitting on the bed in my slutty dom gear, eagerly awaiting his cock. He smiles and I know.... It's go time!

I get up and say hi. He whispers it back and I don't waste anytime and I shove my tongue down his throat in a fit of passion. He quickly counters back with his equally powerful tongue. I start massaging his cock through his jeans. Then I stop and I tell him, "I am your naughty fuck slave tonight. I want you to give me the fucking of a life time. And I want you to be rough." He smiles and suddenly he grabs me and forces me on my knees and shoves his crotch in my face, signaling what my next duty was. I eagerly pull his cock out and I was taken aback by how big it was. I then shove his cock in my mouth and he lets out a loud moan. I start sucking his cock as deep and as fast as I can. I am loving this so much I start moaning as I take his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. At this point there is so much pre-cum leaking from my cock. I pull his cock out, dying to get fucked but suddenly he grabs me and says, "I'm not fucking you yet. I want you to show me how much you want it."

He then pushes towards the bed. He forces me back unto my knees and shoves his cock down my throat again. But now as I suck him he's using his hands to push my head into his cock. He does for a few minutes but I start gasping for air. All of a sudden he told me to squat by the bed so as my back would be against the bed. He then tilted my head slightly. He then puts one leg on the bed and he puts his cock back in my mouth. He then proceeds to skull fuck the living hell out of my mouth. He holds my hand back with his hand, while his foot holds my other arm down as well and he just fucks my throat. It was a feeling that's somewhat indescribable. But all I knew was that I was beyond horny and I loved every minute of it. I could feel his cock go in and out of my throat and all I could do was moan at the delight of being his fuck slave. But the negative of it was that it was harder to breathe than I had thought it would be. The more he fucked it, the more saliva he brought and after about 10 minutes he stopped because he had almost came.

My face was wet with spit and his pre-cum. As I stayed there he then walked over and put his hand on my throat and asked me if I liked getting my face fucked. All I could say was ,"Oh God baby I love it!" He then gave me a slap on the face. God that turned me on so badly. It wasn't a hard slap but one that you can feel. He kept slapping my face and I kept smiling getting hornier and hornier. He then asked me if I wanted his cock in my ass. I kept saying yes but he said no because I didn't want it bad enough. So he throws me on the bed, rolls me over and then starts jamming his tongue in my hole, rimming me in a way that no guy has done since. I was moaning loudly in delight. He then started fingering it as he licked away. I swear I was about to cum without even touching myself. But my increasingly loud moans signaled to him that I did indeed want to be fucked. He then stops, get off the bed and then sits back down. He then motions for me to get on top of him. He doesn't have to tell me twice.

He turns me around, spreads my legs and then jams his cock in my ass. I let out a huge sissy scream. It hurt but after a few seconds it was better than I had imagined. He starts fucking me slowly and then as I start thrusting my ass into his cock he starts fucking me harder. He is then pounding away on my ass. My ass is slamming against his balls, he's fucking me so hard. I am screaming in ecstasy and I am yelling "harder! Fuck me harder you big cock fucker. Yeah give it to me!" He happily obliges and is now seemingly throwing his whole body into the fuck. I feel all of him in my ass and then he stops. We go to reverse cowgirl, which is my favorite position. I get on him and I just start bouncing away on his cock. He then starts thrusting as I am landing on his cock and my loud, girlish screams are back.

Then we change positions again but this time it's cowgirl. But we do it the way I love to: I bear down on him. Basically I squat on his cock, with my feet still on the ground, so I can use my legs to ride him. I love this variation of the cowgirl. So I do that and I can just feel how amazing his cock feels as it slides in and out of my hole. He then starts thrusting hard into my hole in a way that gets me screaming louder than before. He's hitting my prostate and all I can yell is "fuck don't stop.... right there, right there!' And he then is thrusting in as hard as he can with his whole cock all of a sudden I let out a loud shriek........ I came!!!!!! I collapsed on him, while my cock was squirting cum all over his chest. It felt like I was seizing, I was shaking so much and moaning the entire minute of cumming. I hadn't touched my cock but I still came. He found the right spot and just fucked away until I came. I had never came that hard or like that before. But he was still not done.

It was hard to roll off as I was completely spent but I mustered up the strength to get on my knees for his cum. He jerked himself a bit and I licked my lips in anticipation. He let out a groan and started to shot cum all over my mouth and tongue. I lapped up as much as I could and once he was done I licked my lips to collect the cum and then I sucked on his cock to get every last drop. He then laughed a bit at the crazy sex we just had. He then said he said a surprise for me.

A friend of his was waiting outside and then he invited him in. His friend was hard and was looking for a little "help." So then I got on the bed, spread my legs and his friend started to fuck me. I was beyond sore and sensitive from having cum earlier but it still felt good. His friend had an average size cock but whatever I was still horny. He fucked me hard and then I started to jerk myself off and I came again. It feels good having a cock in your hole as you cum. Your hole gets tighter and the cum more intense. I let out a loud moan as I came and then he pulled out, took his condom off and shot wads of cum on my face. My face was now covered with 2 guys love juice. I then lapped his up and began sucking his tip. His cock tasted great with all that fresh cum. I licked it all for their amusement. Here I was with a sore hole and a face full of cum. It was a great night. Alex said he and his friend had to leave so they left in a hurry. I sat on the bed and choose not to go to bed showered. I loved the smell of cum on my face so I left it. It was a great night and I got what I wanted. And lets just say we were lucky my neighbors weren't in their rooms at the time. I still had 2 days left so the following night..... I went to Alex's place and let's just say he had more friends for me to meet. God I love Spain!

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