tagGay MaleRough Tongues and Sharp Teeth Ch. 02

Rough Tongues and Sharp Teeth Ch. 02



I wasn't sure if these people would like me, so I put on my cutsie face. I think it worked. That girl, Rose, certainly didn't look like she wanted to harm me. I think that other one, Alicia, was checking me out. I was going to have to talk to her, well them, about that. Makiel had instantly caught my attention. He was breathtaking. That Jared, too, was simply gorgeous. I wasn't so happy about the shift schedule he was giving me, but I was new and young. I had no say in the matter. I wonder if he already knew about my sexual preference? If he did, he certainly wasn't showing it. I seriously doubted any of them would hold my being gay against me. Vampires just don't care that much about that sort of stuff.

I was waiting tables that night. I tended to mingle with the customers more than most vamps, so I asked Jared if it was all right. He said that he was glad to have someone that wasn't disgusted by humans. He said I could do what I wanted with them, as long as no one ended up hurt. I laughed at that and asked if this was a gay-friendly bar. He chuckled and nodded. Again he said that I could do what I wanted, with whom ever I wanted, as long as they were gay too. I grinned at that and went off to find some boy to grind.

I did find someone, actually. I was on my break, out on the dance floor, amongst throngs of dancing people. I stumbled upon a group of guys all rubbing together, and joined in. There was one, a little runner boy, who took my fancy. He had short blond hair in what looked like a slightly over grown army buzz-cut. He was small and wiry and looked to have a lot of spunk (no put intended). We ended up grinding a little to the side of his friends.

"What's your name?" I asked him, my tongue darting out to lick his ear.

"Will, yours?" His voice was pleasantly deeper than I would have expected.

"Ivan." I ran a finger along his ribs.

"That accent real?" I smiled. Showing off some fang.

"Yup. Gust got off the boat from good old England." I actually had gotten off the plane a while ago, but I left out the details, chalking them up to artistic license. "Come here often?"

"It's my favorite." He pressed into me a little more at that.

"I see." I did. I ran a finger along his jaw and over his lips. His tongue darted out and licked my digit. I would have really loved to go further into this with him, but my break was up. I told him as much and he acknowledged, reluctantly.

I went back to fetching things for people (not my cup of tea, when I have a cute little human waiting for me at least). I did get a few good tips though. I was off to the kitchen to hand in the order when he caught up with me.

"I'll be back tomorrow night. Will you be here?" He did his best to be non-shalant about it.

"Yah, and, actually, I'll be on display." I remembered my new shift schedule.

"Seriously? Well, I'll see you tomorrow then." I nodded and watched as he walked out of the bar. I was looking forward to tomorrow. I was also wondering about tonight. I already knew that I would be going to my new nest with Jared and the others. I was just worried about the mundane: if the others would accept me, if people would mind that I was gay, that sort of thing. Random snapshots of dread would flicker past my line of vision. What was the worst that could happen? They could kick me out, but that would be better than what happened back in Europe. If I didn't have the undead's ability to regenerate (heal) quickly, I would be dead (not un-dead) for sure.

I was almost hesitant as I climbed into Jared's car for the ride back to their house. I only had one duffle with me; it held a couple pairs of black slacks, a few black button-down shirts, underwear, and something sexy. I figured that if I needed anything else I could buy it, or, like the shirt I was wearing now, I could get it from the bar as part of my uniform. I held the duffle on my lap until the black mustang parked behind an ancient beauty. The mansion must have been something in its glory days. It was still magnificent.

Jared showed me to my room. It was on the second floor, in the corner. It was the least desired room in the place because it was on the eastern most and highest floor. Thankfully the mansion had been fully light proofed. The windows were filled in, except for a tiny slit in the upper left hand wall that was covered in some UV blocking material. There was a big four poster in the middle of the room along with a few big chairs, a closet, a bathroom, and a desk. I unloaded my stuff into the closet. I was worried about using the bed, it being so un-light-proof, and wondered why they hadn't given me a coffin, or something. Suddenly I realized that the entire room was the coffin. I was certainly looking forward to sleeping in a real bed again.

It was almost dawn so I stripped down to my boxers and slid between the covers. I settled into the cushions and was gone for the day.

The next evening I enjoyed dolling myself up for Will and the other customers. I squeezed into my sexiest leather pants, they were tight and had an interesting detail: the zipper was exposed to the world and went all the way from the front to the back so the pants could be easily split in half. I didn't wear any underwear, or shoes, but I did indulge in a black leather vest. I spiked my hair and put on a bit of eyeliner. I slapped on a touch of red lipstick and made my way downstairs.

I joined my more modestly dressed co-workers in the lobby of the palace. I got a couple admiring looks from various nest-mates and tried not to strut. We piled into Jared's car and Alicia tried to make conversation with me.

"So, Ivan, you're from England." She was sitting to my left in the back seat. Rose was in the passenger seat, and Jared was driving. I don't know how Makiel got to the bar, but I didn't ask.

"Yes." Does she know I'm gay yet?

"So, how does and Englishman get a name like Ivan?"

"My ma was Russian." Oh great, this was so not what I wanted to talk about.

"Oh really!"

"Yah." I think this was the point at which I was supposed to blather out my life story. I didn't. She got the hint after a good long silence.

"So, Ivan," Jared was now trying to break the ice, "Who was the cute little human I saw you grinding with last night?" Leaving gender open, letting me make the choice. Good man.

"'is name's Will. He's a nice kid." Alicia looked stunned, well as stunned as a vamp can look, but she soon regained her composure. I couldn't see what rose was doing, but she didn't seem surprised.

"Ah, is he coming back tonight?" Jared was grinning. I think he liked the thought of Will and I grinding on the dance floor, and other places too, is my guess.

"He sure is. I'm looking forward to him." I couldn't help grinning.

Later that night I found myself on the leather couch, with a very content Will sitting on my lap. He was wearing some nice black pants and a brown button down shirt. He looked sexy, and felt even sexier when I slipped my hand under his shirt and started feeling him up. He leaned back on my chest and let his head fall back onto my shoulder. He licked my jaw and must have felt the growing hardness in my pants because he nipped my ear and whispered to me.

"Do you have any place we can go?" I looked at him and met his lips with mine.

"I do indeed." I had scoped this out earlier, and had found a nice little way onto the roof of the building. No one was allowed up there. We would be alone. "Can you stay late?"

"I'm not relying on anyone for a ride home, if that's what you're asking." He grinned and I grinned back.

After my shift ended I caught his hand and led him up to the roof. There was little wind this night, and the spring air was warm. The scents of the city, all kinds of food, car exhaust, and the inevitable stench of so many sweating creatures in such small space, wafted past my nose. The night seemed alive and so did I. Will was admiring the view when I decided I was too horny to appreciate the city right now.

I pinned him against a wall and smashed my mouth onto his. He ground his already engorged groin into mine. I put my hands just below his ribs and gobbled up his mouth. He teased my fangs with his tongue and pulled my head in closer. I started to undo his belt and the button on his pants and he started tugging at my vest.

We were soon naked and I pressed him up against a wall that was tile for some unknown reason. He slid down the wall until he was on his knees, and took me in his mouth. I shuddered at the warmth and wetness that surrounded me. I leaned against the wall and put an hand on the back of his head, his spiky blond hair tickling my palm.

I started thrusting into his mouth and he groaned. The vibrations tingled up my shaft and into my balls and I pulled out before I exploded. He made a little groan of disappointment and I lifted him up. I turned him around and he gleefully spread his legs and leaned over, bracing his arms on the wall. I smiled and spread his cheeks. Boy, was he ever eager.

I slowly eased my saliva-lubed erection in between his cheeks and pushed gently against his opening. He relaxed and I easily popped in. He groaned and I began to ease myself into him, an inch forwards every thrust. Soon I was embedded in him and he was groaning in earnest. I began to really fuck him then, thrusting in and out of him at different angles and always getting faster. It wasn't long until I had him howling in ecstasy. He was incoherent but it was dead obvious (no puns intended) when he was trying to tell me that he was about to come. I thrust a few more times, relishing the sensation of my balls slapping against his just before his chute clamped down on me and he screamed. He soaked the wall with his sticky juice and I filled him up with mine.

I bent over him and wrapped my arms around his chest. I liked his neck once, and dug my fangs in, hard. I was still young, by vampire standards, and needed much blood. Will groaned and pushed up into my bite. I sucked steadily at the rapidly healing wound. When it was too healed to be of any use to me, I licked my way around the area and up to the base of his skull. He shuddered.

I stepped back, allowing my flaccid dick to slide out of his hole. I eased my pants back on, leaving my vest off. He re-dressed completely, being more modest. He turned to me and smiled warmly.

"Great fuck, Will." I grinned at him, showing fang. He shuddered as he remembered what it was like to be bitten in the heights of orgasm.

"Rose, have you seen Ivan?" Jared was outside, three floors down.

"See you around, Will." I pecked him on the lips and jumped off the roof. He ran to the edge, fearing for my safety. I landed in the middle of a group that was talking about my possible whereabouts. "Present and accounted for." I said, a bit more cheery now that I had some food in my belly. I looked up at the roof ledge at the astonished face of my recent lover. I quickly blew him a kiss and turned back to my friends. Alicia was rolling her eyes and Jared shook his head. Rose was as cool as ever, and Makiel was nowhere in sight. I just smiled and walked to the car.

The next evening I was about to get into Jared's car to go to the Club when Makiel appeared next to me.

"Jared! Weres killed five kids up by Harvard!"

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