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Roughing It


When I moved to the outskirts of Pittsburgh, I was about 12 years old. I made a few friends rather quickly, being the joker type that I am. My next door neighbors were a newly married couple in their late 20's. They were always nice to me, especially Linda, Tim's wife. The three of us became friends despite our age difference because I am and always have been a mature acting and thinking person. I think they both found it refreshing to see a kid, which I was at the time, able to carry on a conversation as well as I did. Linda was about 5 feet tall, petite as you want and cute as a button. She had absolutely gorgeous deep blue eyes. In fact, it was virtually impossible to concentrate on what she said at times because they were breathtaking. I love blue eyes and hers were a 10. She also had blonde hair which, I later learned, was anything but natural.

As any 12-year-old would do, I often thought about her in a most unneighborly fashion, but I was realistic and mature enough to understand that it was a great fantasy. Over the next 6 years or so the three of us became even better friends since I often babysat for their son when they wanted to go out and party. Since I lived next door, it was a great deal for them and a way to make a few bucks for me.

As fate would have it, about 6 years later Tim and Linda divorced in a rather unsavory manner, a typical divorce I guess. Linda kept the house, so she was still next door, now without a husband and needing some extra help around the house from time to time. Even at 18, I was always a gentleman, realizing that she had dealt with enough rough trade up to this point and really needed some unconditional friendship, which I gave her. I helped her wallpaper the house and do things that she was too small to do or reach since I'm just about 6' tall. Sometimes we would be working together and it would just hit me how tiny she was and how much she appreciated my simple kindness. She confided in me many things about her relationship with Tim and I never betrayed that trust. We were friends and that friendship was very important to both of us.

One weekend that summer Linda decided that she wanted to go camping. I said that sounded like a great idea and it would be good for her to get away since she had dealt with some rather nasty legal issues that week. Before I could ask her if she needed me to do anything for her, she asked me if I would like to go with her. I am sure that she didn't realize at the time that she was asking a 18 year old whose masturbatory fantasies included doing things to her that were illegal in 43 of the lower 48, but I love to go camping and I grew to love her as a friend so I accepted. Linda was also one of my mother's closest friends so it wasn't even a second thought for my mother to see us spend a weekend together since I had already spent so much time helping her around the house.

Linda and I were fairly avid hikers and both of us were in great shape. We hiked in the local area along the railroad tracks once in a while just to check out the woods and remnants of things and times gone by. I never thought about it then because I was an absolute turbo-geek, but it really was a bit strange for a 28-year-old woman to spend as much time as she did with a man 10 years her junior. But on the other hand I see what women have to choose from today, and a respectful man of any age is hard to come by.

It was so odd fantasizing that I might lose my virginity and at the same time thinking this was one of my best friends and that could never happen. It was mind boggling. My mind spun in a million directions. The two days before I went on that trip were the 48 most nerve-wracking of my life thus far. I was thinking about how I should act, what I should say, and not so much about getting her to have sex with me as much as I was afraid of doing something stupid, inappropriate, or just plain clumsy.

Friday afternoon at 5. Loaded up her little Chevy and off to the mountains we went. It was a spectacular day, clear and sunny. She was wearing a little red and white tube top and red shorts. She had a petite figure all around with very small breasts, a tiny waist and just little all over. She was adorable. I think she had to feel me gawking at her at times because I know I did.

By the time we arrived at the camp area and we unpacked our goodies it was nearing dark. She asked me to please make a little fire and I gathered up some wood and paper. For some reason there were hardly any campers near us despite the fact that the weather was great. I think the forecast had been calling for rain but they were wrong yet again. Linda went off to the bath house to get rinsed off and ready for bed. Before she got back I decided to get a quick shower too.

When I got back we had a little blaze going and the temperature was dipping into the 60's due to the clear sky. The stars this far from the city were spectacular. In fact, it was so crystal clear out that you could see the Milky Way galaxy. Linda had put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, obviously sans bra since her nipples were angrily trying to puncture the surface of the fabric. It was loose fitting, so I only caught glimpses of their outline but it was maddening. I wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants myself, now realizing that going without boxers may have been a mistake. Every time her tiny nipples kissed their cotton cover it made me ever the more aroused.

In the tent we had a few extra blankets so I went in and picked a couple for us. I wrapped one around her and one around myself and sat down next to her on the ground. She asked, "Would it be OK with you if we put both of them around us to stay warm?" I said, "Sure, sure, that's fine. Let's enjoy this wonderful night to stargaze.". I have always been an amateur astonomer, so I pointed out about a dozen constellations and a few planets, explaining what they meant and why they were named what they were.

"What's that, again?", she asked. "Ummm...that is Orion, the warrior. You can make out his belt. And over there, if you close your eyes for about 10 seconds, and sweep your eyes across the horizon, you'll see Venus, our twin planet."

"'...named for the Goddess of Love, right?" Linda asked.

"You HAVE been paying attention, haven't you, my dear!!!" I laughed. She laughed, too, and we hugged each other tightly savoring this moment of friendship, intimacy, and openness. We were totally exposed to each other. It was so sweetly delicious you could taste it.

Linda looked over at me. We were now closer than I realized, arms around each other under the blankets away from everyone and everything. We were alone. It was getting colder and late. It was time to go to bed.

"Are you ready for bed yet?" she asked.

I replied, "Yeah, I think it's about that time. Let me gather up our stuff and I'll meet you in the castle". She slipped into the tent as I gathered up the blankets. I also ran down to the bath house to grab a few buckets of water and in a manner that would make even Smokey the Bear proud, doused our campfire completely.

We had brought with us two separate sleeping bags, but they were the kind that can be zipped together to make one large bag. When I left them in the tent, I know there were two because I laid them out side by side. But when I returned to our humble abode, there was but one bag.

"Linda, did you do something to the sleeping bags?" I asked playfully, knowing full well what she did.

"Ummmm......OK, OK, you got me!! I don't mean anything by this, I just love to have you near me. You are SO WARM!!! By the fire I swear you were like a heater! Is it OK with you?"

"Oh, alright, I guess so!!", I said. We both laughed it off and I climbed in next to her.

"You are like an iceberg!!!", I yelled. "I hope I can warm you up before I freeze!"

"You will. Nighty night, Jakey."

She had her arms around me and I was holding her hands. It was so sexual, so nonsexual, so intimate, so cordial, so nice, so heady, so hot, cold, blue, red. It was so....comfortable. I was raging with hormones, burning with desire, but this was my friend and I would not violate her, not violate her trust. Time to sleep now...

When I woke Linda was still sleeping soundly. Her hands were still wrapped around me and her tiny body was warmed up by mine. She looked like a little wood nymph sleeping dead to the world. I gently moved to my right and moved her hands from around me so that I was free to look at her. I placed her hands on her tummy and just admired her beauty, took time to soak in her aura, her scent, her face. I closed my eyes and moved toward her mouth to inhale her breath. She was angelic.

Her sweat pants were very loose fitting like her sweatshirt. There was an elastic band that barely held them in place since she was so thin. Very slowly, I put my hand on her tiny, taut tummy. She purred in her sleep but did not awaken. Her skin was so soft, pale, creamy it was something to be savored. I bent down to exhale on her tiny tummy to heat my hand and the surrounding skin. I pulled up on the waist band just enough to reveal her dark patch of hair, neatly trimmed. I didn't want to disturb her sleep so I left her pants the way I found them. The only major difference was that now I had a pole of steel between my legs.

I lay back and moments later she turned away from me on her side. Without thinking or hesitating, I lay next to her stretching my sweatpants with my firm 8.5" thickster. I reached above her left side and put my arm around her. I could not resist the temptation to cup her tiny breast any longer. My pole was now firmly planted halfway up her back and I had her left tit in my hand, albeit through the sweatshirt.

"Mmmmm.....whaaaaaa?" She woke up. What could I do but pretend that I was asleep.

I felt her look back at me and, feeling my hand on her tit and thinking that I was still asleep she began to grind against me. I was hard as a rock and here was this woman grinding against my thick tool. About 10 seconds later, her left arm disappeared because she was using it to finger herself. I let this go on for about 5 minutes.

"Mmmmmmm....whaaaa?" I pretended to wake up.

"Linda?" She turned over to face me.

"Jake, honey, you feel so good against me. I know you are so much younger than me, but I can't hold out any longer. You don't know how long it has been since I've had a man. I am going out of my mind and your giant cock is not helping!!!", she laughed.

"Linda, I didn't accept your invitation to come with you so that I could take advantage of you. I was afraid you would think that I was trying to make you do something that you didn't want to do"

"No one makes me do what I don't want to do!!!" she said, almost laughing through it. "I do what I want, when I want, with WHOM I want."

"Linda, I just want you to know that I respect you and I don't want you to think that I don't. That's my major concern."

Without hesitation it happened. Our first kiss. She initiated.

I returned.

It was like homemade cold ice cream on a hot day. Sweet, refreshing, delicious. Probably not good for you. Her lips were like satin pillows, pouty, moist, slick, tangy, salty, declicious.

The kiss lengthened. I felt a delicate pressing against my upper canines. It was her sweet tongue, reaching, lashing into me, begging for a dance partner.

So we danced. And danced. Disco, tecno, big band, salsa, tango. Slow, fast, hard, soft.....soft....soft....harder...harder, pressed together, softer...soft now, crescendo. She was the Maestro of kiss. What is more erotic than a tender, sweet kiss?

I was no amateur. I was an avid reader of Cosmo. Laugh if you will, but I knew, at my tender onescore minus two how to please a woman. I had read countless articles of how men treated kissing like it was taking out the garbage, a routine that had to be endured rather than an art that had to be perfected.

Not me.

This was an opportunity to showcase my oral talents. This would be the first of two sets of precious lips I would kiss. Linda knew that. So did I. She bit down on my upper lip, my lower, my tongue, testing no doubt for firmness, consistency, resiliency. She wanted an oral lover. And I desperately wanted to see if I was as good as I thought I would be.

"Jake, please don't get mad at me". She pulled her bottom off the ground, slipping off her sweatpants in a grand gesture. I laid my eyes on my first bare vagina. It was breathtaking, gorgeous. Her scent of arousal filled my senses. I breathed her in. I was part of her.

Naturally, as if I had been programmed to do so, I bent down to breathe in her full scent. There is nothing more erotic in the known universe than the scent of an aroused woman, especially one who has been deprived of lovemaking for some time. She was as such. Her scent was pungent, acidic, tart, salty. I loved it.

She gently spread her legs to reveal what is commonly known as a perfect 10. Her lips, flush and full. Her clit, ready for stimulation. As I neared her, I could smell her arousal. I was drunk with it. It was heady, it was time. We were ready for each other.

I lifted her small frame from the ground with ease as I extended my tongue. When it met her, she tensed and shivered. I looked her straight in the eye to comfort her and to reassure her that she was with someone who cared. This was not a cheap lay. We genuinely wanted each other.

"I am so wet. I can feel how wet I am. I want you so badly." she whispered.

"Patience, my sweet. All things in time", I replied.

Gently, I swept my tongue from the base of her vagina to her clitoris. With each stroke, I spread her lips a tiny bit more. I held her in my hands and pulled her closer with each pass of my tongue. This was apparently not what she was used to because her reaction was so profoundly wild. Her eyes locked on mine, her deep pools of blue melting as she met mine. My bright blue eyes shocking her, my innocence gone, tonge buried in vagina, tasting the salt of a woman, her. She no doubt gazed downward thinking how wonderful it felt to be caressed in the most intimate of ways, to be worshiped in such a wanton manner.

"Oh, my God!! I have never felt...."

"You mean you have never been...."

"Yes!!! Just keep doing it!!!! It feels so good!! I could never imagine how good......"

Lapping, slurping, delicious feeding on slick vaginal fluids. Her whitish pre-cum oozed from her neatly trimmed hole. It was sweet and salty, and I loved it. I was enjoying my first bout with cunningulus. I was a natural and she knew it. So did I.

A nibble of the clit, pin it against the backside of your front teeth then push your tongue out. Repeat. Repeat.....

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!" That was it for Linda. Orgasm #1. She wretched with pleasure, a woman overtaken by her senses. It was beautiful. She deserved it.

"Don't stop! Keep biting it! Keep......"

I must have done something correctly. And I continued it until she grabbed me by the hair and said "STOP!!!!! I'm going to explode if you don't stop it!!!" And she burst out laughing. So did I. God, I loved that woman. She was such a breath of fresh air. She was cool for cats.

"Jakey, where did you learn to do that!!!!!", Linda queried.

"Cosmo, et al", I replied smugly with my sticky mug.

"Well, you could do seminars or something! That was incredible!", she said.

"I am very pleased you approve. You deserve good things, Linda. I'm glad I could please you."

"And I would be totally unfair to you if I didn't please you, wouldn't I?"

"Uhhhhh....I guess so. But I have to tell you that I am really not into oral being performed on me."

"What? I guy who loves to give head but not get it? Am I dreaming?" she laughed.

"I can neither confirm nor deny that, but I don't really like oral sex. My cock, can I say that, is too thick, so you won't like sucking it and the skin is so tight that.....Linda can I just fuck you? I have totally tried to avoid being vulgar but I've been pushed about as far as a man can expect to be pushed."

"Please do."

I changed position so that I was on my back. I was hard as nails and just a shave under 9" long, thick as a bottle of shampoo.

"Oh, man are you hung", Linda sighed. "I can't wait to feel this thing inside me."

It wasn't long before she got her wish. I turned her on her side, her back to me, and placed my thick head near her slit.

"Be gentle. Please go easy into me", she asked.

I guided my penis slowly into her opening. I put about 3 inches into her to let her get used to the girth.

"Oh, God, that feels so good. I always wanted to be stretched like this."

"You are a tight little number, Linda. You feel as good as you taste."

After a minute or so of adjustment time, I pushed on, plunging the next 5 or 6 inches into her tiny frame. It was almost unnatural to see such a small woman being distended by my enormous prick. Her entire body couldn't have been more than 60", which made my dick seem all the more huge.

She sighed as a I plunged into her. Linda was wet, ready, tight, hot, and spent from her earlier orgasm, but was rebouding fast. She reached behind her to pull me in further.

"Yeah, plow me with that thing. Push it in.....yeeeeeaaaahhh.....push it in......yeah!"

I watched as I carefully pulled my bloated head from her tiny opening, then thrust it back in again. It felt so good it is simply beyond words. I could scarcely believe that my neighbor was talking to me like this. Treating me like a slut. I loved it.

"Linda, let me know when you want me to come", I said.


"I can come when I want to, so let me know if you want to keep on or if you have had enough. I can control my orgasms down to a matter of minutes."

"What are you talking about?", she asked.

"I can control when I orgasm. If you tell me that you are ready, I can have an orgasm about 4 or 5 minutes later", I replied.

"I can't believe this." She rolled her eyes back in disbelief.

"Try me", I challenged. About 25 or 30 minutes later she had had about enough.

"OK, Mr. Cum-now, I am spent. You have exhausted me!" she laughed. We had such fun with this all.

I concentrated, and, in an act that I can still perform, I pushed myself toward orgasm.

"Oh, it's getting thick...", Linda said.

"Yes, my dear, and thicker still it shall get".

I pumped harder, and stiffened. I knew I was so close.

She looked down her tummy and saw my prick invading her. "It feels so good. Fill me with it. Don't worry. Just let go..."

With that, I did as instructed. I unleashed a torrent of my seed into her. It spewed hard into her tight vagina, spraying my sperm deep into her body. I recoiled several times, jerking more of my seminal fluid into her. I held her tightly, kissing her neck, shoulders, cheeks, face. I kissed her beautiful lips. She was a statue of perfection.

Few things arouse the senses like scent. We know this from nature, but we refuse to believe it as much as we should. Linda and I lay in a pool of sex, sperm, vaginal fluids, sweat, pheromones, testosterone. I wished to lick her body clean and she mine. She was a goddess. I adored her.

She rolled over and looked at me. We both smiled and started laughing uncontrollably. We had just had sex. We fucked each other. It was laughable. We were still friends. We still loved each other in a very intimate and precious way. We always would. That's why we could enjoy each other on a plane on which most people are unable to relate.

I haven't seen Linda in about 8 years. Last time I saw her she just gave me a nice hug and told me how good it was to see me.

I'll bet it was. Linda, I'll never forget you. You are a 10 in my book. You always will be.

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