Round 02


I step out of my pants and walk around to the side of the bed, coming to a stop near your head. You roll over and reach a hand up to stroke the bulge in my jockeys. Now it's my turn to shiver as an electric shock courses through my body. Brushing your hand away for just a moment, I slide off my jockeys and straighten up so you are now facing my eight inch cock. A tingling again starts at the base of my spine as you take hold of the shaft and start to slide your hand along it. As your hand moves it draws back my foreskin to reveal the head, glistening already with pre cum. Looking up at me and smiling hungrily, you open your mouth and stick out your tongue, licking the head once like a lollipop before gliding it along the underside of the shaft as I enter your mouth.

I'm in heaven, or at least I think I can see it on the inside of my closed eye lids. My head connects with the roof of your mouth and continues to slide further in. Your tongue seems to be everywhere at once, first near the head, then trying to wrap around the shaft. All the while you take more and more of me into your mouth. Now it's my turn to gasp as my knees get weak from your attentions. At about six inches, you change direction and start to slide my cock out of your mouth. Keeping just the head in, you wrap your right hand around the shaft, now slick with your saliva, and start to pump back and forth. At the same time you begin sucking on my head, your cheeks are drawn inward from the vacuum effect and it feels like my head is expanding in your mouth.

Just when I think this can't feel any better, you bring that talented tongue into play again. Sliding around my head, triggering nerve endings before it stiffens to a point and gently prods the slit at the tip, trying to coax out more pre cum. You moan as you get another taste and the vibrations travel down the shaft and rattle my spine. I place my hands on either side of your head for support and run my fingers through your hair as you release the shaft and start to slide forward again. You look up at me and our eyes make contact as inch after inch of my cock disappears past your lips. I reach the back of your mouth and wonder how much more of this I can take, when you surprise me again, tilting your head up just a little, my cock slides easily into your throat. I never knew until now, you don't have a gag reflex.

Your nose brushes against my pelvis and you reach around, grab my ass and pull me forward, trying to get every last possible inch of me inside your mouth. Using a swallowing action you start to milk my cock with your throat and I start to see stars while lightning plays along my nerve endings. After what seems like an eternity suspended in ecstasy, you draw back, releasing me from your throat to draw in a deep breath. Looking up at me and smiling that wicked, mischievous smile, you wink at me and wrap your lips around me again. Your tongue slides out past your lips and down the shaft again as you start to bob your head back and forth, this time acting like a woman half crazed and half starved.

As you work your way back up from the base, you bring your right hand up to start stroking me again as you work on my head, then you reach up and take my balls in your left hand and start to gently kneed and squeeze the sac. I start to slowly thrust my hips back and forth in time with your stroking and we settle into a steady but urgent rhythm, your hands coating my cock and balls in a combination of your saliva and my natural lubrication. I let go of your hair and lean forward to brace myself on a wall, between your mouth and hands I don't know how much longer I can hold on before I'll explode. Letting go with your right hand you take me deep into your mouth again and I let out a long low moan that cuts short when I feel your hand slide up behind and your index finger starts teasing around my asshole.

This is new, but in combination with everything else you're doing to m, the feeling is fantastic. I lean forward a little farther to give you easier access and you take full advantage as you start to prod and press your saliva coated finger against my rear entrance. My next breath catches in my throat as your finger slips past the entrance and up inside me for the first time. Time stops, or at least it seems to as I adjust to this new sensation and try to mentally process what's happening...until you start to move your head and finger back and forth in the same movement and all I can think about is how amazing it all feels. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding and start to move my hips again, now in time with you sucking my cock while you finger fuck me. The pleasure is overwhelming now and when you find and start to stroke my prostate I tell you that I can't hold back any longer.

My announcement unbelievably causes you to redouble your efforts sucking at my cock head, and as you slide your finger out of my ass I lean backward and close my eyes. I grab the sides of your head again and this time start fucking your face as my orgasm starts to take hold. You release my sac and it boils over, flooding my cock with cum before it shoots out from the head and down into your throat. The first shot proves you can gag and I pull back as shot after shot of cum fills your mouth. I feel your tongue spring to life and start lapping around my shaft as you swallow every last drop that I have to give, not wanting to spill or waste a drop or let any leak past your lips. Finally the spurting subsides and I let go of your head, you pull back so my cock pops out of your mouth then lick the shaft as clean as you can to get any residue. I sit on the bed and then fall backwards on the mattress, still in awe of the blow job you've just given me. You lie alongside me equally spent of energy, or so I let you think. Catching your eye I point down along my body to my still full erection, your eyes go wide as we get ready for round three...

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