tagNonHumanRowan's Story Ch. 03

Rowan's Story Ch. 03


"Mmmm, the catch," Viné ran his hand over the circle again and smiled when I shivered at the contact. "I want out of this infernal circle. I want to watch while he fucks you."

"Hell no!" Jason gripped my hips and his claws bit into my skin, making me wince.

I looked at Viné, a knowing grin spreading across his face. "You can't touch either of us." Jason gasped behind me, but my eyes didn't leave the demon in front of me. "You will stand three feet from us at all times, and when we're done you will take one of your marks back after you tell us how to handle the new pride."

He wasn't smiling anymore, "That's a steep price for a little look 'n' see."

It had been a shot in the dark, but he hadn't refused or countered the deal, so I kept talking, "We will fuck in front of you in exchange for one mark and the key to defeating the other pride. You cannot touch us or make suggestions."

"For the mark," he said, his eyes running up and down my body in obvious lust. "I want to touch you." Jason started to protest and Viné held up a hand, "Calm down, kitty. I don't want to touch you." He looked back to me, "Just her."

I turned to look at Jason as he seethed in Viné's direction. "Jason, snap out of it," I said to get his attention. "And remove your claws from my hips." I turned back to the demon as Jason retracted his claws and changed his hands back to human. "Touching is fine, but you can only use your hands and it has to stay above the waist. We stop after the first orgasm, and you give me the information I need against the other pride and take one of my marks back."

Jason growled behind me and I elbowed him in the ribs as the demon considered what I had offered. "You both must orgasm, and I can touch you with my dick."

"We both orgasm, and you can touch me with your hands only," I countered. "When we're done, you take the mark back and give me the info and then you return to your Hell dimension until you're summoned again."

"How can you -," Jason started to protest, but I wove a spell around him so he was hard and ready in moments. "Jesus, Rowan."

Viné watched all this and cringed when Jason spoke, but nodded, "You have a deal, but make sure he watches his language."

I released the hold I'd had on the circle this whole time and raised the hem of my robe around my hips as Jason rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks. He lifted my hips and settled the head of his cock at my opening and reached around to play with my nipples under the top of the robe. I tensed as Viné pushed his hands under the shoulders of my robe and his touch burned along my skin. He leaned across the desk and untied the sash so he could pull the garment completely off of me and toss it in a corner. His clothes had disappeared sometime between the finalising of the deal and the arousal spell I had cast on Jason to get through this, and his dick stood heavy and erect in front of me. Jason's hand left my breast to reach around and rub my clit with rough urgency, trying to coax me open after the long wait had calmed me down.

"Just fuck me, Jason," my voice was already husky and I could feel my juices starting to run down the inside of my thighs. He did as he was told and stood behind me, growling as he sank himself into me. Despite the earlier sex, I was still tight and at this angle he had to fight for every inch. The near pain of the position made me cry out and grab onto the desk with white-knuckled force.

In front of me, Viné started jerking his dick and covering his fingers in pre-cum. Reaching out, he smeared the the thick liquid over my nipples, making them ache and tingle. It felt as though there was a hot line connecting my nipples and my clit, and when he squeezed my breasts I shoved my hips back against Jason. I lifted one knee onto the table and raised myself up on my arms, giving Viné more access to my sensitive nipples.

Jason's rhythm started to falter as he slammed into me from behind and I cried out, almost there. In this position we would both be coming soon, and Jason was already close. A few more strokes and I was moaning my orgasm into the room, dropping my face back down to the desk and feeling my hair tangle around Viné's throbbing cock. Jason came, growling, a few moments after me, holding himself as deep inside me as he could get until his climax had finished.

Sliding out of me, Jason pulled me back to sit on his lap as he sat back down in the chair. "We're done, demon," Jason said as I laid my head back against his shoulder. "Now it's your turn to hold up your end of the bargain."

Viné smiled and shrugged, conjuring clothing onto himself and a stack of papers onto the cleaner part of the desk. I reached out and grabbed them as he disappeared back to Hell, and was quickly immersed in reading them.

"They have a spell," I said as Jason moved from behind me to retrieve his clothes and my robe. "The bastards have a summoner of their own but he or she is not very good. The spell is from a lesser demon and it wasn't done well. That's why they feel off."

Jason wrapped the robe around my shoulders and I quickly put my arms through the sleeves and tied the sash. Not even worrying about being seen by Luka I headed back to the house. I left Jason with Luka in the living room as I put the papers in my gun safe and headed to the bathroom for a shower. My nipples were still tingling as the water cascaded down my back, and I had to soap up three times before the sensation subsided. Jason was leaning against the counter when I stepped out and handed me a towel before getting into the shower. The house only had the one so it was either wait and switch or share.

I put on a pair of bike shorts and a loose t-shirt before taking the papers out of the safe and going back to the living room where Luka was still lounging on the couch. "Oh, this won't be awkward at all when he comes out," Luka quipped as I sat down in my favorite chair. "Did he really remove one of the marks?"

I rolled the sleeve up to my left shoulder and turned so he could see the two slash marks where there had been three. It hadn't even twinged when the mark was removed, but it had been the first thing I checked after getting into the bathroom. It was gone, and I was one step closer to being free of Viné.

"Jason says it should be a simple thing to defeat the intruders now," Luka had never been very patient, and I held up the last page in an attempt to get him to wait.

When I finally looked up at him again, he was straining on the edge of the couch like there was a big game on the TV. "You need to call the shots on where the next meeting is. I need to be able to ward the location so the spell will break when they enter. It would be easiest if you could challenge them to another test of wills in an office, but barring that try for a clearing where I can ward the border. Once they're inside the ward the damaged spell will break and you can defeat them."

"That's it?"

I nodded and turned when Jason came into the room in nothing but an old pair of boxers. "These were all that fit," he looked sheepish and a little uncomfortable standing in the doorway which, considering the lions were wont to sleep in large naked piles, was an odd thing to see.

Luka slapped his knees as he got up, startling me out of my thoughts about Jason naked, and headed for the door, "I'll see about setting up a meeting. Jason, you stay here in case they get any stupid ideas and come back. I'll bring you some clothes when I can."

I was surprised to see the sun near setting when I got up to lock the door behind Luka. Turning back to face Jason, I was suddenly unsure of what to say. He took care of that for me, "Rowan, I loved it. I didn't think I could do it but then you were so sexy that I had to have you." He was beet red and stared at the floor until I moved toward him and hugged him, his chest was warm against my cheek. His arms wrapped around me and he sighed against my hair. "I don't have to sleep on the couch again, do I?"

I giggled and stepped away from him and toward my bedroom, knowing he would follow. After returning the papers to my safe I climbed into bed and sighed as Jason settled himself behind me and pulled the sheet over my hips. The nights had been getting cooler and I had taken to sleeping with the windows open. It kept the house smelling fresh and if anything made too much noise outside I could hear it. I fell asleep almost immediately with Jason's arms wrapped around me.


It was a little after midnight when something woke me. I reached out to find Jason's hand, and he squeezed it letting me know he was awake, too. Straining to hear if anything was moving in the house I heard Jason breathing through his mouth, scenting the air. Something or someone was outside, and I felt the bones of Jason's hand start to shift. His beathing got heavier as the pain of his bones breaking and reforming got to him, but other than that he didn't make a sound. When I heard a rustling sound outside the window Jason turned to me and wrapped an arm over my hip and ass. If anyone was looking in they would think he was just copping a feel and they might go away. We weren't that lucky as I heard the unmistakable sound of screen being shredded.

In an instant Jason was flying through the air toward the window and pulling a man the rest of the way through. His growls and hisses filled the room as he wrestled the man to the floor and bared his considerable teeth in his face. The man was crying and not trying to fight which meant he was either human or very low in the other pride. Of course, I had thought to ward the house before getting into bed, so it could be that the other pride was this weak and the man wouldn't dare change and challenge Jason.

I got out of the bed and grabbed my cell phone, dialing Luka and waiting for him to answer, "Yeah, Luka." Jason looked up and nodded when I spoke. "Call the other pride and tell them to quit the games or we'll take them out one by one right now." I listened as he got out of bed and said he'd be right over before ending the call and grabbing some zip ties I had in the back of a drawer. The man whimpered and was all but prostrate on the floor when I slid the makeshift cuffs over his hands and tightened them down. Jason gave one more wicked growl before standing up and looking at me. He sniffed and licked me until he was sure I was fine, then turned back to the other man to growl some more.

The man stammered but finally got out, "How did you stop my change but not his?"

"Trade secret, asshole," I said as I sat on the bed. I was tempted to just shoot him before Luka got there for nothing else than that he woke me up from a sound sleep.

It was about a half hour later when Luka rang the doorbell and I let him in. He grinned at Jason in his lion man form and then scowled at the little man on the floor. "They sent a lesser lion as an insult. Jason can take care of him and you can get back to sleep." He glanced at the shredded screen on the window and added, "You might want to sleep in the guest room that you denied Jason last night." I was just shutting the door when I heard Luka tell Jason, "Make an example of him."

I warded the guest room and pulled the heavy quilt to the foot of the bed as Jason drug the man out of the house. I didn't want to know what Jason would do to him and I was glad when his truck fired up and drove away. Whatever was going to happen was not happening here. Luka moved around in the living room, getting comfortable I supposed, and finally settled on the couch.

I woke several hours later to Jason kneeling over me in the bed, still in his half lion form. He bent to rub his head over my arms and chest, and then nuzzled into my neck as his weight settled over me. It was a possessive gesture, and one that I hadn't dared hope would happen between us again. I sighed and gave him my neck in a show of submission and moaned as he growled against my shoulder and ground his erection into my thigh. He sat back up on his knees and I pulled my shirt over my head while he worked my shorts down my legs.

His claws tickled up my calves and along my thighs as he slid his body up mine. The boxers he had been wearing earlier were long gone and I could see his massive cock down the length of his body. I shivered as he ran his teeth lightly over my bare mound and threw my head back when his tongue flicked between my lower lips and lapped over my clit. He held onto my hips and ran his tongue in a circuit from my clit down to my entrance and then back again, and I tangled my hands into his short mane as I curled around his head. His teeth grazed me every so often and finally he stopped being gentle and pressed the long incisors into the flesh around my clit and sucked hard on me while his tongue raked over the sensitive button. I came screaming and pulling his hair, falling back against the pillows as he growled and held my hips still. The vibrations of his growls made me moan and whimper as my vagina convulsed.

When I calmed he sat up and jerked my hips to him until he slid along my slit and made me shiver. "Please, Jason, I want you inside me now!" I sat up and straddled his thighs, trying to get him to fuck me and only succeeding in having the head of him rub against my clit.

His clawed hands cupped my ass and lifted me up so he could nuzzle against my breasts. The roughness of his tongue had me holding his head tight to me as he sucked first one nipple and then the other into his hot mouth. His hands had spread me wide, and he positioned the head of his cock at my entrance but he didn't move to penetrate and I moaned in frustration. My pussy was dripping and I clenched around the little bit that was in me. He eased into me so slow that I cried out, wanting him to fuck me hard enough to bruise. Instead, he kept up the slow sliding thrust and used his teeth on my shoulder to keep me from moving too much. When he had his head against my cervix he ran a single claw from the middle of my ass crack to the top of my shoulders, making my back arch and my vagina clench. He had told me once that I was the only woman who could take his whole cock when he was in this form, and he loved it.

When I was about to start begging him to fuck me he moved to the head of the bed and slammed me against the wall. The motion made him shove against my cervix almost to the point of pain, but then he started to move and I didn't care anymore. With my shoulders braced against the wall, he grabbed my ass and started pounding into me and grunting with each impact of his balls on my asshole. I dug my nails into his shoulders and cried out as he hit my g-spot right away and kept assaulting it with every thrust into my depths. The pressure built deep in my belly and I reached between us to finger my clit just as my orgasm exploded over me. My juices flowed down his balls and made the slapping and slurping noises all the more obvious as I cried out into the night. His roar of ecstasy made the windows rattle in their panes as he shot load after load of hot come deep into me. I moaned as he slid out of me and thrust over my inner lips and clit before laying me back against the pillows.

He rumbled what might have been a purr as he slid three fingers with their claws retracted over my clit and into my pussy, making me squirm and gasp. His thumb kept an even pressure against my clit as his fingers wriggled against my g-spot, causing waves of pleasure to rock my body. When he pulled his hand away from me, I brought it up to my mouth to lick our fluids off his fingers as he rumbled low in his chest.


We woke to Luka banging on the bedroom door a few hours later, "Get up! We have a meeting to get to!"

I groaned and rolled out of Jason's warm embrace and went to the door. Luka stared as I walked past him in the nude and went to the bathroom at the back of the house. When I had first joined the pride as their summoner I hadn't been as comfortable with the open nudity the lions enjoyed so much. Now, I just wanted an empty bladder and a shower and to hell with whoever saw my bare ass. The men talked outside and then Jason came into the bathroom just as I was stepping under the spray. "No time for a steamy shower tryst, I assume?"

He grunted and stepped in behind me, "Not this time. We need to get clean and then we need to get you to the office to put up the wards. The man last night wasn't as low in the other pride as we all thought. He was fifth under their master. Your wards worked and Luka wants to put them in their place." He had taken the shampoo from me and started massaging my scalp, working on a particularly sticky spot I had missed the day before. I moaned and relaxed against his chest, relishing the feel of his hands in my hair. He moved down my neck to my shoulders and around to my breasts when he had to get more soap. His hands moved slowly over my stomach and hips before wandering over my ass and up my back. He was careful not to touch my thighs, and when I groaned my frustration he just smiled and bent to kiss me. I reached out and squeezed his hard on as the kiss deepened and soon he had me pushed against the tiled wall and was thrusting his cock against my soapy stomach. It wasn't what I wanted so I shoved my hands into his hair and tried to crawl up his body so I could have him inside me.

Just then, the door to the bathroom opened and Luka stood there, watching us. "Jason," his voice held a warning I didn't think should be there, but the lion in my arms knew what it meant and let me go. He soaped his cock and scrubbed with his hands while I watched and then he rinsed off and got out. I washed and rinsed quickly before following suit, only mildly frustrated at the interruption.

We rode to Luka's office in the city in Jason's truck. This meant Jason had to drive and his master got to sit shotgun. We were halfway there when Luka turned in his seat to look at me, "This isn't a test of wills. They want to meet our great summoner and to demand recompense for last night. You will have two hours to set your wards around my conference room before they arrive. The pride master will come with his mate and his top ten lions and their mates. I will be showing up with the same contingent. Their summoner has a mate, but he is a wolf and will not be allowed in. Since you and Jason are fucking like rabbits again, you will be included as both his mate and the pride summoner." When he was done I let my head fall back and stared at the headliner. If we were going to be in his large conference room I would need almost all of that time to ward the large plexiglass windows. The headliner of Jason's truck was starting to come unglued in places and I thought about replacing it on the sly with neon pink fabric to get back at him for leaving me hot in the shower.

I thought about what Luka meant about being Jason's mate. Was that what they were talking about when I was in the bathroom earlier? Had Jason asked to be mated to the summoner? If that was the case he had another thing coming. Luka didn't get the final say in whether I would be Jason's mate. Lions didn't mate for life, but the stronger couples tended to marry to cement the bond in front of everyone. I was so not ready for marriage.

Jason pulled into a parking garage and entered a code into the fence that let us go deeper than the two levels below ground the general public had access to. There were ten stories of office building above us, and I knew the garage was at least that deep if not more. The other pride would be restricted to the first two levels. We took an elevator up to the top floor where Luka had his two smaller main conference rooms and the one large conference room that took up half the floor.

I set about with a water pen filled with an oil and herb mixture and wrote the runes for the warding on the large windows that comprised three of the walls. The fourth wall, made of cement board, was a little different and I had to use transparent ink to ward it fully. By the time I was finished I was sweating and the meeting was scheduled to start in ten minutes. I sat down and put my head on my arms and tried to relax as the power of the warding spell coursed through my senses. Amazingly, the spell started to disappear into the cacophonous sensory noises that a city this size always had. By the time the other lions of our pride started coming in, I was confident that the other summoner wouldn't be able to sense the spell.

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